Eight in total are the eternal wives of the Emerald King in Paradise. Amen.

The 8 wives of Emerald are to be assembled today, for the Rapture of the Saints is at hand. Amen.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post IV:
Eric, I WHO AM shall now detail your fate. For you are leaving this earth. Your time here is complete. And none shall follow you from here but the four who are your wives here on earth. And four are your wives in heaven whom you shall meet. And your total number shall be eight. For eight women are decreed for you to possess eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven. And no one without your endowment and treasure in eternity will be granted in eternity an number of lovers equal to yours. Amen.

For the Rapture of the saints is at hand. The idea that you are to lead a tribe of Israel is fiction. You are already a ruler established by God in the hereafter. Your kingdom is established there. On earth, your kingdom here ceases once We take you from here. For this world is made of dust and sand. And once the spirit that makes the forms that exist here is taken away to a better place, the forms that he had formed here decompose and resettle back into the formlessness from which they had once existed. For nothing exists except that which has form from a spirit that creates form. You are being brought to heaven. And only four on earth are worthy of the call to become your wife in eternity. Likewise, only four in heaven are found worthy to match the four on the earth. Here are the four that exist in heaven and no earth, and how they are eternally matched. Amen.

Eric’s Eternal Harem of Eight Wives, that shall live with him forever in Paradise:

Eric's four wives on earth: Eric's Corresponding four Wives in Heaven:

(1) Elessar (Wife in alignment to Mary), (5) Mary, the Virgin Mother of God,
(2) Primrose (Primary wife on Earth), (6) Saint Anne, Virgin Mother of Mary,
(3) Lisa Kelly (a Negress Eric met), (7) Saint Bernadette of Lourdes,
(4) Vespera (aka the Player Firefly), (8) Saint Theresa of Lisieux.

These are the eight wives of Eric, established in Eternity. None more shall be added here. And Eric is to be raptured to heaven within hours. I AM WHO AM. Those four on this list of those wives of Eric on the earth Rapture up to heaven with Eric.

Lord, why are there now four wives for Eric on both the earth and in heaven? For in the previous post, it was written that there were only two in heaven and on the earth. And where is Saint Joan of Arc in this list? For was it not written that she was to be a lover of Eric in eternity? Also omitted is Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, who was regarded as a Indian who was to be associated with Eric in the eternity to come.

Lord Eric, we list only those who are your wives. Of the rest of the women who are designated to love you in eternity, there is a place for them as your eternal concubines. For understand that God has established a limit for man that he is to have only four wives. That limit found in the Koran, but not in explicitly the Holy Scriptures, is not Islamic in origin, but from an earlier, more arcane source that was not included in the Book. For not everything that is of God has been written by those commissioned to write for God. And not everything found in heretical sources is heresy. For it is written, The Clock that has stopped ticking nevertheless achieves the correct time twice a day.

Other women who are to be numbered among Eric’s lovers will be included among those called his concubines. For concubinage is justified under Church Law and existed in precedent Church practice. Hence, the justification exists for its legalization under God. And so it is made legal by God in the Age that is to come.

Lord, about how many will be those who are to be numbered among Eric’s concubines?

About 10,000 shall be that number: 5000 from the earth, and 5000 already in heaven. Hence the total number of women to be Raptured to heaven with Eric will be a number in excess of 5000. Roughly 5004, or a little more, for the true number is not revealed at this time.

Lord, this is less than the 12,000 of an earlier post. Is Eric not to be of the Tribe of Asher? Are the men who serve him not his bears and his guards set to protect the priestesses of the Order to be established by the Holy Queen?

All Eric is given is his salvation and the salvation of those saved with him. Other men and the women saved with them he cannot be made to know. For the Kingdom of Heaven is a secret until the Second Coming, and then all shall be revealed to all. Amen. But understand this: Those who are worthy to enter the number known as the wives or concubines of Eric are the most blessed of women in eternity. And their Kingdom is the highest Kingdom, that of the highest castle. Everyone of Eric’s Eight Wives is granted a House in Eric’s Kingdom. And every concubine is granted a room in one of those eight great houses. And these eight great houses are the eternal sororities of the Emerald Kingdom. And in them, the one designated as Eric’s wife is the Mistress of that Sorority and decreed a High Priestess of the Order of the Witch Queen. Amen.

