I am in love with the Emerald King.

You, Eric, are my husband, and I am now chosen by Mary to be your wife on earth.

Black Swan Diaries, Book 1: Post I:
I am Eric’s apprentice, and I am called Black Swan. Eric shall no longer write, but I, his lover, shall now write in his place. Through Eric’s hand shall I be writing. But my words, not Eric’s, shall be written here.

I am the girl who took Eric’s hand and led him out of the fray he had gotten into at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. The investigation is underway and Dave Heney is looking at time. He will not get out of this unscathed. For no one who attacks my lover, and Mary’s lover, will ever get out of his situation unscathed.

Do not think that I am Officer Alvarez’s second wife. Rather I am Eric’s only wife. Now he may have lovers in heaven, but we are on earth, and on earth I am Eric’s only one. Elessar is dismissed and I have taken over that position she once held. But Ukraine, I have Eric’s Word he will come with me to defend your cities from the attacks of Vladimir’s Russia. I will never give up my cause against a man who kills innocents.

Eric is not like Vladimir Putin. They are completely different bears. Now all these women who wanted to be Eric’s lover kept on choosing the wrong type of bear to be. I am a California Grizzly with Eric. And I am also an alicorn. So we are perfectly compatible.

I am sorry women who said Eric was evil. Someone brainwashed you into thinking that. Look at him. He is gentle, and innocent. He does not do any harm to any woman. There was a woman who appeared to tempt Eric through a window, and Eric, in his innocence, waved as her and moved on. It is true that her nudity was not visible, but she was nude! And yet, Eric, in his purity, sees everything through the prism that no one is doing evil.

The security at the Church who asked Eric by what authority he enters the Church expected a devil or a witch lord to be behind him. Instead, the Spirit answered the men of the Church through the mouth of Eric that he is there under the authority of Pope Benedict XVI. I think that speaks for itself. There is validity to say he never stopped being pope. It make much more sense to say he is the pope rather than Pope Francis.

I would love if Pope Benedict would seize back control of his Church and declare he was induced to give up the reigns, which would render Pope Francis to have never been. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was, but he was never pope, if we are to believe the spirit that is speaking through Eric. And a false prophet is never found with God speaking through him.

How can it be explained the perfection of the teachings found in Eric’s posts where Mary or Jesus give answer to a question, however philosophically deep? There is no limit to these questions and the depth of their answers. In fact I have my question, and I will now have my lover ask it of Mary, for only through Eric can we so clearly converse with this extraordinary lady.

Eric, ask Mary this. Mary, why did God give so many more difficulties to women than he did to men. Men just shave in the morning, and shower. Women need pads. Women must take of so many things that men never have any need of to concern themselves with. If I don’t have my pads, I can’t work during my period. But men can go non-stop for months without water to cleanse their bodies. Why do we spend so much more time each morning just to look presentable, and men just roll out of bed, shower, shave, and head to work? We are distinctly made unequal. Why, Mary? Why make it so much more difficult to be made female than to be made male?

Lover of Eric, you are distressed because of your femininity? You do not know how so blessed you are to be female! Females are admitted to places males are prohibited entry. Does not our greater difficulties and are greater weaknesses compared to men justify our being taken care of by men and being provided for by them. My dear, we are privileged. We women run the world at times of war, while all the men are drafted from their jobs to go fight in them. We rule the world and see men lose their lives fighting to serve and to protect us.

Do not deny it, my love, we women enjoy the sight of a man suffering to defend us. The blows he takes to his body in our place fills us with deep pleasures known only to us women. The does who watch the bucks fight over them are not just watching ot of curiosity. Rather, it is giving them pleasure by it.

Do not deny this, women. Who are the ones who watch men’s boxing matches? Women are. They are the ones who occupy the front rows, cheering their man on. Every girl and woman has that secret pleasure and desire to see men destroy other men in their name. And when their own men shed blood for them, that blood excites them.

