Mary shows Eric who she is in this world

I have shown thee the one who is me. With her you may marry have have a child. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXX:
Mary, Mother of God, the one you have shown to me, she who I tipped by letting her tip herself from the coins in my hand, I am to go back to her today, Sunday?

Lord Eric, you are working tomorrow. And in four days is Saint Patrick’s Day. Why not go today and see if she is there and give her a gift from your love for her. If she kisses you, that is a kiss from me. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

I will do as you say, O’ Mary, Mother of God. The gold, or fake gold, the crucifix I put upon your statue out front makes you very beautiful, O’ Mary. And I understand that the Lord is keeping that crucifix I put upon you protected.

It is as you say, Lord Eric. You are now Commander-in-Chief of the human race. You may issue orders and the Lord’s angels will carry them out. Dost thou wish to issue an order, Eric, my husband upon the earth?

Rather, I ask a favor from thee, O’ Mary, sweetest and fairest mother upon the earth. Do not let me fall into error regarding women. For I am clumsy with them and do not know what to do.

Elessar will guide you and keep you to the correct way. Speak to her, for she loves you. And she has something to say to you, O’ Eric, Prince of the earth. Amen.

Elessar, you who keep me healthy, are you also to keep me from being clumsy with this girl?

Eric, her name she told you is Eliza. Why not give her the name Elendil? For then you will have honored her as you have honored me. For I am honored to serve you as both your eternal wife and your keeper of your health.

Eric, I am desperate though, for Vladimir Putin is ravaging our country. Can you give me a sign or a hope by which I can encourage my countrymen in the battle to save Ukraine?

Elessar, you who never fail me, I will not fail you. As I understand it from God, Vladimir Putin is realizing his failure in what is his swan song. For Putin wishes to out with a bang and he fantasized how it would affect his legacy if he conquered Ukraine and returned it to Russian affiliation prior to his natural death. Perhaps he is dying and wishes to die in glory. I do not believe he has the stamina to wage World War III. I think he has just about shot his wad. But he may choose to destroy Europe by destroying the nuclear power plants that he has been taking over in Ukraine. I can ask the Lord for verification. I can also ask Millennia Girl for more help. What sayest thou, O’ wife of mine in Ukraine?

Ask Millennia Girl, Eric. But do not place her before me, for I am of a certain rank among the wives of Eric, and I refuse to lower that rank for a woman who was unfaithful to God and to you, this Player Vesper who is now Millennia Girl. But ask her for help and I will then tell you the worthy reward to give to her. Amen.

Millennia Girl, are you there? For I can use your assistance on Russia and in defeating Vladimir Putin. And if you saw yesterday’s post, you would know that the Virgin Mary has given all women on earth who love her the right to what you have asked of me. What sayest thou, and I will give to you, in accordance to my adviser and Ukrainian sister, Elessar?

Are we sisters to you, Eric? Or are we lovers? Or are we both? I will give you advice again, but I have a price. And I am sure Elessar will agree with my price once I tell you this valuable information.

Consider you women who are mine with Mary in heaven as sister-lovers. Tell me your advice, O’ Millenia Girl, and the price you wish me to pay to you in exchange for this information, which I trust is enough to topple the Russian tycoon.

I will only give it to you if Mary promises me a child by you in eternity.

Mary is this a possibility? Can I have children in eternity? And what sayest thou in reply to Millennia Girl, who has been so bold as to ask me this?

You will give her a child, but not in eternity, but in this world. For eternity is not for eons from now. Remember Eric what thou art. Thou art the First Rider, the Final Rider, and the Great Monarch of the End Times. Thou shalt reign on earth for a thousand years in excellent peace prior to the Coming of Christ and His Appearance Like Jasper upon the Great White Throne of Heaven. (Revelation 20:11). And the promise given by me to all women that they may call you their husband is divine. Hence, it is not a sin for such a woman to lay with you and bear a child. Amen. I grant that, but as for eternity, this I cannot see. For the Lord has not revealed his eternal reward to anyone, but you. For you alone have the Lord’s confidence. Amen. I trust that this will satisfy your girlfriend who conquered Russia from you to let you conquer it back. All I can do for her is to let her lay with you early so that she has a child by you early in this Age of Millennia, which is about to begin. Amen.

