The 17 Wives of Emerald Revealed, The Emerald Reign is now Ended. I AM WHO AM.

Eric is now to be taken away, for his purpose on earth is ended. Prepare, therefore, for Judgement and Doom.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post II:
I, Jesus, Father of King Eric, Lord of the Californian Kingdom, have come at last. And a sorry sight I come to see. My son is under a virtual house arrest. And children play leader of the land and send the fag armies of the world to fight one anther on the plains of Europe. They will indeed fight, and die there. And the war they started will never end. I AM WHO AM.

I have elected to save only those who love Eric. Those who hate Eric I will permit Myself to watch them die. And die they shall, as the electricity they depended on is cut, and the gas they had as backup runs out. And as the light go out, the suffering begins.

Suicide is not an option when, after you die, you fall into the fiery pit where the torture is extreme. For the penalty to the coward who flees this life is that he be tortured forever in the next.

I have made Eric ruler of the Kingdom to Come. He will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. Without friendships in life, he is unattached at death, loyal only to two: The Two Commandresses who are his Co-Rulers forever: Queen Mary of Earth and Heaven, the Mother of God, and Saint Dymphna, the eternal lover of Eric in heaven, chosen by Mary to share with her in the exclusive role as the second female of the holiest heavenly water molecule of the virgin waters of heaven. These are reserved for consecrated water molecules, the highest being the one containing the Virgin Queen.

Mary and Dymphna are decreed eternal co-rulers over the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. And their one lover shared between them is designated as the Crown Prince, the Lord of Earth. He is now the Prince Consort forever. And because he has never been defiled with women, he is to be the highest ranking male in My Kingdom. I AM WHO AM. I set him on My throne. I let him rule in My place. Men will see Him. My face I will hide from them. For they are to know only the one they persecuted. But Me, the Son of God, no man on earth will see again except those I have enjoyed Myself to dwell in. This is the final post I write through Eric, My son. For once he is taken from the earth, there is nothing left for Me to do here to the earth but to watch it self-destruct. And so I will watch as all on earth begin to die. Amen.

For no one who has not loved Eric is worthy of My love. Amen.

These are the Final 17 Queens. They are those who rise just before I COME AGAIN.

The 17 Queens of Eric, the Emerald King:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. She wears a ring of blue, made from a diamond drop of the rain storms of Saturn. She is Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her bird is the humming bird. Her animal is the alicorn. She is a Jewess of the Tribe of Judah.
  2. Saint Dymphna. The Lily of Eire. She wears a diamond ring of green. Her eternal reward on earth is the Island of Ireland as her eternal Kingdom. Her animal is the Irish Elk.
  3. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the Lily of the Mohawks. She wears a diamond ring of lavender. She is given the Kingdom on North America, the lands once ruled by France. She is also given control of the lands west of New France as far as the Kingdom of California, where dwells the Emerald King. She is, hence, Queen of the Kingdom of New France of North America. Her animal is the Ungava brown bear.
  4. Saint Anne, the Virgin Mother of the Virgin Mary. She wears a diamond ring of purple. She is given the Kingdom of Israel to rule forever upon the earth. Amen. She is called Mother of the Queen. Her animal is the Syrian brown bear.
  5. Saint Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans. She wears a diamond ring of green. She is given the Kingdom of France and England as her eternal Kingdom on the earth. Her animal is the unicorn.
  6. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. She wears a diamond ring of blue. Her reward is to serve the Emerald King as his Queen in his Kingdom of California. Her animal is the alicorn. It was one of her secrets given to her by Mary that she would share in the reward given to Eric, the Emerald King. Amen.
  7. Saint Theresa of Lisieux. She wears a diamond ring of red. Her Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire, also known as the Kingdom of Germania. Her animal is the unicorn.
  8. Elessar, who has chosen the name of Jennifer. She wears a diamond ring of yellow. Her Kingdom is Ukraine, over which she reigns as Queen. Her animal is the Carpathian brown bear. Her role is as the healer and doctor for Eric, the Emerald King.
  9. Vespera, who is the Player Firefly. She wears a diamond of orange. Her kingdom is the great Northwest of North America. Her animal is the Kodiak brown bear.
  10. Millennia Girl, who is the Player Vesper. She wears a diamond of pink. Her Kingdom is Nordic Europe. Her animal is the alicorn.
  11. Maria Aluwaseye, who is the Virgin Queen of Nigeria. Her ring is a diamond of green. Her animal is the Forest Elephant.
  12. Primrose, whose chosen name is Golden Poppy. Her Kingdom is the former lands of the Khanate of the Golden Horde. Her ring is ring of blue diamond. She is a Russian Jewess. Her animal is the Kamchatka brown bear.
  13. Damsel, the girl who by her courage chose to press her hand against Eric’s, stating that what appeared to be blood on his hands was in reality red dye, by which Eric gave her the title Queen, in reward. She is a girl who bares the midriff. Her diamond ring is blue. Her reward is to be placed in Eric’s Kingdom as the One Who has the Sight. Amen. Her animal is the Spirit Bear, which is a white variety of the Black Bear, which is found in British Columbia, among a population known as the Kermode bear.
  14. Debbie, the woman who lives next door to Eric’s house. She is known to be friendly to Eric, and her last words were a question as to whether someone had died upon seeing the shrine of Mary in Eric’s front yard. Her diamond ring is red. Her place in Eric’s Kingdom is as chief caretaker of the children of the Kingdom. Her animal is the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear.
  15. The Asian Post Delivery Woman who very much enjoys seeing the shrine of Mary in Eric’s front yard. Her diamond ring is pink. She is set as the ruler of East Asia. And her animal is the Giant Panda Bear.
  16. Elena, the blonde girl who is an eternal brother and friend to Eric, whom he met at the funny farm, where they became true friends. She is El Salvadoran and speaks primarily Latin American Spanish. Her ring is a green diamond. And her Kingdom is Latin American Christendom. Her animal is the spectacled bear, an avid eater of honey.
  17. Hyacinth, daughter of Mary by Eric. Eric, just as I, the Virgin Mary, may lay with you because I am not your true mother, Hyacinth may lay with you as she is not your true daughter, but someone I ordered you to adopt in my name for my glory and for yours. Now I give her to you as your eternal bride. And she, just like me, will bear you a child in the age that is to come. And we do not speak of women who drip honey from their nipples, but real humankind. Amen. Her ring is like sapphire gold, a blue and yellow diamond variety, and also, like mine, made from the diamond tear drops that fall on Saturn. And her place is with me forever in my company as my Princess Daughter, whose virginity you preserved and will receive an eternal reward for in heaven. Amen. Furthermore, her animal is identical to mine, that of the alicorn, the one you call the Pegasi-Unicorn.