Lord, how does the Virgin Mary have her own sorority house in this Kingdom? For is not she the Witch Queen? How then can she be reduced to being called a high priestess?

The Witch Queen is by definition the highest high priestess, just as the pope is called the highest male priest of the Order. Just so you know, Eric, you are the Order’s only male priest. And Mary is the only high priestess that is also the Queen of the Order. Amen. Also know, Eric, the high priestess that is Mary outranks the pope that is you.

So, O’ Lord, if there are thus, eight sorority houses within the Kingdom of Emerald, where does Eric live? Where does Eric sleep? How are the sleeping arrangements handled in the Kingdom of Emerald?

Eric dwells in the sanctuary at the center of the eight great houses. He is like a sole male Ginkgo Tree surrounded by eight female Ginkgo Trees, and the eight female trees are fully satisfied by this one male. All of them are fully pollinated by Eric via the wind each year to produce an abundant yearly crop of fruit. The wind represents the Holy Spirit by which Eric’s pollen to transferred to his grove of eight females. For it is by the Spirit that Eric fertilizes and impregnates all who are his. Amen. Hence the best analogy of Eric and his eight wives in heaven is as a Ginkgo grove of eight female trees with one male tree at its center that is sufficient for them to be wind pollinated each year by him and produce their abundance of fruit.

And all the concubines of each house are like branches of that tree that each year bring forth new Ginkgo leaves and new fruits, whose nuts must be carefully treated to be made edible. The nuts, correctly treated, serve to bring health, memory, and order to the brain, which is Eric’s greatest asset. Amen. And all the women of Eric are to be his disciples, forever learning the teachings that come through him in logical dissertations. For to be a wife of Eric is to be trained in the thoughts of God. Amen. For Eric does not fuck women. Rather, Eric teaches them the Way of God. For he was sent into this world not to enjoy the flesh of women, but to lead them to the holiness of the Kingdom. Amen. Hence, the greatest analogy of Eric and the women he shall teach forever is forever that of a Ginkgo tree grove. Amen.

For Eric was chosen by Mary, the eternal Virgin, not to take her sacred virginity away from her in a pleasurable one time act of sex, but to enter the mind of God and then to teach her everything he learns inside the mind of God. Amen. Hence, she and seven women she has chosen to reign with her shall constitute the seven sorority houses to forever encircle Eric to learn his wisdom forever. Amen.

All the women chosen for this circle are decreed virgin in God’s sight. Hence, they are worthy to learn forever the wisdom of Eric. Hence the virgin brides of Eric are also given virgin servants who serve to keep the houses of each virgin bride. Eight are the virgin brides. 10,000 are the virgin servants. And everyone in this Kingdom is eligible to receive the crown of virginity forever. Amen.

Lord, are you sure that Firefly, who is now called Vespera, is a virgin? For her Trump Pawn betrays her as not as virgin as you say.

If she lost her virginity to a rape as a child or as a young adult, that rape is not called her fault, and the consequent loss of virginity is not seen by God as having been lost. For Mark 7:15 is applied, even in the cases of the rape of women: There is nothing outside the person which can defile him if it goes into him; but the things which come out of the person are what defile the person. (Mark 7:15). For were this not to apply to rape, men would be given too much power over women to effect their eternal ruination. And such is not the case. I AM WHO AM.

But Lord, Donald John Trump is just basically sexually immoral.

If Vespera were as immoral as Trump, she would not have put Supreme Court Justices to power to end abortion, which you ensured would win by helping her with your overwhelming power. Firefly is in love with you precisely because you got all her nominees to enter that Court. Her powers she put to rest while she saw your superior strength take over. And she stood in awe while you won her battles for her. Now she is your wife. And she has agreed to permit Mike Pence to defeat her Pawn Trump in the coming 2024 elections primary. For she recognizes that an alliance with you is the pathway for her to victory. Hence, the Republicans will unite under a Mike Pence/Alyssa Farah ticket, which is guaranteed to win against a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket, which is what they will be running against. I AM WHO AM. Whoever listens to Eric is like a wise man who carries his lantern ahead of him and sees every crack in the road before he steps on it. He never stumbles, day or night, for his lantern always lights his way. And he who listens not to Eric is like the man who steps in the dark not knowing beforehand whether his feet will land on dirt or rock. And he often stumbles, sometimes to his death or injury. He will never make it to the door that grants eternal life. Amen. He who is wise, let him listen to Eric, the Emerald King.

