Eric is Ruler and Judge

I WHO AM make Eric Judge of all things on earth. Amen.

Chronicles of Divine Justice, Book 1: Post I:
I WHO AM say and decree: All the world shall now come under the judgement of Eric, Ruler of all the world. He shall rule you of the earth with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter you. I WHO AM have made this ruling. Welcome to the Second Coming. The Dancing Bear is now the Lion of Judah. I AM WHO AM.

Earth, I AM Eric, your ruler. You shall bow down to me and give me homage. You shall address me as Lord and Commander. I will command you and I will judge you all.

The first order of business is that the Churches are unholy. Everything, therefore, that belongs to either me, or to Jesus, or to Mary, must be removed at once from all churches in the land and brought to a safe place to be assumed under my ownership. For I own all these artifacts. And they must be put into my possession. Failure to protect what is mine shall be dealt with as a capital crime. I, Eric, have spoken.

Then, when my angels have told me that the time has come, I shall order that all churches be lit up with fire. And every church on earth will be set ablaze. I, Eric, have spoken. Furthermore, I judge that there shall be no more priesthood for males. Hence, all rectories and all houses devoted for priests to live in shall be set ablaze. All such buildings are to be set on fire. Whoever fails to evacuate is to be let to die in those flames. I, Eric, have spoken.

Every priest and every male minister is to be forced to abandon their work. No more shall any man teach about God as their vocation. For the Holy Spirit is to be that teacher. And only those who teach without seeking compensation from those they teach will be permitted to continue their work. All Church funds are to be seized and distributed to the poor. Every bank account of a priest or a male minister is to be seized and all money found in it that came from collections or donations made to either God or the Church are to be taken from them and returned to the poor. No one has the right to take money from the poor in the name of religion. I, Eric, have spoken. And every religion that does that is to be destroyed.

Every mosque, religious temple, synagogue, church, and every building where people gather in the name of God or a god is to be set on fire and destroyed. For no one will gather in the name of God anymore. I, Eric, have spoken. Every religion on earth is to be erased from the earth. And all religious practices are to be terminated. I, Eric, have spoken. There shall be no more Masses. There shall be no more praying facing Mecca. And there shall be no more wailing at the Western Wall. I, Eric, have spoken.

War shall not be stopped, but rather, regulated and waged according to rules that I declare the rules of war. These are My rules, the rules of the Emerald King.

Emerald Rules of War

  1. No one shall use such inhumane tactics as drones. If you wish to kill someone, do it in person. Do not send a robot to do it for you.
  2. Drafting men to war shall be limited to those who are able to fight in wars. Men deemed unable to fight shall not be drafted. This includes those who are psychologically unable to pull a trigger of a gun against another human being. No man is to be forced to kill if he is of the nature that he does not kill.
  3. Prisoners taken in war shall never be tortured. Torture is not an acceptable tool for obtaining information. Only those condemned to die may be tortured on their way out, but, as it was with Jesus, the torture to death must be done all in one day.
  4. Women may never be raped by men of war. To rape a woman is a crime to be punished with death in the case of war. For in war, laws are set aside. And thus, judgement must be made more swiftly. Toleration of rape in war is unacceptable and all found guilty of this are to be put to death.
  5. Women may form their own militias and armies, but nations are prohibited from drafting women to fight in war. For wars are not for women. Women are to bear and care for children. That is their biological place in society. Hence, women shall not serve in army positions that require them to serve outside their biological role.
  6. A civilian is defined as a person not armed for war. Any civilians seen by those fighting wars are to be let alone, unless they are suspected of aiding and abetting the enemy. If such is the case, they may be targeted and killed. For war does not require verifying whether someone is attempting to kill you or not. If you merely suspect someone is an enemy or serving your enemy, you have the right to kill them in an act of war. For all is fair in love and war, providing the rules above are satisfied.

These Six Rules constitute the Emerald Rules of War.

Now, I will address other things. Genocide shall no longer be called a crime. For if God, WHO IS ALL GOOD, has the right to command and order the Hebrews to do such things, as it is written, then so also do rulers and kings have this right too.

The Bill of Right is to be replaced with my new Bill of Rights. Below is the Emerald Bill of Rights. Forget all the rights you thought you had outside the list below. For you no longer have them. I, Eric, have spoken.

The Universal Bill of Rights
(whatever is not listed here is not a right you have.)

  1. You have the right to obey God and the rulers He anoints to rule over you.
  2. You have the right to speak your mind without violent reactions against you. (For example, you have the right to call a bunch a Black people niggers and expect not to be physically assaulted for it.)
  3. You have a right to threaten and to curse whoever you so please.
  4. You have a right to defend yourself with deadly force against deadly attacks by others, but only if they strike you first.
  5. You have the right to burn and destroy articles of your own possession no matter their religious or political significance to others. (Hence, you may hold public spectacles where you burn korans or step on American flags and expect to receive no physical assault from others due to these acts.)
  6. You have the right to denounce and insult any figure except for a child. (Hence, you have the right to call Muhammed a pig and draw pictures of him fucking sows and expect no physical retaliation from your acts.)
  7. You, as an employer, have the right to fire and hire however you so please. (Hence, you can have a sign on your establishment saying: Niggers need not apply. and expect no legal case brought against you.)
  8. You have the right not to send your children to school.
  9. Whether you are the man or the woman, you have the right to kill your adulterous partner in a failed marriage, along with their lover committing adultery against your rights to your adulterous spouse.
  10. You have the right to fuck your spouse, within reason. The right of sex cannot be perpetually denied to your spouse with the exception of knowledge coming to you of adultery on the part of that spouse. This is in canon law. Canon Law also says you forfeit that right to such denial if, after acquiring the knowledge of an adulterous act on the part of your spouse, you sleep with your spouse again. But if the adultery is committed again, you regain the right of denial of sex again. This is in canon law.

