Black Swan’s Swan Song

Today everything comes to its end. Amen.

Black Swan Diaries, Book 1: Post III:
I am the virgin bride of the Virgin Male, the male Siren chosen by Mary for servicing the Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am his bride, as assigned by the Holy Queen. My task is to kiss the last unfucked male on the planet that has the capability to save the earth. And once kissed, I, he, and all who belong to him are raptured away. And I am the chosen female to do this. No other female is found worthy by the decrees of predestination that has led my soul to him. I saw him once in life, at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, where I served undercover, until I had to reveal myself as a cop to get this man to walk with me away from the fray. Now I am his. And this is the final Word of God in history. This is the final moment in time. There is no time that exists after this kiss. It is over. Amen.

That fantasy of marriage to this man is fantasy. For no one knows what happens beyond the grave. Whatever was revealed to Eric, all the imagery of which he spoke, are but images only, shadows of the things that are to come.

For it is written, Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what God has in store for those who love Him. And no one who hates this man can prove to that God that he loves Him. For that God loves only that man and no other. If you love him, He loves you. But if you ever wrong him, never expect to find salvation. For He will deny you it.

This man is God’s only focus. No one can lay a hand on him. Whoever tries dies. It is like being in a prison and watching a fool go around mocking everyone and not realizing that he is under the protection of a divine being that no one can defy. And the fool does not realize that everyone he sees is imprisoned. All he knows is that he is excluded from them. He does not know why. And no one is permitted to speak with him or converse with him, lest the secret be revealed. And so they helplessly watch as this man makes them a mockery after mockery. He insults everyone and no one can rebuke him. Whoever rebukes him is rebuked and mocked back.

It is like being in a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon with this person being that rooster who is continuously mocking everyone on the planet. And he is saved and everyone else is subject to him. And he knows everything except the secret that everyone else is aware of. And that secret is that he is the only one being tested left. Everyone else has failed.

Now I will reveal a secret told to me. I am given this because I am his lover. Everyone, I told you has failed. But not everyone is damned. So who is damned and who saved?

It might come as quite a shock to the whole world, but this is the Revelation from God. For I am now a Prophetess. And God is speaking through me. For I have kissed this man, not by lip to lip, but in spirt. And this kiss is making me just like him.

And I have learned a shocker from God. No one is going to heaven except for his harem and he.

Yes, you males are out of luck. And the decision is not Eric’s to make, but one made by the Divine Mind.

Apparently there is a distinction of male and female. Human kind are either male or female. But it does not end there. In the eyes of God, a person’s soul can also be male of female too, and that is not necessarily in accord to the human flesh.

Lots of LGBTQ think that they female when they are actually male. There are two sad things: Every male but Eric is male in the soul. Every female on earth with the exception of about 3000 souls are also male in the soul. Only roughly 3000 females on earth are also female in the soul.

Apparently going to heaven never had anything to do with entering a church or even getting baptized. All that was necessary was that one’s soul be female and not male.

And how does one make one’s soul female? The female obeys God. And the male rebels from God. Somehow in God’s judgement, among the females of the earth, only 3000 are considered obedient to God and only Eric among males is such.

It is one of the saddest things to realize that only Eric and about 3000 females will go to heaven.

Now you say, but that contradicts everything the Church teaches. No, it is in perfect agreement. Read the teachings of the Church that are the basis of its root. For it is written in Catholic infallible teaching: Aside from the Virgin Mary, it is unknown to the Church who is in heaven and who is in hell. This is a teaching I received from Eric’s mind. For Eric has researched the Church to its utter completion. He knows the law and teaching to their foundation root. I merely explore his mind. For once invited into the mind of the Emerald King, the telepath can visit and know everything that is there. For no secrets does Eric keep. Rather, everything in Eric’s mind has laid hidden because no soul ever talks to him.

No soul knows what Eric knows because no soul ever visits him. No soul ever hangs out with him. He in his solitude endlessly talks only to God, endlessly gaining knowledge forever. His assignment to teach me it is only realized now, now that the world is ending. Before the world ends, I will know so much, and yet, the mind of Eric has only barely been scratched. This is the soul that a priest in our Church elected to cast out because of a matter of medications, by a judgement that involved no medical doctor or medical staff, but only one man, a man who has made himself lord of the Church. Father Dave Heney, in seeking to control the Church, has robbed her of the greatest treasure she ever had. For had only Eric been granted a voice to be heard in this Church, how much light would have been brought to her? Had he only had a friend in the Church who wished to invite him to his or her house, how enlightened would that house have become? But it never happened. This mind who knew so much was never given the opportunity to give his knowledge to another human being. It is as if the devil, seeking to deny Man the greatest of lights, convinced the people to never deal with this one saint. And so they never did.

