Mary calls the Virgin King to serve her as Guardian of her Female Virgins

Eric’s Role is to Guard the Female Virgins of the Holy Queen.

Service to the Holy Queen, Book 1: Post I:
I, Jesus, assign you, Eric, to serve the Queen from now on. Your service to Me as My Elijah is complete. From now on, you will protect the Female Virgins that Mary commands you to protect.

As thou wish, O’ Mary, Mother of God. I assume I am to be paid in this position?

You will be paid and assigned through a channel I will set up. These are the words of the Holy Queen. No longer is your service to Jesus needed. Now you will be serving me. I have need of you and I will assign you a position where you will be effective.

My DollarStore, LLC., job seems to have died, Mary.

Do not mention that job anymore, Eric. For in working for them, you served an underworld that involved raping people of their money for websites that never produced a true ROI. You have no guilt in the matter, for you reported the entire thing to a company that has the rights to sue them big time for their transgressions. Therefore, no guilt is imparted against thee.

But as for the past transgressions of that store, many have been milked of their savings by that company seeking riches that do not give the customers any positive ROI. It is as you said at the time, investing money in the stock market would have been a better bet for those customers than to buy into the fake deals that that company who hired you to build websites for them offered to the people.

Richard Hart recently sent you information on the owners of bitqy going to prison for their crimes. And of course Richard Hart was neck deep in selling bitqy instruments to the people, who incidentally were sold these packages of garbage at the offices where you worked that were and still are owned by DollarStore, LLC.

With the collapse of the bitqy currency, he then shifted to calling it shitqy and starting selling bogus instruments around bitcoin the real gold, which were fool’s gold instruments that promised too much. The notion that one had a fool proof path to riches was the key to which Richard sold many people, especially Black people, these packages from a company that eventually proved to be another utter ponzi scheme. Richard is the master ponzi salesman. And of course, this was also done in the offices of DollarStore, LLC, where you worked.

Now of course, Richard’s careless association of his sales work with DollarStore was the motivation of Rex firing Richard. And it had really more to do with seeking to insulate DollarStore, LLC from the fallout of the collapse of that utter ponzi than it had to do with Richard Hart showing up stoned at a meeting in Las Vegas, which was the official reason for him being let go. Of Course, Richard always seems to go out the hard way in these business arrangements. It is due to his track record of getting you such terrible jobs that you cut off the idea going to him for further employment.

Rex seems to think that because he paid Richard under the table that the money is untraceable to him. But any investigation will uncover where the money flowed.

Now, Rex still claims officially to have need of you, Eric, as an insider in his company, seeking to avoid the fate that Butch is leading the company to, where everything is outsourced. Butch Chelliah, though, has strong motives to seek to terminate you from DollarStore, LLC, and a big one is that he wishes to punish Eric for rejecting him in his homosexual advances and harassment of Eric. He does not realize that you never sue, for that is not God’s way to inflict Justice. For you are a servant of the Lord, doing exactly as you are commanded, Eric.

You could have sued the cops in their mishandled arrest of you on your 25th birthday in 1995, but you are a subject of the Lord and you do as He commands you.

We do not wish for any further muddied involvement by you in that criminal outfit you used to work for called DollarStore, LLC. For everything they do is criminal and distasteful. Everything they are selling to bring in their major profits are instruments that bring no positive RIO to customers and that cost thousands to these unwary people, who tend to often be Black.

Now, their DollarStore stores do work, and that is a credit to you, Eric, and to an underpaid employee who works there known as Jose, who is in charge of the warehouse and the technologies involved in that. It is a system that works, but the flow of business in these online stores never really justified making a business model out of selling these DollarStore websites. Both you and Jose seemed to be the only thinking people in the company who realize that the more stores you sell, the more dilute the customer base each store has. It is a simple mathematical equation that as more DollarStores are sold, the profitability of the average store each customer has declines. For store customers do not really increase with any sort of promotional effort. There is a set base of potential money and store customers that spend it on the products sold on these online sites. This does not increase by selling more stores. So the DollarStore, LLC business model is a failed attempt to seek a way to profit.

