Mary Speaks of the Fate of Man

My husband will not die. Nor will he ever fail, though my Son Jesus has failed forever. Amen.

Chronicles of Mary, Second Wife to the Emerald King, Book 1: Post I:
I am Mary, Mother of the Catholic Church. It was not a mere matter of medications and bi-polar symptoms, which were mild and harmless before any observer, by which Father Dave Heney chose to cast Eric from the Church. Rather, it was a matter of tithing. For the Catholic Church has been obsessed with forcing its members to hand over their wealth since the execution of Ananias and his wife Sapphira by Pope Peter I. (Acts 5:1-11). For the male priests of the Catholic Church are greedy motherfuckers who do whatever they can to extract money from their members.

But they do not remember the law. Tithing was set up as a burden for the poor by the hierarchy of the Church. And Church Law was written forbidding royalty from being subject to the tithe.

And who was I, when I was still in the Church founded through me? Jesus, My Son, being called King of kings and Lord or lords, made me, by Jewish tradition, the Queen Mother. That makes me royalty. When Eric became officially my husband, he gained the title, without knowing it, of Prince Consort, making him also royalty.

Right after that announcement was made in heaven of my marriage to Eric, Eric decided to prepare, as usual, his tithe check. But God commanded him not to do so.

Eric obeyed. And shortly later, while Eric was dancing before my statue at a secluded part of the patio, Father Dave Heney told Eric to leave and not return unless he took his medicines. Of course a dancing Grizzly Bear could be seen as a danger. But casting him from the Church is overkill, which was in fact the solution used against the California Grizzlies.

Eric was really cast out because Father Dave Heney truly believed Eric had resolved to no longer pay the tithe. It had nothing to do with medicines, for Eric was obviously a threat to no one there.

But Eric had stopped paying the tithe not by his own resolution, but by obedience to God, for God upholds Church Law, which says royalty may never be subject to the tithe. And medications do not change a marital status.

As for the cessation of taking medication, that also was commanded of Eric by God. Eric is obedient to God. What God commands of him, he does, even to the point of being kicked out of his Church of Domicile. Every friend Eric had at Church he lost.

I am wife to Eric. I am his second wife. I share Eric with Saint Dymphna, a girl I chose to share him with, for she is extraordinary with the mentally ill. Saint Dymphna loved Eric by observing his sobbing for her upon reading her sad story. And it was decided that Saint Dymphna was be the best second wife to Eric to keep his mind clear and sound. For the wives of successful men must be carefully chosen to have the qualities that make them better and greater.

Jesus was rejected from heaven when Eric finally rebuked him for his lies. Eric said to Jesus Christ, If there is a Jesus Christ who is as I knew Him, He would expect me to call you a liar and cast you out of heaven. And thus, the Emerald King cast Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, from heaven to hell.

On that day, the Father ruled that Eric is King of kings forever on the earth. Amen.

Eric, correctly discerned that three wives, not four, are the limit God has made for men. Eric correctly called the Koran blasphemous and Muhammad a false prophet babbling the words of the devil, who always seeks the ruin of men. Satan had Muhammed say four is the limit, knowing that it was really three.

And you see the effects. Muslim men are sexual animals. That mosques have rules of where women may sit prove it. For only in places where animals worship God do the males mount the females who put themselves in a fuck possible position in front of them. Yes, the sight of a woman’s ass before a civilized and moral man will make him look elsewhere and keep his dignity. But Muslim men, being animals, will mount any female that lifts her ass in front of his eyes. For Muslim men are fuck driven. They must mount the woman, just as a stallion has to mount a mare that is in heat before him. His own mother will stallions mount. So also do Muslim men.

It is no mistake that the most commonly heard word coming from a Black African American man is the word, Motherfucker. A Black male human being will, like a stallion, mount and fuck his own mother. For what you say is what you do.

So let us make a poetic verse so that these lessons may be retained:

Niggers who like to fuck their mothers;
resemble Muslims as they fuck others;

A Negress Seeking the Supreme Court;
Is unaware of a deadly moat

Made by Eric, not against Blacks,
But against all Niggers who cannot see facts.

