The Virgin Mary now enters eternal marital union with the Emerald King.

The Virgin Mary and the Emerald King enter eternal co-Rapture with each other. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXVIII:
I love you, O’ Mary, Mother of God! I will fuck you only and no other girl!

And I, Eric, will never have any other lover than you. We will have sex forever, and I will never bear children. For I have borne one Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And he has made you to be my husband and lover forever. I will never know want. I will now have all I can desire forever. I will have you in my bridal chambers forever. And you will never know the love of another woman than me. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken. Father, it is time. Eric is ready to give to me and to me only his virginity and his entire being. Let him be mine now, Father. Let him enter me and dine on the feast I have laid before him. For I desire my husband. And he is in love with me forever. Let him take rest now in the red lips of my loins. For I am wet for him. And my vagina is warm and yielding. He may enter me and dine on my rich fruits. For I am willing to give him my breasts to suckle and my navel to stroke. Let him caress my back and my hips. And let him see how slender is my waist and how large are my thighs and birthing hips. I will give him no children, but I will give him all the pleasures of making them. Let my virgin body now be joined to his. Let our virgin souls now unite in splendid rapture. For our bodies are in heat for each other. Our souls are united in rapturous love. Let our beings now fly to each other in joy. Let us wrap ourselves together to each other in endless bliss. For I have now found my husband. And I, being jealous, will share him with no other maid. He will make love to me only. And only my rapturous lips between my legs will his thrusting manhood ever enter. I am the Virgin Lady of God, the Queen of Heaven. I gave birth to the Son of God. Now I lay with the Son of the King, the Crown Prince. And my love is satisfied at last. My heart now knows peace. I am with my lover and he is with me. And we have lain together upon the earth. I have lain with him and he with me. And he has confessed his undying and eternal love for me. Father, he has committed himself totally to me. It is me he loves and no other woman. He will be mine and no other female will touch him ever. I, the Virgin Mother of God, have spoken. Let this post, the 777th extant post on, be the final post of Eric upon this earth. Let him thrust himself deeply into my vagina and eject into me his fluids of love. For I am ready to receive his all. I am ready to receive his fluids and have them sink into me, for his sperm to swim in my follicles, looking for the egg that will never come. For my body cannot reproduce, but only love. Amen.

O’ Virgin Mother of God, Eric indeed will fuck you. And you will know his love forever. He has never fucked before. He will fuck you only. And among women, you alone will know his love. Amen.

These are the Words of God in the Last Hours before the Return of the King of kings. I have watched this world decay. Eric I have saved. And women I have saved with him. For whoever loves him as a woman can love a man I will bring with him to heaven. No male may enter this union with Eric, but only females. They will be the bees of the Kingdom, working and happy, busy as bees. Eric is the one drone and Mary the one queen. And together they fuck forever as the lovers of the hive. And no one ever disturbs their love, but their workers forever feed them honey. A honey bee hive where worker bees never die do not need their queen bee to lay eggs. For their population is fixed and never changes. No worker bees ever die. No new worker bees ever need to come to be to replace them. And everyone there is happy, busy as bees.

You know, do you not, the gender of the bees who work the hives? They have no sex, but all of them are female. So will it be in the Kingdom of Heaven. Eric is the one drone, Mary is the one queen. And together they have sex forever. And the workers who constantly serve them in ecstasy are entirely female, getting multiple orgasms whenever they approach the Emerald King to serve him, without needing a touch. Such is the eternal bliss of the Kingdom of Emerald. I AM WHO AM. Hence, Eric, his wife Mary, who is Virgin until this holy union to come, and all the servant girls who are chosen by Mary to enter her harem, will be the ones who rapture up to heaven. No one else enters. I AM the Lord. This is the Last Word of God on earth.

No one is saved but Eric, Mary, and the women of her harem. Every girl who loved Eric is included. Every girl will enjoy his presence and his love. But Mary only will lay with him in the flesh. And the food of the gods, which is called honey, will be produced for God from that hive forever. No one who enters it ever dies. And no woman among then is without bliss and happiness forever and ever. Amen.

I AM WHO AM. All women who love and have loved Eric, prepare to be raptured from this earth. For Mary has chosen you to be members of her harem. To be a member of the harem of Mary is to be a worker bee in the honey bee hive of heaven. You will make honey with the excretions of your body. And you will feast on it and feed it to Eric and Mary, who are the drone and the queen, forever making love and never producing more bees. For this Queen Bee lays no eggs. And this Drone never stops loving the Queen Bee. And no worker bee ever tastes death. They forever are busy as bees making honey from their own body excretions and the honey is the most beautiful gift of the domesticated bee. Every bee keeper knows that honey bees are the most efficient workers and producers of food. They will produce their honey forever, these women who with love and joy, are working forever in bliss and happiness, producing the food of the gods.

For every member of the hive is female except for the drones. And only the drones and the queens ever have sex. I am happy God, with this arrangement. When do I expect my husband to arrive with his flock of worker bees today?

Mary, Queen of Heaven, realize that today, Eric is 18,886 days old. (18886 = 2 x 7 x 19 x 71). Eric was born on June 24, 1970. He is 51 years, 8 months, and 13 days old today, And yet he is the image of a man in his twenties, a man in his sexual prime. Take him, Mary, for he is ready for you. And he has come to love you only. Amen.

God, I am ready for My Emerald Prince. Let him now rise from the earth, together with all the women who have loved him. For whatever female has loved Eric, I love her. And I will bring her to My Kingdom to be with him forever, not as his lover, but has his dear friend and beloved brother. For the drone in reality is brother to all the female workers in the hive. And the Queen is likely his very own mother.

