817th Post: Eric is the Perfect Bear.

I rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery do I shatter them.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1: Post III:
Lord, what is Thy assignment to me?

Marry the one We give you, Lord Azurite, and that will complete your three wives.

The one called Charity, though I look, I do not know where she is. But she is the one you mean, am I correct, O’ Lord?

You are married to Mary, the ever Virgin, and to Dymphna, who keeps you well. Marry that third one and you shall be complete. And her child you shall father.

And all the rest of the women so named?

Mary, Dymphna, and Charity are your three predestined wives. No other female is yours in eternity. Let all other names and images vanish. For they are not yours.

And Lord, I am to find her again?

I WHO AM never command the impossible. She shall be given unto thee. As We guided you to her to love her, so shall We guide this marriage, which We formed in heaven, to take place.

Lord, whatever happened to that girl called Unicorn?

She cannot be yours, Eric. Her name was Allison, whom you nicknamed Ally-girl. But you were sent to her only to help her and to go no further.

Now Charity, she is an unwed mother. Do you reveal anything about the father of her child?

You are now the Father, Eric.

Lord, I am not the one who put that child into her womb. Nor am I the source of the sperm by which she conceived it. The one who did that is the natural father. But will I be given to know anything about him?

He never existed, Lord Azurite. Be content knowing what you know and obey what you are commanded to do, and you shall triumph.

She is a pretty girl. It seemed that her heart she gave to me. She is a book I would most like to read, O’ Lord. I no longer have any interest in any other girl I see in the world. I have no reason to return to that Brea Mall.

Lord, tomorrow is the deadline for Rapture. Do I now have permission to reveal this date?

Reveal it, Lord Azurite. And realize this. You are perfection standing upon the earth.

Lord, who now is saved? For I see myself as not having thousands of women, but only the three: Mary, Dymphna, and Charity.

Lord Azurite, these are the molecules found in heaven:

  1. H2 (Hydrogen gas) : a woman eternally bonded to another woman.
  2. He (Helium gas): a celibate man.
  3. FH (Hydrogen fluoride): a one man to one woman eternal couple.
  4. H2O (Water) one man eternally bonded to two women.
  5. NH3 (Ammonia) one man eternally bonded to three women.

And here is what ends up in hell:

  1. H+ (Hydrogen ion): an unbonded and loose female.
  2. Ne (Neon): The basic loser lone male.
  3. Ar (Argon): The deeper Incel Male.
  4. Kr (Krypton): This male sinks fast.
  5. Xe (Xenon): Ultimate Incel loser male.
  6. Rn: (Radon): Ultimate child predator: (The Dave Heney of Priests).
  7. N2 (Nitrogen gas): Two fags who like to hump.
  8. O2 (Oxygen gas): The viral homosexual partnership.
  9. O3 (Smog): Three fags in a tub.
  10. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): A fag with a harem of faggots.
  11. N2O (Laughing gas): Fags laughing on their fucking way to hell.
  12. CH2O (Formaldehyde): The Bisexual and Beastial Orgy Unions.
  13. CH4 (Methane): The typical Muslim boy pervert who seeks many wives.

Now it is clear that Allan Karr, salesman at DollarStore, LLC, is represented by Methane gas. Now he is nominally Jewish, but he is sexually Islamic. For to be sexually Islamic is to be that out-of-control male that must have his dick in every pussy he can get his grubby hands on.

Now, Lord, is Mark Edward Dunstan, my adulterous brother, sexually Islamic?

Eric, not only is Mark fucking a woman who is not his wife, but he is thinking of her daughters while fucking her. For why else does he make sure they go about with their midriffs showing? Now, Mark is the typical cheating husband. He fucks every pussy he can get his dick into. So Mark is fully sexually Islamic.

