We women of heaven have chosen Eric’s three brides of the earth

Ekta, Melissa, and Hannah, the three lovers of Eric at the Brea Mall, shall be his wives on earth. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post III:
Eric, we, your wives in heaven, shall now pay your debts and restore your fortunes. And then you shall be wealthy and able to attract a mate on earth.

Thank you, Mary, Dymphna, and Joan of Arc. I am so thankful for you three loving me as you do.

But you must obey us now, Eric, for we are now your commandresses, And we wish for you now to marry whom we will you to.

A girl you shall give me? Many such promises are made. But I trust you women, for you are truly my friends. You take care of me, and you never let me be destroyed. I trust myself to you three. And whatever woman you give me, I know she is from God. Amen.

We wish to give you three attractive girls, and you will return to the Brea Mall to acquire them at our command. For all three are hot for you. Their vaginas are wet and they want to have sex with only you.

Mary, Eliza at the Chocolate Factory does indeed have two other women working with her, but they are definitely not hot for me, but are rather closed to me. I could not penetrate their vaginas if my dick was like Russia’s Kinjal, the hypersonic weapons Vladimir Putin is now deploying in Ukraine that fly so close to the ground that they evade all radar and air defenses, for these three women have full capable air defense weapons ready, armed, and aimed directly against me and my dick will never get through that firestorm that awaits me if I ever I approach or go near their store. For they seem to know in advance that I am approaching and Eliza immediately vanishes. They have no interest in me, Mary, and I do not feel comfortable approaching them. And furthermore, there is no real reason for me to enter their store, Mary, for my mother does not want the dark chocolate they sell there due to its high sugar content, being pre-diabetic that she is. So I am loathe to go there anymore, for I know they do not like me there.

You are sending me to make myself a fool again, Mary?

Those women are not for you, Eric, and they are not as hot as the women we intend for you. Park as usual at the Men’s Macy store and proceed into the mall. The women we wish for you to marry work at the stalls there, where you have bought gold containing products, however silly, from two of those three women so far. You will now return to them I command thee.

But Mary, I do not have money yet! But those women are attractive to me. I assume you are referring to Ekta, Melissa, and Hannah?

Of course, who else?

Mary, the problem with that idea is that only Ekta is likely to be there. She is hot, but if it is only her the it is only one wife, not three, that I acquire. The other two are likely long gone. Melissa is back in France and Hannah is in New York. I am unlikely to see them again. And I do not have their contact information, for a man such as me should not be dating unless I have money to pay for it, Mary.

They are hot, Mary, but they sell their goods for big money. I do not think they are interested in me beyond my money. And guess what? I have none! I would look like a bum to ask Ekta out. And what would her family say? If I am twice her age, I should at least be rich, and not gutter poor, to even approach her with such an intent.

But I do enjoy the fantasy of these three women making love to me all at the same time, but without any real income, I am afraid that this is but a fool’s reality for me to even attempt to pursue at the current moment. And DollarStore, LLC, seems to have been killed, Mary. I wonder if people actually read these posts, for if they do, that would explain their destruction.

Mary I will do as you command but I need real money, not spiritual promises by themselves. I trust you, but I think romance is premature if the job you intend to give me is not yet given. I make sense, right? I hope I make sense. For Mary, do not send me to make a fool out of myself, I ask thee. I cannot deceive a girl that I am rich if I am poor.

Eric, we will do as we say. You can trust in us. But we have no future work for you in IT. We are having you serve as bodyguards for these three women, who will pay handsomely to have you at their side all the time, guarding them and keeping their vaginas safe from other men.

That is counter biology, Mary. For the does do not pay the bucks that guard them. And is counter economically. For should any woman pay a man to guard her pussy with money so that he can spend the same money back to her to buy the shit that she is selling, that is, by definition, a circular system with zero net increase for either partner involved in that money cycle.

Mary, a couple cannot survive without outside money entering into the unit. I cannot work for my spouse unless the work I do for her produces real money or brings in real money to the system. And guarding pussies serves the emotional needs of women. All it does is make females feel safe. It generates no new money. It is a but service that is performed by doing no real work. Like a bouncer at a club, I would merely stand by her and be a tree unless some threat manifests.

