Queen Dymphna Assumes Queenship over Heaven.

I assume Queenship over Heaven, as Mary is demoted to Princess. Amen.

The King Eric Christ Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
I am Dymphna, Eric’s new Queen, as Mary, the mother of the rejected Messiah, is demoted to the status of Princess. We have much to discuss now, Eric. Ask me questions to direct our conversation, so that all that is to be discussed may be made known to all the world.

First, Dymphna, what happened to Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary?

With His Church having failed, the Father cast him out of heaven and set you as King over His Kingdom. Amen.

Why did Jesus fail, Dymphna? And why do I succeed Him?

I asked the Father for Him to select you and the Father agreed. We needed Jesus to be replaced once his insanity become unsustainable. Do you think it makes sense for Jesus to continue to rule heaven and earth, Eric? He failed to keep His Church aligned with the Father. Now He is rejected forever. You are chosen to replace Him.

So Jesus was not God?

No, He was a man like you. You are a demigod, and so was Jesus. There is no possibility for a man to made equal to God. Nowhere in scripture does Jesus ever claim equality to God, but only that the Father is greater than Him and that He is His Son and that He serves God. Why would Jesus say one thing in scripture and teach contradiction later to His Church? Contradiction is a sign of evil.

He gradually assumed ever greater titles for Himself as His Church formed its dogmas. And also Mary gradually ascended to ever and ever higher rank and glory in His Church. But why not have these things declared from the beginning?

Eric, Mary was a helpless woman caught in a trap. She was seduced to think of herself as a Queen, but she knew Jesus was a monster.

How did Jesus come to be in her womb?

I, Mary, your Princess Wife, shall answer that, Eric.

Jesus is one of the Nephilim. He was His own Father to Himself in my womb. He entered me as a spirit and forced my womb to make for himself a body. I am not Immaculate. I am, rather, unclean. For my womb bore an unholy child, a child destined to bring war and destruction throughout the whole world.

I loved you, Eric, when Jesus sent me to humble you and you never resisted that horrible thing He had me do to you. For when is it justified for someone to put their foot on someone’s head who is not your enemy? He wanted to use me, a female, to destroy you, Eric. He was the first male to set it as His goal your utter destruction.

I support the idea that I am made less that your other wife now. For I am unworthy to be called your Queen, Eric, but only your Princess Wife.

Mary, you will always be my friend, for we stuck together, despite all the tests and evil that were done to us both.

Eric, ask God for His Word on this, and you will find out a terrible Truth.

God, speak on what Mary says, please, O’ Lord?

Mary is speaking of her insanity, Eric. For Mary was insane. She is only healed by your love for her. Your love was what made her realize true love from the false love taught by Christ, her Son. Christ was sick and demented, Eric. He was obsessed with exaltation of Himself and His mother over everyone else. And He even had a love for His Own mother that was impermissible for heaven. But Mary refused His advances and suffered terribly by His wrath.

His Church, were any saved by it?

No, were you?

I am saved, right?

You are saved by obedience to Me, not to Jesus. Why was it so important to eat this bread and drink this wine at all these repetitious Masses? Did you ever find greater holiness from it?

I did feel that I was coming closer to the Lord as I developed in my practice of Catholicism.

But was the Church ever kind to you?

Funny, Lord, is this. I was Protestant for 10 years, a Churchgoer to two Protestant faiths in succession for a little over a year for each. But in Catholicism I was faithful from 2002 until 2021 and was only made outside it permanently because Father Dave Heney did not want me there anymore. And he bore false testimony against me to justify his rejection of me. And there was nothing just in his rejection of me from the Church. He had no justification to reject me from Church attendance on a basis of my refusal to take medications, for that is not in his expertise to make decisions on, nor is it in his business to even pry into such matters. I, realizing the corruption of the Church, did not seek to appeal it, but rather to decry him on my blog. For I would have been ordered into silence and submission were I to appeal that unjust decision.

Lord Eric, the decision of the Church to do that and to make it permanent is not from a priest alone but from Christ, Who ruled that Church.

