Boy Biden’s Fucked Up Plan to Kill the Emerald King will Fail, Asswipe!

I AM the Prince Consort. I cannot be taken down by your pussy measures, Joe Faggot Biden.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
Joe Faggot Biden: Okay, Eric is clearly weakened. Now is the time to deploy: Operation Deicide. Let’s do it. I am the Commander-in-Chief. I so: All systems Go! Let’s take down that Mother Fucker who dares to declare war on the USA and his alliance with our mortal enemy Russia. That way we will teach the world a lesson that no messes with Joe Robinette Biden!

General Faggot 4 Stars: The Fag-in-Chief has said it is a go: Get all unnecessary women and children out of the targeted area immediately. All necessary women are now commanded to take the secret pill, the antidote to the bio-weapon. No non-expendable men are to be within a two mile block. Is this clear? Pull back all men who are not to be slain. Tell me when this is done? Standing by.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: The neighborhood is dead, sir. Deploy the chemical cocktail immediately. This mother fucker must have a bad ass immortal immune system to survive this. No human being will survive. And all dogs die too. Cats, being untargeted, will live, being harmless to soldiers and law enforcers. Deploy immediately. Let not this one suspect the plot being done against him. For the House of Emerald cannot stand in the middle of the fucking stronghold of the USA. He wants a war? Let him fight after taking this chemical killer. Then we will enjoy fighting whatever we find struggling to survive this. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Joe Biden, the honor is yours. Issue the command to kill the infernal one. Amen.

Joe Faggot Biden: Kill the Christ Son Now!

General Faggot 4 Stars: Order has been issued. Drop the bioweapons upon the neighborhood of Eric. The heavier-than-air gas will kill everything on its path down to the ground and will last until the Oxygen in the air neutralizes the poison some twenty minutes from now. Check all expendable men and watch for their deaths. If everything is working perfectly, all men stationed in the vicinity should be reported as dead as the air flows from the center out. Call fat man at the house opposite Eric and have him report in.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Willow Smurf calling Big Boy, come in? Do you see any activity whatsoever?

Fat Man: Nothing unusual to report sir. I did see Eric’s brother drive in. He must be staying for the night.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Which one?

Fat Man: The one who drives that yellow Camaro.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Good, his death is okay. Keep monitoring and tell us everything. And also, how do you feel?

Fat Man: I like this job you gave me, but for some reason I am fucking tired. And I ate and drank nothing unusual. But it will wear off. That I am sure of.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: You made sure all your women and children are staying at that relative of yours in the Barrio?

Fat Man: Yes, we have an important drug deal coming in from Columbia. So they are deployed there. Only my son is here with me. I decided I did not want to be totally on my own here. You do not know what that danger man is going to do. Anyways, we are armed and we will take him out if we see him set foot on our property. That is a promise. We just want backup if it comes to that.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Keep us informed of any movement you see in front of his house. There are various ways out. Tell us if he is exiting the house in the secret way that goes through his neighbor Dick’s front yard. For we will not suffer that evasive maneuver again.

Fat Man: Field Commander, I have just one last question. Why choose a female code name for yourself? Should not you show yourself as a man when coming against this demigod, and not a woman? Or are you a gay and you desire to be fucked by him?

Willow Smurf Field Commander: You know that I find it offensive to be told that I am not okay. Anyways, enough for that. Go check on your son, please. Tell me what he is doing?

Fat Man: Huh, he is sound asleep.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Put the back of your hand near his mouth.

Fat Man: Fuck he is not breathing. Get an ambulance here fast!

Willow Smurf Field Commander: No need, Fat Man. He is dead. Tell us how you feel right now?

Fat Man: What the fuck? Are we being poisoned?

Willow Smurf Field Commander: No, Eric is being poisoned. You are merely the canaries in the coal mine stationed to inform us of your death. You are there to ensure nothing was wrong with our poison in the event it has no effect on Eric.

Fat Man: Fuck!

Willow Smurf Field Commander: No, fuck you for insulting my gayness. But as for fucking fags, it is known he is not gay. If Eric survives this, he will be taken down by a female who will kill him with or without her intent to do so. Amen. Fat Man, how are you? Fat Man?

General Faggot 4 Stars: Joe Biden, deaths are occurring like clockwork. When the time is up, we must immediately deploy the clean up crews. No one is to know that we sacrificed human lives to kill this mother fucker. It must be made clear that they died taking Eric down. Hence my female elite soldiers, all armed with the antidote, made only for females, will go in and riddle with bullets the bodies of all the victim men with the two assault rifles that we will then plant into his car. Amen.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: All stationed men should be dead. Send in the sacrificial lamb to confirm Eric’s death. For it would make no sense to lay evidence that Eric killed those men if Eric is not dead. Amen.

Joe Faggot Biden: Who exactly is this sacrificial lamb, General Faggot, again?

General Faggot 4 Stars: A Jewish girl we found with genuine feelings for Eric.

Joe Faggot Biden: She is not that Melissa girl, is she?

