Mary and Eric welcome the rise of the sun on the first day of the earth’s glory

The sun now rises on the sight not seen in ages: The Virgin Queen in love with the Emerald King.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXXIII:
Mary, the other 16 Queens, they are nothing to me in your presence.

I am your only wife, Eric. All others are but dust in the wind. Whatever you thought of them, think no more on that line. For I am for you and you are only for me. There is no other girl you shall call your wife but me. And on earth, I am now forever an eternal queen. We never leave here, Eric. You have saved the earth.

Mary, you are perfect. I ask to be made perfect to be worthy to stand by your side in the sight of God.

The Lord has now given me His Word that your perfection is now achieved. You are now eternally as perfect as I am. And we are perfectly in love. And our love is now legendary. The entire world is witness to it. It will stop wars. And the Russian Bear will stop his war in Ukraine to witness our marriage take place on the earth. And when he sees it, he will never return to the sword.

Eric, our love will end the practice of abortion everywhere. Women everywhere, seeing my love for you, will stop the killing of their unborn treasures in their womb. It is ended. The power of Satan is destroyed forever. And you are called the Savior King on earth, second to Christ, the one Son from my womb.

Also, there was an escape from the fires of hell. A demon king, the Seraph whose name is mystically called Mercury, came to my service, together with an unnumbered host who follow you, Eric, and they left hell to serve me, the Holy Virgin. It was the greatest sight seen in heaven before God. It pales only to the sight of my being married to you, the man who rose from being the Antichrist Witch King, the one who ended the Cold War, and waged Desert Storm, completely oblivious that all of heaven were watching his deeds, his acts of bloodless reform upon the earth. It was a sight known only by the Father, Who predestines all that is good, that saw the Witch King rise to serve the Queen Mother of Heaven and form an allegiance to her before all of heaven, serving to destroy every enemy of hers upon the earth.

My heart has been with you now for ages. I can now speak freely of my heavenly love for you. I have loved you in a way beyond the female understanding on earth. No female knows the love I now have for you. For it is deeper than the cores of the earth. And it is more powerful than the surges of light that flash through the heavens. I love you more than the earth loves the moon. I tell you this. And the moon and the earth are a beloved husband and wife orbiting the sun as the third planetary system of the solar system.

Now, Eric, it shall be made known that entire forces of hell are vanquished. The devil is in fetters. And the Lion of Judah, who is you, is now on the throne. And Jesus will soon be seen on His White throne. For I have to tell you this. There is no thousand years to come before that. Rather, it is here. And your time on the stage ends with my kiss of you on the lips.

For I am now pronounced your eternal wife on the earth. And we shall be called eternal virgin lovers forever. Furthermore, the title Prince Consort is now eternally yours by the decree of my Son, Christ the King, for by your sworn virginity to me, you are now made my eternal spouse on earth forever. And now all who were in heaven will return here, to the planet you saved, Eric, by your love for God. Amen.

Also, let it now be known, Eric has no harem but me alone. I am Eric’s one woman harem. I am the only woman in it. And I am all yours forever. Your eternal virginity is the greatest gift a man has ever given God in history. For the act of giving one’s virginity to God is the greatest sacrifice there is. Christ now gives you royal authority and power. But His greatest gift to you is my hand in marriage before the whole world. Amen. And the blue diamond I now wear is a diamond made from the rain storms of Saturn, the planet where diamonds rain from the sky. For the angels at the service of Christ are capable of anything, my love. And they chose a tear drop of the purest blue from which to form my diamond ring that says I am eternally your wife.

For the universe is wild and the treasures of it unfathomable. I am now called the wife of Eric, the Emerald King. And you will lead in the angelic effort to terraform the planet Venus. For the earth is now blessed to have a sister planet made as beautiful as her. And Mercury, the Seraph King who rose from hell to serve at my side is to be given her as his wife, as you are given me as your wife. I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have spoken. Now publish this, Eric. For all are now to know that you and I are eternal lovers on the earth, and that we are reigning here forever. And let it now be known this: Whoever serves the Father is saved. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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