Behold, Eric is saved. And 13 women are saved with him. Of the rest of humanity, I will not speak. Amen.

The Termination of Time, Book 1: Post I:
I WHO AM have now terminated time. Inclusion into the Emerald Kingdom was based on two things that had to be together combined: The true love and devotion to Mary, and a deep seated love for Eric, the Emerald King. 13 women on earth met this requirement and are now saved with Eric, the Emerald King. I WHO AM have spoken. I WHO AM shall now detail the 13 women, in divine order, an order established by God. Amen.

The 13 Women of the Elect, those who are of the Emerald Kingdom

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Primary Wife of the Emerald King. She is to bear the blue diamond, whose net value exceeds the combined net value of the entire treasures of the earth. Amen. She is a woman of the Jewish tribe of Judah.
  2. Eric’s next door neighbor, a woman called Debbie, who asked Eric if the shrine of Mary in Eric’s front yard was a sign that someone had died. She was told it was a shrine for the Virgin Mary, that no one had died. She is White woman with black hair.
  3. Elessar, the Ukrainian woman who keeps Eric in good health. It is regrettable that Vladimir Putin will destroy her country and bring war to Europe as far as the Rhine. But this woman will not be in Europe to see that destruction completed, for the angels will bring her to the House of Eric within the span of days. Amen. She is a Slavic woman of Ukrainian nationality.
  4. Elena, or so Eric remembers her name. This is a woman from El Salvador who became friends with Eric in his last funny farm visit. She is a blonde and White Hispanic woman who speaks only Latin American Spanish.
  5. A black haired White woman Eric remembers always having her eyes upon him in his last visit to the funny farm. Eric asked her was she intending to write his biography, to which she replied that Eric was the only thing interesting to her to look at there. She appeared White Hispanic.
  6. A mail delivery girl who told Eric that she found his shrine of Mary very beautiful. She is an Asian woman with black hair.
  7. Lisa Kelly, a Black woman Eric fell in love with in his last visit to the funny farm. It is known that this woman is about 2 years younger than Eric.
  8. Maria Aluwaseye, a virgin woman in Nigeria among an assembly of 17 virgins led by Hyacinth, daughter of Mary by Eric. She was chosen by the Holy Spirit and has accepted being the Nigerian Queen of the Emerald King.
  9. A wise woman, also known as a witch, who befriended Eric in his last visit to the funny farm. She is known as a Black woman.
  10. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, the only woman to whom Mary revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception. One of the secrets Mary revealed to her was her future marriage to Eric, the Emerald King, at the End of Time, provided she keep it a secret. She is a French woman.
  11. Saint Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans who militarily served God and was put to death by the priests who could not accept a woman as an authority. At her resurrection, I WHO AM shall order my angels to begin burning every Church on earth, as an act of vengeance in her name and that of her husband, Eric. She is a French woman.
  12. Saint Therese of Lisieux, a saint known for her love. She loved Eric from heaven. She is a French woman.
  13. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, a native American saint. She was the greatest saint of North America prior to the coming of Eric, the Emerald King. She is deemed worthy of marriage to him. She is an American Indian woman of the Mohawk people.

These 13 women are saved with Eric based on two qualifications combined: They have a true love and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and a deep seated love for Eric, the Emerald King. Amen. And of course, the Virgin Mary qualifies being as she is the Virgin Mary and Eric’s primary helper.

Eric, do not ask Me concerning the salvation of anyone else, for everyone else Who I may have elected to save is for them to know and not you. You know only about the salvation of the 13 saved with you. I AM WHO AM.

Now, what is the significance of the 13 women saved with Eric? I decree the 13 as having the rank of Queen in My Kingdom of Emerald, in which Eric is established as its one King.

This might be likened to a bee hive with 13 queen bees and one drone king. So from whence shall come the worker bees, you ask? Remember that the drone impregnates the queens who lay the eggs from which hatch all the workers of the hive.

The worker bees are always, as a rule, female, sterile, and producing honey from their excretions.

Women have breasts from which food is designed to be produced. These will not be put to waste in these sterile daughters of Eric who never have sex. Hence, from the breasts of the daughters of Eric will flow honey. And whoever is to have eternal life from the earth shall feed on the honey that flows from the breasts of the daughters of Eric.

13 distinct flavors of honey shall be produced from the heavenly hive of the Emerald Kingdom, depending on which of the 13 wives of Eric the girl is born from.

The 13 wives, who are called Queens, shall produce milk from their breasts. Hence it will come to pass that the land of the Emerald King will be flowing in milk and honey, all from the breasts of women. Amen.

The Queens of Eric will forever be producing milk. And the daughters of Eric will ever be producing honey. This is the decree of the Lord. Whoever is to have eternal life in the hereafter will suck on the breasts of the daughters of Eric for their sustenance. For their breasts will produce what is called in legend, the Food of The Gods. Amen.

