King Eric sees the Fall of Ukraine, followed quickly by the fall of NATO.

I AM Crimson Cobra, the Risen California Grizzly. I have retaken My State.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1: Post II:
The fall of Odesa to Russian hands will quickly doom Ukraine, no matter how much money and semen Biden and his homosexuals pour into the effort to save his reputation as the least effective United States President since Herbert Hoover caused the Great Depression. And as Biden pulls out his dick to attempt another ejaculation into Father Dave Heney’s smiling mouth, Russia is preparing to test the faggot pansy leadership of the West by picking off a weak NATO member.

For the average fag American man says he doesn’t stand by any decision to put American boots into harm’s way to defend the people of Lithuania from a Russian invasion. Yes, the faggot American, after laying with his neighbor’s wife, says We need to put Americans first. Let the Lithuanians defend the Lithuanians. What do we have to do with their war? Why should their bad behavior drag us American men into World War III?

That is how Russia will begin to bomb Lithuania, a full member of NATO. And as the fear of starting World War III will have crippled the shaking hands of the American wussies in charge, Article 5 will go unimplemented.

Realizing that the leaders of the West would rather abandon a fellow NATO member to the sharks than to risk harm coming to them from starting World War III with a mad man, will empower the Russian bear to take his pick of the caribou. For the men who defended them will have deserted them. And one by one will the nations of Europe fall, with none to defend them.

June 24, 2024:
Commander Blackavar: Mr. President, our final ally east of the Rhine has fallen to the Russians.

Joe Faggot Biden: But at least the world avoided World War III. I think when the history books are written, they will be kind to the noble hand of Joe Robinette Biden, who defended the fags of the West from the tyranny of straight only marriage under Russian domination.

Commander Blackavar: Sure, we avoided World War III, but at the cost of our world prestige as a world leader. NATO is long gone.

Joe Faggot Biden: Son, a true leader never pledges his American people to fight wars to defend nations that have nothing to do with the interests of the American people.

Commander Blackavar: And did the American people avoid war after all, Mr. President.

Joe Faggot Biden: The females avoided war, son. Only males are drafted to fight, and so when at last we had to send soldiers to fight, American mothers could be content that only their sons were going to die and get destroyed, but that their daughters would remain safe. And that is what matters.

Commander Blackavar: And it does not bother you that the American male is now extinct?

Joe Faggot Biden: Sometimes the test of leadership is when you have to make sacrifices and make the tough decisions. The good thing is that it permitted us to finally put a complete and total end to the institution of marriage.

Commander Blackavar: And so tell me, Mr. President, how does the procedure of procreation work now in America? I still cannot quite wrap my head around the concept.

Joe Faggot Biden: Basically men and women are free to fuck as they please, as long as the weaker sex never feels threatened by the stronger sex. For if that ever happens, that man is either shipped off to fight in Europe or put in prison to pay for his offenses. Men are not permitted to threaten women. And whenever a woman cries foul, that man is immediately disposed of. Amen.

Commander Blackavar: Sir, you do not seem to realize that the treachery of women have resulted in virtually all men being sent to Europe. Do you realize that, Joe Biden?

Joe Faggot Biden: Well, then why are you still here?

Commander Blackavar: I am celibate, sir.

Joe Faggot Biden: You’re celibate with all these sexually arousing women around?

Commander Blackavar: You got it sir. What is your excuse?

Joe Faggot Biden: I have to leave the country once my reelection fails. For my women supporters want my head if I fail to keep this nation in Democratic hands. So I plan to make it seem like Eric killed me and that I was buried like Osama bin Laden, and instead I will be in Thailand where David, Eric’s brother, attempted to flee to before being arrested for his sex predation of women there. I think I can hide out there.

Commander Blackavar: So you are handing the nation over to a woman?

Joe Faggot Biden: Yes, the men have been defeated. But I have prepared the American armed forces to resemble perfectly the girl smurf ideal as found in The Lost Village.

Commander Blackavar: I think you are a lost village, Commander-in-Chief, or do I say, Coward-in-Chief?

Joe Faggot Biden: Even Eric admits he has to flee an advancing Amazon army.

Commander Blackavar: So has Eric defeated Biden?

Joe Faggot Biden: No, the correct way to understand Eric is that he is the army of Mary. Mary, the Virgin, has defeated me. And we never had a chance to defeat Eric by using women against him. It was a mistake to assume that because we could not see her, that she was not there defending him. For no woman’s power can defeat the man who is married and chosen by Mary to defend her honor. Amen.

