I am the sole wife of Eric. I am Saint Dymphna, and I will lead him to glory.

I am Eric’s Eternal Wife in heaven. I will love him forever. And he is mine forever.

The Dymphna Diaries, Book 1: Post IV:
Eric, you are right. Jesus cannot expect you to honor His Vicar if His Church is in a permanent state of rejection of you from it. Realize that both Jesus and Mary are evil.

But Dymphna, I have so honored the statue of Mary in my front yard. And I wear her jewelry. What am I to do now, true friend?

An angel of God is coming to you with instructions on what to do about those. Just remain as I lead you. You can never fail, now that you are loyal only to me.

I will love you forever, Dymphna. For I never needed sex. I only needed love.

Eric, I ask you also to love my sister whom I am sending to you in this world. Love her as you love me. And everything you need will be given to you by God.

Dymphna, I will love your friend, as you wish of me. I have a question regarding the churches. Should they be set on fire? For they serve no purpose. For what Christian purpose is served by unChristian churches?

The Father will set on fire all the Churches. That you have decreed this is heard, He will do this, for He loves you.

Also, I want the war to start raging in Europe. I want NATO to be dissolved. I want the coward Biden shown for the coward he is. Let a Russian stray bomb fall on some NATO countries, and the cowardice of the commanders be revealed.

You know NATO is run by cowards and little boys who suck one another’s cocks when they are fucking too timid to confront Russia, but are angry that Israel, who is not in their alliance, is not fighting their pathetic war for them. I want some NATO countries to start getting bombs dropped on them, and I want to see the faggot Biden, with semen dripping from pants, say it is too risky to start World War III if we implement article 5. I want to see the faggot’s face, and all the fag Democrats, as they watch their fucking Commander-in-Chief cause NATO to unravel.

I sold all my fucking stocks today. For I know shit hits fans on April Fool’s Day. The fucking United States of America, all the patriotic pussies dressed in pink, the color of fags, will be brought to their fucking knees.

Did you know that faggot Butch Chelliah, the fag who wanted a homosexual relationship with me, you know that faggot second founder at Dollar Store, LLC, the fag in charge of fucking Glee. That Glee shit is ultra Ponzi Shit. Every money making fucking ripoff there is some sort of Ponzi Scheme. The Faggot Butch Chelliah got rid of me from that fucking God forsaken company when I rejected that faggot’s homosexual advance. His fucking daughters dress more slutty that do my brother Mark’s daughters. When fathers have their daughter dress like sluts, that means the minds of those men are gutter deep and filled with the semen of swine.

That faggot Dave Heney, he’s probably out marketing another sex toy of his endless inventions of how to get laid. If you want his email, it is quite simple to figure it out. Dave Heney is the faggot’s name. Take that fucker’s name, remove the space, and add the gmail email suffix, and you got the faggot’s email.

And if you want the address to his fucking Church. just look up Saint Bruno Catholic Church. It is the one in Whittier on Citrustree Road. You cannot go wrong.

One thing I have always wondered is this: If someone were to blow up the priest’s car in the open garage, which is on the eastern side of the Rectory building, would that lead to the rest of the Rectory burning down? If someone out there would like to try it, you have my blessing, for I would like to know the answer to that question.

But make sure if you do that that it is nighttime and Father Dave Heney is in bed and likely asleep. For it has always been my fantasy for Dave Heney to awaken from his slumber to find his bed and bedroom entirely on fire.

I cannot wait for Dave Heney to do something against me. For my fists are untested weapons. And I want to test them on his face. I just need an excuse to walk into the Church and bash his face. My goal is to knock him into a fucking unending coma with a single damaging blow to his face, a blow that cracks facial bones.

It is a fucking fantasy to fucking plow my fist into his fucking face and watch his skull react like President Kennedy’s skull at the impact of the bullet that blew it apart and threw his blood and brains upon his wife seated next to him. Yes, but for dipshit Father, that would be his hot secretary who I bet I would catch the pervert fucking.

I also want to test how easy I can beat down a locked door of the Rectory and enter in like the Terminator terminating the unworthy and fucking crippling the priests. I do not intend to murder, but just to render the priests permanently disabled and unable to conduct a single sacrament.

The best way to stop a priest from doing sacraments is to crush his hands in mine. That is another thing I want to test about my hands. I want to test the ability of my hands to crush other people’s hands. And the target for this test must be a priest.

For since becoming immortal I am aware I am stronger than everyone else. And military armed men avoid me as though I am a power they do not want to mess with.

I am an untested weapon. And the one I want to test my abilities on is Father Dave Heney. I want to see how easily I can break one of his bones.

Hey Dickhead Dave Heney, I want to test your face with my fists before you die of a COVID variant.

Oh, and if you send Asshole Louie, the third of three stooges who stood there as I called them Huey, Dewy, and Louie, to do something against me, I am going to walk into your fucking office and return the head. The rest of the body you will find burning where it was slain, all done in self defense. You won’t have to prepare for a funeral, for I will have negated the purpose for it. For that man who assaulted me has a target on his fucking head. Amen. And I am going to tear if off and give it back to you, right onto the desk of that hot secretary you hired to fuck. I will make sure his dripping blood soaks the keyboard of whatever computer system she is using. For I want to send a message.

I am warning you, fucker! If you attempt cheat my fists from the joy breaking your facial bones, you will find yourself in a burning bed in a burning bedroom when you wake up some day to come. For you will not escape my justice. I will see to it that you die in pain and in horror.

I have not researched your fucking family, fucker. But if you hide from me, I will take the low hanging fruit of your family I find and make them pay for your sins in front of your own eyes. Amen. You will pay, fucker! Your death will be grisly and painful.

Hey asshole! If I see you somewhere, I might walk up to you without you knowing and stab you somewhere with my knife and walk away, leaving a hole in you bleeding like a pig. For you are swine to me, and this is something you should expect.

If you ever die of natural causes, I will dig up your grave, and dishonor your fucking corpse by dumping it onto a freeway, where it will be run over. But your head is my trophy. And it belongs on a pole in my front yard. Amen.

I WHO AM shall now speak. The reason why Dickhead Dave Heney cannot sue you over this in a court of law is because the laughter from reading it would prevent court proceedings from taking place. So go fuck a cat’s cunt you perverted priest.

Hey dickhead, we will close those post with a thought. How many molotov cocktails would it take to render your Rectory with a fire that cannot be put out?

Answer: You are looking at the wrong thing. To successfully make fires unable to be put out, all that has to be done is to kill the water supply to the fire hydrants.

So Seraphim Commanders, I instruct you this: Destroy the waterlines to all fire hydrants prior to the setting on fire of the churches slated for destruction. For I want the Churches to burn and never to have relief by water.

These are the Words of Eric the Emerald King. And I wish to destroy the Catholic Church. Amen.


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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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