Furthermore, the wives of Eric, the 13 Queens, just as it is with queen bees, will never run out of eggs from their ovaries. For the curse that afflicted Eve will no longer afflict them. They will produce worker bees forever. And these worker bees will be girls that produce honey from their breasts, and being the daughters of Eric, Who is made King of the Human Race, all of these daughters have the title Princess, and Eric will never fuck them. For the stallion never fucks its own fillies. I AM WHO AM. Hence, the daughters of Eric will all be addressed as Your Highness, whereas the 13 Queens are to be addressed as Your Majesty. Amen.

These are the Immortal Words of God. They can never be undone. Amen.

As for Eliza who Eric went to look for today, she did not permit Eric to come to her, hence she will not be of Eric’s eternal kingdom. Amen.

And there was another woman in the funny farm who made a Vulcan hand shake with Eric, whereas a Black man with her was too afraid to do that. She was not saved, for she was sexually immoral in Our sight. For the habit of a woman to bare the midriff, when in Our sight this is done to turn on men, We do not regard that woman as saved. For it is written that a woman must be holy and not a harlot to be saved. I AM WHO AM.

The List of the 13 Queens is eternal. It can never be changed. And no one’s name can be added to or subtracted from that list for all eternity. Amen.

Lord Eric, is there anything you wish to address, or any concern you have concerning anything mentioned in this post so far?

Yes, Lord, you say that Vladimir Putin is not stopped? That he goes as far as the Rhine?

Precisely, for the men of NATO did not put their faith in you nor in the Holy Virgin’s Word. Instead, they doubted. Now they shall pay for their lack of faith. Vesper’s Words unheeded is the main reason she is not one of the Queens. The opportunity to do as was written from Vesper has passed. The security holes in Putin’s forces have been dealt with.

Instead, Vladimir Putin will now begin to chisel away NATO. It is easy to do when the guarantor of Article 5 is a coward afraid of going to war to defend and oath of his nation, as Joe Biden is. Hence, war will come to a NATO country. Joe Biden will resist engaging Putin in battle as Article 5 requires of him, and at the point, watch and see NATO completely dissolve before your very eyes.

For NATO without Article 5 is a worthless contract. And once a sitting U.S. President fails to uphold Article 5, choosing to neglect the defense of a fellow NATO member than to risk war with Russia, the entire legitimacy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has no more reality. It ends with a flash. Why pay dues to a leader nation that chooses to feed you to sharks when you need their help that they owe you according to the agreement you entered in with faith that you would be defended by the United States of America upon being attacked by Russia.

Once NATO nations lose faith in the USA, the collapse of the US dollar immediately follows. And the USA no longer has reserve currency status anymore. And it all happens as quick as lighting once Joe Biden betrays a NATO member to Russia. For when it comes to money, the investors are the fastest sharks in the ocean. Amen.

Lord Eric, the reason why we set a limit as to the Rhine as to how far Russia is to penetrate Europe, you are to understand that Russia really wants revenge against Germany for what the Nazis did to Russia during World War II. They have no beef with France. And they are not fools to attempt an amphibious assault on the British Isles. Hence they will stop at the Rhine and advance no further, having destroyed two things: NATO and the EU.

And with the USA self destructing with their dollar collapse, Vladimir Putin will be able to bask in the glow of success, even with his people suffering under the cruelest famine in Russian history, all caused by endless sanctions heaped upon that country.

Meanwhile. Germany will establish its exiled government in Britany, an Atlantic peninsula of France. And other nations whose governments can resurrect will attempt to keep hope alive that they will someday regain their lands.

But I tell you this, Lord Azurite. Remember how it was written that 10,000 were to be your wives on earth and in heaven? But now only 13 exist: 4 saints in heaven, 8 saints on earth, and also the Virgin Mary, who is the Witch Queen, the 13th Queen, Your Primary Wife. Amen, What happened to the 10,000, you ask?

Remember how it is written, Do not strike the Rock twice. For at the second strike, the Lord takes it as an irrevocable deed of rejection. Mary chose Anna for Eric, who rejected him. Now Mary chose Eliza, who did the same. It is a Rock struck twice. Eric, though willing to continue in the quest of these women from Me, did not placate My wrath against them. Hence, I have rejected the entire world, with the exception of these few. Amen. Eric, go and publish this work. For you are obedient to Me. And you harbor grudges against no one. Hence, My judgement of you is good. And I now decree the 13 Queens of Eric to have immunity from all disease without the need of any kiss, and heirs of immortality, without the need to lay with Eric.

This post now comes to its ultimate conclusion. The End has now occurred. I AM WHO AM. Amen.

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