The Virgin Triumph of Emerald

Eric the Emerald has chosen the virginity of Mary over the pleasures of women in this world.

Service to the Holy Queen, Book 1: Post II:
Mary, I was presented with a choice: Sexual marriage to a lovely girl of this world, but where I would come to serve and obey her, or eternal virginity with you, where I would remain under obedience and service to you, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary. Ekta, a fine girl I had met, a dealer in gold, was beautiful in my eyes, and I fantasized a married life with her and how lovely it could be. But, presented with the choice, I chose to remain under you, Mary, rather than to enter under the rule of a girl half my age. I guess men of this world are driven by instinct. They must have a girl. They need this outlet to live. Like the ram that must charge to the death to get the ewe, men of this world rush in to get their lover in this world, thinking not of their imminent doom. But you showed me my choice, Mary. I would be trading my eternity with you for a life with a girl that would end in death.

For what is a life of pleasure really worth if it is lost and forgotten at death? Love is powerful. I felt the strong power of falling in love with this girl. But I know that it is failure for me to go that way. I know that I am defeated by Satan if I pursue a life with a girl in this world.

Dr. Clifton Morris, a biology professor I constantly got a B type of grade with, despite finding his classes very interesting, is a Black man who had a lovely wife whom he put his whole world into. And God took her away from him. And I think Dr. Morris never forgave God for that. Why do I believe that? It is because he, despite his jolly attitude and Christian disposition, was not a man of mercy and charity towards those in need. I think that when a man does not show true love and mercy for his neighbor, it is because he believes God has done some wrong against him, and he is holding a secret grudge that is constantly eating away at his soul, killing it.

Mary, I could follow after Ekta, but what if, after marrying her, she is taken away? For what is there to stop a man from losing the things of this world that he makes into his god? Therefore, do not seek the things that can be taken away, but only the things that can never be taken away. I can with ease be a friend to Ekta, for friendship is never lost, even when God takes a friend to heaven. But to seek marriage to a girl is utter folly, O’ Lord, for a girl is a possession on the earth, and all such possessions can be lost.

Look at all these males who are with their so beautiful girlfriends. If you observe these males, you see the stress they are under to keep these girls theirs. They are men of folly. For like in the King of the Mountain game, new males always come along to steal their harem away from them. The buck that controls the herd of females tires swiftly in defending them, as the other males constantly challenge them to acquire their sexual possessions. Consider the 17 Queens said to be of my heavenly harem as not really wives to me, but in reality as simply friends and pleasant associates to me. For true friendship is eternal. It does not die with death. But the pathetic nature of marriage is that it dies by definition at death. And so all this effort gets put into forming a marriage, and what is the gain if your spouse then falls and dies? How pathetic are you to have spent your life seeking something that ends so easily by something so small. For death can be caused by single germ. I can have Ekta as a friend. But I do not date and I seek no romance for this precise reason: Such things are pathetic wastes of time. For God never commands us to invest in vain things or in things that pass away.

Lord, marriage is clearly not eternal, but neither are diamonds. For though they might be the hardest substance on earth, they still shatter to pieces when sharply struck by something hard, and they, being made of carbon, entirely burn away in fire. Yes, sulfur is not the only stone that burns. Diamonds burn too. If you want to destroy a diamond shopkeeper’s wealth without robbing his store, simply throw a molotov cocktail at it, and if anything survives, it will be the gold. For gold is tested in fire, but diamonds disappear in it.

And now I finally see the mistake made by the sons of God who found the daughters of men attractive, such that they took wives among them and had children by them. (Genesis 6:2). They were descending rather than ascending, Lord. To choose a woman is to go down to the earth. It is the carnal path, the path that leads to the earth and to death. The sons of God who chose to fuck women were angels that fell due to their lust for these things that are fleeting upon the earth.

Remember that Esau traded his birthright for a single meal? Such is the Biblical figure of the man who chooses to take a woman of this world rather than to seek the things that belong to God. A girl with a bare midriff might be very hot to look at, but I pity the men who possess them. For such women, those with their midriff bare, are the women most likely to be flirting with other men while the walk about with their boyfriends. A woman with a bare midriff is like a bitch in heat. And all the dogs are always fighting over them.

I cannot have a woman, O’ Lord, not because I am not worthy of one, but because I am called to a higher calling. I am called to walk the higher path that leads to a Kingdom. Hence, I cannot mate in this world. Women may appear beautiful to me, and it may appear that we might actually click and get along fine, but I can never be married to one, unless that marriage is of eternal virginity. Ekta is a girl who is the beautiful door that, once entered, turns out to be the path that leads away from God. For once you start down the road of romance and the pursuit of that pleasure, forever does that enslavement dominate your destiny.

Mary, I felt in love with Ekta, but I have let that feeling pass. For I know that path would lead me away from you. Mary what is my fate here? I choose the virgin path. I choose to remain with you.

Then Eric, you are mine forever. And I will reveal to the entire world that you are mine forever. You have kissed my stature three times on my lips. The next kiss will be from my transfigured flesh upon your flesh, making you transfigured like me.

So Eric, what do you wish to do with Ekta?

Let her remain a friend to me only. And let all women in this world know that they will never be closer to me than that of a friend.

What about Elessar, who fucks you as one brown bear fucks another?

