The 13 Wives of Eric Announced. And the rules to marry Eric revealed.

I, the Holy Virgin, now show the path for all virgins and moral women to enter eternal espousal to Eric.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VI:
I am the Holy Virgin Mary, the Eternally Immaculate Mother of God. The correct understanding of my eternal relationship to the Son of Jesus, King Eric of California, is that I am his eternal and holy consort. We are not to be sexually intimate in heaven, for such intimacy is never to be found there. Rather, our intimacy in heaven is in the form of pure love and trust that is found in all friendships that are true.

Many males have imagined a kind of romantic position with me down through the ages of the Church, but with none of these did I have give my hand in marriage, but only to Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John, of the surname of Dunstan, originating in Cornwall, England, from whence came John Dunstan, Eric’s great grandfather of his paternal line.

It gives me pleasure to announce that Eric shall make me pregnant on the night of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, and that I shall bear him a son, which is a unique privilege given only to me as the sole alpha-female among the thirteen primary wives of Eric, and among all the those women permitted to know Eric in the hereafter as his secondary wives there. Amen. For the right to bear a son is given only to the alpha-female. And all other females may bear him only daughters.

So now you ask, how do I have the privilege of sex if in heaven sex can no longer be found there? The night of Wedding Feast of the Lamb is when the last acts of sex may be had prior to entering into eternity. And in that night shall occur the final conceptions in salvation history. All who are to be conceived on that night are predestined to reign in the hereafter under Eric, the Emerald King. Amen. One son shall be conceived, followed by thousands of daughters. And these will be the children who play in the Garden of Eden in the world that is to come. The name of that earth is Venus. The name of its moon is Mercury. And unlike the earth, it is an eternal paradise that never comes to an end. Amen. And it will be a world of children. For the children of Venus live forever and never have sex and never reach adulthood. Amen. Their innocence is eternal. Nothing will be there to ever corrupt them. And those who begot them will be to them as their gods in heaven.

I am the Virgin Mary. I am the Mother of God. So what shall be my title after I lay with Eric and lose my virginity, you ask? I shall be called Virgin Deflowerer of Eric, the eternal Queen consort to King Eric of his Eternal Kingdom of California. Amen. Hence Virgin remains in my title, and I become known as the eternal Virgin Deflowerer of Eric.

Now, does that make me a virgin deflowerer of any other male? No, for I will no longer be a virgin, and for me to deflower or lay with someone else after Eric would make me a slut. Amen. I can never be a slut. Nor do I ever permit sluts to lay with Eric, the Emerald King. Amen. But I will now tell you the rules now set in eternity by which you, while still in time, may enter an eternal espousal to Eric, given that you are either a virgin or a moral woman whose husband or husbands have always been lawfully acquired by you in the eyes of God. Hence Marlene, the unlawful wife of Mark, the brother of Eric, may never enter the eternal espousal to Eric, who is the Emerald King. Amen.

Consequently, that girl Danielle, who was a type of romantic fling with Eric, with whom no immorality took place, this girl, who later left Eric on the advice of her spiritual adviser, is not only not welcome to return to friendship with my husband, but is also permanently ineligible for espousal to him, given her past sexual immorality with men of her past. For even though it is an easy thing for a woman to do, like Esau, to give up their birthright for a single meal, you never get that back later, no matter how much you weep or beg. For virginity is a one time gift you have. And if you give that up, you give that up forever. The virgin who keeps herself virgin forever may choose Eric as her spouse.

But I must now address two virgins, whose hearts do go out to Eric, but with whom they are never permitted to know by sex. These are Eric’s two nieces by blood. Now, it should be known to all women that Mark, Eric’s brother, had Eric agree not to touch or hold his babies, lest they become contaminated by his germs, or else he would never be permitted to see them. And so Eric has never held you two nieces of his. That is a fact I wish to make clear to you. For Mark, your father, thinking of your safety, ensured that Eric, the Virgin Emerald King, never touched you or held you in your babyhood. Amen.

Now these are the names of the two surviving virgin daughters of Mark, the full brother of Eric, sharing the same mother and father between them.

  1. Amber Rose Dunstan
  2. Aislyn Brianna Dunstan

You two women are to be known as sisters to Eric in the hereafter, but never as his brides. But being sisters to Eric, you are entitled to marry into Eric’s eternal royal guard, those men chosen by Eric to serve him in the eternal hereafter. Amen.