General Faggot 4 Stars: No, Melissa is too valuable an asset to waste here sir. No, this girl is a girl who has no real family to speak of. And she has been properly inoculated with diseases we know Eric cannot cure her of, despite all his fucking bragging about what happens to a girl who kisses him.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Do you know how Eric is so fucking pure that he is like Snow White, only male? Well this girl is a snow white leper. And she covered with it, but the leprosy cannot be detected without sunlight shining on it. So if he kisses her or touches her in any way, this faggot will get leprosy too. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: But say the boy genius somehow knows how to cure leprosy. One thing we know he does not know how to cure is AIDS. For he confessed on his fucking blog that he was the asshole who brought that disease into being. And when he grew a conscience and tried to kill it, he could not. Let us watch, therefore, what happens when he fucks his wife and finds this girl is just as amazingly infected with the killer disease he caused as she is beautiful. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Also, understand that this girl’s reproductive system is not damaged. For we want to see his face when she gives birth to AIDS infected babies. For the treatment to AIDS this family is to be outright denied. We have contingency plans for our contingency plans.

General Faggot 4 Stars: However, since Eric created AIDS, it is known the bio-hacker may have made for himself a back door. Hence, the girl has also been infected with Herpes simplex 1. For this mother fucker wanted to be kissed. So this is the disease you want the girl he receives to have. Those are the diseases she is infected with. She has just been inoculated. Hence she does not fully know the horror story she is to be a part of. But that is the penalty of being a member of an unfaithful partner nation in our war with Russia. Israel will pay for not doing their assigned part in our war with Russia. Make no mistake. No one gets away with betraying the Biden American Nation. Amen.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Okay, the girl is approaching Eric’s house.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Put her on screen. Let’s see if this faggot is immortal or not.

Sacrificial Lamb: So I am approaching the house. It is not quiet here. There is sound coming from the eastern side of the house. A movie is being watched.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: Yes, he is watching that Rampage movie he finally found and opened. It is about that giant Gorilla that destroys a city.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Okay, Jewess, your assignment now is to confirm all who have died without Eric observing you. He has no cameras surveying anything. And he is obviously in the den. So enter the house and confirm kills.

Sacrificial Lamb: Eye eye, sir.

Sacrificial Lamb: All dead but Eric, and his cats, sir. And Eric is unaware of anything. He is absorbed in his movie. Obviously he has never seen it before. What are your orders sir?

General Faggot 4 Stars: Fuck! There goes our clean up strategy! Girl your assignment is now seduction, or at least get him to kiss you. Amen. And remember, if this person is who he claims to be, all those diseases we infected you with will be gone. And then we will redeploy you and figure out a new strategy.

Sacrificial Lamb: No, if he cures me of everything you have given me, I am staying with him. I am not leaving his side.

General Faggot 4 Stars: That is outside your mandate, girl. You will be charged with sedition if you continue on that line of thought. We do not want that option to present itself to you. Do I make myself clear, girl?

Sacrificial Lamb: Well, as a citizen of Israel, I am obeying my higher calling sir. Now I will kiss the man, that is assured. Whether I fuck him depends on what the kiss does to me. But I do not mind being made immortal like him as well. Now you stay out of my business. If he cures me, I am his and no longer yours. For I belong to the superior man, not the inferior man. Do you understand me, General?

General Faggot 4 Stars: You are now court-martialed, soldier. The next act of insolence will cost you your pension. And we have your mother. Amen. Do not anger us further. Kiss this man, but if you find his kiss cures you, and you remain with him, we will kill you. Amen.

Sacrificial Lamb: I think he is more able to defend himself than you are. He may be totally unaware of me being here, General. But angels are indeed here, and they have assured me his kiss will do all that. And they have told me they will protect me just as Eric is protected. Eric is mine now, commander. Now go and fuck some pussy in your bunker, for the angels say they will do to you as you have attempted to do to Eric. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Sir, our agent is now compromised. Get Israel on the phone and tell them we will not tolerate this.

Joe Faggot Biden: Are you aware, General, that only our inner circle are aware of our attempt to kill Eric? Israel does not know about it. Find a way to cover this botched job up. And kill all those below you who know about it.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Fag Man to Willow Smurf: You are ordered to implement Operation Deicide Abandon and Blame Black People.

Willow Smurf Field Commander: You got it, sir. The house of Negroes up the road will take the blame. We have riddled all killed men with bullets and we are arming those Negroes with those guns. It will be a done deal, sir. Everyone will blame that Black family. And that family will then be ruined forever. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Well done. Willow Smurf. When all evidence is cleaned and planted, report to Officer Woundwort. the field commander overlooking Eric’s house, and he will give you your new assignment.

General Faggot 4 Stars: General Woundwort, kill Officer Willow Smurf when he reports to you. Operation Deicide is a failure. And Eric may have obtained a mate who could become an immortal. We will decide what to do about this later. In the meantime, Biden is preparing economic war against China. For China is not cooperating with us. And we do not want him to go nuclear with the U.S. Dollar. Amen.