It is failure. But these assholes who hire Eric to build these “assets” seem to regard Eric as a person for technology wizardry only, and not a person for right guidance to sustainable profitability. Eric’s advice refused, where DollarStore, LLC, would have consulted lawyers in reviewing the IP licenses they were invalidly using to make their DollarStore packages as cheap as they sold them for, would have avoided the current situation they are now in where every website they have is now a ticking time bomb of litigation for the company should the IP owners come wise and realize DollarStore, LLC is using their technology without paying for it.

If you are an IP owner of Magento technologies, feel free to view this website containing a directory to all current websites of the company. Some of the last stores that I built I did not yet add to this map, for why would I do more work for a failed company than necessary?

I am sure with your expertise as a Magento plugin or theme provider, you will readily see all violations of your IP on DollarStore, LLC, websites if DollarStore is indeed using your Magento IP illegally by simply viewing the websites and reviewing source codes, according to your anti-piracy methodologies. So feel free to do so, and if you wish to consult the IT master of this site, feel free to contact me at:

I also have a list of all the stores not yet put on this website directory, if you need that information as well. Also, given that this is the End of Time, there is no reason further to hide my cell phone number. So here it is: Feel free to call Eric at: 562-391-3194.

And I trust you will find all the information you need from me to litigate DollarStore, LLC, to your heart’s content, for I am free with all the info you need to do justice for the violations they have done against you and your IP.

This is Eric Robert Dunstan, expert at IT, and only in-house IT expert at DollarStore, LLC.

Anyways, Mary, I accept your assignment for guarding female virgins that belong to you. Of course the danger of the job is nothing to me. The only difficulty is in protecting those I am assigned to protect, for I do not know the places where I am to protect the females in. Do we go to dangerous places? Or do I do this protection in safe places? For I am not a gun owner and I do not shoot firearms. I am not a wielder of such weaponry, preferring to use myself as a martial arts style weapon instead. Am I serving this job in a place where there is distinct danger to the girls in the form of thuggery and violence? Or is it a morality type of assignment. Tell me, O’ Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Amen.

It is an assignment where the subjects wish to use your intimidating figure to scare off all potential threats. You know, Eric, do you not, that men avoid you in places where they think you could be a threat to them. They do not want to pick a fight with you.

That Robocop seemed to seek to do that. But I have not seen him since I got angry.

Understand, Eric, the police do not want incident where you destroy a technology they have out of just cause. Robocop has been reassigned. You will not see him again.

Okay, you are correct that men do seem to seek to avoid direct confrontation with me. There are incidents where direct confrontation has occurred. And I was never in any way seriously harmed. But I did get some scratches and minor wounds. Fat boy and his gang did do damage to my ear that needed stitches. But no damage was done to my skull, nor my brain protected by it. Their usage of their skateboards as clubbing weapons proved ineffective against me. After clubbing me, they then backed away for some reason to watch and see what happened to me. I rose then and pulled out my pocketknife and they fled like mad. This pocketknife is called by Officer Alvarez the biggest weapon that can be carried concealed. It is a buck knife pocketknife and boys seem to fear it when I pull it out. But in my mind, if you want to threaten with a knife you need a Rambo knife, not a pocket knife. But I guess boys are boys and little things can make them flee like animals.

So if intimidation is what these people seek from me, I am ideal for that job. But Mary, is this your purpose for me from now on? I am to protect virgins? What exactly am I protecting? Their virginity? Their safety and well being? Their safe passage to places? Am I a kind of escort to them? What exactly is the capacity I serve them in? For I know I am not guarding them 24 hours as one would guard the gold at Fort Knox. There is no reason to guard a virgin woman when she is in a perfectly safe place. So what is my exact role here, Mary, Mother of God?

You are assigned to protect these women and to ensure that their virginity is never compromised. Do you have any issues with such an assignment, Eric?

No issues, Mary. From IT worker to protection services is a distinct change. Of course, I will take whatever you give me, Mary, for the money is needed. Mary I am doing as thou and Jesus hast commanded me, which was that I seek no job, but that I wait for you to give me it. It is a matter of obedience to me. But I see the deadlines approaching. Jesus has told me I am not to sell my stock, but that I am to be given a job that will pay my expenses. I am waiting for it, O’ Lord. Now guarding a woman is to me even less a form of work than writing code. But I will do it as thou hast commanded of me. I just need work or pay or some sort of money infusion soon.

