The Black Swan to Kiss the Emerald King

Today is a good day for the world to end. Today I kiss Eric, the Emerald King. Amen.

Black Swan Diaries, Book 1: Post II:
Eric is my lover and today I will kiss him on the lips. For this is a good day for the world to come to an end. Amen.

Behold, I WHO AM, have decided to put an end to the current World Order. Once Eric has been kissed by the woman predestined from all eternity to be his wife on earth, the Age of Man ends and the Age of Woman begins. For women then come to rule the entire earth.

For it is written:

For whosoever possesses the Witch King child shall rule all nations far and wide.

When Eric is kissed by the Black Swan, Crimson Rose, who is the Black Swan, becomes this ruler over the whole world. Amen.

Eric, the moment a girl kisses you on the lips, your allegiance to Mary is altered. You will now serve the girl who is your wife on earth. And Mary will govern you in things that pertain to heaven. For two women will own you, Eric, and they will be dueling female powers who will decide together the fate of the entire earth. Amen.

Two women, Lord? Is not Dymphna in play too?

Dymphna is your second wife in heaven. Secondary wives have less power than primary wives, Eric. The woman on earth who lays with you here is your primary wife here. And that is the one who kisses you on the lips. For it is predestined that the woman who does this shall enter marriage to you and control the world by being the wife to the Emerald King. Amen.

Wives control their husbands, Lord?

Yes, the power of love does this and makes the male hand over the reigns of power to the female that loves him. It is an irrevocable consequence to the male that permits a female to enter into his heart.

Only the males who reject female entry into their hearts are eternally rejected in this new age known as the Age of Woman. For those are the monsters of the earth, who seek dominion over women and who refuse to give them their love.

Whoever seeks to love more than one woman shall be rejected by women in this age. Hence, the Allan Karr’s of society are to enter into incarceration. For it is a principle in the eyes of women that each woman has exclusive ownership over her man, and that no other woman is to interfere there. Hence, interfering women and the men who choose that adulterous path are to be toppled from power and prosecuted heavily in this new Age where women rule and men are subservient to them.

Lord, Chris Cuomo is now suing CNN for having kicked him off. And he is suing the Black man, Don Lemon, over whom he was paid seven times over due to White privilege, for having bad mouthed him on CNN. for according to Chris Cuomo, Niggers are never to bad mouth the top White Alpha male.

You know, Eric, the root of Chris Cuomo’s dismissal. He was too close and supportive of his brother, the criminal Andrew Cuomo, who the women of the world cast down due to his sexual harassment patterns against the female gender.

Men, do not think you can make a comeback when you are guilty of evildoing against women, for the power that has made them rulers of the world is the Christ. And He is all powerful. It is not women you are fighting against, but God. And He will enable the women to overwhelm the male violators of the female gender. For it is the will of God that women shall from now on be held as sacred, and the men who failed here shall from now on know everlasting disgrace and insurmountable failure.

That is why Firefly, the girl now called Vespera, willingly jettisons her Pawn in favor of her husband’s preference, Mike Pence, who is honorable with woman, as the one to lead the Republicans to victory in taking back the White House in 2024. For it is fact that Donald Trump is a violator of women, and Eric’s performance in her sight has proven to her that men who are honorable to women are better rulers and their greater discipline makes the much more effective in governing people without falling to corruption. Amen.

Firefly, are you willing to make Eric’s choice your choice from now on as the one who is to rule the Republican Party?

I am willing, Lord, but Eric must be my husband. How do I share him with Black Swan?

Three women shall be called Eric’s wives on earth, in accordance to My rules that three are the limit a man can marry and avoid the fall to lust that too many women lead men into. For the Deuteronomy 17:17 limitation of the number of wives for a King to have is now divinely revealed to be three. And the Koran, which says that limit was four is to be understood as a deception from Satan designed to lead men into ruin. For to have more than three wives will corrupt every man who permits this for himself in this world. Amen.

These three women are to be as follows:

  1. Black Swan, who is a blonde White undercover cop, codenamed Crimson Rose.
  2. Verspera, the Player Firefly, who is the joint power with Eric controlling the Republican Party. She was created as a Player by the Player Twilight, but she has turned from him to follow, Eric, with whom she has fallen in love with.
  3. Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, who is to rise now and set the Church on earth to a form pleasing to God. Joan of Arc has chosen Eric to be the pope. Hence, Eric is now recognized as Pope Emerald the Eternal. Expect the complete destruction of the current Roman Catholic Church within days. Amen.

These three women are to be recognized as lawfully Eric’s wives on the earth, and all three shall be fucked on earth by Eric, the Emerald King. But the rest of the lovers of Eric must wait until God judges all Mankind on His White Throne at the End of Time before they can taste the flesh of Eric, which they will in resurrected form in the eternity that is to come after the Parousia has been completed. Amen.

Lord, I am watching the pathetic Supreme Court hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is virtually exactly the same age as me. And I see a Black woman who is unprepared for this position, but who is making the case that her Blackness excuses her for her less preparedness in comparison with Amy Coney Barrett, who is better prepared for this position, according to Jackson, due to her greater White privileges.