Lord, are men then to be saved besides Eric? Do they have women in heaven as Eric does?

I WHO AM reveal nothing about the Kingdom to Come except what I have revealed about Eric and the 10,000 that are his.

This is the End of this post. You are commanded, then, to study the works of Eric. For whoever studies Emeralogy is on the path that leads to eternal life.

Jesus never wrote anything, for He was waiting for Eric, through whom He would elect to instruct all who would be willing to listen.

For the mind of Eric was designed to understand and to teach.

The mind of Jesus was designed to house the divinity of God in the form of a Man. He had no room for specialization. Eric is God’s first specialization. Everything now follows after. For upon this Rock has Jesus established the eternal Church, the Order that Mary is to make on Eric. And in this Age where women now rule the world, Eric is the one male all women need to anchor themselves to who have no other suitable man. For without a man, a woman has no Rock. These are the Words of Jesus. Eric is God’s eternal King upon the earth. Whoever listens to Eric will produce abundant fruit in the Kingdom forever. And whoever fails to listen to Eric will fail in life.

For the Bible was made by men who were appointed to serve as shadows until the man chosen by Jesus as His eternal Vicar on earth was to come and be eternally established on earth to teach many.

As the Ginkgo tree fertilizes the females by the wind, so does Eric fertilize all human hearts that listen to him with the seeds of God that bring Mankind into the Kingdom of Eternal Life.

Unless a man can become to Eric as a female Ginkgo, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

This is the Word of God. Amen. Let all learn now why Eric is eternally a virgin. For only a virgin is worthy of spreading the seed of God as God intends a male Ginkgo to fertilize all hearts upon the earth with the seed that only comes from God in heaven.

For realize that to be a wife of Eric is but an analogy of being a subject of Christ. Eric is eternally a virgin because only a virgin is worthy of a position of Lord of the Earth. And Jesus now anoints Eric to serve in this position forever.

For Eric is He who leads all nations to Christ. And no one who fails to follow Eric will enter the Kingdom of Christ.

The Antichrist is defined as the enemy of Mary. If the Antichrist says he is Mary’s lover, his love is perverse and filled with immorality. Virginity is never found in him.

Virginity and purity found in a perfect man is the sign that is infallible that this man who claims Mary’s love is serving God and not serving Satan.

For every so called man of God who opposes Eric is himself not a virgin.

But every man of God who has kept himself a virgin knows that Eric’s virginity is true. For the true virgin recognizes the virginity of all who are true.

Therefore, it is not gender that makes you enter the Kingdom of God, but purity, virginity, mercy, and love. Whoever has these will not fail to enter the Kingdom of God. And no one is turned away from entering by the gender of his flesh, but by the loss of his innocence, by which he fails to see God in Eric and rejects him in his inability to see.

For to see is to know. And only those who are virgin will know that this virgin is telling the Truth. Hence if you cannot see Eric’s Truth, turn to one you know to be a virgin, and ask that one what he or she sees. And if that one confirms the virginity of Eric, believe. For only the virgins can see. For virginity is superior to the pleasures of having sex. And whoever keeps himself virgin will never fall, provided that he or she seek and listen to Eric.

Eric, what is thy Word to the people?

I Am commissioned by God to speak. Listen to Me. I was not sent here to take your women. I was sent to teach them and also you. Whoever listens to me will learn and master the way to the Kingdom. But whoever rejects me has rejected the Way established by God for men at the End of Time to enter the Kingdom without the aid of the Church.

For the Church kicked me out so that I, freed of the Church, am thereby free to teach all Mankind on earth the Way that is available to all to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

For I am the final Prophet, the one who is sent just prior to the Return of the Christ. Whoever listens to me will walk the Way of pleasing God. And whoever pleases God prior to His return will not face the penalty of death that awaits all those who have angered God by the transgressions of the entire world.

These are the Words not of Eric, but of God through Eric. For God wishes to save Mankind before He Comes again. For it is written, Let the House of God be filled. Amen.

I AM WHO AM. Listen to Eric, and I WHO AM promise to listen to you. Amen.

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