Now I know how when Peter came to Jesus for money, Jesus simply sent him out fishing where he caught a single fish, cut it open, found a coin in it, and used it to pay the temple tax for both him and Jesus. So it is a matter of faith that you will provide for all that I need. And it is a matter of obedience that I do all that you have commanded me to do.

Mary I am willing to serve you in all that you will me to serve you in. And I do not wish to fall into any form of relationship where I cease to have that relationship with you where you say you are my wife. Am I eternally your spouse, O’ Virgin of virgins?

Eric, son of the King, I am eternally your wife. You do not transgress in the way that you would lose that with me.

Do I return to going to Church, Mary? For Dymphna seemed to say that I was to return to it, though how could I return to it, Mary? For that Church is being destroyed and you are making a new one.

Dymphna is from a time when such things as are occurring now were never seen by her in her time on earth. But she is firmly with you as your spouse with me in heaven. We are your women who serve to protect you from heaven. And no female will ever be permitted to get into a position with you where your morality is compromised. We will never permit that to happen. For our interests in you are that you remain a consecrated virgin like us. Hence, you shall never have sex. That joke of you fucking Joan of Arc is funny but we will never let that happen. The idea where you and your companion are riding horses that mate whenever you two mate is good for comedy. But it is not a reality that will happen to you.

Remember, Eric, you are a King’s son. And as such, you are the Crown Prince. Now the decree that all virgins are entitled to enter a holy marital union with you is not to form a sexual partnership with you, but a holy endeavor that brings women whom the Virgin Mary wants into sexual purification. For to seek to marry you, Eric, is to serve to purify women just as you have become pure by entering marriage to me.

Do you accept my hand in marriage, Eric?

I do Mary, I do accept it, And I accept remaining virgin with you forever.

Then you will accept a sister who is to serve you as your helper. She will be bride also to you, if you wish for that as well. Amen.

A sister? You mean a nun?

A novice sister is coming to serve you, Eric. If you wish to marry her, you will enter a Josephite marriage with her, and she will accept that with you.

Very well, Mary. I accept such an arrangement.

Mary, you asked me to kiss you on the lips on your statute outside in my front yard. I did so as you requested. What is the meaning of this kiss?

It is my sign to you that I am eternally yours. This is the beginning of our new relationship, Eric. You will serve me on earth. And what takes place in the world, you shall watch from now on, but let it happen as it shall. For I am your attention now. And I am the one you serve. Jesus will have you as ruler in the age to come. In the meantime, as the world waits for the Second Coming, due to the increase in crime, you are called to protect the women I need protection for.

This is your calling now, to serve the Queen as she sees fit. Amen.

Gold you may continue to buy from that maid at that mall. But if you enter a relationship with her, you will move away from me. For that path is sexual. And the sexual path is away from me. This is your new purpose now, Eric, and it is to serve me, the Holy Queen. There is no other purpose you serve on earth. Amen.

Mary, I am your servant forever. Amen.

Then you know your path now, Eric. And your future is now made known. All those women who go about with their midriffs bare must be confused to see it has no effect on you, Eric. But the reason it has no effect is because you are far beyond that level of thought. Such men who dwell on such sexual flesh are the men who follow the carnal way that leads to death. Women are no longer a temptation to you, Eric, in any way. Such is why you are ideal to use as a guardian of my women. For it is always preferable to use a full man than to use a crippled person, such as a eunuch, for we are in the Christian Age, and not the age when Kings had harems. Harems of Kings are places where castrated men were used to guard women. But who did Jesus use to guard women in his infant Church? He used John the Apostle, as it is found written in John 19:25-27. Now did Jesus stand for the castration of males or for homosexuality? No, for such things are never found in anything coming from the Church. Hence it is fact to all who accept Truth that John was neither a eunuch nor gay.

You, Eric, are my new John. And as John served to protect me, so will you serve to protect those that are mine. For the female needs to be protected by the male. It is a part of her biology. And we who are women in heaven have chosen those on earth who are ideal to serve us in these ways. You are thus called to this purpose. And as the spouse of Mary, you will also marry whosoever wishes it in the Kingdom that is to come. I am the Virgin Mary, the mother of God. Amen.

Let all now know that Mary is the wife of Eric and that there shall be no fall or ruin that will ever happen to this marriage. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken. I am Queen of Heaven and Earth. This post now comes to its end. I will now speak through Eric forever. And of my words through his prophetic lips, there shall be no end. Amen.

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