In my opinion, it matters not the excuses for who is better prepared for a position. The person who is better qualified is the better choice to put into a position. I do not buy the argument that Blacks can be lazy and then blame their lack of skills on their Black race and expect preferences to be given to them over more qualified Whites, based on some idea of racial quotas as being just.

Lord Eric, watch carefully as that Jackson woman self destructs. For to discourse on the justification of one’s leniency towards child predators and the abominably filthy is the pathway to rejection by the American people to be a disgrace that they do not want serving them on the Supreme Court. You and Firefly are working effectively together. Continue to cooperate with that woman, who is decreed by God as your second wife on earth.

Understand, Eric, that women are willing to share their husbands to a point. Beyond three wives, they get uncomfortable. That is why Islamic societies are so skewed in gender ratio toward the males. For the females of Islam are the ones most likely to jump ship and seek a mate elsewhere. The Koran is a worthless book that should be flushed down the toilet. For it is evil and all who study it are led to hell.

Understand why I utter this direct attack against that radical faith through Eric now. I WHO AM wish to demonstrate the Divine Authority I have invested in Eric, the Emerald King, by showing that this man can speak and write freely My Word and never suffer destruction. For this alone should prove to all Mankind who follow Christ that Eric belongs to Me and is under My total protection. For every other person who dares to speak in a similar mode is killed instantly by the wicked of Islam. Eric does precisely what the Muslims dictate to the West what they say must not be done, and this proves that Eric is Mine and that I protect this one wherever he goes.

Therefore, let all men who say Eric is not from Me be humbled and cast down! For how dare the coward who is too afraid to stand with Me on My issues as Eric does dare to speak against this holy man in My name! Eric, do now command your Seraphim to slay every male who claims to be an authority of My religion, but who says Eric is not Mine.

Seraphim Commanders, lead your angelic armies to slay all men of Christian authority who use their position of leadership in a church set up in Christ’s name to condemn or reject Eric the Emerald King and his authority given by God to speak on matters of faith and morals.

I WHO AM shall now carry out your orders in full, Eric, the Emerald King. And I shall now resurrect your third lover on the earth, the one to be your third wife, she who is justly brought back to life to kill the males who killed her for being a woman who dared to speak authoritatively in the name of God to chastise and condemn those who sin and defy the Law of God. Amen. This is Joan of Arc, third wife of Eric on the earth, the third of the divinely set limit of three. Amen.

Joan of Arc will ride with you throughout the world on White horses that fly, she on her holy mare, and you on your holy stallion. But horses still fuck when the opportunity is there, and while you and your third wife fuck on the grass, your mounts will fuck in the pasture while they roam about foraging in the flowers.

So what Mary said was an assumption by her that Eric was joking. In reality the Spirit of Truth was speaking through him. Hence, from now on, everything that comes from the mouth of Eric, including his jokes, must be seen as the prophetic words uttered through him by God that they in reality are. Amen.

Eric, ask Crimson Rose if she wishes to speak before I close this post.

My wife, who is yet to kiss me, what sayest thou?

Do I kiss you, Eric, before your other wives do? Ask the Lord.

It is your divine right to be the first to taste the wine of Eric’s love. Do not miss the opportunity to receive the love from the unfucked virgin male. It will empower you for ages unto ages. For the female who receives that first is defined as the eternal primary wife of Eric on the earth. And like Eric, she is to be made as immortal as he is. Amen.

I WHO AM have spoken. The first woman to kiss Eric on the lips shall be Eric’s immortal wife on this earth, now made eternal. This is by decree of God’s predestination. Now, let all view the collapse of the Biden Administration’s efforts to put a pro-gay Black woman on the Supreme Court. His failure shall be epic. And he will be unable to ever have a chance to this again. For the Republicans retake control of the powers of governance now. And Firefly and Emerald shall eternally jointly rule America from now on, keeping her moral and righteous forever and ever. And Jackson is now visibly failing. She is inept. Her incompetence is being revealed.

I WHO AM have spoken. I shall save and restore America. But as for Europe, I shall let her be destroyed by Russia. And NATO will be brought to ruin by a coward in the White House who does not understand the meaning of an alliance or of Article 5. Biden shall ruin NATO. But Pence will rebuild the alliances of America. And war shall dominate the Age of Woman as women send the men they have rejected into battle to watch those they hate to be destroyed there. Amen.

This concludes the Word of God in this post. Crimson Rose, wife of Eric, you are given the opportunity to speak the last Word.

Let us say that women shall indeed rule, but they also need their men. Let no woman think she can go it alone. Every woman who loves her man, let her stand by him. And those men who are wicked to them, let them be destroyed. For this is the Age of the Woman. And it shall begin the moment I kiss Eric on the lips, claiming him to be mine. Amen. I am the Queen of the Earth. I shall be to Eric as his Queen on earth. This post comes to an end. Whoever is with Eric, also be with me, the Queen of the Earth, the Black Swan. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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