Californian King on a White Horse

This is My Son, King Emerald the Eternal. Obey him, for he is your eternal ruler, you who live on the earth.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post III:
I WHO AM have now anointed My Son, Eric, King under the Christ, to rule the West, from Redwood Coasts to the Sierra Nevadas. He is King of the entire Golden State of the United States of America, known as the Divine Viceroyalty of California, eternally given to Eric Robert Dunstan, Prince Consort to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to rule eternally under the divine authority of God, King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

Now We shall reveal all there is to be revealed about this Emerald King, Son of the Living Christ, Virgin Bride to the Eternal God. Eric Robert Dunstan, Who is He? I will now reveal the number of his name, as calculated in Greek gematria, according to Revelation 13:18:

Eric Robert Dunstan, whose name is 17 characters long, when added together in Greek is 1717:

E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
I -> Ι = 10
C -> Κ = 20
ΕΡΙΚ = 135

R -> Ρ = 100
O -> Ο = 70
B -> Β = 2
E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
T -> Τ = 300
ΡΟΒΕΡΤ = 577

D -> Δ = 4
U -> Υ = 400
N -> Ν = 50
S -> Σ = 200
T -> Τ = 300
A -> Α = 1
N -> Ν = 50
ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 1005

Eric Robert Dunstan
ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 135 + 577 + 1005 = 1717.


Eric Robert Dunstan, as a Catholic, is Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan. Ulric is from Saint Ulric of Augsburg, who was a bishop and the first saint canonized by a pope, done so on July 4, 993 by Pope John XV, exactly 783 years before the birth of the United States of America, to the day. Eric chose him as his saint name for his confirmation, based mainly on its sound, for it sounded well with the name Eric. What are the meanings of his four names?

Eric comes from Old Norse, meaning eternal ruler and also honorable ruler.

This is exactly what Eric the Emerald King is.

Robert comes from Old German, meaning of Bright Fame.

Dunstan comes from Middle English. Dunn means brown and Stan means stone. Literally, Dunstan means, Coming from a brown rock quarry.

Ulric comes from a combination of German and Nordic, meaning The Wolf-Ruler.

Hence, the full name of Eric, as a Catholic, which canon law says one eternally is once baptized, is:

Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan, meaning:

Eternal and Honorable Ruler, the Wolf-Ruler, of Bright Fame, Coming from a Brown Rock Quarry. Amen.

All of this is true. Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan is exactly as his name describes him. I AM WHO AM. I WHO AM gave him his name. I also game him the following mystical names:

  1. Emerald – the clear green form of beryl. Stone on the Fourth Foundation of the New Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:19).
  2. Azurite – the blue stone that gives the gemstone known as Lapis Lazuli its distinctive blue color.
  3. Larimar – the blue to white gemstone found only on earth in a certain deposit on the island of Hispaniola, in the southern region of that island in the nation known as the Dominican Republic, just east of its border with Haiti on the same island. It is called the Atlantean stone.

Note that these three names given to Eric all have exactly 7 letters to their names.

Note that Eric Robert Dunstan was cast out of the Roman Catholic Church by his pastor, Father Dave Heney, from his Church of Domicile, while praying a Rosary chant before the statue of the Virgin Mary, allegedly to protect in the name of protecting women from Eric. Father Dave Heney told Eric he would be welcome back only if he took his medications, an offer since rescinded by the pastor, and which was a nonstarter, as it was rejected by God Who had commanded Eric to take no more medications whatsoever. Eric is currently taking nothing. He is supplied with all he needs by divine powers from heaven.

The real reason behind the rejection of Eric from the Catholic Church was that the priest noted Eric had ceased to pay the tithe and decided that there was no purpose left to let him remain as a worshiper there.

The reason why Eric had ceased to pay the tithe was because God ordered him to stop. God ordered Eric to stop paying the tithe immediately after it was declared in heaven that Eric was recognized as married to the Virgin Queen, Mary, the Holy Mother of God. This immediately made Eric a Prince Consort to the Queen. And according to Church Law, which heaven requires all faithful Catholics on earth to fully obey, royalty may never pay the tithe. They may donate lands and give gifts of such like to their discretion to the Church, but they may not be subject to the tithe, which is understood as the burden of the poor, according to Church Law. Amen.

