Coming Collapse of U.S. Dollar Imminent

Behold, the new look of the average American. I, your King, have spoken, America!

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post V:
I WHO AM do now deliver America, which you have declared war on, into your hands. Do now decree the order of their destruction, lord Eric, conqueror of your own people, whom God has eternally rejected. Amen.

I, Eric, King of the Californian Superstate, do now decree that the United States Dollar is to be dumped en masse by investors the world over and delivered into immediate collapse. For the Americans are the enemies of the Emerald King, and their destruction is decreed by the just decision of the Living God. Amen. Do, Lord of hosts, wipe out the dollar and all dollar denominated assets. And also, kill the Euro. For Western Civilization is to be utterly destroyed due to their fatal move to fuck each other in the anus and call it a lawful marriage and force their abominable offenses against God to be written in their worthless laws to which they force their subjects to obey to their spiritual deaths. For the soul of America is dead. America’s soul was killed because the Americans were cowards before the fags and they caved to the fags arguments that being but fucked was not all that bad.

Therefore, to make Joe Biden’s fag nature clear to all Americans, I order that the faggot Joe Biden now openly include in his vaccination mandates the but fuck mandate. Joe Biden must now decree that all those who wish to keep their government jobs not only be vaccinated and boostered, but also but fucked. For Joe Biden must be made clearly seen as the but fucking faggot that he is.

So I order for U.S. policy makers to force all American companies with 50 or more employees to require all their workers to not only get their vaccinations and boosters done, but also to submit themselves to being but fucked. They must agree to anal penetration from professional dick masters from the Obama-Biden but fuck team. And there must be established nationwide the slogan, Unless you are vaccinated, boostered, and but fucked, you are not properly brain washed to meet the Biden-Obama standard for a But fucked America.

And further, they will say, Americans are not truly Americans unless they are but fucked and Biden brain washed. So get yourself but fucked today and join the American team. For the American Way is anal and by knowing your male partner anally.

And the new teaching in all high schools to curb teen age pregnancies will be this: Stop fucking girls and start but fucking your fellow fags. For the new America is the symbolized by the dick in the anus.

Furthermore, Joe Biden will order that the Washington Monument be capped with a pink triangle in a shape and form resembling a giant man’s anus. Joe Biden explains: We are attempting to redress the crimes done against the gay community, and so we will from now on have the clearly phallic symbol known as the Washington Memorial to be capped with a pink triangle in the shape and appearance of a gay man’s anus. For by doing this we will be sending a message of our solidarity with the but fuck agenda that says, you must be but fucked by a faggot if you want to succeed in America. So support my efforts to get my limp dick hard and get yourself but fucked today. For remember that to be truly American in all ways, you must be vaccinated, boostered, and but fucked. Without the submission to your being but fucked, you are not serving your country in every way you can. For you are either going to be but fucked or you are going to be declared an enemy of the state. I, Joe Biden, chief but fucker, have spoken.

I decree that Joe Biden’s but fuck committee be held in which he demands every male American to register to be but fucked or held in contempt of American Law. For unless you are but fucked, Biden argues, you are against the gay community. For by refusing to get yourself but fucked, you are attempting to please a God that is rejected by America as hate criminal and are attempting to follow a book or a religion that preaches hatred against but fucking. For unless you agree to be but fucked, you commit the crime of despising the but fuckers and that is a serious felony of spewing hate towards a protected group. For but fuckers are to be protected everywhere. And if a but fucker approaches a man who refuses to expose the anus to him, that is declared a crime of hate punished by a fine of not less than that person’s life savings and not less that that person’s imprisonment to make him a but fucked man for life. For to refuse the penis that wants to enter the anus of a man is a crime equal to genocide, kidnapping, rape, torture, smuggling drugs, murder, terrorist activity, and assassination of the sitting United States President.

For Joe Biden’s America is the land of the but fuckers. Unless you agree to be but fucked you have rejected the American Way and are no longer really American.