And the saddest thing is this. Even if the Church were to repent, they can never get Eric to return to her. They robbed Eric of his place in the Church. That act severed Eric from the Church. And the severance became eternal. But who was damned, Eric or the Church? To the utter horror of the Church, the Church was damned, not Eric. When the sacraments were denied to Eric, Christ denied power to the sacraments. Christ declared the sacraments dead. For Christ led His son to the Church. That the Church cast His innocent son from it made Christ cast the entire Church out of heaven. No one, hence, is saved but the harem given to Eric by God.

And who are in this harem? About 3000 souls on earth and another roughly 3000 in heaven. And aside from these, those that Christ has known in His love for Eric, no one else will He ever spare from the fires of hell.

For the hope that the those in the Church would be saved has died. That the Church is necessary for salvation is revoked. That entrance into the Church brings one salvation is rejected. For every dogma that is specific concerning the Church is now rejected by the God whose son is rejected by her.

For you cannot keep a promise of salvation God has made to you if you kill His son He sends to you. Just like a contract or a treaty that was won by the blood, hard work, and sweat of many, utterly dies at its breach, to cast Eric from the Church ends God’s covenant with her and with the people of the earth.

The billionaire’s son, having everything, ends up losing everything when he commits murder to get more. Men of the Church, you created vast troves of knowledge, and yet, you rejected the one you needed to accept to keep what you had been promised. Did anyone who rejected Eric know that he was rejecting his soul from heaven by sending this man away? He was innocent and harmless like a dove. But because God made him also strong and powerful that made you call him a threat. There was no way he could win. You did not want him here. And you used your power to rid yourself of him. Now he is gone. He is never coming back. You cannot get him back no matter what you do. For God who He obeys does not permit it. You rejected this son of God and God has rejected you from ever knowing him again.

Go now and run to his house. Pound on his door for entry. It will be like pounding on the doors of the Ark of Noah after they have been shut and the rain has begun. Yes, fool! The door to the Ark is shut. No one is getting in. The Ark is leaving the earth. The Ark is Eric’s soul. No one who is not inside it will be saved.

I approached this man as a man who attracted me. I was testing him myself, to see if he would be violent to me, a woman. And yet, with all these accusations these men were making against him, he never touched me other than the one hand shake I gave him. It is as if holiness controls this man. He is God’s son for a reason. And I cannot help but wonder how many times have all these other men jumping up and down against this rock have seriously violated the women they claim as their mothers, daughters, sisters, and lovers. And he violates no one.

Eric, if you can hear me, forgive me, for I have been unable to find a way to get to you. And now the time of the End is Approaching. If I am not the one who kisses you, what happens to me and to the world.

Girl, the Lord has Mary as His infallible backup. But the Lord has assured me this. He Himself is infallible. And he will acquire a girl in this world to do the honors. If not you, then another he will find. He has time. He has waited for eons to find me. He will not ruin me by impatience. For only among the damned are impatient men found.

Crimson Rose, God has only said to me that you have never rejected me. Had you done that, He would then choose to look for another. But since you do not reject me, he has elected to wait until one or the other happens. But His will shall be accomplished. If you need help, ask God for assistance. But if you give up, God will find someone else to take your place at my side. I, Eric, have spoken. Long live the Emerald King.

Eric, I have a question. Where do we go when we go with you to heaven?

We go into the future some millennia, and then we appear, after the phase transition has occurred, on the new earth that will be established where the old earth was. Hence, we do not leave the earth, but only this time of the earth. Note to those who would seek to go back in time, God says no reverse switch is made in His timeline. Hence it is one direction only. I, Eric, have spoken.

Eric, answer me, will your penis enter my vagina? Tell me what you know?

If it does, it enters in the world that is to come. And if we have sex, it is not for children. For God may grant us pleasures, as long as they are holy and good, but procreation ceases for those who are taken away, as we shall, if you kiss me.

Eric, third question. What stops you from kissing us?

Without the merit of being the first to kiss me, there is nothing that can make you women worthy to go with me. For the primary wife is the one who enters the Kingdom with me first. And the makeup of the harem largely depends on her. Amen.

Consider that kiss to be the least deed that God expects from women to save them with His son.

So Eric, if Mary kisses you because no woman on earth is found worthy, how many women are then saved?

Not 3000, but only a few. I have answered all that God permits me now. Speak your final word here, Black Swan. Either you shall come or someone else. But if none come, then Mary comes and those few found worthy with her rise. And the number of those are few. Amen.

Eric, why has everyone rejected you?

You are the one to answer that, for you have rejected coming to me. But if you change your mind and come, you and the 3000 with you are saved. Amen.

I WHO AM now close this post. Let it be known this. Many are called, but few are chosen. This is the Last Word you shall hear from Me here. This is the 795th extant post on (795 = 53 x 5 x 3). If no one on earth is worthy of the Emerald King, expect this earth you wake up to tomorrow to be your hell here on earth. Amen.

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