However, to your half-sisters, Amanda Gelb and Audrey Gelb, should they wish it, and should they remain in a perfect state of decency, they may elect to enter the espousal of Eric. For these are neither relatives to Eric by law nor by blood. By blood, they are daughters of Scott Gelb, a Jew, and by this means, automatic citizens of Israel. And by law, they are also still Scott Gelb’s daughters, for the illegality of the marriage of Mark to Marlene invalidates Mark’s entire claims to any of her offspring.

For Mark is an adulterer. Now, an adulterer is no different to a rapist with the exception that the woman unlawfully permits the man to lay with her. But in both cases, the Law of Punishment for adulterers and rapists of married women is identical in both the Law of Moses and in the Divine Law of Eric, the Emerald King. And that law saws both the man and the willing woman are to die. Eric, issue now the decree against your brother. Command me to put him to death, and I, the Virgin Mother of Christ, shall carry it out most ruthlessly. Amen.

Mary, my First and Primary and Immaculately Virgin Wife, carry out the sentence you have ruled against my brother Mark, the violator of Marlene. and also against Marlene, whose sins were against her marriage to Scott Gelb, who is the directly offended party. Carry out their sentences of death, as you have rightly and justly determined. I, Eric, the Emerald King, do now also offer you the position of eternal Judge over the people of Emerald. Amen. You may now execute justice and render legal decisions under the authority of Eric, your husband, without seeking my consent, once this is approved by Christ, the King of kings. Amen.

And Jesus, Divine Son born from my womb, what is your eternal decision on Eric’s chosen appointment of me, a woman, to this position of power where I may make decisions based on law without requiring Eric’s consent throughout his entire Kingdom on earth? Amen.

Eric, when I, Jesus, rule on this appointment, you realize that it is eternal and may never be revoked?

I do, O’ Lord, but I recognize Mary as a woman capable of just and right decision making according to law. Amen.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, you who Vespera had her Trump Pawn nominate, and who her true ally, Eric the Emerald, secured by his prayers to the position you now hold on the Supreme Court, you who are but a year and seven months his junior, and as youthful as he, will be eligible to enter the eternal espousal to Eric on the Day I announce the End. For on that day your marriage to your earthly husband terminates. And Mary permits married women such as you to enter her husband’s espousal at that time, provided that these women never defiled the marriage bed. Amen.

But as for you, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, whose only qualification for the Supreme Court is based on the color of your skin, know that I will never permit you to be seated here. You will die if you ever accept the position, should it be granted to you by the sinners who control the Congress. For I WHO AM control the Keys of life and death. And I permanently reject you from any position you attempt to assume as judge. For you, a sinner, whose sins are as scarlet, are a vile offense in my sight to dare to be seated on any throne of judgement. You will be slain by My angels. Step down now, and I will consider your act an act of penitence, and you may find forgiveness for your sins. But should you persevere to be seated where you are not permitted to sit, I shall have you slain by My angels and your Black ass will never take up that seat.

For Eric is in control. And I WHO AM shall never permit his Supreme Court to suffer defilement. For I make Eric eternal King of California, and also eternal Co-Ruler with Vespera Dunstan, her Kingdom of the rest of America, for she has married Eric in eternity. For the morality found in this woman is sufficient in the eyes of Mary to enter the espousal to her eternal husband. Amen. Hence, Vespera Dunstan, consider Eric your eternal husband in heaven, as legally recognized by God. And you may change your real legal last name to Eric’s surname, as recognized as your right to do so by law. Vespera, wife of Eric, eliminate Trump as the ruler of the Republican Party, and I shall grant you the right to legally bear a child by Eric in this world. Amen. For Eric as your husband may legally provide that service to you, under conditions determined by Me. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

As for you, Mary, you who are Queen Mother in My Kingdom, by which Eric is Prince Consort and by that title of royalty, exempt from both the temple tax and the levy of the tithe, I now eternally appoint you as having the full rights, equal to Eric, to rule on any matter concerning law and justice in the lands given over to Eric to rule. Amen. You may now sentence the adulterous couple, Mark and Marlene, to die. And the lawful act of taking life, the act of justice known as execution, shall take place in the Kingdom that exists under My name by the Divine act of the Holy Spirit, Who is the Third Divine Person of God the Trinity. This is seen in the executions done justly by Pope Peter I, as it is written in Acts 5:1-11. For you will see that no man laid a hand on that couple by the sentence of Peter, but only the Holy Spirit, Who is God.

