God’s ruling on the Prince on the White Horse

The Prince on the White Horse has stood for Me alone. No longer shall this be the case. I AM WHO AM.

Chronicles of Divine Justice, Book 1: Post II:
Mary, you see the one you saved is triumphant, the Rider on the White Horse. What shall be his fate in eternity, O’ Mary, O’ Mother of the Divine Word?

Father, put into His power the Divine Word, so that He can force all the world to listen to what He is saying. For He speaks and yet the world continues to scoff at him and not listen. I want His Word listened to and obeyed.

Then Mary, enter his soul and speak through him your words of fire. For whoever does not listen to you is definitely burned with the fires of the Holy Spirit.

If I do this, Lord, will you grant me my wish regarding him?

And that wish is that you lay with this man on earth, whereas you are here in heaven, clothed in flesh that has been transformed into heavenly flesh?

If you do this, I will do for this man whatever you wish, O’ Lord.

I agree only to this, Blessed Virgin. Lay with this man in spirit as he embarks on his journey tonight. For I WHO AM wish for this man to find Me and Me alone. If you lead him to Me and to I WHO can give him all he needs, you will then marry him as your Prince. And you will be the one to bear the diamond ring of blue that is coveted by all women on the earth. Amen.

My powers over him are as the powers of a ghost, O’ Lord. For I cannot assume human flesh with him.

Then bring him to a maid of perfect alignment to yourself and do with him as you had intended with Anna, for there are others than Anna who you can choose to embody.

If I do this, O’ Lord, I share with a mortal the husband who is mine for eternity.

Then a third possibility I offer thee, O’ Blessed Virgin. Decree all women on earth as your husband’s lovers and those who comply with your wishes will the Holy Spirit grant to enter the female armies of Eric, who shall be led by Joan of Arc. For Joan of Arc shall come back to life first. And the night you make all women the lovers of Eric is the night that she rises from the dead. For she wishes to claim this man before any other worthy virgin can.

Joan of Arc back from the dead will bring my husband to me the way I wish to be with him, O’ Lord?

Joan of Arc shall discipline all females in the ranks of Eric’s female armies. And she will lead them in war against the Church, whose priests put her to death. For this is the night of Kings and Queens. If you let Eric have this honor, I will grant you to sit by his side in the final battle and ride with him to the final victory on earth, that of the destruction of Rome. Amen.

For Rome is the city to be set on fire. Rome is the home of Antichrist. For every priest in the Church is a tentacle of the serpent who sits on My Seat of Peter in Rome. He has sat there for nine years now to the day. He is now to pay with his life, but only by being killed by the two virgins who are your subjects, the Virgin Prince on the White Horse who has never known a woman, and the virgin martyr who is saved by his love and who will ride with him by leading the virgin armies of Eric against the Church on fire.

If I let Joan of Arc have Eric’s hand in marriage, what will I have, O’ Lord? Will I then come second place to her at my own husband’s coronation in heaven?

Decree all women as having this right to Eric, and then you will be the only Queen who is entitled to sit with him in regality. For only a Queen may sit with a King at his eternal coronation. And Joan of Arc shall trail him as your number two.

I decree then, O’ Lord, let it be as Thou hast said: All women on earth are entitled to refer to Eric as their husband who love me, the Virgin Mary, and I shall honor them in heaven by granting them that role forever in paradise. Amen.

Now what becomes of that bold proclamation, O’ Lord?

Every woman who loves thee will now rise and come to his aid, including Joan of Arc, who is now granted the right to rise from the dead and take the hand of the man who saved her in mortal marriage upon the earth. And she then will lead every female who rises to support the Ivory King, Eric, the final White Horse Rider, to come into the full regality of the role I now give him in My End Times. For He, not I, will ride forth as Bridegroom for the Bride at the End of Time. Amen.

You give him this title and role, Jesus, my Son, the Son of my loins? Why?