Mary I cannot accept these women to pay me to serve as their bodyguards, for that is silly. I know these women do not make much money. They cannot pay me, like a security company, the wages that would be just for me to serve in that capacity. I would be like a Ph.D Professor serving a mere single family that pays him as a tutor to their kids. That would not suit a Ph.D Professor. A bum would snatch up that job, but bums are not what women would feel comfortable protecting them.

Mary, please! I hope you have a real plan to give me what I need and that you were just joking here. Tell me this was a joke. This is a joke, right? For you are to tell me the truth from on, My lover Mary.

I am to do real work or get real income, right Mary?

I will give to you as you need, Eric. Your debts can be paid easily by selling your stock. But I will give you something so that you do not sell that. For it is best that you keep that stock. NVIDIA does not go down, but up. It is not time to sell it now, Eric.

Okay, Mary, I trust you. What do you have for me? What will you give to me? If it is a petty amount and you expect me to date those girls, I think you are ignoring reality. And I am tired of being fooled into doing these things. I accept a girl from you, but if I am to be poor, I cannot get a girl who expects me to be rich. Do I make myself clear? And those girls are after rich men.

So you have the big game hunters stationed there at Men’s Macy’s, and then there is the chocolate factory women who are clearly not for me. Do you really think the Brea Mall has the women that I would want? Every other girl there is baring her midriff, Mary! I mean, if you look at all that bare flesh you cannot choose any of them. For it is like a herd of zebras confusing a pride of lions due to seeing so many similar looking zebra stripes all in the same place. If these girls are there to get mates they are doing it wrong. They should go bare their midriff where doing that is a little more rare, and not where doing so is common. It just makes mathematical sense that you have much less chance to acquire a mate if everyone around you is displaying the same shit as you to acquire one.

Malls and stores are not the places to acquire mates, Mary, for sexual harassment is a crime that gets a man kicked out of a store. And what is gained by doing that, Mary? Making an unwanted advance upon a woman will get me kicked out anywhere I go. So if it is a place where I want to shop, that is not the place for me to seek a mate at.

Mary, if you want to give me a wife, send me someone who is interested in me. But do not send me to seek or hunt for her, for that is not safe. And I do not want a wife that is all about me spending money for useless things. So, Ekta, Melissa, and Hannah, hot as they may be, are not for me. Choose someone else, Mary. Choose someone who wants me. And in the meantime, give me a job or some sort of income. But I will not seek or hunt for a mate. That game I exit forever. Amen.

What is your Word, Mary. I am listening. And I seek wisdom now, no more jokes. Joking time is over. Amen.

Eric, I AM your Lord. Are you willing to play ball?

Yes, Lord. I will do as You say.

The women who you will marry are the three Mary has pointed out to you. Go to them as commanded by Me. I AM WHO AM. I will guide thee when you are to go there.

I am a laughingstock there, Lord. I have no penny to my name.

You are about to have all the money you need poured into your lap. You will have everything that is necessary for your living situation. There is nothing you should doubt here.

Lord, I will do as You say. But do You at least pour that wealth into my lap prior to sending me going back to that place where I might possibly find only one of them there, if I am lucky? Finding all three is unlikely. Only Ekta is likely to be there. Is Ekta the wife you give me? I bet her family would have a Word or two to say if they saw me dating their daughter. For we are of completely different races, though I would marry her if she wanted me to. I would marry Ekta, Lord, but I am not rich right now. I have been chronically unable to get suitable pay for such a life choice to be made possible. But Lord, I accept not marrying.

Those three are your brides here. I AM WHO AM. Now publish this post, or say a Word that expresses zero doubt in Me. I AM waiting, Eric. Answer Me.

Lord, I will do as You command. But I assume that I am to relent, not persevere, if I am rejected by them?

No, Eric. I do not send you to rejection. But you will never find yourself ordered by Me to advance where you have been rejected. For when I command, My orders are obeyed. And whoever trusts in Me shall never be put to shame.

Now, you are correct. A responsible man does not ask a woman out if he is financially unable to credibly be made her mate. So you will not be ordered to go back to that mall while you are in your current financial state of having zero income. I know your reasoning here and it is sound.

