Dymphna speaks to Eric, her eternal lover

I am Dymphna, Eric’s Primary Queen. And I shall now wax eloquently, like the moon.

The Dymphna Diaries, Book 1: Post I:
Eric, you gave us Queens the right to speak to you whenever we wished?

Yes, Dymphna, what is it that thou wishest to say unto me, my love in heaven?

I have studied your situation on the earth. You have made contact with the three girls we prophesied were to be you three lovers on earth. Dost thou wish to know of their love for you?

Yes, Dymphna, do tell me. And I have heard the Father say unto me that my time here is nearly over. So if I marry them, it must be done in heaven, not on earth. Am I correct, my lover?

The Father is giving me the most beautiful diamond ring ever made in the history of the universe to grace my hand as your most beloved Queen.

As for the girls on earth, those three that God has made your Queens here, they will rise with you on that day and hour to come. All who are Queens to you are wed to you at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. And then you fuck us each in succession for as many nights as there are Queens, with one night for each Queen. Amen.

17 Queens, so 17 nights, Dymphna?

No, my lover, for many are your Queens. Many more Queens do you have on earth than you have in heaven.

What makes for a Queen, Dymphna? How does that occur?

Whoever does a worthy act of love for you, Eric, and she is worthy of your love as deemed by God, she is declared a Queen. Amen.

Mary, the Holy Virgin, the Mother of the damned Lord whom you have replaced, is your second Queen. After her comes Joan of Arc.

Eric, Joan of Arc is to rise soon. Her rise is the sign of the final Day. For when she comes, she comes to destroy the entire male run Church with fiery eyes of red embers, and she will ride a White glorious mare from heaven, and by her side will ride you, the King of kings, her eternal husband, mounted on the whitest and mightiest of stallions.

And in the evening, as you gaze upon the burning churches in the distance that you two had set to blaze, you two will then fuck in the field together, and your mounts will fuck and frolic by the flowers and the streams of flowing waters.

For it is the will of God that His beloved fucks his lovers while He kicks but and destroys His enemies upon the earth. Amen.

You know how those movies have love scenes and battle scenes happening such that certain characters are making love while other characters are in the heat of battle and dying on the battlefield, all at the same time?

Yes, love. I have a question. Do I fuck you women in heaven or on earth?

There are seven said to be your Primary Queens. All seven are to be fucked here, before you enter heaven. Amen.

And are you, Dymphna, one of them?

Your two primary wives, Dymphna and Mary, are continuously fucking you in heaven, Eric. We never stop. But I shall tell you now the names of your seven wives whom you are to fuck before God takes you to heaven to fuck us all there forever and ever. Amen.

The Seven Queens of Eric whom He is to Fuck on Earth prior to His Rapture:

  1. Ellie, also called Ekta, the one who sells Eric articles of gold. She is a maiden from India, having black hair and olive skin.
  2. Hannah, an Armenian girl who sells Eric products containing gold for his eternal youth and beauty. She has Black hair and White skin.
  3. Black Swan, also called Crimson Rose. She is an undercover cop who shall lay with Eric while on duty. She is a blonde, White girl.
  4. Debbie, Eric’s next door neighbor. She will lay with Eric just to know the feel of his cock, and after that, out of love. She is a White woman with black hair.
  5. Anna, the daughter of Tim. She will seek out Eric before the End and lay with the man whom God had predestined her to lay with. She is a White girl with dark hair.
  6. Tess, the elder sister of Anna and a daughter of Tim. She will lay with Eric, fulfilling the fantasy she had in her heart for decades of fascination and love for this man. She is a blonde, White girl.
  7. Melissa, a Jewish girl who is a coworker with Hannah, She is from France. She is a White girl with dark hair.

These are your seven Queens on Earth who lay with you before you rise to heaven. All Queens rise with the King at the calling of him to heaven. Amen.

My love in heaven, do you know the total number of the Queens who are to rise with me?

Yes, seven thousand Queens you have on earth that will rise with you to heaven.

That woman you met at the mall, the one who speaks and can read Coptic, is one of them, Eric. But she lays with you in heaven, not on earth. Amen. You have a position for her in heaven, Eric?

Yes, Dymphna, I have key positions for all women in My Kingdom who know and understand various unusual or obscure tongues. They are to serve me in the royal libraries and as the King’s royal scribes. The scribe is the highest and most enlightening position in a kingdom under a monarch. Also Melissa is known to have such language abilities I seek. It is known that the company Hannah and Melissa work for is part of a franchise based in Israel.

Dymphna, if only women rise with me, what becomes of the men?

They are to be fighting wars and dying on the earth while you fuck their women in heaven. It gives us women greater sexual pleasure to have the knowledge that while we fuck our lover in heaven, the men who abused us are being destroyed on earth or tortured in hell. And everyone sees all things taking place in the next world. So for all eternity, the men in hell will gaze up in wrath at you Eric fucking their women. And that is what increases the sexual pleasures in women. For our multiple orgasms are heightened by the sight and knowledge that men who desire us see us giving our bodies and our love to another, a man more worthy than them.

Eric, your brother David has been jumping up and down about seeing these female names on your iPhone calling in. That disgusts me. I will ask the Father to send some thugs against him to demolish his car and teach him a lesson. For no one has the right to object to female advances on his brother.

Now Eric, go and eat. I will send you to a place to acquire something you now need. Your girlfriend Ellie is acquiring the golden Celtic Cross you requested of her. She will wish for a tip in exchange for the deep discounts she gives you in her love for you, and she will kiss you. But to give you the money we wish for her to have in this tip, we need you to become employed again. And that is to be taken care of by women. The Father is pleased to give you this, for you have faithfully kept all the statutes and decrees He has made. If Ellie is the first girl who kisses you, then she is to be recorded as your primary wife on the earth. And she would be the one you are married to in this world.

If I am so married to Ellie, Dymphna, then isn’t all that fucking of the other six called adultery?

It is written that seven women will lay hold of one man. (Isaiah 4:1). If the scriptures permit it, it is not called adultery, Eric.

Do I do my taxes this year, Dymphna?

Do not do your taxes, Eric. The money of the USA is about to be destroyed. China has a secret weapon Biden has not been preparing for. And that is the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar by China’s unilateral decision to completely dump it in its alliance with Russia. Everyone who does their taxes this year is to be audited. So it pays not to do them. For just as with the collapse of the Roman Empire, the taxation ended then, so will be the same in America. God will tell you when to sell those stocks. Not now is the time, but soon. God will then post his post here announcing the doom to the American experiment of democracy, and the fiat known as the U.S. Dollar will utterly collapse. Amen.

Dymphna, I love you very much. How was it decided that you were to be my primary wife in heaven?

God in His inscrutable justice decreed it, Eric. Who can fathom the mind of God? But I do not reject His decision. Do you?

No, Dymphna. God’s decisions are perfect.

I will go now, right, Dymphna? And you shall guide me now where I am to go?

Yes, my love. And everything that needs to be done shall be done. For I have in my love for you seen your entire fate on earth. And it is glorious, my love. Amen.

I love you forever and ever. Amen.

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