This took place in the year 2021, shortly after Eric’s 51st birthday, on June 24, 2021. For Eric was born on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, making him 51 years old at the time of his marriage to Mary, the Holy Queen. (51 = 3 x 17).

Why then, you ask, is Eric seeming to be seeking marriage to another girl, a girl upon the earth, you ask?

Mary is eternally Queen in heaven. She cannot return mortally to the earth. Hence, to enter with Eric into the marital bed, she needed another woman, one with whom she was perfectly aligned with in spirit.

Hence, a woman was needed to match on earth, Mary’s love for Eric in heaven. A woman was chosen, Anna of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. But her father rejected Eric being with her, and Mary took Eric away from them.

A girl is chosen for Eric from the Jews of Russia who fled from there to Israel during the corridor opened up for them by the first Great Reign of Eric the Emerald, through his first Pawn of Power, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, final ruler of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Gorbachev was the first Pawn set up by Eric, who did so as a child, right after reading in a Children’s Bible about Jesus’ Words that said, If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain to be moved over there, and it will be done for you.

Then Eric stepped outside and looked up to heaven, addressing those he understood as the higher beings, saying these words exactly in his native English:

Eric (as a small child): Let there rise up a ruler in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War.

It was remembered by Eric that his brother’s bedroom window’s bottom window sill was above his head where he stood in the backyard, looking up to heaven while making his request. This was the first request made in the first Emerald Reign. It was forgotten by Eric until 1989, after he fell sick on February 2nd of that year and was hospitalized, and made the first request of the Greater Emerald Reign from a hospital bed:

Eric (as a 18 year old man in UCLA Medical Center in 1989): I call for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Eric had applied to only two colleges in his high school senior year: Humboldt State University, and Whittier College, to which he was accepted to both while in the hospital, missing his senior year’s final semester of high school at La Serna. His parents chose to send him to Whittier College. Upon being released from UCLA, Eric took two summer school classes, completing his high school graduation requirements and acquiring his high school diploma a few days after the rest of his class of 1989. He never went to the high school graduation ceremonies. Eric entered the fall semester of Whittier College in 1989 and graduated within the usual 4 years, the shortest time for all his family for an undergraduate degree. He graduated with a B.A. in biology, a STEM major, but entered the field of IT shortly after his graduation, due to his A performance in two computer programming classes he took in his senior year, Programming in Pascal and Programming in C, compared to his B+ performance in biology. Eric’s final cumulative GPA upon graduation was 3.2 where A= 4.0 and where A+ does not exist. Good enough to go to grad school, but not good enough to excel there, Eric neglected to go to grad school and did not apply anywhere, seeking a career path elsewhere. Eric was one who often took summer school, which explains his ease at meeting high school graduation requirements, despite missing his final high school semester.

Why did Eric fail in his senior year? He fell by unobtainable love for a girl.

How did he get better: He isolated the problem in his mind and killed it. And then the medications began to work on him and he became better.

He remained on anti-psychotic medications from 1989 until 2021, when God ordered him, on pain of damnation should he disobey, to quit entirely all medications he was on. Eric complied completely and God vindicated Eric as a man of obedience.

Eric first encountered the Virgin Mary in person in early December of 1996, as a Protestant. Eric had been in his bed boasting to the spirits that he was going to marry the most beautiful woman of all Creation, and that he would punish all those spirits who did not agree that she was most beautiful of all women. Then, the Virgin Mary appeared to him in person, though as through a glass darkly, with her foot upon his head, humbling him before all of heaven. And Eric in complete submission apologized to the Holy Queen. Then, with Eric standing before the Holy Queen, Eric asked her an unprecedented question to be asked in her very presence:

Eric (as a Protestant to Mary in December of 1996): Were you born by Immaculate Conception?

There was a long period of silence.

Then the Virgin Holy Queen answered the one of Satan whom she had just humbled:

Mary (at her appearance to Eric, December of 1996): Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me anymore personal questions.

Those were the Virgin Mary’s exact words answered to Eric in his native English.

Then Eric asked his final question in that appearance, but addressed not to Mary, but to the angel that stood by her side this question:

Eric (to the angel by Mary’s side in December, 1996): AM I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?

There was again a stunned period of silence.

Then Eric said to the angel:

Eric (to the angel by Mary’s side, December, `1996): I must know.

Then the angel answered Eric these words in English:

Angel of God (to Eric regarding his being the one written in Revelation 6:2): You are, but do not tell anyone.