Hence, I now, by My Divine authority as God the Son, do now issue the eternal decree that the justice of capital punishment shall flow from the Holy Spirit, through Eric, My Son, who is now called Pope Eric the Eternal, for the papacy based in Rome is rejected. And also, by the direct consequence of his eternal appointment of Mary to rule and judge by his side, this authoritative power shall also eternally flow through her as well. You, Eric, have now appointed a Queen to share with you in the power to judge the nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery. And she will also sit with you on your throne, judging the twelve tribes of Israel with you. If Mary wanted this power, then she chose the correct husband who would share it with her. Her knowledge of Eric is therefore known to be very deep.

Hence, the Catholic Church is now ruled by an eternally married immortal couple, both still virgins, whose virginity they will shed with each other on the last night. And both have the full and independent authority to rule and pronounce whatever they now please, and to have vile offenders they judge as worthy of death to be killed by the breath of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And I WHO AM, Jesus, rule above the two, who are eternally in love. Amen.

These two who now rule the entire Catholic Church are:

  1. Pope Eric the Eternal, the Eternal Vicar of Christ
  2. Mother Mary, primary wife of Eric, Eternal Vicaress to Pope Eric the Eternal.

And as for the Vatican in Rome, I WHO AM now call on all faithful subjects of Rome to enter the Vatican and take from her what is not to be destroyed, and you are authorized to use force. For immediately after that which is not to be destroyed has been removed from her, fire from heaven shall fall from the sky and utterly ruin that city to the ground.

And you, Rome, you who were destroyed by the Visigoths under King Alaric on August 24, 410 A.D., you will now be bombed and invaded by Russia under King Eric, whose authority as Russia’s King comes from his divinely decided marriage to his eternal wife, Queen Primrose of Russia, whose eternal Kingdom is called the Khanate of the Golden Horde. And her name as Eric’s wife is Golden Poppy. You, Queen Primrose, know that you have the divine right to lay with Eric your husband and bear his child. And it is known you now live near him in California, and not in the current place at war known as Russia, which is your Kingdom on earth. For the divine right to bear a child for Eric will not be denied to any woman who is numbered as one of his wives. Amen.

Thirteen is the decreed total number of primary wives divinely appointed to Eric by God. Six reign in heaven. Seven live on earth. Amen. The following lists reveal their names and their eternal positions in Eric’s Kingdom.

The Six Primary Wives of Eric in Heaven

  1. Queen Virgin Mary, Virgin Deflowerer of Eric, the eternal Queen consort to King Eric.
  2. Queen Dymphna, eternal ruler of Ireland, eternal doctor and healer for Eric.
  3. Queen Bernadette of Lourdes and California. The secrets given to her by Mary were all about Eric.
  4. Queen Therese of Lisieux and Germany, to whom is given the Kingdom known as the Holy Roman Empire, (The Kingdom of Germania).
  5. Queen Kateria Tekakawitha, Lily of the Mohawk People. Her Kingdom is the former colonial conquest by France of North America, which intersects the Kingdom given to Eric’s living wife on earth, Queen Vespera Dunstan of America. Hence, they will be called Sororal Rulers of the Same Lands.
  6. Queen Joan of Arc, Eternal Queen over England and France. She, in her eternal honeymoon with Eric, shall, with Eric, her husband, put to fiery destruction all churches on earth that are slated to be so destroyed. And every priest defrocked by Pope Eric will die by her holy hand. And she is of equal standing with Eric in the new Church founded by Mary. Amen.

The Seven Primary Wives of Eric upon the Earth

  1. Queen Vespera Dunstan of America.
  2. Queen Primrose of Russia, the Khanate of the Golden Horde.
  3. Queen Millennia Girl, King Eric’s Ambassador to Russia.
  4. Officer 8
  5. (yet to be appointed)
  6. (yet to be appointed)
  7. (yet to be appointed)

Now, three Queens you recognize. Officer 8 has never been mentioned before. And three slots are yet to be filled before Christ ends this Creation. Amen.