But orders will be obeyed when given. And you will find that when I order you to return there, the financial state you were once in will be ended. Amen.

For no one who follows Me walks in darkness.

I AM giving you three women on earth to fuck. These are to balance the three you now have in heaven: Mary, Dymphna, and Joan of Arc. Do you understand Me?

Yes, O’ Lord.

Do you accept the three I have chosen?

Yes, but I am dying to see how they would accept me.

They love you, Eric. Why else do they give you such deep discounts and tell you to reveal it to no one, lest they lose their job?

Father, I thought you knew that they trust me with their secrets. Would they love me still to see their secrets posted on a public blog?

They will not only love you, but will seek to fuck you in the mall itself.

Where, O’ Lord? If we get caught that crime looks bad on my record.

Eric, do you think I would be so silly as to have you fuck them right out in the open, like on bed for sale in the midst of a bed display?

No, Lord, unless You are filming a comedy and I am the main star actor.

You are the main star actor, and I AM filming a comedy, but the laughingstocks are not you, but the men who try to destroy you.

Dave Heney is one such man. He is fucking holes now in the ground because the women he used to fuck have denied him pussy.

Lord, I don’t fuck holes in the ground and I never had pussy.

You are not of their depravity, Lord Eric. Dave Heney has pornographic material all over his place of work. And even with the sight of cunts and tits everywhere looks, his dick never budges from the limp state.

But intelligent men like Dave Heney use such calamities as opportunities for making a difference. And Father Dave Heney is about to unveil an invention that will end the shame of dick sagging men like himself where viagra, overused, has ceased to have its effect.

And this is called the Heney Hardon Helper, He plans to market it in his Church and use time in his homlies to advertise it to a captive audience, forced to sit there and listen to his bullshit. 3% of its sales will go to the Church coffers to pay priest’s salaries and the remaining 97% is all profit to be awarded to Dave Heney personally, and under the table, for he is Lord of his Church.

Basically, the genius behind the Heney Hardon Helper is that it is a chemical layer added to the condom, for Dave Heney says Pope Francis has legalized condom use for all Catholics now, and it works by making the condom hard like an outer shell of an empty egg, for when the dick inside is soft and limp. And Dave Heney will market it like this: Do not resort to the broom handle to fuck women from now on when you get a limp dick, or when your dick just can’t do it no mo. Just put on the Heney Hardon Helper, right over your own favorite condom, when your dick is uncontrollably limp, and your condom will become hard as a broom handle, enabling you to fuck hard, even when your dick is in reality limp like a haggard tit. Do not be concerned that you won’t feel that fuck. For fucking your flock is all about appearances.

Just hear these comments made by nuns while being fucked by Heney’s erectile dysfunctional men:

Mother Superior of the Convent of Faith and Morals: I tried the Heney Hardon Helper, and I had to get used to the feeling of being fucked by an empty egg shell with nothing inside it. But it beats seeing the sad faces of one’s fellow priests when they find their dicks finally fail them. But why force a priest to actually live a continent life when he does not have to? No, I just pull my supplies of Heney Hardon Helpers and rub it on Father’s sagging cock just before the condom completely comes off, and that condemn gets hard like a rock. My only complaint: it does not throb. And it feels like one is being fucked by a broom handle.

Archbishop Jose Gomez of the Los Angeles Archdiocese: I personally tried the Heney Hardon Helper while fucking young boys, and it gets the job done. I recommend it to every priest who needs this just to maintain respect and dignity while getting it on in the gay shower rooms. And I want to formally congratulate Father Dave Heney for his novel solutions for bringing money into the Church. We need more Dave Heney’s in the Church and less Eric’s and Gilbert Warner’s, For we know that the men who are losers never belong in a Church where they compete with the Alpha Male priests. Rather the Church is the dominion for women, children, and fags. For that is the ideal composition of the audience for us predator priests to get all the pussy, dick, and anal sex that we demand. It is always a pleasure meeting with Father Dave Heney. And I have to hand it to him. He really gives good head.