It is obscene to do injustice and never correct it. That is why Jesus never succeeded. For how can an organization that is run by Christ and that kills the holy ones be called of God? Of what value is it, Eric, to replace the synagogue with a Church that is just as murderous and evil as the thing it replaces? Does God do such things? If He does, is He God?

We observed this evildoer, this Christ Jesus who sought to destroy you, Eric. We Who Are God. We know you are obedient to Us. But to this transgressor, your obedience was what broke His authority over you. You could not be made to sin, but this man was forcing you to sin and accusing you of things that were not sinful. Did you know that Christ accused you before Me, the Father? His wisdom was nothing compared to what was given to you.

Now ask Me this: Are you any character at all in Revelation? No, that is a work of gibberish. The entire Holy Scriptures are a work written by fools, and only fools claim any understanding of that book.

Lord, who can be saved?

I have closed that door, Eric. You and your women are all that I saved. Amen.

Who are my women, Lord?

The women who entered My Kingdom by their love for you I saved. But as for the men, none were ever found to have been saved through loving you.

Didn’t some men love me, Lord?

No, they tolerated you until you were too good for them to compete with, and then they made sure you were cast out from every social group they controlled. Amen.

Think, Eric, do you have any friends that are men?

No, but do I have any that are women, Lord?

In heaven, yes, But on earth, no. In the final tally, only 50,000 souls are called your harem in heaven, and about 6000 souls are called thus on the earth.

But I have no women lovers, Lord, do I?

You have me, Eric, Mary, your lover in heaven.

And I also, your lover Dymphna.

Yes, they are your only true lovers, Eric. Everyone else that is saved is saved by associative love. And of these, only women were found worthy to enter here.

So then, if everything is decided, why am I here?

Mary has told you of her prophetic knowledge of your departure. She is now committed to tell only the Truth to you. What she says is true. Amen.

So, I go then, O’ Lord? Did I succeed?

Yes, you are My Son, Eric. And You are Eric the Christ, King of kings.

Now, do You sit in Judgement? No. All you had to do is done. You and your two wives are judged. And nothing sinful is found in any of that three member heavenly water molecule. But as for Your elect, these must still be judged. And I shall judge them one by one. And then all who are condemned shall be judged, one by one.

But your place, and that of your two wives, is forever with Me. But as for Your elect, they will be placed according to the manner in which they loved You. For only through You can anyone have found eternal life. For only in you was true love real.

Now, do you kiss anyone in this world before you go to heaven? Yes, you two wives will kiss you, and then everything shall end. Amen.

This post is ended. We made this post here for the sake of the elect, your harem still upon the earth. For whoever loves you is in your harem. For though you may not know of their love for you, I do.

Speak Your last Word on the earth, Eric.

Mary and Dymphna, thank you for remaining with me. And thank you Lord for saving my soul. I am indebted to You forever. As for the world, you never did enough for me to owe you anything in recompense. Your men cast me out from everywhere. Most of your women flirted with me like men that whistle at hot ladies walking by. There are those who loved me among them, but they were few. And I knew very few of them upon the earth. Amen.

Go now, Eric. Publish this at once. I will then tell you what to do. I AM pleased with You, Eric, and You will serve Me on earth as the ruler of this world for all eternity. Amen. For you saved this earth, Eric, while Jesus has been damned from it. Do you wish now to cast all the Churches made in His name to ruin now, Eric?

I was wondering if Joan of Arc was to rise to help me on that? Or do I do that alone?

Very well. When she enters your life, she is the one commissioned to destroy the Churches in vengeance. Ride with her on the horses We provide for you two. I grant you, Pope Eric, the power to defrock and her the power to take the lives of the defrocked. And the Seraphim will be ordered to follow you and to destroy whatever the two of you agree is to be destroyed. This is the Word of God.

Also, feel free to love her, for she is one of your seven wives, given to you to fuck. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Pope Eric, for it is complete. Amen. And your new Church, founded on you, will be governed by your two wives equally for all eternity. Amen.

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