For a Negress who wishes to kill her fetus
Should never be seated where the Jews killed Jesus.

The place for murderers of the unborn
Is in deep, dark prisons, lost and forlorn.

And every man who wears a condom
Are like the fags who fucked in Sodom.

Officer Alvarez: Officers, what is the status of Eric?

Officers: Unemployed, unchurched, and drifting with the tide.

Officer Alvarez: About how long do you think Eric will last until he needs to be hospitalized again, now that he is off his meds?

Officers: Well, he is now spending and not making. We estimate in about a month, unless he sells his stocks at a high price. If he does that, then he will be broke in a matter of weeks afterwards. For we see this man as perennially unemployed.

Officer Alverez: But God is with this man. Say God gives him a break, can this man stay out of the hospital?

Officers: That would be a break from the norm.

God: Eric, you should not be concerned about your situation here.

Eric: Lord, I am moving towards a brick wall. What happens between now and impact by which I am not destroyed?

God: What happens to that time traveling Delorean when it reaches 90 MPH?

Eric: It magically vanishes to go somewhere else. But Lord, such are the fantasies of foolish men. For works of fiction are works of folly.

God: Yes fiction is folly when not grounded in faith. Are you faithful, boy?

Eric: Yes, Lord, I believe in You. I don’t know what happened to Jesus. But I am willing to do as you say to the death or to my destruction. Amen.

God: You have already passed that test with Me. I have new plans. Men think you are a defeated bear. I AM about to prove otherwise. Look at Putin. They think he is on his last legs, about to be defeated too.

Eric: Mary healed me, Lord. And she said I would not die.

God: Yes, you never die. And you are never destroyed. But every soul who witnesses you and wishes for your destruction, I will see to that soul’s utter demise.

God: Your Beloved wife in heaven petitioned me to have thugs overrun your brother David and destroy that god of his, the yellow Camaro he worships. What sayest thou before I sentence him and render my judgement against him?

Eric: I stand with my wife, Dymphna. Do as she has petitioned you. For her justice is good. And her vengeance is justified.

God: Then, consider this your first execution as Pope Eric the Eternal. For Pope Peter I also executed a man and his wife in the early Church, out of the commandment: Thou shalt not lie to God.

God: Also, as Pope, you have the authority to defrock whomsoever you wish. Who is to be defrocked first?

Eric: Defrock every priest, bishop, cardinal, and pope in favor of unlawful gay rights and those in favor of recognition of abominable practices in the Church.

Eric: Also, defrock every known heretic. And that should cover fucker Dave Heney.

Eric: Also, defrock every perennial failure of a priest, bishop, cardinal, and pope who fails to keep to his vow of celibacy.

God: Done! Now what Churches do you command to be destroyed?

Eric: Rather, God, I wish for this. Let the Rectory begin to burn in the dead of the night. And let Father Dave Heney be crucified above the Church doors that face north onto Citrustree Road.

God: Angels of My Armies, obey Eric and carry out his will. I AM WHO AM.

God: Now I shall judge you, Eric. For time has now ended. And you are now to be judged. Amen.

God: Who did you kiss in your life? And who has ever kissed you, Eric, Son of God?

Eric: In my ancient past, I kissed the girl, Victoria Abigail Martinez one time on the lips. I converted to Catholicism years later, and she cast me away because she did not want to become Catholic.

Eric: As for being kissed by a girl, my cousin Pauline kissed me three times on the cheek. And then some unnamed Hispanic girl on a boat I shook hands with put her hand up to my lips to indicate her wish I kiss it. And that is the full story, O’ Lord.

God: Then you are both unkissed and unfucked. That is good. You are ideal for the Holy Virgin Mary.

God: I see nothing sinful in you, Eric. And your past is fully paid for by a life of penance. We have nothing to impede your way into paradise. Amen.

God: You are going there in an hour.

God: I WHO AM do now conclude this post. Eric obeyed My command that he never fuck a woman. Now his obedience is seen as perfect. When he returns here, he will be your ruler, earthlings. You will obey him. And he will not be defied.

All Hail Eric, the Emerald King!
King of Earth, from Sea to Shining Sea. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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