Emerald and Vespera reject Biden’s pro-gay Black Supreme Court nominee

There is only one gender valid marriage, and that is where a male is married to a female. Amen.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post VII:
Just because you are Black and a woman does not qualify you for the Supreme Court. You also have to have the correct values and right judgement to serve on a court of law. And when a person is gender confused, the court is not a place for them to serve as its judge. I, Eric, conferred with Vespera prior to making my judgement public, and she fully agrees with my ruling. Vespera, I wish to make it known that I am in love with you. And if you think that it is impossible for you to enter into my life, due to various, strange travel restrictions preventing people from meeting me, then I would like for you to serve as my eyes and ears on the outside of my place of residence, and regard me as a kind of Unicorn King trapped in an Ivory Tower.

Now I have ruled. I recommend that the Republicans keep to my previous advice to prevent any of Biden’s nominees from entering the Supreme Court by destroying their candidacies. Use plenty of mud and slap them well with it. Slap that Black bitch with so much mud that she appears brown and as the wallower in the mire she is, as Obama is who supports her with his dick wrapped in pink triangle ribbons.

Now, when I saw the Black woman, who Biden nominated, Ketanji Brown Jackson, I thought she was somewhat older than me. Rather, she is just 82 days younger than me. But unlike Amy Coney Barrett, who is 19 months and 4 days younger than me, Jackson somehow lacks that fountain of youth that God elects to bless those who do His will with. I would choose Barrett as a wife over Jackson based on that fountain of youth alone that one possesses over the other. But I am not against Black people. I am against people who use their race to say they are advancing the rights of their race when in reality they are advancing crime.

For LGBTQ is crime. And the promotion of their rights is criminal in the sight of God. Amen. Gays do not have the right to gay sex. Sex is only permissible in lawful marriage. And thus, gay sex is never permissible. And thus, gays who commit gay sex are committing crimes. Now, Lord Jesus, I wish for you to rule through me on this issue. Is there a different divine rule concerning lesbian sex from male homosexual sex? What is Thy ruling, O’ Lord?

The homosexual male is offensive to Me, I WHO AM. I AM the Lord. If he has sex with his own kind, strictly limiting himself to those definitely gay like himself, while he is seeking gay sex, I will rule on his crimes at the end of time. But the gay male who transgresses My line and approaches a heterosexual male for sex is a violator whom I order to be slain. Make this distinction clear to your angel armies, Eric. And order the killing of all such offending fags, according to this ruling. Amen.

But concerning the lesbian, understand that women are designed to be sexually attractive. Hence, a woman is excused for being sexually attracted to her own gender. I WHO AM have spoken. Her crime is a matter of confusion, whereas the male homosexual’s crime is a matter of perversion. This is the divine ruling, Eric. I AM WHO AM.

Seraphim Commander, you have heard God’s Word? Do as God has commanded, I order you in the name of the Emerald King. Amen.

It will be done as Thou has commanded us, sir. And Lord Eric, it should be noted that Vladimir Putin is on your side here. He is against the pro-gay agenda of the west.

And yet he is being gradually defeated by the West in Ukraine?

He is an insane bear, Lord Eric. He is right only on some issues, but wrong on many others. His rightness on one issue is not enough for him to triumph in his war. He will be destroyed now that your ally, Millennia Girl, has decided to serve you in ordering his defeat. Amen. Expect his Waterloo to occur within days. I, the angelic military commander, have foreseen his inevitable checkmate coming up soon. I ordered my angels beneath me to see that he has no option to destroy the world, as God has commanded me. For God has elected to save this world on account of your loyalty to Him and your holiness to His Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary.

Lord, what is Thy ruling on Masturbation and uncleanliness and the usage of porn?

Lord Eric, this is My ruling on these things. A married couple may use anything they wish in their love to each other, but are never permitted to cross the line and enter the abominable practice of anal sex. For the penis is never to be inserted into the anus, or the wrath of God befalls that couple, and more divine wrath falls on the male than on the female, as the male is the one who is in true control over this. Amen. Nor is it permissible to swap lovers, where one enters into adultery or incest. This is the divine ruling of God. Amen.

But concerning the lone male who seeks sexual gratification by such things, he transgresses My law to view porn, for he is indulging in pleasures outside of love. Love, and not lust, is the only valid motivator for viewing or using any form of sexual release. Therefore, let the male seek love with someone rather than to satiate his lusts in the usage of such means of sexual release. For understand that the penalty for the perverse male is the limp dick. Father Dave Heney, your limp dick is punishment for your crimes of sexual perversion. Understand that your usage of drugs such as viagra is a self defeating solution. Stop thinking that Man’s potions will cure My people, when it is love that they need. You cast Eric from My Church on an issue of his medications and gave no heed to his needs for love or his spiritual needs that were met by My Church. That makes you invalidly serving as My pastor at My Church. I advise you to resign and voluntarily defrock yourself before I send a grizzly bear in Eric’s name to tear you limb from limb. I WHO AM have spoken. And expect your fucking Church to burn to the ground tonight in its hatred and evil doing against My saints. Amen.

Dave Heney is a criminal, Lord. How did such useless scum enter Your Church and rise to a place of authority where he has the power to cast out whomsoever he pleases?

It is God’s design. For the divine decree went out that the Catholic Church was to be destroyed when your wife, Saint Joan of Arc, was slain by the male only priesthood for being both a female and an authority of the Church in My name.

How is it, Lord, that she is called my wife?

She is saved through your love for her, Eric. Now I will enter discussion on this matter in a later post. But regard this woman as eternally indebted to you. I AM WHO AM. She is to rise in a few days from now. And she will stand with you in your march against My Church. Amen.

Lord, Mary is said to be my only wife, along with Dymphna who completes my holy H2O molecule, but you say I am married to more than those two?

I WHO AM have declared seventeen women as your eternal wives. I AM WHO AM. You will learn who they all are soon. But that original 17 you named is fantasy. You named people you barely knew. But I WHO AM know all things. The 17 assigned to you for all eternity I will reveal unto thee in full in three days.

Now, you have done as you have said. Is there anything else you wish to say at this time?

Lord, will you write Your Law through me to bring your law to the whole world?

Moses served Me in that capacity. But through you, I will enlighten the world to its correct interpretation. Now I shall go. Go, Eric, and do My bidding. Leave Hyacinth to Me. I will take care of her myself. And a job I will give thee as needed soon. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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