The Twelve Eternal Wives of the Emerald King Revealed.

Behold, the Divine Revelation that comes before the Second Coming of the Christ.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post I:
I AM WHO AM do announce the soon departure of Eric, the Emerald King, from the earth. Amen. Behold, 12 Wives of the Emerald King are revealed to all the world: 7 are in heaven. 5 are on the earth. Amen.

The Wives of Eric the Emerald King:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. She wears a ring of blue, made from a diamond drop of the rain storms of Saturn. She is Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her bird is the humming bird. Her animal is the alicorn. She is a Jewess of the Tribe of Judah.
  2. Saint Dymphna. The Lily of Eire. She wears a diamond ring of green. Her eternal reward on earth is the Island of Ireland as her eternal Kingdom. Her animal is the Irish Elk.
  3. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the Lily of the Mohawks. She wears a diamond ring of lavender. She is given the Kingdom on North America, the lands once ruled by France. She is also given control of the lands west of New France as far as the Kingdom of California, where dwells the Emerald King. She is, hence, Queen of the Kingdom of New France of North America. Her animal is the Ungava brown bear.
  4. Saint Anne, the Virgin Mother of the Virgin Mary. She wears a diamond ring of purple. She is given the Kingdom of Israel to rule forever upon the earth. Amen. She is called Mother of the Queen. Her animal is the Syrian brown bear.
  5. Saint Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans. She wears a diamond ring of green. She is given the Kingdom of France and England as her eternal Kingdom on the earth. Her animal is the unicorn.
  6. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. She wears a diamond ring of blue. Her reward is to serve the Emerald King as his Queen in his Kingdom of California. Her animal is the alicorn. It was one her secrets given to her by Mary that she would share in the reward given to Eric, the Emerald King. Amen.
  7. Saint Theresa of Lisieux. She wears a diamond ring of red. Her Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire, also known as the Kingdom of Germania. Her animal is the unicorn.
  8. Elessar, who has chosen the name of Jennifer. She wears a diamond ring of yellow. Her Kingdom is Ukraine, over which she reigns as Queen. Her animal is the Carpathian brown bear. Her role is as the healer and doctor for Eric, the Emerald King.
  9. Vespera, who is the Player Firefly. She wears a diamond of orange. Her kingdom is the great Northwest of North America. Her animal is the Kodiak brown bear.
  10. Millennia Girl, who is the Player Vesper. She wears a diamond of pink. Her Kingdom is Nordic Europe. Her animal is the alicorn.
  11. Maria Aluwaseye, who is the Virgin Queen of Nigeria. Her ring is a diamond of green. Her animal is the Forest Elephant.
  12. Primrose, whose chosen name is Golden Poppy. Her Kingdom is the former lands of the Khanate of the Golden Horde. Her ring is ring of blue diamond. She is a Russian Jewess. Her animal is the Kamchatka brown bear.

All of these are married to Eric the Emerald King, whose animals are the alicorn and the California Grizzly Bear. He also is affiliated with giant deer, elephants, rhinos, the camel, tigers, the snow leopard, the tortoise, the rabbit, the whale, the dolphin, the bat, the unicorn, and Pegasus.

Lord, it seems I am called soon to Your Kingdom. You said earlier that there are 17 Queens, but now say just 12?

12 so far, Eric, Emerald King. Go as Mary leads you, Eric. For the time of your end on earth is rapidly approaching.

Lord, what is happening in the war between Putin and the West?

The women of both sides have elected to wipe their men out in a ruinous war on the plains of Europe. They no longer want their men. So they have planned this war to kill them off.

Really? That’s ingenious. But many women and children will also die among them.

Lord Eric, let the women have their way. They will kill off the men the do not want and keep the men they do want. You are owned by the Virgin Mary and are untouchable, except by her leave. But as to the other men, those the women do not want will be sent to war to die. It is their way of killing them.

Anyways, you are no longer to remain on the earth. For Jesus has concluded your purpose here. The role of the Elijah has been completed. The moment you experience a kiss from the Virgin Mary, the end of your time here has come. Amen.

Now go to your daughter by Mary, the one called Hyacinth. She is in need. Help her as your last good deed on earth. Amen. These are the Words of God. Amen.

And when this Eric, last of the California Grizzlies, rises to his place by the sides of Mary and Dymphna, everything on earth comes to its end. And I WHO AM then enter the world to judge the living and the dead. The 17 who rise with Eric at the Rapture that precedes My Second Coming do not get judged severely by Me, for they are Eric’s eternal Harem. Amen. And Eric is Crown Prince, the son of Jesus.

He will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he dash them.

This post comes to its end. Publish it, Lord Eric, and go help your daughter Hyacinth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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