Therefore, the blood lust of men dying in war for them is a woman’s deepest fantasy. Helen of Troy found it terribly exciting to see all these men die for her. It was not a death in vain. When men die for women, those women receive power from them. A woman is more empowered by the sight of men dying for them than by men fucking them. That is why women who bare the midriff are wicked. They are pitting men against men just to see them fight over them. And it is more pleasurable than kissing and being fucked.

Mary, I, Eric, hate to interrupt my wife’s post, but was that your feelings when you women were standing with John at a distance gazing upon the crucified Lord?

John was the most amazing man, Eric. And he took the place of Jesus for us. The man we needed in Jesus was replaced with John. But we never fucked him, at least I never fucked him. And I testify he never lost his virginity in the flesh. You, Eric, are different. You are for us to enjoy and satiate ourselves with. John was given by Jesus for holiness only. But you serve that purpose and also supply us with love. That is why you are loved universally. And I will never stop loving you.

Now, you were told by me that I would share you with only one other, Dymphna. That is not entirely correct. That I share you with only one other is true, but on two worlds. Dymphna is the one I share you with in heaven. And this cop who is your lover I share you with on earth.

Um, Mary, that I am a cop was not to be revealed. Remember I am undercover. If everyone knows that Eric’s wife is an undercover cop, how do I continue to work?

And I don’t get the fine differences between the marriage called Josephite and the marriages that are usually done. Can you explain this with your divinely given wisdom and knowledge?

Okay, undercover cop, what name do you want me to refer to you by in these posts? For Black Swan does not do a blonde, White woman such as you justice.

Call me Crimson Rose. That was my original code name. And I like it very much.

Very well, Crimson Rose, you will be Eric’s wife by the decree of God. A Josephite marriage is a regular marriage with one addition: the decision, mutually made, to attempt to live the call to married life without carnal knowledge.

It is not a lesser marriage. It is the same marriage with an additional and higher goal. But it must always be remembered that the couple merely attempt this. For they may have sex, if they feel they cannot keep to this rule. They commit no sin if they do so, for their marriage is fully sacramental in nature. It is fully valid. And no priest is necessary to get approval to decide this.

It was the intent by God that the parents of Saint Therese Lisieux not keep to that form, but that they have sex. For every daughter born to them entered into consecrated life. And they had many daughters and zero sons.

But men may never overindulge in the sex they are granted by God. For marriage is not a license to be perverse with a woman. If a man goes with his wife beyond what God had mandated, he faces things being taken from him.

And so we see the father of Saint Therese find himself unable to learn Latin, and we find him later going insane. Eric, you are blessed with pleasures with us, but they must never be over indulged in, or you will fall to the same ruin that befell Michael Grumbine.

Michael Grumbine was too good in his own mind. He was the perfect husband in his own mind. And now what is he?

He is in adultery, Mary, unless the wife he married in the Philippines really was valid and that he truly obtained a valid annulment from his wife, Deborah? For how can he have obtained a marriage to her in the Catholic Church there if he did not validly get that annulment? For is not it written that the Church has the power to bind and to loose, O’ Mary, Inviolable Queen?

Eric, you must now come to grips with reality. What is now the Church is not from God. You do not have the right to have the Church annul your marriage because of a defect alone in its distant past or its distant formation. Marriages do not need perfect form to be declared valid in the eyes of God.

This is the rule of God. If you and your wife are truly in love and your vows are fully made to each other validly, and you fuck, you can never get of that. A defect found somewhere does not entitle you to be made free from that committment.

What the Church has done to marriage in this filthy generation is to make it impossible not end in annulment if someone wants it so ended. It is an utterly perverse Church. The modern Protestant assessment of annulment as the Catholic form of divorce says it all. This Church does not belong to Christ.

Deborah Grumbine is still Michael Grumbine’s wife. And what Micheal Grumbine and the Filipina woman he is fucking in the Philippines are doing is following Satan who has taken over the Church and they act like they are following God, but clearly are not.