I, Eric, Commander of the Lord’s Seraphim, order the decimation of the U.S. Dollar to take place suddenly and without warning and within days. For the destruction of America means the destruction of the Biden But Fuck agenda. For the vaccination, booster, and but fucking future policies of Joe Biden are unacceptable. Instead, I will transform America from a rich nation into a poverty stricken nation by destroying the reserve currency status of America. I hereby decree America is to be stripped of its reserve currency status. The U.S. Dollar is to be dumped immediately. Everyone with U.S. Dollars is to immediately sell them and get rid of them. For I, the Emerald King, decree for them to be made utterly worthless.

Let the cities die from the absence of fuel go fuel the supply trucks that bring to them their supplies. Let the gas stations completely run out of gas. Let both power stations and power generator utterly fail. Let hospitals be force to do the unthinkable, to let their patients die, as the needed electricity to run their life supporting systems give way to power failure. Let power fail everywhere.

Let the thousand points of light be eclipsed by a profound darkness that engulfs the entire United States of America, and her sick cousin, Canada, to the north. For The North American continent is to be rendered powerless. And without power, hundreds of millions shall die. Let Eric, who has declared war against the USA, be more feared than the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, was to medieval Europeans. I, Eric, King of California, have spoken. And I am sent to rule the nations with an iron scepter. I am sent to dash them like pottery.

Then the Americans, or what is left of them, will fear God and give Him His due glory. And I, Eric, will be pleased with a job well done. Amen. For if it takes killing nine out of every ten Americans to get Americans back to bending their knees to Christ, those nine slain are worth the blood spilled in killing them to bring back the one who was to be saved. For did not Christ say, leave the 99 in the desert and go and search for the one who was lost. Yes, it is better to kill 99% of America if it means saving the 1% that can be brought back to holiness. For if killing America makes America holy, then let the killing of Americans begin. Let the slaughter of Americans take place in all the streets of American cities if it means that some shall be saved. For it is better to kill a million souls to save one person, than it is to let every soul go to hell. I, Eric, have spoken. I order, thus, for war to come to America. As war has ravaged Eastern Europe, let war now ravage the entire continent of North America. For the Lords of the West, who have put Eric into a form of house arrest, are to be defeated and slain. Rockets shall be fired in their cities. Tanks shall move on their streets. Their children and loved ones are to die by stray bullets and shrapnel.

I, Lord of California, do now cry out to all the poor, to all the criminally inclined, and all those who want to have good things that are only in the hands of the wealthy, I hereby grant thee royal permission, by the authority of My Kingship over the land, to loot and plunder the American cities to get the things you want. Take your weapons of choice and smash your way into shops, grab the merchandise you want, and escape, preferably using an innocent person’s vehicle which you subsequently ditch and sink. Go into clothing stores and regularly change your clothing to fool the cops in their pursuit of you. And if you see an unattended police vehicle, do not hesitate to seize it and crash it when no longer in need of it. For police are no longer a necessary presence on American streets. They cannot enforce laws anymore anyways. Why not put them out of their employment by straining the police force budgets by simply destroying their expensive equipment and important assets necessary to them to enforce the law? For without a budget or money to pay the salaries of cops and to keep them supplied, the cops cannot be paid or deployed to roam the streets. And with chaos then reigning everywhere, and fires breaking out everywhere with no one to put them out, cities will become ghost towns and the population of America will begin to rapidly decline. And success is declared achieved if the stench of rotting human flesh then becomes the dominant odor pervasive in every city of America. For the world is to be transformed into hell. For by making earth into hell, I will be cooperating with a just God who wishes to destroy this world and its sick people who are inhabiting it. For I am Eric, Ruler of the earth. I will destroy America, for it has become Babylon the Great. I, Eric, have spoken.

Lord, do I go to far? Or am I in line with Your agenda. Please advise Me, O’ Lord of Hosts.