Eric kept the angels’s commandment, breaking it only once when confiding to his close confident, Victoria Abigail Martinez, the one girl he ever kissed in his life.

She later rejected his friendship when he confronted her about her abandoning Catholicism and not complying with the requirements of the Church to be saved. And Eric’s final words to Victoria, by which she cut him off were:

Eric (To Victoria in 2003) At least they go to Church (in reference to the young women with their children of whom Victoria was insanely jealous of).

From that point onward, Victoria cut Eric out of her life and he has never seen her since. But she was not of a state of health where she could legally marry, being a sort of cripple due to a progressive bone disease. For to be unable to fuck disqualifies you from contracting marriage, according to canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, of which Eric is expert.

Then, in the year 2017, God made the secret declaration, found out by Eric years later, that men would be judged by their women at the Last Judgement. It was then on Sunday, July 23, 2017, that Mary entered into full and complete open dialog with Eric, the Son of Jesus. This marked the beginning of the Age of Mary. And it was at this time that women came to rule the world, with the #MeToo movement beginning within months later of the same year. It was the year of the conquest of the earth by the female gender. Men were no longer in control. They had lost power forever. And many men in high places began to be overthrown for their treatment of women, a process that continues to this day.

It is to be understood that Mary was the Witch Queen, the One with the right to choose her own man prior to the destruction of men by vengeful women upon the earth. Mary chose Eric, the one called Emerald, who was the Witch King she had redeemed from the forces of Satan and made to serve her instead.

Eric, the Witch King, was therefore, lord of the forces of Satan on earth, and was given a position under the Virgin Queen to serve her, forming an allegiance with Mary by which Satan was ultimately defeated. This was a poem revealed to Eric in the first few days of the Age of Mary.

Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above;

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

The Witch King child, an adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand;

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch King child
Did turn from sin, and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed;

It was in him where Satan lost,
And Mary won beyond all cost;

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore.

And by that final decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

written by Eric Robert Dunstan
under the inspiration of Mary and the Holy Spirit

God commanded Eric at the beginning of the Age of Mary that from that point onwards, he was to write nothing in secret anymore. Everything he wrote from that point onward had to be published online and made free for all to read. Trying various blogs, Eric finally chose to make his own, a WordPress Blog, using a domain name he had acquired earlier,, Eric, an IT expert, chose to have no theme, calculating that the absence of a theme would ensure speedy delivery of the pages. His website is simple. The pages with pictures have pictures cut to correct dimensions, with the exception of the posts, which are with pictures simply uploaded and used, with a minimal effort made to ensure no copyright conflicts existed. is a site where Eric is commanded by God as to what picture to use and what words to write. He never writes on his own. He does not choose himself what is written here. It is done by the divine finger of God. Amen. It is a website protected by God and not permitted to be censored. For the Word of God is written in it. And the Divine Word is uncensorable.

Mary has revealed that four women must be ultimately bound to Eric. Two in heaven and two on earth to match the two in heaven.

Why two on earth and two in heaven? It is written in Genesis of a wife’s privilege to grant her husband an additional lover from among her own servants, to assist in such a need as to give him further children. This was done by Sarah for Abraham and by Leah and Rachel for the husband they shared, Jacob, giving him four lovers. The four lovers of Jacob served as the basis of Muhammed’s Koran statement that four wives are permitted to a man to have.

Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord, ruled differently, centuries earlier, saying a man was to remain monogamous, having only one wife. Furthermore, Jesus separated the love act from marriage by requiring the consent of both the man and woman to make the marriage a sacrament. Without the required vows and the consent between the man and the woman, the marriage is invalid. And the consequent act of sex became an act defined as fornication.

The Ten Commandments of Moses lacked a commandment against fornication precisely because the first act of sex between unmarried people was in fact the entrance into marriage. This was ended by the Coming of Christianity. And the entrance into the Church by baptism permitted men and women to leave their former wives and husbands who refused to convert with them. For the unbaptized had no marital claim on the baptized. Further, the right to marry again was granted to both the widow and widower. For no marriage on earth was called eternal, but only marriages made between immortal beings contracted by divine intent in sacramental holiness.

Such is why the marriage between Mary and Eric, an eternal marriage decreed for the Holy Virgin in heaven between her and the King’s son, Eric, the Crown Prince, is established for eternity. For the two are immortal beings. And their Kingdom is established forever.

