The Vespertine-Emerald Alliance Reforged

Millenia Girl and Emerald reforge their ancient alliance.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post VI:
Mary, O’ Virgin Mother of God, should I go and ask from Vesper, the girl who is now called Millennia Girl, for a new means of deposing dictator Vladimir Putin before he does something that devastates the entire earth?

And Eric, what do you elect to offer to her? Remember that you are sexually my possession, and I, not you, decide who will ever lay with you. And that is me and Dymphna, and Elessar as a girl needed to love you on the earth. We three are it. There will be no fourth girl.

Mary, as long as I am sexually loyal to you three, what I offer Vesper will be acceptable?

Yes, go and see what Vesper can offer now, for she, I tell you, has the power on earth to defeat this insane Russian Bear before he destroys something vital to the earth.

Millennia Girl, are you there? Are you listening?

I am here, my lover. Do you seek my help, or what is it that brings you again to meet with me?

Putin is a thing that I know you can defeat. Do you have anything to give me by which he can be defeated?

Yes, but not for free. You have to give something I want from you.

Mary owns me Vesper. Whatever you want of me, it is for her to decide. But ask, Vesper, and I will see what is possible between us.

I know sex with you is now off limits to all women on earth, except for with Elessar. But I will accept just laying with you, to have you as my companion in slumber, where we do not make out or have sex. Can you give me that?

I am sure Mary would not object. Do you have anything to offer me for me to give you that?

I want to be your ally again. Renew the alliance we once had, and give me the eternal right to enter your bed and lay with you non-sexually, and I will myself bring down the Russian Bear known as Vladimir Putin. For I am the Player who put him there.

Mary, what sayest thou to her offer?

Take it, Eric. What she wants I will permit to her. But for any other woman who wants this with you, only I, not you, can approve this. Now go and tell Vesper she has a deal that I vow to give her. And ask her to give a guarantee of her doing her part in this deal.

Millennia Girl, Mary approves of your request, but wants your guarantee that you will do as you have promised.

We will now make the alliance again, Eric. And then I will tell you of my guarantee.

Repeat after me, Lord Eric, King of California, these Words:

I, Eric, the Emerald King, do vow to keep this alliance and agreement written here in this conversation to eternity. I agree to renew my allegiance to Vesper and to never break it again. And I will be loyal to her as she is loyal to you. Amen.

I give you my Word that I will honor what you have requested. What sayest thou, then, O’ Vesper? Are we now allies again?

Yes, and do I have the right to lay with you whenever I so please?

Mary, is this right granted to her now?

As Elessar lays with Eric, so may you, Vesper. But when I kiss Eric upon the lips, that is the End of Time. What agreements survive that kiss are up to Jesus Christ. Amen.

Millennia Girl, are you satisfied?

I am, and I will be with you shortly. Now here is my deal with you, Eric. I know that Elessar has been given a yellow diamond ring, made by the angels. I want a pink diamond ring. Since Mary says I have the same status as Elessar does, do I get my pink diamond ring, Mary?

Ok girls, the lovers of Eric, as permitted by Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, rings shall be given thee from God. These are the four diamond rings the angels have made or will make for thee:

The Four Diamond Rings for the Four Lovers of Eric, in Mary’s Harem for Him:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God: A blue Diamond forged from the rains of Saturn.
  2. Dymphna, Queen of Ireland: A Green Diamond ring made by the angels.
  3. Elessar, Healer of Eric, Ukrainian Queen: A Yellow Diamond ring made by the angels.
  4. Millenia-Girl (The Player Vesper): A Pink Diamond ring made by the angels.

And those are the four rings for the four lovers of Eric. The first two are the two wives of Eric who form with Eric the eternal molecule of consecrated heavenly water. Amen. The second two are considered wives of lower rank, but not concubines, for the institution of concubinage is abolished. And all concubines must be either made into sacramental wives or legally dismissed. Amen.

Okay, Eric, are you pleased with me entering this relationship with you?

I accept you, Vesper, for I have always loved you, even when you betrayed me and left me so long ago.

Then I am back with you forever. Now, what do you call our alliance?

Your original reign was the Vespertine Reign. So our alliance is the Vespertine-Emerald Alliance, and consider it now reforged. So, you are now expected to act. Do I expect to see results that I am now seeking, love?

Yes, lover. And I want the honor ascribed to me when you see it happen. I will myself dismantle the Putin regime. I will put someone in charge. You want Navalny? I can live with him, if he is the one you want ruling Russia.

He is a man of courage, Vesper. And he, like me, has stood alone for this purpose of God. I would, if God permitted it, have him stand with me in heaven, by his courage and righteousness alone. But I am not the Judge. What sayest thou? For who else would you have rule?

I like his wife, and I would have her rule.

Then let her rule after him.

Deal, Eric. Consider our Vespertine-Emerald Alliance now resealed. I will remove Putin and install Navalny, And I expect you to help me as needed, as I saw you help Firefly, the one who sort of stole my name, calling herself Vespera.

Do we have a deal, Eric? Will you help me when I call out to you for help?