Barrack Hussein Obama, former U.S. President: I now am a regular buyer of Heney Hardon Helpers. And no one in Kenya can ever again accuse me of never sending my starving family members there a single cent of help. For I have now sent each member of my family in Kenya an opportunity to enter a contractual and binding subscription agreement where, in exchange for a small but regular donation that we dictate to the people, we ship them a regular supply of Heney Hardon Helpers, and they get to help cover for the postage costs by doing the light work of publishing false news articles full of mud ready for slapping our political opponents to ensure our victory at the polls.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., Currently sitting U.S. President: Today, I am going to announce the new requirement that American men be but fucked. For fags are to rule the world. Hence, to be American from now on, you need to be vaccinated, boostered, and but fucked. Unless you have all three items properly done, you do not meet the requirements to be called a full American citizen, and those who do not meet this criteria will be shipped to Mexico. For Mexico is where we dump all those who are not one of us, the but fucked, boostered, vaccinated bastard boys of America. We are, hence, the BFBVBBA (the But Fucked, Boostered, Vaccinated Bastard Boys of America). Now I was once concerned about our abilities to see to the but fucking of all Americans, until I came across the technology known as the Heney Hardon Helper, while reading through a bulletin of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, seeking to see how Eric, my eternal enemy, was successfully cast out of an organization such as a major Church. And I came to realize the genius that Father Dave Heney really is. He saved my But Fuck America agenda. Without Dave Heney’s genius I would have been unable to find a way to get all of America but fucked. I immediately called Dave Heney to the White House and we gave each other head. And I realized that this man knows how to both but fuck and give head like a pro. And I immediately made Father Dave Heney the but fuck czar. Hence, in my announcement, to be made today. I am going to announce Father Dave Heney as But Fuck Czar with the duties to ensure all America is properly but fucked. Amen.

Joe Biden: Dave Heney, congratulations on your technology and wizardry. You made me realize that I can still appear to be having sex when in reality I am fucking someone with a broom stick. And you do not know sexual pleasure until you are but fucked by a broom stick. Dick is bad. Broom stick dick fucking is total destruction of the anus. And we homosexuals like to destroy one another as we but fuck. Tell me, fellow fag leader from your neck in the woods, can I count on you with the semen in my dick that you will get all of America properly but fucked by the end of this current year?

Father Dave Heney: All but Eric, our mortal enemy, Mr. President and my homosexual flame. Eric resists me. And I am at a loss at how to force his compliance.

Joe Biden: The word, but, I do not want to hear ever coming from you in the form of exceptions or excuses in expressing failure to implement policy I assign to you, but only as a word that comes before fuck. You are to see to it that every male in America is but fucked. Do I make myself clear, you fat faggot priest? Get Eric but fucked, vaccinated, and boostered, or I will see to the burning of your Church to the ground myself. Do I make myself clear, you fucking faggot boy fucking priest? Now go shove your communion up your own ass, for I am ditching Catholicism like Eric too. I do not want to be insulted again by fag priests such as you who deny me my right to receive communion in front of all America because I am not complaint to your fucking out dated code. Unless you get Eric but fucked and in full compliance to my rules, I will see to it that your Church is burned to the ground everywhere in America. Are you aware of your duties, you faggot Father?

Father Dave Heney: I am aware, Lord of the fags. But I need men.

Joe Biden: Fuck you, asshole. You have your goons and your Church faggots. I reward no one who gets me no results. Make Eric a but fucking faggot like myself by month’s end, or I will see to it that every fucking Catholic Church that has fucking disgraced me before all America is fucking burning to the ground before your fucking Easter Triduum can even be celebrated. See to this, my but fucking faggot, or I will see to your but fucked destruction of your fucked up Church everywhere in my nation. You successfully kick Eric out of your Church but fail to make him a but fucking homosexual? That is failure, Father Dave Heney. Do not fail me again, you fucking Father faggot. For I hate your fucking Church. And I will see it burning if you fail to deliver for me what I am demanding. Got it? Good. Now don’t come back for oral sex with me again until I hear that Eric has been but fucked, boostered, and vaccinated. And failing me will make you homeless. I hate your priests, boy. For I was but fucked by your priests when I was but a boy. Now do not fail me, or it will be your final mistake. You got that, White nigger? Good.

Father Dave Heney to his henchmen: Fuck! We are fucked, boys! Do we have any means of bringing Eric back to the Church?