Now, let us ask if the so called Prophet Muhammed was sexually Islamic? First, what did he do? He fucked an old bitch to get her money and become wealthy. Then, after that bitch died, probably from his STDs, he began to marry many women. He only stopped at four because he finally found a little girl he liked to fuck. So this child molester, aka The fucking Prophet Muhammed, married his favorite wife as a little girl of six years of age. Her name was Aisha. And he officially began fucking her when she was nine years old. I think that means he did not wait for her first period to occur, for that predator, the fucking Prophet Muhammad, had to get his dick into that young virgin girl child’s pussy. So, there you have it. The fucking founder of Islam, whose blasphemous words define the Koran, was definitely sexually Islamic.

Now, how do you tell whether the pastor or spiritual leader of your church is true leader or an Obama pansy? If he states he is Christian but carefully avoids offending Muslims, that leader is a fucking pansy boy. He is too afraid to stand with Christ that he will give head and receive dick in anus to avoid confrontation with dangerous wolves. He is the typical pastor of the flock we see feasting on ale, while observing the wolves feast on his sheep next to him, and doing nothing. The Church leaders are so scared shitless of offending Muslims that they will apologize to these pagan evildoers for slipping a word of truth against them. No wonder why I am no longer of their fucking communion. For why would I tolerate fags and wussies to be saved because of me?

Eric, what if the Church were to send a delegation to seek your return to the Church?

I would see that as an excellent opportunity to make them insulted directly by me. Now, if they were men, I would waste no time calling them names to fucking drive them to get physical with me. And then I would finally have the target practice I desired. And I would begin testing the weapons of my fists. And the first things I would hit would be their faces, seeking to do irreparable damage to their looks. For I desire for these priests to get up in front of the people bearing the scars of shame. I want to leave my mark on a priest’s face that says: This is what happens to you who mess with the Emerald King.

Now, if they are women, I cannot hit them, but I can have just as much fun. And this involves being rude and insulting. But I would defer these attacks until I know whether they have approached me with underhanded intent or in innocence. For I do not put to shame an innocent woman.

But such a delegation will never come, Lord. For I am more fearful to them than ISIS. For I insult Islam regularly and no Muslim ever touches me. If they are too cowardly to reproach the Muslims, then they definitely will never seek to approach me. Amen.

Now, let’s discuss my other brother, David Lawrence Dunstan, who is clearly an incel. Now is David sexually Islamic? No, that is not where David falls. David is a different beast. He is fucking too cowardly to do a thing to me other than shout. I noticed this guy who used to be a bully to me in my childhood now keeps his hands and feet to himself religiously. Does he somehow know the directive I follow? Or is it he fears getting a fist in the face that knocks him into next week?

Anyways, David is a most pathetic loser. Somehow this guy thought he was in heaven because there were so many women and so few men in his job. I know this as fact because I read this in a comment he said on some blog about his newly acquired job. Somehow it later sunk into his thick head that all these women are married and most married women do not commit adultery with incels like himself. So he had this fucking obsession with getting a wife. And that he narrowed his fucking choices to poor Thai girls he only meets while visiting in Thailand speaks for itself that this man is both a complete loser and insane.

Lord Eric, there is a reason why he is no longer going to Thailand. And it is this. The Thai girls put his name on a Black list. And on that list, only fags dressed as women approach him for sex. And so when he gets his woman in the place to enjoy a good fuck, he only sees dick and not pussy. And this is what is driving that man insane.

So Lord, what does David do now for sexual outlet?

They do what all monsters do, Lord Azurite. They enter criminal sex. Expect to see his ass arrested for some horrific crime. Expect him to go to jail for violating an underage girl. That is all I will say. Amen.

Hey, that asshole Rex Mehta has not yet asked me to come into the office this week. If he waits until Friday to have me come in, what is that asshole’s fate?

He will be like the dumb ass who enters the bathroom, pulling out his dick to take a piss, and finding no toilet is there anymore, but that he is now pissing on the wall. When you are gone from here, that dickwad will be unable to masturbate up a solution. For how does he recover his servers? The fucking Linode servers will begin to fail one by one, and he cannot pay the money to get anyone other than a loser to look at that and attempt to remedy it. And his fellow founder, the bisexual fag boy Butch Chelliah, aka Maurice Joseph Chelliah, is too utterly incompetent to pick the right horse to ride to the finish line. Every horse he chooses dies under his weight. He has a fucking hot wife, but he sought a homosexual relationship with me, by which my rejection of him made him decide to get rid of me from his sinking ship company, to the utter demise of that fucking pathetic ponzi riddled company.

