Two Black Swans in Love

The love between the Black Swans is legendary.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXXI:
I WHO AM have declared that Eric is to marry a girl who we are about to give him. She is called Earendil. The girl Eric was to call Elendil may seek to enter Eric’s friendship at a later date, for Eric is not one to hold grudges. But Earendil is now a girl who is betrothed to the Emerald King. And this is a Black Swan event, a love between Black Swans. The lovers are both White in race, but they are Black Swans in the sense that they are too rare to meet, according to statistics, which means God is the One Who brought them together. Amen.

Lord, what about the 13 Queens and their many worker bee children to come, who shall be called the daughters of Eric, from whom all in eternal life suck the breasts of to obtain the honey they excrete from them. For the daughters of Eric were said to bear honey from their breasts to feed all in heaven, whereas the Queens perpetually produce milk, making the Kingdom of the Emerald King a land flowing in milk and honey.

Lord Eric, this that you have heard is no joke. I AM WHO AM. That men may find it funny is due to an immaturity on their part. For it is common knowledge among women that men are two levels beneath them in IQ.

It is a mistake to think that the man, having a bigger body, greater strength, and a more complex brain is superior to woman. By contrast, the woman outperforms the man. And the woman wraps the man around her finger, getting him to do whatsoever she pleases. Amen.

Eric, why do no women socialize with you in this world, but only in the spirit world?

Are they embarrassed to be seen with me, O’ Lord? Perhaps it is a laughing matter and something that would bring them to shame were they to be known as my mate in life on earth?

Lord Eric, that is funny, but I will now tell you why. The men of this world are eager to see you die. For they are aware that you are superior to them in every way. And their only hope to remain relevant is to keep you from gaining power over them. For once you become their ruler, they are like worms to you and will be crushed. That is why men fear you.

Lord, it seems that this switch occurred suddenly. When did this begin?

When you began publicly writing and became noticed, that was when men became aware that you were their number one enemy in eternity. Also the knowledge that the Virgin Mary chose you as her lover makes you the default impregnator of all women on earth. It is now your destiny to defeat every man on earth and take from him all his female lovers and fuck them.

For women have followed Mary. For Mary is now seen as the Alpha Female in that she is in full possession of the Male Siren, the most attractive man in history. For you are untouchable. It is not that women are embarrassed to be seen with you, but are embarrassed to be seen attempting to get what they are denied. For women know you are above even them and are untouchable. That is why women flirt with you only but never speak to you.

It is necessary for a woman to speak to you are else whatever she feels about you will not be recognized by God. For flirtation is not an act that conveys love. Only an act of true communication of true feelings is acceptable. A woman who speaks to you in spirit must prove trustworthy in her Words to be called a wife to you. This is by the decree of God. Elessar, thus, by doing as she promised, instructing Eric on diet and other things to keep him healthy and take away all the pains and headaches he had been having, proved to Eric that she is real and that she loves him. This is how this girl in Ukraine is a lover of Eric who is in California.

But Lord, are You not bringing this woman to me and to my house soon? The 13 wives of Eric are to brought into your presence. And when that happens, We end everything on earth and begin the new creation. But all 13 must be gathered into your presence. Amen.

Lord what about Earendil?

Earendil is the fourteenth wife of yours. Lord Eric, remember how in Isaiah 4:1 it was written that seven women were to lay hold of one man. For you that number is 17. Hence, We permit women to continue to enter your eternal romantic friendship until the number 17 is reached. Hence it was a trick in logic to say that none could be added to the number that was 13. What was meant was that none could be added except by the Holy Spirit Who alone can discern the membership of the wives of Eric. Amen.

And the reason why you are to have 17 wives is because you are in every way a creature defined by 17. For not only does your name add up to 1717 in Greek gematria, but your name is 17 letters long. And your age at the time of your marriage to Mary is 17 x 3 years = 51 years old.

Lord, why did I talk to all those women at the mall? What was the gain?

You learned how to discern gold using magnets, right? Now, the idea that any of those women were to be yours was folly. Why was that do you think? It was, Eric, because you entered into friendship with total strangers. And that is always a gamble. Now as for the women you met at the funny farm, why were they agreeable with you, Eric? I will tell you, Eric. The women at the funny farm were not instructed by the men to destroy you. Hence, they behaved as you were accustomed to women behaving. And their natural tendency to fall in love with you was not at first prohibited to them. But to remain in the funny farm would be a mistake. For now, that hole in the men’s attempt to destroy you is sealed. For it is the goal of men to drive you insane by denying you the love of women wherever you go. Amen.