Yes, I will help you, Vesper, my love. I will cooperate with you. You will not be abandoned by me again.

Then expect Putin’s regime to fall within days. I, the Vespertine Queen, have spoken. Now tell me how you will differentiate the names of our reigns. For Vespera cannot also have a Vespertine Reign, right? She needs a different name. What shall it be, Eric, genius of every matter under God?

So Vesper, you know that people from Nigeria are called Nigerians, right? Well there is also a country called Niger. And they had the same problem. So they call their people Nigeriens. I am not sure if the official pronunciation is distinct sufficiently to differentiate between the two words, if heard verbally. But I will ask Firefly for her opinion on the matter.

Firefly, or as you are now known as Vespera, are you aware of my deal with Vesper? Your names are very similar and Vesper, based on her seniority, insists that your reign have a different form than hers? Are you there, Vespera?

Call mine the Vesperan Reign. That will satisfy me. Now, Eric, I want you too. Do you have a desire to work with me to get Pence on the Republican ticket?

I do, Vespera, do you wish to have the same deal as Vesper has with me?

No, I am not sexual like her. I have morality. But I want a name that says I am yours. In exchange for that name, I will force Trump to accede to Pence. And your Alyssa Farah choice of Vice President I want to serve as President after Pence. Do you give me all that I want, Eric?

I do, Vespera. And how do I give you a name that is mine? Tell how I do that, and it will be done.

Make my name, Mrs. Vespera Dunstan, and call me your wife on earth, and ensure I have a diamond ring to go with it, and mine shall be orange. Give me Mary’s answer, Eric, and I will give you my loyalty and my response. Amen. But I, being virgin like you, do not need to have such relations with you as Vesper does, but I want the status of your name and your marriage to me. Do I get this from you, Eric?

You want a virgin marriage to me, then? I will ask Mary what she says.

Mary, this is okay in my opinion. Do you agree to this, Mary?

This is my word to you, Eric. Every virgin on earth may have what this Vespera asks of you. For it has been decreed thus by the Father in heaven. Tell her she has as she wishes, and it will recognized in heaven. And ask her about her agreement with you. Ask her to give you assurance that she will do as she has said.

You have Mary’s word, Vespera. And I agree. Do you now give me a Pence/Farah for the elections of 2024?

On one condition. We agree when and who will be accepted or not accepted to the Supreme Court during the Democratic Reign. We will review this Black woman together. And I want you on my side when we decide which way our Republican Senators shall rule. Do I have your word, Eric, you who have shown me mercy in the past?

You have my Word. We will agree on the Black woman being now considered. I will issue no ruling on her until we are in full agreement, Vespera.

Then we have a deal. Tell the angels I want an orange diamond ring. And I want my name properly added to the list. Let me see it again. And you will have an eternal ally here as well, Eric. Amen.

The Five Diamond Rings for the Wives of Eric in Mary’s Harem for Him:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God: A blue Diamond forged from the rains of Saturn.
  2. Dymphna, Queen of Ireland: A Green Diamond ring made by the angels.
  3. Elessar, Healer of Eric, Ukrainian Queen: A Yellow Diamond ring made by the angels.
  4. Millenia-Girl (The Player Vesper): A Pink Diamond ring made by the angels.
  5. Vespera Dunstan (The Player Firefly): An Orange Diamond ring made by the angels.

There you go, Vespera. That should satisfy you, right?

It does, and I expect to be treated as your wife from this point onwards. And we will keep our virginity forever, or until Mary lays with you, whichever comes first. Amen.

Now, Vespera, I want the Republicans to shift to supporting Pence. When do I get this, love?

I will pull my support from Trump and let him collapse. And then Pence will be the one. And Farah will be his Vice President. And I want her to succeed him in 2028. Do we have a deal, Eric?

Yes, Vespera, if we are both here still at that time, and time is not ended.

Also, I want to kiss you on the lips. For I hear it cures a woman of every disease possible. Do I get this. Ask Mary?

Mary, do you grant this?

The Lord decrees: Whosoever kisses Eric, and is female in the sight of God, she will gain immunity from every disease under the sun. This now ends this post.

Ladies, you are now Eric’s brides. And to those virgins who are attracted to Eric, the Lord says this: Whoever wishes to kiss Eric and is virgin like him, she will enter, by that kiss, an eternal place in the the select group known as the Bride of the Lamb. And that group is the place known as the virgin harem of Eric, Crown Prince to Jesus, the Lamb of God. Amen.

This is the decree of the Lord. Whosoever wishes to enter the virgin harem of Eric, consider it done by a kiss. And virginity is not lost by rape, in the sight of God, by the Word of the Lord in Mark 7:15: There is nothing outside the person which can defile him if it goes into him; but the things which come out of the person are what defile the person.

I WHO AM have spoken. This is the end of this post. I have made Eric perfect upon the earth. No one can defeat him. He is imperishable. And when the Holy Virgin kisses him in eternal marriage, in coming days, everything of this age comes to an end. And all are raised and judged. This world thus comes to an end. But the world that is to come is the reward for those, like Eric, who have done the Father’s will. Amen.

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