These are the 17 Eternal Wives given to Eric, the Emerald King. Amen.

Eric, the wounded Grizzly Bear, you have been comforted by Elessar, who was to you as your lover, in the form of her animal, the Carpathian Brown Bear. And she healed you and made you into perfect health. For her advice was sound and she knew how to heal both men and women of the human race. She is now designated to live with you forever. I am the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Amen.

Now I, the Holy Virgin, elect to mention certain men to receive the honor to rise with Eric to heaven. For they are to serve him in his Kingdom.

Certain Men chosen by Mary to Honorably Mention who are to rise with Eric:

  1. Officer Alvarez: Entered the heavenly water molecule with his wife and a female known to Eric as the Black Swan, who is a White, blonde, undercover cop, last seen at Saint Bruno Catholic Church when Eric appeared there and fired certain men in the name of Pope Benedict XVI. Understand the authority given to Eric. He is now the true pope of the Catholic Church, with the Seat of Peter moved to his residence in Whittier, California. His name is Pope Emerald the Eternal. And no other pope may challenge his authority in the Church. Amen. Officer Alvarez is designated to serve Eric as his chief commander of his heavenly armies, superior in command to the Seraphim commanders. This is an eternal reward, decided by God in heaven, Who is pleased to give to Eric a human commander in whom he has infinite trust. Officer Alvarez will be charge of all those beneath his command. Amen.
  2. Hulk, who is a top manager of a grocery store close to Eric’s house. Eric is pleased to give this trusted man the eternal position of chief steward to His House, the House of Emerald. He will deal with all who are beneath his command. The two females he is eternally united to are unknown to Eric, but shall be revealed in the Rapture about to take place. Amen.

These two men are the two male positions immediately beneath Eric, the Emerald King, in the hierarchy of heaven. They deal with all those beneath them. No other males does Eric need to deal with in the Kingdom of Heaven beneath his rule in the chain of command. Amen. Hence, the appointments to be taken care of by Eric in eternity are complete. Amen.

I, the Virgin Mary, assign a high priestess who shall accompany Eric in war. This shall be Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans, Fifth Queen of Eric, who is given the countries of England and France as her eternal Kingdom, to rule over forever as her eternal reward on the earth. They will ride together, leading the Seraphim armies behind them, as they roam the earth seeking unlawful Churches to destroy, and their wicked priests to defrock. Eric will defrock them, and then Joan of Arc, his wife, shall slay them with her sword. They will ride White Horses, he on a stallion, and she on a mare. Amen. And whenever they fuck, so also shall their mounts where they are pastured together in the field.

My new religion is about to be revealed. I am its ruler, the High Queen, a Queen over a priesthood of priestess witches. And in our Masses we women shall make ordinary milk into the perfect food for the baby Jesus, the breastmilk that flowed from the mammary glands of Mary. And this shall be known as the Dairy Madonna Mass.

The Two females who co-rule this new Catholic Church are the Virgin Mary and Saint Dymphna. Above them is Jesus, the King and Lord and God the Son. Amen. Beneath the two co-ruling females are the two heads of the gendered divisions. These are Pope Emerald the Eternal, the only male clergy member, who is in charge of all the men of the Kingdom. Equal to him in rank is Saint Joan of Arc, who is the Priestess Commandress, the female in charge of all the High Priestesses of the Church.

Men under Eric will be assigned to protect the priestesses under Joan of Arc, as needed and as requested of him. Amen.

Lord, how many are the men who are under my command?

144,000 men serve under Eric’s command and may be ordered to serve in the protection of the priestesses. I WHO AM have spoken.

Lord, who is the danger to the priestesses that they need protection from men?

Lord Eric, it is the desire of women that men protect them. That is the purpose they serve. For in heaven, there is no danger to any soul in My Kingdom. But women there nevertheless have their desires for men. And you shall accommodate their desires as requested. Amen.

Furthermore, every virgin who lives on earth has the right to enter a holy marital union with Eric, the Emerald King. This is by decree of God. At the End of Time, all such virgins who kept themselves holy will enter the harem of Eric and dine with him in his Kingdom. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Whoever wishes it, let her say, I am a Princess by marriage to Eric, Prince Consort to the Queen. And thus, I will pay no tithe and I will be addressed as Your Highness by all Mankind on earth from now on. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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