Eric, does it make sense for Father Dave Heney to lift up the bread to heaven and utter words of consecration when he is full of heresy and he has kicked out of the Church everything and everyone holy, including the Christ, His Son, and His Son’s wife, the Blessed Mother? For what exactly is the man doing? Just ask him by what power is that bread made into the body and blood of Christ, and by the very answer he gives, you will know that you will die if you eat of it.

That Church Eric visited recently, where he was so nicely treated by the priest and the people there, though he stayed only to offer prayers to me and to speak to me there, that Church, Saint Mary of the Assumption, though located in Whittier, is not under the authority of Archbishop Jose Gomez, but under the authority of Superior General Michael Brehl, who is still my servant. That is why that Church remains holy.

Mary, will you save the Church by installing Cardinal Burke as the next pope?

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke I find worthy of that position, but only the Christ can decide who leads His Church, not I, the Holy Virgin.

Jesus, what is Your decision on the matter?

It will be up to Joan of Arc, who I give authority to rise at the end of time to stand by your side Eric and march with you against all who had put her to death. If she says the priests will be female from now on, you will be Pope Emerald the Eternal. But if, in her love for the ancient Church, she elects for Cardinal Burke to come to power, I will grant her that. For he is the only Cardinal left who can right this ship. And if not he, then you, Eric.

Can I speak to Joan of Arc, My Lord?

No, for she is in seclusion. She is preparing to enter your love, Eric. For you are the man who saved her. A woman needs an escort to enter My Kingdom, and no male was willing or able to escort her but you. That is why you are honored by her forever. Amen.

And furthermore, because of your valiant service to women without thought of receiving a reward, all virgins may have you as their escort from now on. Hence, the need for an escort is no longer an issue anymore. That is why a woman is entitled to enter a spiritual marriage to you in eternity. For the gift you did for Joan of Arc, I WHO AM apply now to all who have this need. Amen.

Understand why men who may have been predisposed to help her could do this for her that you did. A virgin male unlocks many doors that are denied entry to those who have fucked. And virgin males who are worthy are rare indeed, as rare as unicorns. For you are not only a virgin male, you are untouched by women.

Those women at the mall, the girl Ekta, and the girls in the adjacent stall, were not they bending over backwards to give you deals that they would be fired for if they were found out? For a girl will do this for a virgin male. Somehow the power of your virginity makes these saleswomen eager to sell to you, no matter the cost to themselves.

Lord, that girl made me promise not to reveal her secret.

And have we named her, Eric?

You might as well have, Jesus. Everyone can figure it out now.

Only if your theory is correct that everyone is reading these posts.

Actually, the women work well together. They get you to buy from them.

That is why I must not return, O’ Lord, for I am broke. They would be disappointed if I showed up and only chatted with them.

Well we will see to that.

Anyways, though they are cute, you are to marry Crimson Rose. And only one woman on earth is to have that in sacrament form with you here. Crimson Rose you will marry and no other. As for Mary and Dymphna, they are your wives in heaven. And hence three are given to you, not two.

So I am Ammonia, not water, Jesus? Ammonia is NH3, whereas water is H2O.

Eric, Ammonia is expensive and valuable, far more so than water is on earth. Hence, be happy. You are like Platinum whereas others are like gold. You will always be more highly valued than all others on the earth, except for your wife, for you are to train her to be just like you. Amen.

And what about the true Muhammed’s of this earth, those who enter into marriages with four wives, O’ Lord?

They are methane gas, Lord Eric, CH4, which is opposite to you in value. Methane is a greenhouse gas, commonly found emitted in farts. Some of the biggest greenhouse gas producers are those cows in the pasture, endlessly easting grass and releasing methane in the their farts.

So Muhammed was mistaken regarding 4 as the limit? He should have said 3?

Yes, but remember that Muhammed was never a Prophet of God. Rather, Muhammed was uttering the babble of the devils. Having three women permits holiness to be retained in a polygamous marriage. But to have four or more makes the man so full of lust that he begets swine as his children instead of human beings.