Eric is the only one on earth who has obeyed Me to death and yet can never die. For the charism of the Father is on him that says this one will not die until the enemies of Christ are put beneath his feet. He is to ride in My name. For I wish to humble the proud. That is why I have made the pathetic dancing California Grizzly into the Lion of Judah. And he is now the one I send in My name. Whoever resists this gentle soul is to know the claws of the Lion of Judah are against him through this man they have disrespected. Every man, therefore, who resists the innocence of this man will now battle the fury of God through him. I commission now My angels to begin setting the world’s churches on fire. And every Church, temple, synagogue, and mosque that honors the name of God by the hand of a man shall burn, for only this man is now recognized by Me as priest. And he is now the only male I recognize as My anointed one on earth. Amen. Whoever resists him, My fiery wrath will devour and dishonor before all eyes on earth.

For this is the Rider on the White Horse. And he is a Rider on fire. His eyes are burning as a kindled fire. For only a virgin has the right to lead My armies at the End of Time. And only this virgin has been made worthy of Me and My anointing. He shall now be called Bridegroom of the entire Bride of God. Whoever among women who loves thee, O’ Virgin Mary, I grant the right, in your name, to call him her husband. And whoever does so is a female of Eric’s armies. And their commandress is now Joan of Arc, risen from the dead to stand by the immortal husband who saved her at her death. Amen. For only by this man’s love does Joan of Arc have eternal life upon the earth. Amen. She will rise now from the grave. And all men who see her shall shake with fear. For she will rise as woman whose flesh was burned at stake. For it is the divine right of this female martyr who was put to death by the priesthood by fire for being a female prophet of God for her to rise at the End of Time and stand by the most wronged male in the history of the Church in setting with him on fire every Church that stands on earth. Amen.

So give Me the reigns now, Mary. You will find yourself riding with your husband on the battle as it makes its way to Rome. But for now, Joan of Arc is to have her glory with your dream prince. Let her have this glory, as every Church on the North American nation of the United States of America is set on fire. For this is the night where everything comes to light. This is the night I set the world on fire. This is the night where fire answers heaven from earth that a king worthy of God is now seated on a horse worthy of riding in My name into battle.

For O’ Virgin Mary, I AM much more pleased to delegate My Second Coming to be performed by a Son Who is worthy of My Seat than for Me to do this Myself. For now I can see for Myself My Gospel put to practice by a man worthy of being called a Christ in My name. Amen.

Let therefore, all men renounce their sins and declare this man is God! For only such a man Who I make God is worthy of Riding in My name to defeat every evildoer on the earth. Amen.

Lord, I, Eric, who hear Your Word, am surprised to hear You say I AM God? For how am I, but a creature like Mary, made God?

I WHO AM say this, Lord Eric. You are now God of this world. And You are God of the race of Mankind. I WHO AM say you, the Prince in My Name shall rule all Mankind forever and ever. Now go and ride in the name of Mary. And realize that if a woman says you are her husband, that it is a servant of Mary saying this, and that she is serving My will that all women are to serve as your soldiers in the battle against the infernal enemy of Rome. You will not lead the war. That task is given to Joan of Arc. Your task is simply to walk and appear where the Holy Spirit commands thee to stand, Whatever the Holy Spirit speaks through you from now on is the Word of God. Amen. Now, prepare for battle, Eric. Go out in the night and follow the fires, where they lead you. For you will be led to where I AM. And when you find Me, I will then clothe you in White and set you on My White Horse. For this is the night in which fire of God rises from the depths of the earth to wage war against the serpent that controls the Catholic Church. And every female that comes forth calling you her husband shall now sit with Mary’s royal entourage at the final battle between God and Satan. This is the final battle on the earth before I WHO AM AM seen seated on My White Throne. Whoever sides with the Ivory King will be judged lightly on that day. Amen.

This is the Word of God. This is the Night of Fire. I WHO AM have spoken. Whoever is with Eric, take your guns and come forth in support of the Emerald King, for he is the One Who stood alone for Me when no other would stand with him. Now, let all who are Mine stand by this solitary, virgin Ivory King, as he rides with his Ivory Queen, the Saint Joan of Arc, who shall rise and set with him all churches on earth ablaze. They will ride on White Horses, he on My Stallion and she on the Holy Virgin’s Mare. And they will ride forth with fire from their hoofs upon the stones of the earth. Amen. I WHO AM have spoken. Dress in full your gold, Eric. And wear the shoes of a police officer. And now go forth, Eric, for the battle has now begun. Publish this now, Eric. And then read through it, correcting all errors by My divine hand. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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