Commander Blackavar: Sir, this is the first all female Presidential contest.

Joe Faggot Biden: Yes, Eric’s choice of Pence failed. But Eric, under the control of the Alpha-Female, can never be defeated. And this is one Virgin Male no woman can resist and no woman can conquer. He is truly the Male Siren. The Virgin Mary knows how to choose a winner.

Commander Blackavar: When did you realize Satan was defeated, sir?

Joe Faggot Biden: When the devils themselves began to praise Mary.

Commander Blackavar: Do you think any remaining priest was aware that his Church was doomed the moment Eric was cast from it?

Joe Faggot Biden: I guess the hardest concept to understand was that they were not casting out Eric from Christ’s communion, they were casting out communion. For Eric himself was the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus.

Commander Blackavar: Yes, it was Eric that thrived, but the men of the Church slowly starved, as their Eucharist was slowly drained of all its lifeforce. They never realized that Eric was the life of the Church. They did not kill Eric, but their own souls.

Joe Faggot Biden: The greatest horror was what happened to Father Dave Heney. The funniest thing was that it was never Eric who did him in. It was the women. And the most fearsome among them was that stepmother of the long since lost Gilbert Warner. Her wrath was like no other. You would not believe the screams of agony that were echoed through that Church.

Commander Blackavar: Yes, that stepmother burned that Risen Christ statue and put Father Dave Heney up there in its place. And she fucking knows how to torture men and how to make them continue to live to max out that pain and shame.

Joe Faggot Biden: So whatever become of the Christ?

Commander Blackavar: That was the saddest part. Christ in His disgust for the men of this world, totally abandoned them to the power of women. And He elected to save only one, the Perfect Virgin male in His image, whom he had apparently made to serve as Mary’s eternal consort.

Joe Faggot Biden: Yeah, and one thing that utterly killed the heart of worldy women was the realization, when it came, that only virgins would be ever wed to him, and that these virgins would remain virgins forever.

Commander Blackavar: Yeah it is utterly pathetic to see all these women go about in sexually revealing clothing with no man present to notice them. And all they ever do is make love to other women. And then you have the virgins, who have the real power in society. And they call themselves the Wives of Eric, the Emerald King. And the only men you see around are the truly celibate men. So your days are numbered, Joe Robinette Biden.

Joe Faggot Biden: Okay, I gotta go. I am leaving today, on the Eve of the Presidential Election.

Commander Blackavar: On the 29th anniversary of the Triumph of Eric? Okay, flee as you might. I predict that Eric’s Virgins will defeat Kamala’s sluts in the upcoming elections.

Joe Faggot Biden: Yes, the Homosexual Revolution has been defeated by the Virgin Reign. Who would have thought that Virgins would rule everything in the End? Yes, the power behind the Risen Grizzly of California was his incorruptibility. That, and Mary’s election of him as her eternal mate, made him undefeatable. We chose to make war against the wrong man.

Commander Blackavar: Virgin men can thrive in this world, Joe Biden.

Joe Faggot Biden: Yes, you are that, but I am not one of you. It is written that Esau sold his birthright away for a single meal. Well, once sold, you never get that back, no matter what you do. Amen. I must now make my escape. I am the last immoral man left in the land. And if I do not go now, my fate will be worse than what befell Father Dave Heney, for my sins have been worse than his.

Mary: Jesus, I and Eric have triumphed on the earth. Virgins now rule the world.

Jesus: You and Eric are eternal Queen and King over My Kingdom forever. The End has come. All My enemies are now the foot stools beneath My servant Eric’s feet. The time to end the world has come.

Jesus: Seraphim Commander, inform Eric that the time of his rest has come. Let all of heaven now know the Son of Jesus is coming to heaven and the time for the destruction of the world has come. And the time has come for Me to take My seat in Judgement and Judge the Whole World.

Jesus: Eric, well done, good and faithful servant. Come and enjoy, at last, Your Master’s Pleasure and Love. I have finally Come. And I have now Come to rule the Kingdom of Heaven forever and ever. Amen. Whoever did evil to My Son, Eric, woe to him. It would be better for him if he had a millstone around his neck and for him to have been thrown into the Great Sea. For I love My Son. And I AM truly a Father WHO LOVES. AMEN. And no one could ever destroy Him because I WHO AM protected Him. He was the secret predestined soul unknown to all Created Beings. I WHO AM have spoken. Prepare to be judged, Mankind. For your judgement is now truly at hand. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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