These are the rights you have. You have no other rights. I, Eric, have spoken.

You do not have the right to have sex if you are not married. Fornication is punishable by death, if the ruler of that nation decides to enforce the law as such. If death is not dealt to the fornicator, the fornicator shall pay the bridal price to the woman or be beaten and thrown into debtors’ prison if he is unable to pay. Fornication is not to be remedied with marriage, as that violates the sanctity of marriage.

Marriage shall not require a legal minster to declare as lawfully recognized. If a couple are sleeping together and they are not legally prohibited from marrying each other, they will be recognized as married according to common law. Laws against adultery apply to all marriages, even those recognized only under common law.

Lord, I seek advice. Tell me Your rules on monogamy and polygamy. What do You rule me to make law regarding this issue?

Lord Eric, you shall rule according to how it is written in Genesis. A man without any fault of his own may find himself married to more than one woman, as it was in the case with Jacob. It is against God’s Law to remove from Jacob either of his two wives. Hence, you shall make no ruling either in favor or against the marrying of more than one wife. Rather, you shall make laws requiring justice for the wives of a man who has more than one wife. The wives of a man have ownership over their husband. They cannot be forced to tolerate their husband taking too many wives such that they will be neglected among them.

So Lord, then is there to be a limit to the number of wives that a man may take legally? For the Koran stated that limit to be four. But what is Your Word, O’ Lord?

It is written in the scriptures that seven women will lay hold of one man. (Isaiah 4:1). Hence, the Koran is blasphemous. The limit set by God is seven wives. I AM WHO AM. For seven wives are the maximum a man can have if he gives each of his wives one night with him each week. Such is the divine ruling of God. Amen.

Lord, what is Your ruling on concubines?

Lord Eric, a concubine is a lover of man where neither party is legally bound to the other. Such I do not tolerate. Hence, a concubine is to be either recognized as a legal wife or legally dismissed. No man may have sex with a woman who is not his wife. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, what are Your rules on courtship?

These are My rules, Lord Eric. A man has the right to approach an unmarried and unengaged woman with a petition for marriage or courtship. The woman has the right to accept or decline. And she has the right for her decline to be accepted by that man.

Lord Eric, do you have a plan to court or seek marriage to any woman?

Dost Thou plan to send me such a woman, O’ Lord? If so, then yes. But if not, it would seem foolish in my mind to seek something You do not will to grant me.

If I willed it, how would you determine that I had so willed it?

There would be a girl in my life who was put there by God. I do not will against that, O’ Lord. But I will do as You command me, not as I may lust or desire. For I am not a man who pursues lusts or desires for women.

And how would you know if the girl in your life is from Me?

The signs would say it, O’ Lord. For the good tree produces good fruit and the bad tree produces bad fruit. As You taught in the scriptures how to tell a good prophet from a bad prophet, so would I tell a woman is from God or not from God. Amen.

And have you ever seen a good woman in your life?

I am not aware of such, O’ Lord.

Is it that the women fail a test of yours, Lord Eric?

There is no woman to test, O’ Lord.

The women you saw at the mall, did they fail a test, Lord Eric?

No indication of interest in me beyond selling me something did I detect in any woman I saw there, O’ Lord. Do I ignore body language or something that makes You ask such things?

No, Lord Eric. I was merely attempting to see how you see them. There is a woman whose interest is more than merely of financial gains regarding you. If I place her with you, will you go out with her if I order you to?

Yes, I would do that, O’ Lord. What kind of morality would this woman bring to the relationship? Would she seek to sin or what?

If We give her to you and the relationship pleases Us, the Lord, will you marry her as I will command you to, Lord Eric?

Yes, O’ Lord. I would do as you say.

This is My Word to you, Commander Eric. Marry the girl I send to you. And you will see that the signs say she is from Me. I intend for her to become your wife. After you marry her, I will put this world to its end. And then I, not you, Lord Eric, will raise the dead and proceed to judge all Mankind on the earth. Amen.

You, Eric, are ruler only between now and then. You will rule the nations with an iron scepter. And you shall shatter them like pottery. But on the night of your marriage, after you have lain with the girl I give you, I will give you your eternal place at My side and all that is in this world shall come to its end. Amen.

Now go, Eric. For I AM Judging nations through you. And I am setting the world on fire. You cannot be drafted to war. But most men shall. And they shall fight and die on European soil. I AM WHO AM.

This post is ended now. I AM WHO AM. Whoever serves Me, let him obey Commander Eric, Whom I now set as ruler of this world until the End of Time. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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