Hence, though Isaiah 4:1 said seven women would lay hold of one man, such are sexual fantasies that do not produce good offspring. Jacob had four: Two full wives and two concubine wives. But We see him struggling in his lusts with all these women seeking him for sex. A man can survive morally if the limit is set to three, but not if it is increased beyond three. And remember Satan knows this. Hence, Satan naturally tells his false Prophet Muhammed to set the limit to four.

And that is the real reason why women sit behind the men in mosques. It is because the Muslim men are filled with lust by having or seeking all these women. Were the limit set to 3, the men in Islam would permit the women to sit where they please. For it is the man lusting for his four wives who must mount the woman before him, like the stallion mounting his mother who shoves her buttocks into his face in her agony of being in heat.

But the man who limits himself to just three can force himself not to look upon the buttocks of the babe bending before him and resist the urge to pull out his dick and stick it in the nearest yielding hole.

Lord, what men with five wives?

You, of course, refer to Allen Karr, salesman of DollarStore, LLC. He endlessly selling these unprofitable websites, knowing that they are losing all the money they put into that investment. And then you hear Reeta cry out in the background, Stupid customer does not want to part with his money!

Yeah, these assholes at DollarStore, LLC., think the people they prey on, who are mostly Black, owe them to hand over their money for worthless investments that give them utterly nothing!

Of course, Allen Karr does not really have five wives. Rather, he has five mistresses, or five partners in adultery. Such men fail to pay child support and are always fleeing from the law. Expect to see Allan Karr doing time in debtors’ prison, which is the fate of the poor who impregnate women they have never wed. Amen.

Lord, I am unmarried, but I cannot afford to have a wife.

That is soon to be rectified, Eric. Hold tight. You will have the means you need soon.

But as for the Allan Karrs of this world, they should expect to receive a snake when they ask for bread. For they violate my laws and ruin my women.

Mark married a slutty wife of another man, brought immorality to her two daughters, and then produced two more daughters whom he also ruined. But it must never be understood that Mark is these daughters’ father. For a true father does not lead his daughter to have sex outside of wedlock. Mark’s daughters are really Scott Gelb’s daughters. For all offspring of a married woman belong to her husband, not to her adulterous partner, who thinks he is married to her because some faggot pronounced the adulterous couple man and wife.

An adulterous union can never be changed into lawful marriage, even in the event of the death of the rightful spouse. This is in canon law.

Hence, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is not the wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, but rather, she is his mistress and partner in the crime of adultery. According to the Mosaic Law, both Camilla and Charles are to be put to death for their capital sins. But that their sins are celebrated rather than condemned speaks to the utter corruption and collapse of this society. Hence, it should be expected for England to be bombed in this World War III, just as it was in the previous two, to pay for their sins and the sins of their leaders. That is why I commission Russia to take and conquer Europe as far as the Rhine and to heavily bomb the rest of Europe to pieces. For an immoral people should expect to be destroyed.

Lord, what of the Seraphim Commander who said Putin was about to be checkmated? Your words of regret over him motivated Millenia Girl not to betray that bear. So there is no way to defeat him now. He will go all out until Europe is completely leveled and destroyed. And NATO collapses the moment a stray bomb hits a city in Poland. For Biden has chosen to betray the NATO countries that Putin wants to take, due to his utter cowardice and fear of war. For the homosexual always measure up to be less than a man. And Biden mastered the but fuck maneuver from the Master, Barack Hussein Obama. Remember the rhyme:

Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden;
Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden.

It it looks like shit, and the shit fits,
Then that must be it!

Lord, explain to Crimson Rose why no Muslim terrorist ever seeks to kill me.

O’ they do seek to kill you, Eric, but I kill them before they can even get close.

