Power is about to die in America

Eric, the women on earth will choose you over their own husbands and boyfriends. Oracle of the Lord.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post II:
I WHO AM say this. Eric is the one who knows all that is. For Eric is Mine. And I give him intel superior to that of mortal men. Eric has declared war on the United States of America for good reason. Two days ago occurred the first concerted attempt at assassination of the Emerald King. It occurred not by war but by stealth. And it was attempted by the usage of women.

This is how it worked. I walked as I normally do, on a long trek. I went this time to uptown Whittier. I was there to wonder about the shops looking for good deals and things of interest. I spoke to a gold and diamond store that gave me better advice than another one I had been to. I then saw Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church and was commanded by God to go there. There were people there but the Church was in a state between services and so I interrupted nothing. I met the priest in the Church and asked him if I should wear a mask. He was friendly and I told him I was just looking around. I then prayed before the three main sites of Mary and Jesus and Joseph. And then I left. It was a beautiful experience. And I interrupted no service and was minimally observed, though I was seen by the clergy, who were friendly. Remember that this Church is not under the Los Angeles Archdiocese, but a different bishop, being a Religious Order Church. I was there for only a few minutes and was on my way. It was beautiful. And I saw Mary in the Church.

However, I am not returning to Catholic worship. I have been told by Jesus and Mary that I am not to return, for they have ruled that the Church is to be overthrown. But some Churches, in their beauty, may be spared. And Saint Mary of the Assumption may be one of them, for I was not made to feel unwelcome there. And no one was unfriendly towards me there. Amen. Nor did any girl make any strange advance on me there. Amen.

I then walked back to Greenleaf Avenue and continued north. I saw Mimi’s Cafe and God commanded that I eat there, as I had done various times before. I ate there. I sat at a little table behind a table where two Black dudes were talking together like old friends. And I kept myself from being a distraction. But I noticed a look from the waitress of a kind of desire. And after eating God commanded me to leave immediately. I left and as I continued to walk casually north, many tempting girls began to be seen in various places around me. And may bars seemed to beckon to me, filled with women, not with men. It was clear that a temptation attempt was underway. I was commanded to turn towards the college, Whittier College and walk that street. I passed a place where there seemed to be only good looking girls, and they were the classic form of temptation, attempting to flirt but under the command that they could not speak to me first, that I had to speak or seek them first before communication between me and them could commence. I continued on my way. But when I began to enter Whittier College a strange fatigue came about me.

It became clear to me that this fatigue was from having ingested a drug of some kind. I was told by God it was sufficient to take down an elephant. And I was told that a delay was in it to prevent me from suspecting myself from being drugged so that it would go into effect right while I would have been engaged in conversation with some women were I to have entered one of those temptations on the road. And then I would have come under their power. And there would then be no escape. For they would offer to assist me. But it would be an assistance into a cage, where I would find myself imprisoned and put to death. Amen. For once I come under their power, they will kill me. Such is the Word of God to me.

Once I entered Whittier College I began to feel this intense fatigue. And I sat for a while on a bench. I then got up, but the fatigue was not normal. It was designed to impair me. Then only salvation was that I was not with anyone. For had I been in strange company, I know they would have betrayed me. Rather, I was by myself. And the college campus was not in session. And I had the right to be there, were I to have been questioned, being that I was an alumnus of the college, having graduated from there in 1993 with a B.A. in biology.

I was led by God in my path through the campus. Many things had changed. And I saw people at a distance, but met no one. I walked down a street I know of intimately as a side street I often used in commuting there. And I went that way towards a park where I knew I could get water and go to the restrooms there. People were there, and a wedding was in its aftermath there. But I interacted with no one there. I got my water, went to the restroom. And then God led me up a steep path at the back of the park that led to the way back to Mar Vista. I then took Mar Vista east. This was then the road to immortality. On this road I became immortal. No one was on this road but cars going back and forth. And therefore, no one was there to tempt me. But I stopped many times because I was tired. A cop car passed by while I was walking, and I waved, smiling, and a person, I think it was a guy, waved back, and he seemed happy to see me. For I was overcoming the poison. But God told me not to overestimate myself. The poison was long acting. I was ordered by God to make it straight home, not to go anywhere.