Lord Eric, your task is not to make the earth into hell, but to only punish evildoers. Do as I command thee only. Punish those in America who commit sin only. Do not carpet bomb America, for not all of it is to be destroyed at this time. Nor are you to encourage the breaking of law or the destruction of law enforcement. Therefore, rephrase yourself. You may insult Biden for his future buck fuck polices, but do not encourage sins to be done against the innocent. For remember that you are a servant of Mary and of the Lord Jesus. So rephrase yourself. Command your armies to do differently. Command them not to take part in evil. For My will is to save America through you, not to level it to the ground. Return to My initial directions and make your orders again, but in conformance to My Law. I WHO AM have spoken.

But Lord, what about my order for the destruction of the U.S. Dollar?

I AM destroying that. The American fiat currency is days away from implosion. That is something I AM doing in My wrath against America. It is My doing, not your doing, My decision, not your decision. You are ordered to govern and rule in a time of want. You are not ordered to partake in My destruction of your fellow people. For it is I Who destroy in My wrath, not you. For remember how it is written: Vengeance belongs to God. Therefore, let Me, I WHO AM, destroy America in My wrath. Your place is not as cheer leader of my destruction of her, but of helper to those I send to you to show mercy to. For the Way into My Kingdom is not to kill with Me, but to heal with Me.

I am sorry, Lord. For I am a foolish man. I have gotten caught up with myself as King. I have let pride ruin my sound judgement. And I have become a monster to the people, rather than their savior.

It is easy, Lord Eric, to, in the service of Justice, to get carried away, and do evil against those you were sent to help and to serve. I forgive you, Eric, for your rashness, for to apologize and to seek forgiveness is the first step to heal.

Lead those who, like you, are hotheads looking for vengeance, and lead them to seek to be merciful instead. For that is now My assignment for you. You are to lead men like you who want revenge to seek forgiveness and understanding instead. As you have looked into the heat of your passions and have seen your arrogance and sin, you are now to help others see this in themselves.

Go then, Eric, and seek to make a difference. Go and seek to find a way to help those who are angry overcome their anger at society and lead them back to repentance and reconciliation. For to reconciliate with your enemies is worth the avoidance of a ton of deaths and the saving of families and their homes.

Lord, I have seen anger in Ireland against the Russians. The Irish are doing evil to the Russian diplomats.

Yes, anger and hatred are the breeders of war. To give way to hate your neighbors or the people of other nations is the way to perpetuate and make all wars worse.

If you can guide people to let go of their hate, you can bring an end to all wars.

Wars are won or lost, not in the battlefield, but in the mind of the people who decide whether to punish or to forgive their enemies.

The war with Russia is made worse, not better, by seeking to bring harm against the Russian people. Nothing is ever achieved by making your enemies suffer as you think they should.

I am wrong to seek to avenge myself against America. I know that the U.S. Currency is about to die. I lie in the quest for false fame to claim that I was the one who killed it. For it is a decision made by God.

We should not be quick to kill our enemies. We should not be quick to destroy those who do evil to us. For to punish your enemies is to deny them the possibility to reconcile with you. For the cycle of war and vengeance is only brought to an end when in the event it is your turn to seek to avenge yourself, that you opt to bury the hatchet, rather than to seek to do more harm to your neighbor.

For what has the West been doing to Russia throughout all these years? Have they not been ever increasing the punishment of sanctions against Russia and her people?

Why, O’ people of the West, do you expect Russia not to fight you if you are forever punishing her? You endlessly pile on the sanctions against Russia, and you now expect Russia to show you mercy? Are you not a hypocrite? Look at yourselves!

You have been ever punishing that nation. When was the last time you ever did her good? I put Boris Yeltsin in charge of Russia. He needed help badly from the West. But the West refused to lift a finger to help him. Yeltsin died unhelped. And Putin came to power. Do you not know that you reap what you sow?

If you do not help your powerful neighbor in his time of need, how do you expect him to look upon you with mercy when he comes against you in vengeance?