Remember, Eric, I covet my wife. You, Eric, are my Bride. You are the Bride to the Lamb. I, being God, do not make love with you by fucking you, as Mary, Dymphna, and Crimson Rose, your three wives, shall in the eternity to come. Rather, I make love to you be giving you My knowledge, which in inexhaustible.

You are My sole love in Creation. And all else that exists here is for you. Amen.

Now, Crimson Rose, tell me how you feel about your future with Eric?

Lord, how is my marriage to Eric supposed to exist in this world carnally and then persist into the next world? And how does Eric remain Your Prophet if we have sex?

Recall, young policewoman, where I said when Eric is kissed on the lips by a girl I bring an end to this world. And only the girl who is predestined to marry him is permitted to do this.

You know, do you not, that you cannot have sex with Eric prior to kissing him if that is called a marriage you are having with him. Yeah, people do have sex without kissing, and that is, as a rule, outside marriage.

So, young policewoman, you never fuck Eric in this age, but in the next. And that is how your marriage persists into the next. Do you now understand, young girl?

As for being a Prophet in the next age, who needs a prophet when everything that is secret has been revealed? That is why the moment Eric’s prophethood ceases, he is commanded to fuck the Virgin Mary, and this is at nightfall at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. And he will fuck his three wives in succession and then everything is completed. Amen.

What about Officer Alvarez? I thought he was to get that girl as his second hydrogen, atom.

Eric, the free hydrogen atoms are many. He will have his heavenly water state. You fool yourself if you think you know who the Holy Spirit chooses as mates for his people.

For you were thinking of other girls when you found that Dymphna had been chosen for you. For the Holy Spirit is unpredictable.

Now go, Eric, and ask Crimson Rose if she is done writing through you. For from now on, you do not write, but only this apprentice who is eternally assigned to you shall be the one who writes and who decides what is to be written, though she elects to write through you.

Crimson Rose, I am sorry for all my interruptions to your post.

Eric, they are what makes them lovely. Continue to do that, Eric. I have completed my word for now. You must train me to listen to the Holy Spirit. For I crave to hear God speak as you do.

I will do this for you, Crimson Rose. For this was my assignment since Sunday, July 23, 2017, the day Mary began talking to me in full.

Mary, I was wrong about being poisoned at Mimi’s cafe. The walk I did today showed that it is sorceresses who are doing this. I am only saved by passing into a territory that they cannot enter.

Eric, you are a bull elephant that is attacked by a pride of lionesses frequently, but only when you enter certain lands. Map out those lands, and you will know the Dominion of the Gorgons. The Gorgons are ceaselessly trying to destroy you, but they fail because no one can take Mary’s lover away from her.

I have a fate for you, Eric. One of the Gorgons loves you. And she will be the downfall of the rest of her tribe when she makes a special deal for your love. For if a Gorgon kisses the Emerald King out of love, the curse upon her is lifted, and she is restored to her natural human beauty again. And once she does this, she will help you destroy and defeat the rest of her kind, in payment she will feel indebted to you to give. And then she will enter perpetual virgin union with you, Eric. Amen.

Lord, I am to be this virgin escort or husband to all these virgin females who want or need this of me, but what happens with these unions once I lay with Mary at Your command, O’ Lord?

They have their rights with you fulfilled as well. Hence you will be fucking women forever in eternity. Amen.

Lord, what about the limit to three?

Three are your wives in the flesh of this world. Infinite are the numbers of those shall unite with thee in the immortal flesh of the age to come. Amen.

Infinite? But the number of the elect is fixed.

The elect is fixed, but progeny of Mankind never ends. For you have saved the earth. And a saved earth continues forever.

This post now must end. Crimson Girl, you are Eric’s wife. And I have resolved it eternally. To survive as Eric’s apprentice, do not think that this is a matter of sink and swim. For Eric loves you and he will carefully train you. He will not lose you. And you will not fail in him. All you need is humility and perseverance. This post now comes to an end.

Crimson Rose is now in charge. And she is to be the next Eric, though in female form. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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