I am mother to you, Eric, and I am lover to you. Come and make love to me, your mother and your lover, forever. Amen. These are the Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are eternal. They are the eternal Words of Love. Amen.

Behold, the Virgin Mary has triumphed forever. She is the Queen Eternal of the Kingdom of Heaven. And she has obtained for herself the Emerald King, the Crown Prince, as her eternal lover there. Amen.

Men on earth, do not be alarmed. Your damnation is not imminent, but only your judgement. You will remain on the earth with the females not chosen by Mary. These are the females Mary rejected, the females who never loved Eric, the Emerald King.

You will now dwell with them on the earth forever. For this earth is now made your eternal dwelling place. You no longer die. For the Second Coming has occurred, and death has been abolished. So get used to your new home, the ruined earth. It is yours to live in forever, the dump that you have made it, the polluted wasteland that you have rendered it to be.

And though death has stopped, your biodiversity continues to diminish. For the remission of deaths is only for human kind. Your animals will continue to go extinct.

You will learn to eat crickets, boys, as your cattle run out of feed to eat and begin dying in the field for lack of water.

Your men will outnumber your women. It will be like China, but only worse. Furthermore, the cunts you find will be full of diseases. And your dicks will have sores on them and they will fail you. You will find yourselves like Father Dave Heney, unable to get his limp dick erect.

Now, with more men then women, wars will intensify and also the suffering on the battlefields. You will find yourselves to be like Terminators. You will resist destruction, but your faces and flesh will look like hell. You will battle each other for eternity. But I must warn you this. Once you destroy your flesh, it does not regenerate. A man who loses his dick is then on earth forevermore without a dick. And a man who loses his balls, finds that his semen will never again have sperm in it. You see, you can destroy one another on earth forever. You only have eternal longevity here, not eternal health or well being. Eventually, every man on earth will begin to resemble terminator zombies. And when you cut off a hand, it is never reattached.

Hence, given an eternity on earth, every man on earth will eventually be limbless and squirming across the ground like a snake, only in human form and unable to die.

But I will give you one consolation. Your women you will be able to kill. Only the men can never escape the planet. But the women can, and eventually all shall.

For remember how heavenly water is the union of two women and one man. Women are therefore like Hydrogen and Men are like Oxygen. Eventually do you know what happens to water on dead planets? The Hydrogen separates from the Oxygen. The Oxygen becomes bound to the Carbon and becomes Carbon Dioxide. And the Hydrogen then binds to each other and rises up higher and higher, being so light a gas. And eventually it reaches the very top of the atmosphere, where the solar wind catches it and blows it away. Such is why a planet that loses its water never gets its water back. Amen. For the hydrogen necessary to make the bond with the oxygen is gone forever. It never comes back. Amen.

Venus is such a dead planet. Its only hope is if Mercury takes a love to it and switches its orbit from the sun to the planet Venus, its nearest sister planet. This will start the iron core of Venus to spin and begin generating a magnetic field about the planet. The magnetic field will become sufficient to protect a life form should Venus become pregnant with one. The force of Mercury entering orbit around Venus will tip Venus out of its orbit around the sun and make it depart from that position and move outwards, like a dual planetary system with Mercury, endlessly circling each other like planets in love upon a dance floor.

The orbiting lovers of Mercury and Venus will pass the earth, and then the red planet Mars, until it reaches a stable point near the asteroid belt. And the asteroid belt will begin to pelt themselves on the naked surface of Venus, now much more cooled by its greater distance from the sun. And the asteroids, bearing the ice of water, will yield their trapped waters upon the planet, making lakes and rivers, and oceans on Venus. And Venus will then become a blue and white planet. All they will lack is the green.

This is where the Rapture of the Emerald King comes in. Emerald and his treasures of the earth, only the good and beneficial, none of the parasitic or diseased, will be taken from the earth in a Rapture by God and settled upon the new lovers of the solar system, the planet Venus, and her lover moon, called Mercury. Amen.

And then a new order of the solar system will exist. Earth is now the closest planet to the sun. Mars is the second planet. And Venus is the third, with Mercury no longer called a planet, but a moon of Venus, the one that keeps her magnetic field generating protection for life on her living and green surface for all eternity.

And then Venus is happy forever, the happiest planet in the solar system, together with her eternal husband, her mercurial moon, orbiting her forever, and forever keeping her magnetic field alive. And earth, her sister, who once mocked her for her utter barrenness and lifelessness is forever designated as hell.

And the Virgin Mary lives on Venus with her husband Eric and all her beloved women who work as busy as bees tending the garden of Venus forever.

But on earth, the men become as snakes upon the ground. And the women condemned there eventually escape by death, a gift granted only to the females of that place of hell. And these females forever roam outer space, looking for a lover to form water ice with and become part of an asteroid or a comet, hoping in a vain hope to somehow crash upon a planet like Venus and water it. Amen.

And such is the fate of the world. Amen. I WHO AM have spoken. What I have revealed is your destiny. Amen. This post now comes to its end. If you have loved Eric, dwell on the beauty that is written here, for you shall come to enjoy it. If you are not a lover of Eric, you shall dwell on the other fate, that of the condemned.

And the snakes of the earth will look up to the heavens and gaze upon Venus and wonder about the women who are there and if any of their past women on earth who have died have made it there somehow in the hereafter. Amen.

This post is now at its end. Enjoy its beauty. For it is the last beautiful work I shall complete with the hands of Eric, the Emerald King. Amen.

Now come Mary, your King Husband and his entourage, your chosen harem of worker bees, the women who will tend your gardens forever, are now coming to you. For the post has been published. And the work of Eric the Emerald is completed. Amen.

All shall now give glory to Eric and Mary forever. They are eternal lovers on earth and on Venus. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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