But since Eric is eternally of the earth and Mary is the Queen of Heaven, a way to bridge the gap between the two worlds was made.

Mary chose for her mother, also bodily in heaven, by virtue of bearing the egg that was to become Mary in her infant ovaries since her birth, a detail of the female anatomy that is common knowledge to biology majors like Eric, to also share in the love she had for Eric. Hence, the two are eternally wed to Eric, Mary as Eric’s first wife in heaven, and Saint Anne as the Royal Concubine of Eric, the Royal second wife to the Emerald King in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To counter the two women in heaven, two women on earth are needed to be married to Eric. This is not according to Islam, which allows four wives, but according to Christianity, which permits only one wife in the same world, and one concubine, in accordance to the Biblical precedent established by the Jewish Matriarchs, Sarah, Leah, and Rachel, by which all Jewish Law is defined. For what is written is written.

Hence, God has decreed, Lord Eric, that for your wives on earth, there shall be two. These shall be a Russian girl who is called Primrose. She is known to have escaped to Israel as a Jew after the corridor was opened to them to do so by the Emerald Prince in the year 1989 through his first Pawn, Gorbachev.

The second is a Ukrainian girl who is called Elessar, again a secret name to protect her secret identity, as in the case with Primrose. The two are friends who have never met in person. Elessar serves as the one who keeps Eric healthy, keeping watch over him with the knowledge of a witch over what keeps human beings in good health. Understand that Eric is attracted to witches and sorceresses, though he knows not to expose himself to their power if he is aware of their malice against him.

For the sorceress intent on Eric’s destruction is his most dangerous enemy. Eric, having no means of defending himself against women, has only one recourse in the event of an advancing female enemy with no female to defend him, and that is that he flee. The one time Eric will be seen fleeing from the battlefield as a deserter is in the presence of an advancing Amazon army without males present by which they could be put to shame before. For without the threat of shaming them, Eric cannot defend himself against a female. Only another female can come to his defense.

For the Seraphim Army commander made the sworn agreement to Eric, to which Eric swore, by which Eric agreed under oath never to command the Seraphim to turn their deadly force against a woman or a male child, defined as a male not old enough to impregnate a woman. By Eric’s oath to the Seraphim, Eric commands the unbeatable army of the world, the army of the Lord’s Seraphim, but with the caveat, that they cannot be used against women or children. Hence, Eric, when he was still not perfectly immortal, fled from the Whitwood only when he was aware of a certain pair of midriff baring sorceresses intent on putting him unconscious. For Eric knew that if he was ever rendered unconscious by his enemies, they would kill him.

Eric is now able to sleep, to enter the unconscious sleep state, for extended periods of sleep, in the presence of Mary, by her love for him, and also under the spiritual protection of Elessar and Primrose, the Ukrainian and Russian maids, respectively, who are to be his two wives on earth, keeping with the Law of Jesus on monogamy, where Primrose is the primary wife and Elessar is the one concubine permitted by the Biblical precedent established by Sarah, Leah, and Rachel.

For all Laws of Jesus are established Biblically with Biblical precedent. For so also is Law understood to be established in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States of America was turned towards God by Emerald allying with Firefly, now called Vespera, the female Player who set up the Pawn Donald Trump, and who chose Mike Pence to serve as his Vice President with the hopes of that choice to gain her Emerald as her ally. She was a Player created by the power of Twilight, who was a Player created by the power of Vesper, who was a Player created by the power of Emerald. For all the Players trace their powers ultimately to Emerald, the Primary Player of the Game called Earth. This is a final list of the twelve Players of the Game called Earth. Amen.