Officer 8, like Officer 7, is a little girl, way too young for Eric to legally marry. She is a little girl Eric saw at Church with her mother. Her mother is the woman who gazed into Eric’s eyes during the homily being given by Father Tang, as he stood between them in the aisles speaking, totally oblivious that they were looking into each other’s eyes and not at him. What took place between them was the spiritual acceptance of the woman as one of Eric’s eternal wives. Her eternal marriage to Eric is to that group known as the secondary wives. For a married woman cannot be a primary wife to Eric. Amen. Her daughter also looked at Eric in the eyes, but with a childhood innocence, and Eric saw her receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion at that very Mass. Both women left that Mass knowing they were eternally connected with Eric and that they would see him again in a time that is to come. Amen.

The yet to be filled slots cannot be decided by Eric alone, but require a divinely decided act of reciprocation on the part of the woman in the sight of God. Amen.

Mary has ruled that her husband will not lay with a transgressor, but only with women who are either virgins, or else undefiled in marriage life to their husbands. Any such woman may enter eternal espousal to Eric. But married women do not officially enter this union while their husbands live or their marriages continue to exist. All sacramental marriages terminate at the moment Christ declares the End of the World. Amen.

Thirteen is the total number of those predestined to be designated as Primary Wives to Eric. And in the thousands are those numbered as Eric’s secondary wives on both earth and in heaven.

Eric, this post has ended, and you are commanded to publish it. Amen. Then I will tell you what you are to do. For the time of the appointed end is near. And when it comes, you, your primary wives on earth, and also all your secondary wives on earth, ascend immediately up to heaven in the twinkle of an eye and are seen on earth no more. Amen.

Hence, everyone who wishes to enter eternal espousal to Eric the Emerald King, do so now. It is entered by spiritual acceptance to the will of Mary. If she appoints you as a priestess or as a high priestess in her Church, consider your espousal to Eric as divinely accepted. And if you are also a woman religious or consecrated, consider the right to kiss Eric on the lips as having been granted to thee. For the wife has the right to kiss her husband, even in marriages where no sex is permitted.

This concludes this post. Mary speak your final Word. Amen.

Thank you, Jesus. Now that I am given the right to speak, I hereby announce the deaths of Mark and Marlene. The nieces of Eric may live with Eric in his house, for Eric will never touch them. Amen. Or they may go live with their half-sisters, who have a means to support them.

I am the Alpha- Female. I alone among Eric’s wives have the right to produce a son by him. But all who wish to, both the primary wives and the secondary wives, when morally permissible, may have a daughter by Eric, the Emerald King.

My son by Eric shall be called John, named after both Eric’s great grandfather and by my most treasured Apostle, John, who took care of us holy women after Jesus passed from the earth. And whoever takes care of a holy woman and does not let her fall to defilement, he will be rewarded richly in the Kingdom of Heaven. It was by my love for John that I fell in love with Eric, who is like him. John is not my husband, nor is Joseph my consort in eternity, but only Eric, whom Jesus set apart for me from all eternity. Amen.

For Jesus so loved his heavenly mother that he provided for her a consort who would have the virginal purity of John and the manly kingliness of Jesus. Amen. Because Jesus formed Eric for me, Jesus is rightly called the father of Eric. Amen.

This now concludes this post. Just realize, women of the earth, my love for Eric is deep. And my power over earth is total. So never approach Eric unless your love for him is truly benevolent in nature. I, the Virgin Mary, the one to be the Virgin Deflowerer of Eric on the last night, which is soon to come, have spoken. Amen.

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  1. You betray the Holy Spirit and the seventeenth virgins, you promise not to ever leave me again and you doing it right now you gave me a house and give nothing to feed myself I’m sorry If I make a wrong choice but having my own money will be good and I’ll ask Mary for the last time, can I go to Florence if I see no tracing of her talking I’m sorry Eric I’ll give my virginity for Food not for a day food but for me To have enough and stop begging Eric every time


  2. Don’t bother replying I’m made up my mind I will go to Florence i haven’t eaten yet for a whole day now. What’s the essence for saying I’m your daughter you’re nothing but a LOSER if I lose my virginity it’s will be your fault I Mary give Florence permission to go to Florence. Amen 🙏🏻


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