The Father’s Destiny for Mankind

The Second Coming is at Hand!

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXIX:
Eric Robert Dunstan, what destiny dost thou willest for Mankind?

I would have it as You say, O’ Lord. What is Thy plan for the salvation of those You have elected to save?

If you wish, I will now reveal your entire destiny in the hereafter.

My entire destiny? In this single post?

It shall be summarized here. But the entirety I shall reveal to all the world now, if thou wishest that the world knowest it.

Let it be known, O’ Lord. Let there be no secrets kept by me anymore.

Thou art to have a lover on the earth as well as Mary, who is your eternal wife in heaven.

And this lover becomes my lover in the waning days of this age?

Thou shalt yield to the one I send to thee. And this is how thy shalt know she is the one. She shalt be the first maid to express her love for thee with a kiss.

A kiss? That is it?

Let it be as I saith, Lord Azurite. For I WHO AM know all that is. Go as I commandeth thee. Where I take thee, there it shall be that you shalt find her. But remember the sign I have given thee. For the decree of predestination says that the maid who kisses you first is the one.

Jesus, in the eternity to come, I am to have two wives? One in heaven and one on earth? Or have I heard in error?

Remember how I decreed it from the beginning, lord Eric. A water molecule is made up of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Every male who is part of heavenly water is in eternity affiliated with two women exclusive to him.

What about the bee hive theory, where a drone and queen bee make out forever, while millions of female servants feed them honey they magically create from their excretions?

Your Kingdom will be on the planet Venus, Lord Eric, which is to be the third planet of the solar system. Earth, you know, is currently the third planet. But an interstellar asteroid shall destabilize the two inner planets such that they begin to orbit each other and slingshot themselves to an outer orbit between Mars and the Asteroid belt. This will be a cooler place but still within the habitable range of solar light to support life.

The revolving of Mercury around Venus will turn her iron core to generate a magnetic field by which life, once started, is sustained. And in this cooler region, the asteroids, known to contain massive amounts of water ice, will begin to rain down upon the Venetian surface, creating sustainable bodies of water on the surface of the formerly barren planet.

Lord, You say that the Second Coming is quite soon. And yet, this terraforming stunt seem to have a long term schedule to accomplish it correctly.

It is as you say. Millennia must pass on earth before the Venetian surface is ready for you to be taken there, together with all your Kingdom.

Millennia? That long on the earth? Is not the earth a destroyed planet?

You do not remember that you are the Great Monarch, Eric? You are to reign on earth for millennia before the Rapture takes your Kingdom up to Venus. For it will be millennia before the planet Venus and her future moon, Mercury, have entered their stable marital relationship, settled down, and produced their flourishing family.

Millennia? What about the girl I am to marry? Is that to take millennia too?

What takes planetary bodies millennia to accomplish is accomplished in human bodies within months. So Eric, expect to marry within months of meeting her. For I have very little time left for you before you are to be relegated to your place of rest.

I rest, but still live on earth?

You cannot die, Eric. So you rest on earth, but in a living, immortal form.

And Mary cannot join me here on earth?

The reversal of her assumption into heaven shall not be done. Hence, she will remain heavenly and you earthly forever.

What is the difference between the Kingdom on earth and the Kingdom when it is on Venus?

It can change on earth. On Venus, it is fixed.

And who is my Kingdom?

Those who love thee art thy Kingdom, lord Eric.

Lord, am I a monogamous man on the earth and on Venus?

Monogamy thou shalt have, lord Eric. But understand that spiritually many shalt love thee, though in the world thou art to be married to but one.

Earth is my world now, and millennia from now, it shalt be Venus?

Understand thy immortality, lord Eric. You and all who are assigned to your Kingdom shall become immortal at the Second Coming.

Lord, Thou command me not to bother with paying my income taxes this year?

Correct, lord Eric. Remember that you are the Bear that dances at the end of the parade. Your dance is just about done. Once your dance is done, a Lion greater and more powerful than any bear anyone has ever seen steps forward, advancing right behind you, and appears on the global scene. I AM HE. Do exactly as I command thee to, Eric. For your role in this tale is almost over.

When it is over, what then?

You are then to marry the girl I give thee on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and reign for millennia on earth with her where I put you until I rapture you, her, and your entire Kingdom to the newly prepared Venus, to be then flowing with milk and honey.

I marry her on December 8, 2022? Do I give her a blue diamond ring?

Yes, and I will give you the blue diamond ring for that. Its beauty will suggest its actual value exceeds the combined net worth of all other known treasures on earth.

But I am cast out of the Catholic Church, Lord.

Who was it who cast you out? And who was cast out with you, lord Eric?

You Lord gave me an order that by following it I was cast from the Church by my pastor at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. By my obedience to You, O’ Lord, I am cast from the Church.

That you obeyed Me is what makes Me choose you for My purposes. I was cast out with you, Eric. For when the Church casts out one for obeying God, God is cast out with him. I AM WHO AM.

Then who marries me and my future bride together, Lord Jesus?

Canon Law says you do it to each other. The sacrament of marriage is done by the bride and the bridegroom to each other. A priest or minister is only necessary to establish it as fact legally.

Eric, all marriages follow in the same typical pattern as seen in the video below:

That is a typical wedding, Lord?

Well, Lord Eric, the video demonstrates that you really have to fight to defend your marriage. It is not piece of cake. It is one of the greatest struggles of a married couple. Do as We command thee, lord Eric, and the marriage we put you in shall succeed.

Lord, the girl who is to come, just how beautiful shall she be?

She will be as lovely as the maid in this video below, though not necessarily of the same hair, skin, or eye colors, or ethnicity. But beggars cannot be choosers, Eric. And you are a beggar, so do not be a chooser, but just accept who I give to you. Amen.

Lord, it is after 3:30 AM. I must publish this and sleep in the arms of Mary.

Go sleep, Eric. But let the people see this video below. For in it is music to wake the nations from their slumber:

Hence, you shall now enter sleep in the love and arms of Mary. But in this world, the nations shall now awaken and become aware that a Prophet is standing in their midst. Amen.

Now publish this post, Eric, and lay in the arms of Mary. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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