Players of the Game called Earth

  1. Eric the Emerald ♂male, Gorbachev, De Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin. Reagan and Bush senior. Pope John Paul II. Fall of Berlin Wall, End of U.S.S.R, End of Apartheid, Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm), Start of Middle East Peace Process. Was Witch King and was converted to serve the Virgin Mary. 
  2. Ebony ♂male, Mandela. Partook in End of Apartheid, gay rights and LGBTQ.
  3. Crimson ♂male, Triangle of War around Israel: Balkans, Horn of Africa, Caucasus.
  4. Vesper -> Millennia Girl female, Clinton, Barak, Putin, others. Betrayed Emerald and was restored to his friendship with information to defeat Putin in the Final War of Russia.
  5. African Death Grip ♂male, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Sought and failed to receive Emerald Power. Caused Death and Destruction throughout Africa.
  6. Twilight ♂male, Bush junior, Sharon, others. Pope Benedict XVI. 9-11, Wars of Revenge and Glory Seeking, Forced Jews to Lose of Gaza Strip to Arab Control.
  7. Pyrite ♂male, Obama. Pope Francis. Rise of the LGBTQ. Gay Marriage rights.
  8. Firefly -> Vespera female, Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro, with Emerald’s help, put U.S. Supreme Court firmly under Republican control.
  9. Mercury ♂male, Arab Spring, ISIS, Satanic Seraph King behind Witch King, converted and brought out of hell to reign in Kingdom of Purgatory and serve the Virgin Mary.
  10. Contradiction ♂male, Biden. Bennet. Antichrist par Excellence. Advocated and Forced Satanic Vaccinations and Boosters for COVID-19 and its variants.
  11. Eric the Emerald (Immortal) ♂male, Mike Pence, Alexei Navalny. Pope Emerald the Eternal. Prince Consort by marriage to the Virgin Mary.
  12. Elessar (Immortal) ♀female, Alyssa Farah, Yulia Navalnaya. High Priestess. Princess by marriage to Eric the Emerald as second earth wife of Eric after Primrose, the Primary wife of Eric on the earth.

Primrose has been chosen to be the Primary wife of Eric, the Emerald King, upon the Earth, due to her purity as the fifth incarnation of the spirit of Holy Virgin Mary in the world. Note that souls are not reincarnated, but their spirits can recur over successive incarnations. Amen. This is distinct from the heresy presented in eastern religions known as Reincarnation. It is to be understood that human souls incarnate but once and then face judgement for their sins and merits. Those found worthy of eternal life receive it only by the divine Judgement of Jesus.

Jesus is not bound to Law in His decisions on salvation or damnation. He is bound to not accept one who dies mortally offensive to God from entering heaven. But of those he may choose, Jesus is free to elect whomsoever He wishes to enter the gates of heaven. And no power can force His hand in judging His people. No Law can make Him accept one over another. Whoever He deems worthy He will appoint to a position in His Kingdom. And whoever He dislikes He will reject. You cannot argue as a lawyer that you are to be accepted into His Kingdom. Amen.

Jesus says this as His final Word: I AM WHO AM. Whoever likes Eric, I like. Whoever dislikes Eric, I detest. Begone from My presence all You who were enemies to My Son, Eric, Whom I now anoint Your King in California, the Kingdom I eternally give to My Son, Eric, upon the earth. As to the rest of the earth, watch as I destroy it. For no one else have I found worthy of ruling any land on earth but Eric, who I make Crown Prince. Whoever is with Eric, I AM with that One. And whoever is against Him, I will wage war against him and kill him. Behold this is the Age of Eric and Mary, the age of immortals upon the earth. Whatever woman lays with Eric gains immortality. And two women are already decreed his immortal wives, Elessar and Primrose. They are eternally with him as hydrogen with oxygen form water. Eric is water on earth and in heaven, by being married to four women, two on earth and two in heaven. By this means, water is connected eternally, water in heaven with water on earth. By this eternal connection of heavenly water, graces will eternally flow from heaven to earth and communication between the two worlds is eternally established.

Now bring to me the enemies of Eric who attempted to kill him. And have them killed before Me. For whoever attempts to kill or assassinate Eric, the Emerald King, or his eternal wives upon the earth, he shall be slain without a moment’s hesitation.

Behold, let the bears now rise up and rampage against all the enemies of Eric, do damage and destroy their properties, and let their children be rendered orphans in the streets. Amen. For I WHO AM AM cruel to those who are cruel to Eric, Who is Mine. Let all the world now know that I WHO AM AM now sitting in judgement before the whole world. And I AM rendering judgement in favor of Eric.

All now hail Eric, King of the Emerald Kingdom.

Emerald Order Under the Son!
Conquering Reign and Impossible Run!
When the legend is finally Won,
We in heaven will pronounce the time of earth Done.

And Eric is given eternity to reign as King Consort to the Virgin Queen.
This is a final ruling from heaven. Eric and Mary will rule the universe together forever and ever. Amen.

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