As I was walking up the steep hill of Mar Vista to where it intersects with Colima, God told me I had become immortal in His judgement. I had passed the test. I then walked proudly across Colima and down towards La Serna High School by the golf course on my way home. I saw but was not seen by a group of high school girls behind the bars that now surround the school, practicing their cheer leader skills. I saw really no one else until I passed the school entrance on my way home by La Serna Drive. I took the shortest path home, the one that led up a steeper hill, rather than the one that would have exposed me to more people. I was no longer very tired. And I picked up a walking stick that I practiced sword play with on may way home. I had triumphed, but I knew from God I was not out of the woods yet.

When I got home, the fatigue returned. And I felt I was near death. I felt that I would die. But God told me He will have me live. Fatigued gripped me for the next two days on and off. And I had a limp in my left leg, and some pain sometimes walking. It was clear that an assassination attempt was made on my life. But it was a coward’s attempt. It was subversive. It was covert. It was not by a direct act of killing as one might expect from a terrorist or an assassin with a gun. Though such a direct offensive would have been eliminated by the Seraphim without me even becoming aware of the plot. But this assassination attempt was the first serious attempt. And God had ordered me to no longer eat anywhere at any place that serves food. I can buy things at grocery stores, but I cannot eat food served at any restaurant anymore. For restaurants have now become a vector for poisoning the Emerald King. Amen.

Lord, I went to that store twice now where I bought that Marian statue as you have commanded me to. Why do you command me to go there, when there is nothing there to buy right now?

Lord Eric, you know that Amazon Fresh is also there in the same parking lot. It was for you to visit that store, rather than to visit Trader Joe’s just down the road one block further, that I had you go there. For Amazon Fresh has the food that Elessar wishes you to eat to keep you healthy. And the women at that store are not dedicated towards your temptation at this time. Trader Joe’s though, you know, is a magnet for women to tempt you at. That is why we do not have you go there anymore, except for certain things.

Lord, these women, who is the power driving them to tempt me, all following a code of conduct clearly set to ensnare and destroy, not to be friendly with me, as I was once accustomed to being treated in bygone years?

They are Satan’s women, Eric. For understand that the world has died. And understand that you are among the few, the very few, who are not yet taken prisoner on earth by Satan. You also notice certain women who are clearly on your side, but who are ordered to observe and not to derail your path. They speak to you at times and respond to you in a friendly manner. Understand these women to be women who have triumphed, and who are not of this world. I WHO AM have spoken. For you are undergoing a test that most of the world has failed and who are helplessly watching you succeed. Those who are of God’s possession are cheering you on. But those who are of the enemy are agents against thee. And there is no one you meet who has not taken one side or the other, though the people directly in your life seem to not be in the loop. Mr. Nic at the bank, though, seems to know what is going on. And he is one of those who are your friends. His people at that bank are always friendly with me.

But I now know something important. And it is that power is about to be shut down. For America is now to go dark. The idea of insulation from the war in Ukraine is about to take a deadly turn. For the privilege the West believed they had of being far from the war is being taken away. America is to come under invasion from the kings of the east, Russia, China, and North Korea. For their defenses are to be wiped out. And they are to be destroyed. Joe Biden is, therefore, the greatest fool, in that he planned to abandon Ukraine to keep America free from war. For the act of abandoning one’s friends in their time of dire need is that you find yourself without friends when the tables turn against you.

Adolf Hitler succeeded in Europe precisely because he got people who thought they would be left alone if they permitted their friends of a different ethnic group to be taken away permit that. For then he had Europe under his grip, all of Europe subject to him, and no longer with any friends in the underground to help them. For they had betrayed them. And now they were on their own, themselves subject to whims of the madman against them.