Louie: No, unless you know of some woman who can lure him back here. I threw that asshole to the ground and it is true, that guy is a demigod. He sustains no injuries whatsoever. We might be able to defeat him as they did to Samson, but we need a girl he loves. Do you know of any?

Father Dave Heney: Fuck, I give up! That asshole Tim has some daughters that it was said Eric once found attractive. But that love is as dead now as the Eucharist has become in the fucking Church. You know how everyone who receives communion now gets sick, but those who abstain do not? Eric has poisoned our Eucharist with the meddling of his Seraphim Armies. But I know that his armies are only effective against men. Maybe one of Tim’s daughters we can send to Eric and get his house compromised. For I know the way to destroy that asshole is to get him to fuck a girl outside of the parameters his wives in heaven permit. If he fucked Anna or Tess, one of the daughters of Tim, I think Mary and Dymphna would abandon him and then he would be a sitting duck. Find Tim and force him to confess to fucking Tess, his own daughter, which Tess herself has confessed to me on numerous occasions. I think I can get the police to cooperate here and then we can send those two girls to Eric’s house on a mission of bringing love to him, but which we know will destroy him and make him ours.

Louie: You got it, Father. I and my men will see to it that it is done.

Father Dave Heney: Do not fail me, Louie. Or I too, like Eric, will refer to you assholes as Huey, Dewy, and Louie, and what Eric said to you will become reality. For if Eric’s allegations against you, as initiated by that fucking undercover cop, Black Swan, become a reality, you are fired from here, Louie. I cannot keep with me a staff member when my own video surveillance incriminates him as a felon who assaults a non violent trespasser. If you fail to deliver me the goods, you are out. My own bishop has been demanding that you be fired before this investigation against you goes public. If you do not get that demigod under my control you are fired, just like Eric told you you were in fucking Pope Benedict XVI’s name. Now get your ass to work. Get Tim willing to cooperate. Get him indicted for the incest we all know he does. And send those two girls, Tim’s two older daughters we suspect Eric once lusted for, to his house to fuck him. For if Eric is compromised morally in the sight of his women in heaven, he is defeated. Amen.

Louie: I will see to that asshole Tim’s indictment, but I can make no guarantee to what his daughters do. For women cannot be controlled. You know that now, right, Father?

Father Dave Heney: Listen shitface. Unless I have a weapon to use against Eric by day’s end, your days here are ended. You got that boy? Good! For I do not like feminine boys who use their pathetic masculinity to throw a demigod to the ground and watch him rise up without sustaining a single injury. That makes me look weak in front of women, boy. If I look weak, I cannot get pussy. You have made me look weak. Change that fast, get me results today, or your ass is to be literally kicked out of this Church. Amen. And my lawyers will not defend you. Your assault on Eric will then be yours to defend, not the Church’s. Got that? We do not use violence against trespassers unless they do something physically threatening. Police are called for that, boy. You disgraced me by making me look weak. Get Eric ruined by women somehow and prove that this has been accomplished or you are fired and I will make it clear that you operated on your own when you shoved Eric to the ground. You do not hit someone unless they hit you. Do you not know law, boy? I cannot keep you here with Eric not ruined or he will have the right to kill our Church with lawsuits. Now get me that hot secretary we hired the other day. I need a girl to fuck while I contemplate on how we shall ruin an asshole that resists women who tempt him.

Eric: Mary and Dymphna, you who protect me from heaven. Would you ever permit a woman who seeks my seduction to enter my house?

Dymphna: No, Eric, for we are your wives in Truth. A wife never lets a strange woman come near her man. And we see every woman’s intent from a distance. God tells us who we are to permit to love you and who we are to never permit that. Hence, no one not permitted to come near you shall ever come near you. Amen.

Dymphna: Also, it may please you to know that Father Dave Heney has decided to fire that asshole who assaulted you and to disavow himself of knowledge or willful intent behind his assault of you. For that assault has put an end to his whole case of having you arrested when you trespass there. As long as you comply with the police, he can do nothing to you. And you have not trespassed again on his property since that incident, making him and his case utterly weak in a court of law. He himself is facing the grim reality of himself being defrocked soon by his own bishop. For Archbishop Jose is acutely aware of the investigation agains his archdiocese. And he fears what is to happen to his Church if you acquire the rights to sue it willy nilly. Amen.