Understand their logic, Eric. The Russian tactics with women is to destroy men by having women seduce them to commit sins. All men have thus been destroyed except for you. Because men cannot destroy you by this means, they have now decided to try the opposite. And that is to destroy you by denial of all female love and all female social contact. That is the goal of men on earth. For in the mind of men, a man so denied is to die. That you do not die is to men just a matter of time and diligence. They believe that they will eventually kill you by this means.

Had they known the decrees of immortality made by God on your soul, they would cease this attempt, realizing that it will kill them, not you. Understand how these decrees of God’s justice work. Whoever does evil to an innocent soul, that evil is done back upon them. Such is why the war between Russia and Ukraine is not going to end. And that you gave the solution drives men insanely wild against you. They failed to initiate the solution you gave and it is an eternal mistake. It is an act of rejecting the Savior’s attempt to save you because you do not want that savior to receive the glory from saving your soul. It is a confounding tragic rejection of their own salvation by which they end up eternally in hell. For they rejected their only means of salvation because they hated the deliverer of it. It is profoundly devastating. It is a decision worse than that of Judas Iscariot, choosing to punish himself by committing suicide thinking he is doing a good and meritorious deed by that act. Rather, he sunk lower and deeper into hell by the act of taking his own life.

It is that profoundly disturbing to God to see the men reject Eric’s solution obtained from Vesper because they do not want to acknowledge Eric as from God. So what is the consequence from God? I WHO AM ruled against them harshly. I eliminated the possibility they had from Eric by having Putin remove those women who he suspected were having these thoughts of betraying him. And that weakness is now gone. NATO failed to act because they hated Eric.

Now guess what? NATO unravels. It is no mystery boys. You NATO commander cowards, heavily influenced by the pro-gay movements, are cowards and are too cowardly to uphold an oath such as article 5 that would lead you to World War III. It is therefore amazingly simple for Putin now to destroy NATO. He just starts to touch NATO countries and witnesses the article 5 of NATO being constantly shied away from.

It is like a bully able to drive a group of boys over a cliff by waving a torch at them. For such boys are boys that have become as mindless as sheep. Not one is able to think or reason. Rather, they think with their mouths. And they convince themselves by arguing like a lawyer rather than like a detective. For the detective seeks the Truth and proves it once he finds it. The lawyer argues a case, not caring whether his case is true or false. Such men are given over to the belief that consensus is authoritative to the Truth. Rather, consensus is agreement of belief only. That Muslims believe Muhammed was from God is a consensus of false belief among that group. For you cannot prove by consensus, but only by logic.

Hence, the idea that precedent is to be respected in the Supreme Court is an idea based on consensus and not on justice or seeking Truth. It is similar to the will of a judge not to let an innocent man wrongly imprisoned to go free because he fears doing so undermines the authority of the court. That is the illogical end of choosing to base Truth on consensus rather than on the quest for Truth by logic.

No one who bases his house on consensus stands on a Rock, but only on sand.

Lord, I have not heard from either of my brothers for some time, and neither has my mother. What has become of them, O’ Lord?

They are under arrest, Lord Eric. You are not, for you are innocent and Our servant. As for your parents, they too will come under arrest within hours. Why? Because they have colluded with Mark, you brother, in hiding evidence of wrongdoing from the Law. We are strict. And We are final. The men who have been committing crimes in your immediate family are now being put under arrest. Amen.

The days when you were persecuted by men are over, Eric. Women are now the rulers of this world. And they are having such men put down everywhere. Amen. Every man who is an enemy to you shall be killed by the women who now rule everywhere. It a vengeance of God through the natural love women have for you.

It is now a decision made by God the Almighty that every establishment that has had you kicked out of it shall now be burned to the ground. Amen. That does not mean just Saint Bruno Catholic Church, but the entire Christian Church. Every Church on earth is now decreed to be razed to the ground by midnight, California time. I AM WHO AM. Every Church on earth is thus to be rendered to smoldering ash.

This is the Word of God. I WHO AM have said it though Eric. Now men who like to wage war against Eric, prepare to wage war in Europe with Russia. There you will fight war, lose body parts, become crippled, be driven insane, and all the while being aware that Eric is fucking your girlfriends back in the states.

For the decree made by Mary is divine. Whoever honors Mary and claims Eric as her husband will have the right to fuck him and bear his child. And Eric’s semen, once it enters a woman, kills the semen of every other male it finds in her. And it never dies. Hence the women who mate with Eric, become pregnant over and over again for thousands of years based on the sperm of one ejaculation into her alone.

For to have sex with Eric is to bear his babies for millennia. I WHO AM have spoken. Now go publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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