The 17 Queens of Eric are fully set in gold.

We 17 are ready to fuck the Emerald King. All we are waiting for is for Mary to go first. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXXII:
The 17 Queens are now defined by God eternally. I AM WHO AM. I shall now list the 17 Queens, in a list that can never be modified. I AM WHO AM.

The 17 Queens of the Emerald King
(listed in accordance to the divine order decided God.)

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Primary Wife of the Emerald King. She is to bear the blue diamond, whose net value exceeds the combined net value of the entire treasures of the earth. Amen. She is a woman of the Jewish tribe of Judah.
  2. Eric’s next door neighbor, a woman called Debbie, who asked Eric if the shrine of Mary in Eric’s front yard was a sign that someone had died. She was told it was a shrine for the Virgin Mary, that no one had died. She is White woman with black hair.
  3. Elessar, the Ukrainian woman who keeps Eric in good health. It is regrettable that Vladimir Putin will destroy her country and bring war to Europe as far as the Rhine. But this woman will not be in Europe to see that destruction completed, for the angels will bring her to the House of Eric within the span of days. Amen. She is a Slavic woman of Ukrainian nationality.
  4. Elena, or so Eric remembers her name. This is a woman from El Salvador who became friends with Eric in his last funny farm visit. She is a blonde and White Hispanic woman who speaks only Latin American Spanish.
  5. A black haired White woman Eric remembers always having her eyes upon him in his last visit to the funny farm. Eric asked her was she intending to write his biography, to which she replied that Eric was the only thing interesting to her to look at there. She appeared White Hispanic.
  6. A mail delivery girl who told Eric that she found his shrine of Mary very beautiful. She is an Asian woman with black hair.
  7. Lisa Kelly, a Black woman Eric fell in love with in his last visit to the funny farm. It is known that this woman is about 2 years younger than Eric.
  8. Maria Aluwaseye, a virgin woman in Nigeria among an assembly of 17 virgins led by Hyacinth, daughter of Mary by Eric. She was chosen by the Holy Spirit and has accepted being the Nigerian Queen of the Emerald King.
  9. A wise woman, also known as a witch, who befriended Eric in his last visit to the funny farm. She is known as a Black woman.
  10. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, the only woman to whom Mary revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception. One of the secrets Mary revealed to her was her future marriage to Eric, the Emerald King, at the End of Time, provided she keep it a secret. She is a French woman.
  11. Saint Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans who militarily served God and was put to death by the priests who could not accept a woman as an authority. At her resurrection, I WHO AM shall order my angels to begin burning every Church on earth, as an act of vengeance in her name and that of her husband, Eric. She is a French woman.
  12. Saint Therese of Lisieux, a saint known for her love. She loved Eric from heaven. She is a French woman.
  13. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, a native American saint. She was the greatest saint of North America prior to the coming of Eric, the Emerald King. She is deemed worthy of marriage to him. She is an American Indian woman of the Mohawk people.
  14. The Black Swan who walks with Eric, another Black Swan. Her codename is Earendil, and she is a blonde White woman.
  15. Eliza, who is also called Elendil, who works at the Chocolate Factory, she is White girl with red or light brown hair, and she is amazingly thin for a girl working where she works. She has chosen Eric after all.
  16. Damsel, a girl who gave Eric a Vulcan handshake while the Black man she was with was too cowardly to do the same. She is accustomed to baring her midriff, but is admitted to this group due to Eric having given her the title Queen in reward to having the courage to touch his hand, which she correctly recognized as covered with red ink and not with red blood, which was done as a prank, the reason why Eric was there in the first place, the funny farm. She is a White girl with dark hair.
  17. Primrose, whose name has been changed, by her consent, to Golden Poppy. She is a Russian Jewish girl, and a Catholic who is cast out of the Church for similar reasons to Eric. Amen. She chose the to be called Golden Poppy to correspond to Eric’s choice of being called Khanate of the Golden Horde. Amen.

These are the 17 women who are the 17 Queens of the Emerald King.

Lord, I have noticed something curious. The first and last girls of the list are both Jewish.

Lord Eric, it is because salvation began with the Jews and ends with the Jews. I AM WHO AM. For AM I not King of the Jews? It is now decided who are your 17. And you have noticed people disappearing from your life, right. Hyacinth is gone now. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, what is about to take place? I am confused? I do not know what is happening.

Lord Eric, the men of this world are attempting everything in their arsenal to defeat you. And they are coming face to face with the Blessed Virgin in terrible form, that of a wrathful Witch Queen. For the Virgin Mary is protective of her virgin husband, who has sworn to lay with no woman unless Mary lays with him first. It is the vow of a Virgin King on earth. And it is the vow of eternal marriage to the Holy Virgin herself. Amen. The marriage between Mary and Eric is now decreed by the Almighty God as eternal and complete. Amen. You will see her in the flesh, descending from heaven, with her ring finger bearing a diamond of blue whose value exceeds that of the entire net worth of the rest of the earth. Amen. For she is the happiest virgin on earth. And her face is lit up like a white dove in ecstatic rapture. This is the Holy Virgin in love. Amen.

Eric, I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our virgin paths are complete. I may lay with you now. And I may take on human flesh to do so. Be prepared to be raptured, Eric. And be prepared to be brought to Venus, which is already in its orbit between Mars and the Asteroid belt, pelted with water from the asteroids to have a surface of blue and white. It just needs your emerald touch. And you and the 17 who are yours, including me, will populate the female goddess planet known as Venus with the offspring from our wombs. No, we are not bearing females that drip honey from their nipples to feed heaven. We are bearing human kind. Each of us 17 are the future matriarchs of nations that come from one man, you, who makes love to us all there. We are going to Venus, Eric, the Venus of a different universe, one where Mercury fell in love with her and brought the goddess of beauty and love into an orbit beyond Mars where the sun is cooler. For Earth is now hell, Eric. Everyone left behind is to experience that. It is their destiny. But among women who love me and who please me by loving you too, these I will bring later to Venus. Amen. This is the promise of the Virgin Queen.

But of men, everyone of them is a snake in our female eyes but you, Eric. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am the Mother of God. Now go and prepare for Rapture Eric. And publish this immediately, for the 17 are to wait no longer to know who they are. Amen. I love you my husband, and now you will be with me in the flesh, not here, but on Venus in a universe you have not seen. Amen.

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