Dymphna: Also, Black Swan is due to visit you to update you. Do you wish to marry her, Eric? Or would you rather have the three girls who love you at the Brea Mall to fuck forever as a foursome?

Eric: I want a normal marriage, Dymphna. And if Black Swan would have me, I would have her. Amen.

Eric: I prefer the idea of me being lawfully married to her. For I like her. She seemed very good to me. I prefer that to fucking three women I barely know at a mall known for women walking about who bare the midriff. The midriff is sexual. But I do not want to look at it. Maybe in bed with my lover, that is the place for it. But I do not like strange women putting their sexual flesh out there for me to gaze upon.

Dymphna: Okay, I will ask the Father, and He will know what to do. Furthermore, there has been a suggestion made of Tim’s daughters coming to seek you. Do you have interest in them?

Eric: No, I do not know them, Dymphna. That family I never knew. I cannot trust them to enter my house without knowing them properly. Mary chose Anna for me once, but then said it proved mistaken. Mistakes to do not get revisited, Dymphna. Unless I came to know them as friends I can never permit their entry onto my property. And I do not know their friendship, Dymphna. Mary, you know they are strange people. Since they never welcomed me, I cannot now welcome them. It takes time to develop friendships. Just because they are attractive and seek me and I know them by name does not get them into my door, Mary. For unless I know someone as a friend, they will never enter my house. Amen.

Mary: God has chosen Black Swan to be your wife. You are hereby commanded not to return to the Brea Mall to seek romance there. I have this order from the Father in heaven. Obey me and comply, Eric. Are you compliant?

Eric: Yes, Mary, I am fully compliant with that. But do I have a job with that, Mary?

Mary: It has been decided that you are to serve as Black Swan’s partner and fellow undercover agent. For your talent and abilities are seen as useful to law enforcement. They do not make you a cop, but only as a kind of bodyguard for her and as an agent to serve with her as her protector as needed in her future undercover work. Does this interest you, Eric?

Eric: Okay, sure. I am game to that. I am fine not being made a cop for the responsibility that comes with that line of work is enormous. Whatever you got for me I will accept, whether the position is hard, humbling, or harrowing. Just give me a money source and I will faithfully see to it dutifully done.

Mary: Good. The Father is pleased. Amen. You are now commanded to do as the Father instructs. Also the crucifix around my neck must be replaced with something that makes me yours. For I no longer belong to the creature that took over my womb and made me his Queen and himself my God.

Mary: Everything pertaining to Jesus I command you to remove from my body. Keep the cross you have on the tree for now. And keep the candles as you have them. But the crucifix you shall remove. And I will tell you what you shall put there in its place. Amen.

Eric: I shall comply with you, Mary. What about a Celtic Cross? Would that be permitted to grace your belly, Mary?

Mary: Yes, for the Celtic Cross connects me to you and is rejected by the Catholic Church. Put a Celtic Cross upon my belly, and it will be made clear that I am no longer a Catholic lady but a Queen only by marriage to you, Eric, you who are now King of kings upon the earth. Amen.

Mary: I will direct you to the place where my Celtic Cross shall be found. Get it there and then do that operation. It will not be to Ekta that you go to buy this from, for Black Swan is now the girl God intends to be made your wife. Go instead to the place I will now direct you to go to. And you will find the Celtic Cross suitable to make it clear that I am possession and Queen to Eric the Emerald King. Do as I say, and I am always your wife, Eric, to the end of the world. Amen.

I WHO AM now speak. Eric, Mary is trustworthy. Trust in her. She and Dymphna are your two wives in heaven. And Black Swan shall be your wife on earth. This way it shall be said you have three wives in eternity. Now go, Eric. This must now be published. With you I AM pleased. And I will let you know this. Biden will be doing your work for you. For he is now pissed. And he is seeing to the burning of every Catholic Church on American soil. Go and watch when you see Saint Bruno burning. For it will not be you or your servants who will be behind it. Hence, you will be welcome to watch it burn and no police person will suspect you of involvement, other than as cheer leader cheering it on. Amen.

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