And such is the way that the people of the West will now find themselves in. For the Ukrainians who were the ones who could help to defend them have been themselves betrayed by the West. They owe the West nothing. For the West watched and did nothing as the Russian bear attacked them and ate them alive. They now know that NATO is not their friend. And they will never turn to them again for help.

But it does not end their, my NATO friends. For Ukraine is correct. Russia will begin a small invasion in one of the Baltic countries, allegedly for some violation, threatening to start World War III if the West does anything to interfere. And thus NATO, under Biden’s directions, will not implement Article 5. And this is just the beginning of the end of NATO. NATO quickly ends then, when even the former Soviet states that entered NATO realize that NATO is not their friends and never were.

It will be shock to the West to see the collapse of NATO. They will all blame it on the acts of one man, Vladimir Putin. No, it is not Vladimir Putin’s fault that NATO fell. Rather, Vladimir Putin was just the type of enemy that NATO was formed to protect against. NATO, rather, fell because sinners took over the Alliance. And sinners cannot maintain such an alliance when they themselves are to weak in character to keep to their commitments to keep it alive. A man who compromises with Satan on gay marriage is by definition a man too weak in character to keep alive something that requires discipline and perseverance. Rather, all they keep alive is their hatred and wrath, by which they are undone and defeated easily in the battlefield.

Expect NATO to fall. For a NATO that betrays an ally like Ukraine is a NATO that betrays its own members as well. I see their betrayal. I know their heart. It is took wicked to manage to keep the alliance from crumble and collapse. It is inevitable. The USA was doomed, as I predicted, way back in time when Twilight took over the USA through George W. Bush and led the American people to support murdering Iraq rather than seeking true justice in handling the crisis known back then as 9-11. For I said back then, and was proven right, that act of unjust war against an innocent nation is to enter the irreversible path of the doom and destruction of this nation. Guess what? That war never came to an end. And any attempt to end it always failed.

Now Joe Biden, the ultimate Antichrist, is himself the greatest fool, as he attempts to avoid war by betraying allies of America. Betraying your allies is the pathway to defeat. You do not keep America safe by not coming to the rescue of your friends who are being attacked by a bear. No, all you do is alienate allies you need when the bear comes against you. Only with strong alliances could Russia be defeated. Russia cannot be defeated by a West that does not protect its own friends from Russian aggression. The divide and conquer strategy is clearly working for Russia. And to blame this on one man, Vladimir Putin, is to stick your head into your shit and call yourself a victim of shit poisoning. You did it to yourself, you fools of the West.

Had you treated me with respect, I would have a job and a good income. I would not have been cast into isolation. I would not have been in a position of rebelling against you. You cut me off from society. And thus, I had no choice but to declare war against you. And now you see the consequences? You are defeated. I could have defended you. But I chose to let you be defeated by Russia, because you made yourself my enemy. I was an American, and America turned her back to me and made me her enemy. Why then should America expect the greatest commander the earth has ever known to defend her, now that she is being destroyed? Rather, you not only made me a spectator of your destruction, you made me cheer it on. And I now celebrate as the West is defeated.

Your fucking laws mean shit to me, when they say I am to be imprisoned in my own neighborhood because I chose not to partake in your sicko abortion tainted vaccinations God had commanded me to never take. You sick beast. I will watch as Russia, China, and North Korea cause you to crawl on your belly as a snake. For you are as a snake to me. You betrayed me just as you betrayed what was supposed to an an American ally. I saw you never give them what they needed. I saw you time and time again fail to come to their defense. You permitted Russia to take over Ukraine because you were too cowardly to come to their defense. You are unworthy of me to defend you now. That is why I have declared war on you. Also, you will never kill me. My Seraphim will protect against your puny attempts. For though you have a large nation, it is weak from your betrayals of all the men like me you have kicked out of positions to put your fags in their places.

You led America to insert their dick into their neighbors’ male asses in an act of sodomy. You led them to enter hell with you. I watched as all the good men I had hoped in fail me and compromise with you. I saw men I had trusted say that gay marriage was settled law. That was when hoped died for America in my heart. For I knew then that this people had fundamentally abandoned God.