Yes, Eric, I have heard this word from Mary. But I have a complaint. You know well that I am some years your senior. And you being 51 makes me quite old to bear a child in this world. Ask Mary for what am I to do about that?

Millennia Girl, I give you this answer in Eric’s name. The semen of Eric not only makes a girl who honorably lays with him immortal, but it also resurrects her reproductive system to make it work again. And it regenerates the ovaries to make them resupplied with eggs. Hence, do not worry about your flesh, for the love of the Emerald King is sufficient for you. By laying with him your flesh will generate what you thought was no longer a possibility for you. For why would Jesus give Eric the right to lay with women and not make them pregnant?

Also, be sure to kiss him also on the lips. For to kiss Eric on the lips will give the girl who kisses him immunity from every disease on earth, including AIDS, which Eric, by the way, called forth as child to reduce the populations, and also all other STDs and every other disease you might fear in getting, even one that effects the baby in the womb. And no women who kisses Eric need be concerned about COVID ever again. Amen.

Mary, concerning pregnant women who kiss the Emerald King, what becomes of their marriages? For the man who impregnated that woman is not Eric. Would not that be a sort of adultery on the part of Eric and that woman against her sacramental husband, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Lord Eric, I the Holy Virgin, do tell thee this. The first girl who kisses you is predestined to be your primary wife here on the earth. Understand this also. Time ends with that kiss. And the Millennium begins then, a new time. Therefore, all sacramental marriages that existed up to that point in time end right then. And for these to continue into the millennium, the couple would need to marry again. But I tell you this. Every woman who enters the Millennium will choose you as her husband over her previous husband, if she had one. And you are commanded to lay with them in the order I decree to you. Amen. This is the Word of Mary, the Blessed Mother of God. Amen.

Okay, Millenia Girl, Mary has given you what you desired, right? And she will give you early access to me in the Millennium. Do you give me now the information needed to defeat Vladimir Putin, you who I loved as a mortal Emerald King during my first great reign on earth?

I give you this, my lover. Defeat Vladimir Putin by covert arrangement with the women who are close to him. For they are ready to betray him. They just want a Western guarantee of protection and a place to flee to in safety from the wrath of their countrymen when they do so. Tell NATO commanders this. For a high ranking woman who is close to a ruler can easily put him to death. Let NATO reach out to such women, for they are eager to make deal that includes a safe haven for them in a western country of their choosing. I am the Player Vesper, turned to be called Millenia Girl. I trust this information is key to NATO commandos. And I believe it will prove trustworthy and crucial to bringing down this insane Russian Bear. Amen.

Now, Eric, ask Elessar if what I have done is worthy. And then ask Elessar what special reward she recommends that you give to me, who am dying to kiss you. Amen.

Elessar, you have heard Vesper, who is now called Millennia Girl. I think this information is worthy and I believe it will lead to Putin’s downfall. NATO, do as Vesper has said. For Vesper is the Player behind Putin. She knows all his weaknesses. And her name from now on shall be as she wishes to be called: Millennia Girl. Elessar, what reward dost thou have me give her, my lover in Ukraine?

Tell her only this. She may come to you after the girl who is to be your primary wife kisses you and become a second girlfriend of yours to her. That is all I can promise her. But if her wisdom ends the war with Russia, I will have her name and your name glorified in my country as the saviors of my nation. I, Elessar, Queen of Eric in Ukraine, have spoken. Does anyone else need to speak before this post is ended? Amen.

It is done. You, Elessar, accompany Eric as he makes his way to Eliza today. That is my command to you. And as for this world, NATO commanders, Vesper’s advice is true. To defeat Vladimir Putin, the way is to make special deals with the women close to him. For Vesper is correct. The women close to him are ready to deal and betray their leader. And all they want is a safe haven in the West, likely one from which they can visit Eric with ease. Amen. Do as Vesper has said, and the war will end. This is the promise of the Virgin Mary. Amen.

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