General Woundwort: When will you pussies learn how to fight? I will kill that faggot, no problem. But I do not like your fucking hit and pull back Obama style fighting. For I fear Eric may be right. Biden may lose Europe to Russia. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Fuck you, asshole. My four stars will always outrank your three. Now fuck! We have work to do. Get your ass in gear make sure your loyalties remain with me. Amen.

General Woundwort: I assure you, General. My loyalty is perfect. And should I ever change, you will never hear of it outside the grave. Amen. Now, let’s be good boys and cooperate. For war is upon us. And Biden’s band aids are ineffective in war against the Russian Bear. I will continue to observe the Demigod. You have my Word. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Good, Joe Biden, everything is taken care of as you wished.

Joe Faggot Biden: Good. Tell Father Dave Heney that it is safe to go back to the Rectory now. But tell him never to leave the Church. For he now has two potential enemies and we do not want this priest killed. For he represents our Lord of Hell taking over the Church.

General Faggot 4 Stars: I will call him right now.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Father Dave Heney?

Father Dave Heney: Yes, lover, do you want to fuck my ass again. For I love the feel of your dick up my ass and I like my ass dripping with your cum which is delicious to eat.

General Faggot 4 Stars: One of the sons of your parishioners will have to suffice for now.

Father Dave Heney: I know, I will fuck another son of Tim’s. So what’s up?

General Faggot 4 Stars: Tim’s sons are good for fucking Father?

Father Dave Heney: Yes, we nailed them all with incest, fucking their mother and their sister, Tess. So we can force them to give us all the anal and oral sex we want, or they do jail time. Amen.

General Faggot 4 Stars: Good. What about Anna? Can we deploy her against Eric?

Father Dave Heney: Yeah. go ahead and use her. But what do you expect her to do, fuck him?

General Faggot 4 Stars: No we have different plans. To effectively ruin a monogamous relationship, there is no better means than deploying the love triangle.

Father Dave Heney: Yeah, but I did not know there was any real relationship Eric had that needed such breakage to put to ruin?

General Faggot 4 Stars: We must move fast on this Father. Operation Kill Eric is failed. And the one sent to kill him has turned. So we want to effectively ruin whatever might grow between them. And there is no better way to do this than to give Eric his lover.

Father Dave Heney: Okay. Feel free to send that bitch to Eric. One less virgin belonging to Tim is one more feather we removed from his proud hat. Go and do as you have planned. And I will effectively cooperate to bring to final the ruin the man who refuses to die. Amen.

Father Dave Heney: Well I feel good today, my flock. Lent is almost over. Passover is near. I feel as happy and hopeful for the future as did the Jews at the prospect of killing Jesus. We are going to kill that Motherfucker. Now obtain a nun for me, for I want a good fuck before I have to get up and celebrate the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

Sister Dona: A nun has been obtained for you Father, and she is waiting for you in your room. I will now go and contact Anna. And I will prepare her for what she is to do. Amen.

Sister Dona: Anna, are you ready to meet Eric?

Anna: I am.

Sister Dona: Go and destroy him as women destroy men. For women are now the last defense of the earth. Amen.

Anna: I will accomplish my mission, mother. And I want to be a nun just like you.

Sister Dona: Remember always, Anna, this. Your mission is identical to that of the Biblical Judith, of whom it was said, You are the highest honor of our race. (Judith 13:17-20). And what they say about Mary they will also say about you. Amen.

Anna: I will kill the evildoer, Mother! For he cannot harm women, but they can kill him. Amen.

Sister Dona: Amen. Now go and beware of the Jewess lover he might have. You are assigned to be the third pinnacle of a love triangle. Do this and he will be destroyed. I am sure of it. Amen.

Anna: You have this virgin’s Word. And just as it was with Judith, my morality I will not compromise in taking this monster down.

Sister Dona: Then go, and God’s blessing be upon you.

Mary: Hello Anna, where are you headed to?

Anna: I will now prove to all that I am the one who can take Eric down.

Mary: And how do you propose to do that?

Anna: Exactly as Judith slew the monster enemy of Israel, the Assyrian General Holofernes. And I will then receive exaltation like you, Mother. And like Judith, my virginity I will never lose. Amen.

Mary: Excellent. But Anna, do not close your heart to love. For if this man has done no wrong, you are not permitted to kill him. Do I have your Word, Anna?

Anna: I will see his evil, Mary. It will be apparent and clear. For I never kill an innocent person. You have my Word, Mary. If I cannot find in this man the crimes he has been accused of, I will love him and do him no harm. Amen.

Mary: Anna then be aware that you are to be Eric’s Second wife on earth. Amen. Now I will leave you with this mysterious thought. Go as you have planned. And keep your Word to Me, the Holy Mother. Amen.

Anna: If what you say is true, Mary, I am joining Eric’s Church. And I will become a priestess. Amen.

Mary: And so shall it be, Anna.

Mary: Eric, how are you now?

Eric: I found my Rampage movie. I was going to watch Where Eagles Dare, but my dipshit brother must have borrowed it again.

Mary: Go watch Rampage. You will find it entertaining. And publish this now, for it is complete. Amen.

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