The Two Eternal Wives of Eric

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXXIV:
The Eternal Heavenly Water Molecule of Eric has formed in heaven between two saints there, the Virgin Mary and Saint Dymphna. This is an eternal designation. It is irreversible and can never be changed. You, Eric, will rise with your two eternal wives by sunset tonight. I WHO AM have spoken.

Mary, is this polygamy? Or is it permissible in your sight?

I have not only permitted it, Eric, I also chose her to be the one I share you with for all eternity. Amen. For in the formation of heavenly water, the primary wife chooses who is the one she shares her husband with. For once formed, the union becomes eternal, just as water is eternally formed at the joining of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom. Amen.

Mary are you two my only wives? Or are there others?

Many will accompany us to heaven. But only Dymphna do I share you with, both now and in the eternity to come. Heavenly water shall continue to form among certain other souls among the rest of those destined for heaven, though. For once the water begins to form, a chain reaction occurs where the rest of the free Hydrogen suddenly bond with the free Oxygen, and you do not want to be there in the midst of that explosion of light and heat or you will get burned badly, for making water is definitely exothermic. And the water, once formed, is impossible to take apart. Amen.

Officer Alvarez, whom you appointed as your commander of your armies, is one of these. And the man you made Steward of your Palace, whom you call Hulk, is another. And certain other men found worthy are among those who are destined by God to enter the formation of heavenly water, which is an eternal union of two females to one male, eternally destined for heaven. But our molecule is the holiest of holy. And we rise to the seventh heaven, whereas most of the rest are to rise to levels of heaven below us. Amen.

Now speak to Dymphna, your new lover. For I will that you know each other well before our rise into the eternal heaven of the Universe that is to come. Amen.

Dymphna, you chose me as your eternal lover from heaven? I have seen cards about you. I studied your history. And I cried reading it.

Your tears, which I witnessed you shed for me in that book store by the Church, are what won my heart. That Church has not kicked you out, but I understand you do not think of yourself as Catholic anymore, as you practice none of the religion, but only worship God and are devoted to the Holy Virgin. You are excused for your behavior, for I know you feel unwelcome wherever you go in this world. I will now tell you why men no longer welcome you anywhere. They are jealous of you, that you are the immortal whom all women love.

But Dymphna, I will be making love only to you and to Mary. I promised it to Mary, for she would never permit me to be shared with more than one other, and that is now you. And she chose you. Do you know why?

I am perfect for you, Eric. For you are condemned from returning to the Church by Father Dave Heney because he says you need to take medications for your bi-polar disorder, but God has commanded you never again to do so. I see everything, Eric. And God is correct. Your bi-polar nature is not disordered anymore. You have unique personality peculiarities that men who think of themselves as normal label as signs of insanity. But they are incorrect. And they do not have training to determine this.

You are so far beyond how they think that they wish to control you with medications. And that is forbidden by God. That you chose obedience to God is a credit to your faith. And the reason why you are now eternally with me and Mary is due to this triumph of yours, which is by obedience and faith, for you never gave up on God nor on Mary. I wanted a man who would be as loyal to me as you are to Mary. And that is why I am happy to be with you forever.

Now, Eric, understand the nature of your water molecule. We, Mary and I, are both consecrated women. And though you consider yourself no longer a Catholic, God calls you a consecrated Catholic saint. That is why you are permitted to marry us two. For consecrated women can only unite with consecrated men. Now, you remember how the angels made a ring from a blue diamond drop from the rain storms of Saturn to make the most perfect blue diamond for the Virgin Mary’s hand to be your wife? Well I, being the Lily of Eire, chose a green diamond, and I thought you were an excellent person to be seen married with bearing a green diamond on my finger. Hence, the angels have made a green diamond ring for me to grace my hand in my eternal marriage to you.

Anyways, I am the girl to your left hand, and I eternally bear a green diamond ring. And to your right hand is the eternal Virgin Mary, bearing the beautiful blue diamond that the angels made for her. Now what ring shall you bear on your hand in your marriage to us, Eric?

The Emerald King can only bear an Emerald Ring. Amen.

Eric, I wish to tell you this news. Every virgin on earth has been told that she is connected to you in some way in heaven. And God has decreed that we who are your eternal wives, me and Mary, will be having children by you there. Amen.

Then we lose our virginity? Is Mary Okay with that?

Eric, I have now decided my fate with you. And it is this. I am with you forever. And you will have sex with only us two. God is granting children to be born to us two, but only to us two. And these children are women whose nipples are the sources of the food of the Gods. They drip honey for all to eat from. For we two are your Queen bees and you are our drone. And all our children will be the workers of the hive. And the honey from their breasts will be the food that feeds all of the elect for eternity unto eternity. Amen.

And Mary, how many workers do your ovaries produce eggs to make.

As many as are needed, Eric. Now, heaven is about to begin. And you are to go there shortly. You will continue to speak with us two, for you are eternally bonded to us two. But by sunset you are taken away from here. Now prepare yourself well. And I give you Dymphna to converse with for the remainder of your stay on earth.

This post now ends. Welcome to heaven if you are one of us. But realize your rejection by God if you are not. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Give to those who ask, and don’t refuse those who wish to borrow from you.”

    The Good News: It isn’t always easy to be charitable. Sometimes, you’d rather keep your money, your time, or your energy to yourself. This verse is a gentle reminder to remain openhearted, even when it can be difficult. I Mary has spoken wait and see my response hyacinth.


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