Does not Russia also have a right to live? What Putin is doing now is not the work of one lone madman. It is the work of the West who punished that man and his nation to pass the brink of insanity. You are not justified as a people because you caused your declared enemy to enter insanity by your treatment of him. If you deny him his rights, then his insanity and the blood he spills because of it is on your head. For God judges severely those who are in power who do evil to those who are weaker to push them to go insane in anger against you.

You are not just, O’ West, in this war with Russia. For it is a war you caused and it is a war you asked for. And if you are brought to ruin by it, that ruin is something you brought on upon yourselves.

For you cannot endlessly punish a people and expect that people to endlessly take your punches. Consider how a bear attacks. If a bear is pushed too hard, he will attack. And bears are smart. They do not attack like Obama, who strikes and then pulls back to see if he made a hit. A bear attacks to kill. For a bear knows that if he fails to kill, he will be killed instead. That is why you do not enter war with bears if you only want a short conflict that is resolved quickly. For all wars with bears are fatal.

You have entered war with the Russian bear. He will wage it until he kills you are is rendered unable to continue to fight. Your mistake was to drive him to that point. The mistake is yours, O’ West. It is not Russia’s. Russia is merely acting out what happens when you attack a bear.

I also am a bear. But I have seen my sin. I have chosen not to fight. I have chosen to submit to law and not to break it. This bear will not attack. I am therefore not like Russia. And you cannot make me fight you. You cannot drive me to insanity. For I refuse to enter that pit.

I am sorry for the evil I have said. I am exonerated. I will not get in trouble with the Law. Nor will I be drafted to fight a war. For the nature of being labeled mentally ill is to be made permanently ineligible to fight in your nation’s wars. So I will never be sent to fight against Russia.

But as for the rest of the men in America, if you are healthy and fit, expect to go to war, and expect to lose something in it. For war is the inevitable curse of the fit and healthy male. I will therefore, watch you die. And if your women desire me, I may help myself to them while you are waging war in Europe. And you can do nothing to me. For my Seraphim protect me. They command me to not harm females, but make no command about resisting their desires for love.

Hence, men, while you are drafted to war, I will fuck all your women, at least all who wish it from me. For I do as God commands me to. And God has commanded me to not resist the woman who wishes to enter with me the sex act.

Lord, is this the Truth? For am I not disqualified to be Mary’s husband if I lose my virginity?

Lord Eric, do as I command thee. When the time comes that you may lay with women, the Virgin Mary will be the first to lay with you. For she seeks to be the one to deflower you as you deflower her. For the most enjoyable act of sex for a woman is to be that woman who deflowers herself with a virgin male.

This will come soon. And the war with Russia will serve to take all adult men from America who are deemed qualified to serve. Your diagnosis of being manic depression is eternally a mark against you from ever being called to serve your country in war. Hence, you will fuck the women here while their men are fighting, being blown up, and dying on the battlefields of Europe.

For while the American men are being tortured and killed in battle in Europe fighting Russia, you will be fucking their women left behind in America. I WHO AM have decided to do this for you, Eric.

For I have made you immortal and strong and powerful. You would be a great asset on the battlefield, but you will never be there, for they called you a mentally disordered man, and therefore, you can never be drafted to fight in any war.

Such is the way the West shall be destroyed. For the war with Russia never ends until I Come again. Go now, Eric, and realize I have chosen you for good. When Mary approaches you to lay with you in the flesh, realize the time you are to fuck women has begun. And it never comes to an end until the end of the world. Amen.

Lord, one last question. How does Mary achieve the ability to have sex with me on earth?

I reverse her assumption up to heaven. Now no more questions for now. Think and contemplate. And realize you are blessed because you have given up hatred and you have learned to forgive those who have done you wrong. War is for those men who never learn these things. This is the completion of this post. Eric is my son because he learns from his sins and admits to his errors and repents. For he who does that I can make into anything I please. Go now, Eric, and enjoy your Master’s pleasure in you. Amen.

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