Those are images, Lord. Elessar and I are platonic. And that is how we will remain forever. But I will always be thankful to her for her help of me. She has told me her reward is to be in my presence and to enjoy my company. And note that this presence and company she speaks of is spiritual and mystical, not physical in nature.

Millennia Girl, I have a question. What is happening with you regarding Vladimir Putin?

Putin has blocked all means I had to topple him. Perhaps I, like you, Eric, have lost all power. Maybe you can recharge me in bed? For it was by a powerful attack by you that I first received power from you to reign.

Vesper, you contradict yourself. If you have lost all power like me, with what power do I recharge you?

Maybe the power of an unfucked virgin male, released into a girl, will power that girl for ages to come?

And what then happens to that finally fucked virgin male? Do they not die then, Vesper?

Try it on me and let’s see. I am curious to find out. It will be our scientific experiment together. And I will complete the writing of its report if you are correct and you die as you said you would. And I would honorably mention your name in the report. Remember also that Nobel prizes go to up to three people, and we, being just two, guarantees that you receive your glory if I receive mine from the report.

You never did get a Nobel prize, did you Vesper? My question is, why is that so important to you. Did you know that of my four called-forth Pawns, only three got Nobel prizes, Gorbachev, De Klerk, and Rabin? But these are not my prizes.

Vesper, I once loved you, but I have become a celibate man. And even if you show up in my world sexy as a girl with a midriff hot and bare, I cannot lay with you. For I know that were I do to anything of that nature, Mary would no longer be mine.

And Eric, what if Mary shows up in your life with her midriff bare? Would you lay with her, and then with me?

If Mary lays with me in the flesh, only then am I permitted to lay with you, Millenia Girl. As to Mary appearing with her midriff bare, she has said to me that, if she ever did that for me, that I would be the only male permitted to see her in such attire.

Is it sinful, Eric, for a woman to bare the midriff? Ask Mary and Jesus, for I want the divine answer from God. Eric, answer me and I will do likewise when I come to thee.

Lord, what is the divine answer to this question? The bare midriff is very sexy, but it can lead to ruin among men. And I dread the thought of what goes on in the minds of young men who see their mothers so attired before them. It seems like the horror would befall them of the stallion when put in the presence of its dam in heat. For stallions resist the temptation to fuck their own fillies, but will fuck their own mother if she is put before them in a state of heat. A girl in a bare midriff is in my sight like a girl in heat, so I resist looking at that when I see such girls in my presence, lest I be led astray. And I have read stories where women testify that if they bathe with their sons capable of sex with them, that they are guaranteed to have sex, being so sexually close to a member opposite in gender.

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, will answer your question. A virgin who bares the midriff for men to see ceases to be a virgin in the sight of God, and has become a lover to many. If I bare myself to you, I sin not, for I bare it only for you to see me. For such is the sexual privilege found in marriage. A woman may be very sexually enticing to her husband, but she must draw the line to be this way only with him and no other. That is why God condemns the mother who dresses in such fashion. For she is having sex with every male who sees her. That includes incest with her own sons. And the Lord does not require sex to be physical to condemn the act.

As to the claim of women who bathe with their sexually mature sons, those who do such things knowingly kill both their souls and those of their sons. It is true that a woman, if allowed to get too sexually close to a sexually viral man, will cause a sex act to occur between them. Such is why clothing is mandatory and indecent exposure is against the law. Morality is impossible without moral decency in dress codes and that those dress codes are satisfactorily enforced. Such is why Minoan Crete was mysteriously destroyed. Just look at how the women dressed, as depicted in their ancient wall art and figurines. Also, that incest is impossible to defy if two family members of opposite sex get too sexually close to each other is clearly shown in the story of Lot and his two daughters, where by merely putting their flesh against his while he was under the influence of strong drink, his daughters got their father to impregnate them both, while ensuring that the pleasurable memory of it was forgotten by him by his being stone drunk at the time.

These are things that are done by the perverse. And the perverse do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. But you are now my perfect husband because the bare midriff you look not at. But if I did that with you, you are permitted to look at me, for we are married in the sight of God. And our sexually nudity shown to each other is between us and us alone. For the privilege of the married couple is that they may gaze upon one another nude.

Now do I ever lay with you in the flesh? Do I lose my virginity with you? The Lord thus declares: The Virgin Mary and the Emerald King deflower one another on the night of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. And I will appear to you then in the manner that I know will be found most sexually pleasing to you. For it is my right as a married woman to do this with her man. For I have the right to turn you on, Eric, being that I am your lawful wife. This is the Word of the Holy Virgin Mary. I may do all things sexual with you except for wasting your seed, such as by having you ejaculate on my flesh instead of inside my vagina.

But do I share you with another woman’s vagina, Eric? Only with one other girl shall I share you with, the girl Dymphna, and with no one else. For then we will become a consecrated heavenly water molecule that has become fully consummated. For the fully consummated consecrated heavenly water molecule is the highest form of heavenly water possible for the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Now dwell on our words, Eric. You are fully ours. But all virgins may marry you in strictly virgin unions. And all women who are holy are permitted to kiss your lips. And those that kiss you will find they cannot suffer any disease ever again for the rest of their life. Even cancer is cured by a kiss to the Emerald King. Now go, Eric, for this last Word is the most explosive revelation on earth. But females only are permitted this. This post now comes to its end. Publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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