Do not think his wife is innocent. They are both complicit in crime, as you can see here. Now I have met the wife too. And I cannot figure out which one sexually desires me more. But if I had to choose one of them to be with alone in an elevator, I would choose the woman over the man. I never fornicate nor commit adultery. But I far prefer the unwanted advances of a hot woman than that from a fucking faggot. Rejecting the advances of a hot woman are still pleasurable. But rejecting a faggot is like putting your hand up to a monster, whom the law does not permit you to kill yet.

The only time I came close to being defiled with a woman was when that girl Sam entered the office and briefly worked there. She was blonde, hot, and intent on seducing me. But I called out to Jesus and Mary to protect me from that temptation and to remove her from the office. And they did just that. A few weeks later she was gone. And in the meantime, something turned her to stop seeking me. And that is my secret weapon, boys. It is not that I am too highly moral and disciplined to be taken down. It is that I call on Jesus and Mary to defend me when I know I am not powerful enough to defend myself. And if you find someone sexually attractive and she desires you and you become alone with her, believe me, you will fail unless you bring both Jesus and Mary into the fight to defend you.

Now some men think that they just want a taste of that pleasure, and then they will call on Jesus and Mary to defend them. No, they will end up going all the way into utter defilement. It is a fork in the road. You choose one way or the other. If you seek any pleasure of one way, that way is your choice. You cannot have both heaven and sexual immorality. And that is why most men hate me. I chose the right path. They chose the wrong path. And they cannot jump from their boat to mine. So they are fucking glaring at me. And if they seek to destroy me with a woman, I am afraid it is now way too late for that. I am now a Lancelot Knight. I do not pursue beauty or lust. But I am better than Lancelot in that he fell to adultery to have the woman he loved. I can never do that. Amen.

If you ever see a good looking woman with a child wearing a camouflage coat that is fucking lightweight, dry, and warm, due to the advanced material used, and that is obviously a size too large for her, that is likely Charity, the girl God has predestined to marry me. And that coat I gave her by God’s instructions, on the basis that I love her. Amen. It is what you want to wear if you are homeless or out trying to survive in the wilderness, but it also looks fucking hot and stylish. Amen. Anyways, if you see her, and you speak to her, tell her that I love her and would marry her if she wished it. Amen.

That is all I will say for now. And this is where I live:

Eric Robert Dunstan
The House of Emerald
16306 Janine Dr.
Whittier, CA 90603

Amen. And you will know that this is my house because the statue of the Virgin Mary is there beneath a tree. No longer near the edge of the street, but a tree to the far left hand corner of the front yard. And do not touch her unbidden, for she, like me and my house, are protected by Seraphim. And no woman who steps onto my property can be attacked there by a man. Amen.

Now think, but-wipe Christians. If I am fucking insulting Muslims in every way possible and I put my address to my house for all the fucking world to see, which you can also find by simply googling my full name, for I hide nothing, and I never die or get destroyed, what is it that is protecting me, but God? If you say the devil is doing that, then I say you are fucking a monkey and calling that monkey your god. For the devil likes to say many things, but one thing he never does is to protect or defend a single soul. So if you fucking pathetic Christians continue to say I am Satanic, I say continue rubbing that banana on your cunt. I am sure it makes you feel good. And I tell you the Truth, if you position yourself just right, a male animal, maybe your own dog, will fuck you. And if that gives you pleasure, then you need look no further for a lover than the local animal shelters. They are just giving away those unwanted pit bulls. Just find one who you know you can show your love to. Approach it gently. And let it know you come to show it love. These male dogs have not had a fuck in years. And if they cannot get their dick into bitch pussy, they will take your pussy instead.