Decades ago, I could never take a seat anywhere on a sidewalk without someone stopping and asking if I needed help. Now, I sit fatigued, bowed over in exhaustion, and all who see me are no different to vultures, waiting and watching for me to be destroyed. They are too cowardly to oppose me, but they never offer help. Never.

This is the fundamental thing that has changed everywhere in America. No one is helping anyone else. Or at least, no one is ever helping me. It is as if the soul in this nation is dead. Love that once existed here has died. In years past, there would have been no issue of me sitting next to a young boy and casually chatting with him. But I no longer go to Barnes & Noble precisely because of how they treated me when I merely sat in a crowded place next to a boy, not a girl, and said something to him regarding some innocent game book. And a staff woman, not his mother, even to the objection of the boy himself, told me I could not talk to him and she led me to some deserted place in the store to read my book by myself. That is an insult. I never bought another thing from that store. Nor will I ever return to be insulted there again.

It is like the entire nation is an enemy to me. Why then should I do anything for her. This nation is condemned forever. I get thrown out of Target at the Whittwood for pointing out a security hole in their system. Guess what? I will never be a customer again at that store. They will never see me shop or buy there ever again. Amen.

The fundamental unfriendliness nature of the people of the West is pervasive. It is everywhere. They are condemning Russia for violating human rights for banning gay marriages. They do not seem to realize that they are fighting on Satan’s side against God. They are caught up in their twisted sense of justice. But their wickedness is clearly seen in their cruelty to me.

For me to even chat with a girl, I am under assault. It is like a crime to do that anywhere now. It is a forbidden offense for me to do that. Girls are permitted to tempt me, but if I chat with one, I am starring down the gun barrel of a sexual harassment investigation if I go further that road. Everything is a trap against me. It is a trap intended to kill me. It is like the law is twisted to make me arrested if I act human. I have to become a kind of moral superhuman to even survive these attempts to ensnare me in traps laid everywhere I go.

America is now a dead state. It is 100% dead. No one is a friend to anyone here. Those that are friendly with me seem to be observers only, somehow outside of an ongoing test or game designed to kill me.

It is like Satan is in control of every human being left on the planet, with the exception of various observers who seem here, but in reality are not part of this world. America is lost forever. And there are no places I can be safe, except for my home. That is why I say I am under house arrest. There are no friends here anymore. No one at Church is my friend. People might wave, but their wave of friendship is like the wings of a vulture toward me. All they seem to do is smile as I die before them, unhelped.

It is a mystery, O’ Lord. It is as if the world has completely died. I never see any friend ever. I might say a friendly greeting to someone. But that is as far as it goes. No one is a friend beyond that greeting. And I am now alone upon the earth, except for Mary and those I know spiritually in her world. It is as if I have no place here anymore, but only with her in heaven.

Lord, does this girl, whom I call Primrose, actually enter my life, as the promise was made? Or am I to be taken away in the night. For Mary told me the Rapture was soon. Mary told me that I will not be here much longer. And Mary told me that no one on earth loves me anymore. Amen.

For it seems that the promises of a coming friend are as empty as the promises seen in the sunrise. It is a pale emptiness that greets the land now. There is no more friendship seen anywhere. If I am greeted or spoken to as a friend, it is in my mind only that this conversation occurs. It never occurs on the earth. Hence, do I get taken away, O’ Lord? For I do not see any friend coming. And the night is advanced. If this promise of friendship fails yet again, how many more failed promises do I endure from the spirit world before I am taken away to God in heaven? For I see there are no friends left on earth. And I do not have hope to see any good thing come my way here anymore. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Is the thought that I am to have love here a lie?

If dawn comes to you in this world, and you remain knowing no new friend, Eric, realize that your arrival to heaven is then but hours away. For We have determined no way for this world to be saved if no one ever actually comes to be with you. This is the last warning to the world. I WHO AM will not post through Eric again unless a miracle has taken place. For if Eric is without friends here, I will take him to enter My friendship in heaven. And then, world, enjoy your hell on earth. For you will have deserved it. Amen.

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