And do not worry about becoming pregnant. All you need to worry about is getting an STD. And most women who choose to fuck dogs therefore choose dogs that are known to be sexually clean, like a poodle like dog you may buy from a dealer. So if you are a high class Christian woman seeking such a lover, it pays to be extra careful. So it is worth it to invest the bigger amounts of money on high class dogs you know have not been fucking around. For it is important to know where that the dog’s dick has been and to ensure that all dicks that enter your pussy are not defiled and disease ridden. To best ensure this, get that dog as a puppy.

For it is written thus:

The dog is man’s best friend,
And the puppy is woman’s best lover.

Amen. Eric the risen California Grizzly, is here, thus, to make sure everyone has their proper lover and is properly loved. Amen.

Now, as for you fags and assholes whose place is the prison system, the reason why you go there is so that you can be properly but fucked. And that is the real reason why Black men are so messed up. They go to prison so often that they are now more sodomized by other men than they have been fucked by women. And they are so sexually confused that the number one word of their vocabulary is motherfucker. And that is because the basic definition of a young black male is: A nigger obsessed with fucking his own mother.

And so, I, Eric the Wise, give to the American Christians the following advice: Niggers, go rape someone and then do 20 years to life, so that you can be but fucked in prison for the rest of your fucking life, Black boys! And as for you, Christian women, who are starving for a man, but who hang around the dip shits who suck cock to save their ass, go get yourself fucked by some animal. Amen. And if you want to make money, be sure to film it, and sell it. Your legitimate career will be ruined, but men will lust for you. And they will forever be masturbating thinking about you fucking that animal for the rest of your life. Amen. And doesn’t that thrill you with pleasure? Doesn’t the thought of men being driven wild as they watch over and over animal cock fucking in and out of your cunt until it squirts semen all over you, give you pleasure?

I tell you, such sights stick in a man, When I first started working with Richard Hart with my brother Mark Dunstan, guess what a friend of Richard put on screen for all the guys to watch. And only guys were there then, for IT is heavily a guy tech world. I decided to look, and I saw a dog fucking a girl. And that fucking sight haunted my sexual fantasies for years to come. Lord, what harm came to me morally from seeing that sight?

I, the Holy Virgin, your eternal wife, elect to answer this question in the place of God. Sexual perversions are always harmful when you seek to have a normal relationship with a woman. You, though, did not indulge in that, and so you survived. Men who follow that filth, seeking more, will die the death by which they never find God. And such is what happened with your brother Mark. And this is the real reason why those two men, Mark Dunstan and Richard Hart, are endlessly failing in their efforts to make a successful career in IT. For the IT is forever the curse of their lives.

Eric, your failures to get a good job in IT has more to do with God seeking to keep you humble than as a punishment for past sin. Now, you have IT skills. But why seek money from criminals to do underhanded work? I have a new line of work for you. And in this line, you shall no longer deal with speaking to machines. For I wish for you to speak to those I love so that they may learn the wisdom in you and become like you. Hence, you will teach the Way you have mastered to the women I have called to people and minister in my new Church. And they will become ministers who, like you, fear no one, but who stand with God, properly trusting in His protection when they are called to utter the Truth in defense of faith. Amen.

The girl you call Charity is but your first Apprentice on the earth. Many women shall come after her. But as a moral man, Charity alone shall you wed. And no adultery shall ever be found in you all the days of your life. And your sexual relationship with me and Dymphna will never be seen or known. For we are of heaven, and just as Jesus carefully controlled all who saw him when He rose from the dead, so also do we do the same with you, when we return to assume female flesh of this world to finally fuck and know you as the women on earth know their man. We will do this for both us and for you in one hidden night. And thereafter, you shall fuck only the woman given to you as your wife here. And only when we are all together in the hereafter, shall we enjoy you forever in the most glorious heavenly molecule of holy consecrated Ammonia that we three women are forever to be with you for all eternity. Amen.

Now publish this work, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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