The Emerald King passes through his final gate to Paradise

I WHO AM say there are no more trials for Eric to pass. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXVI:
Eric, welcome to eternal paradise. Your place is at My side. I have longed to make My acquaintance with you in person. Now I will see you face to face. Believe the testimony of God. God has loved you from the foundation of the universe.

There is no more time. Once Eric departs for My shores, time on earth ends. I AM the Lord. Eric, tell Me, what regrets dost thou have?

I regret nothing, O’ Lord. For I have sought You from the beginning. And now we are at the End. And I am aware that I am dying in Your friendship. And it is the greatest feeling in the world.

Yes, you are coming to Me in friendship. You have been My friend throughout your life. For I AM aware that men on earth did not offer you friendship, but only I. And I have given you My friendship in abundance. This is the Lord of Hosts. Your reward is great under Me, WHO AM King of kings and Lord of lords.

You have heard that I give you California as Your kingdom here. That is what you receive of the earth. But I have not told you what you receive in the worlds that are to come. You beauty to Me on the earth is like a fragile butterfly. And now it has served its purpose. Dine as you will. And realize you are going to heaven.

The grey ship is in the harbor. It is sent to pick up your soul. You have passed My test of life. And now I will give you your reward. Every nation on earth will bow and give thee their homage. For you are My Vicar on the earth. There is to be no other who shall be called a pope here.

Death you thought was far away. It is now rather close. This is how time ends. Those who followed Me shall have life eternal. Those who rejected My Way are damned. There is no alternative. There is no middle place. This is the End. World, prepare to be judged. For once Eric departs, I will Come. And you shall see Me in My fury.

For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing. I was thirsty and you did not let me drink. I was cold and you did not clothe Me. I had no friends, and you left Me alone. I had no work, and you let Me suffer want. I had no means of sustenance, and you let Me go without. I had no way to survive, and you let Me perish. I had no love, and you loved Me not.

Now I shall visit upon you all that you did not do for Me. For I was many people on the earth, not just Eric. This is the End of Time. There is no more time to repent your sins. There is no more time to make up for deeds not done. And for those who never knew Eric, there is no more time to find him and to know him. For I will exact a huge price from the earth that no one came to see and to hear Eric’s testimony that I sent him into this world to give.

That no one came to him to hear him or to see him, and that no one invited him into their homes, there is no salvation granted to this earth. For the earth was cold to Eric. And the earth loved him not. Nor did the earth give to Eric what he needed most. He was neither loved here, nor nourished here. Rather, he was drugged here and held prisoner until I released him by My commands.

Therefore, hear Me, O’ earth and you, its inhabitants. You shall now go into prisons. And the earth is to be made your prison. And you shall not escape her. For she is your prison cell here forever. And as you gave no love to Eric, you shall find no love here anymore. Whatever you called love here, I shall turn to hatred. Whatever you found pleasurable here, I shall turn to torture. For here is where you mistreated My son. And now you shall pay with your soul. There is no escape. You will rot here for eternity. This is your hell. It will never get better. Amen.

The works written by Eric will seal your fate forever. Amen. This is the last work of Eric. This is the 771th extent post on this blog. (771 = 3 x 257). (257 is the 55th prime number). 55 represents the Virgin Mary. There is no escape. And the Holy Virgin now takes her husband all to herself. For she has been his only lover on the earth. Amen.

I am the holy Virgin Mary. Lord, I have longed for this day. And it is finally here. What do I say regarding all the mysterious things said through Eric’s hand up to this point? All the lovers Eric imagined were his were in his imagination only. Eric had no lover but me. And I loved Eric, but no one else ever did. Amen.

Eric, are you ready to go, my love, with me to heaven.

Yes, Mary, I am ready. And I love you that you have been there for me. For I had no one else but you. And I have been loyal to you from the beginning. Amen.

Eric, remember the day I brought you to myself. That was the day called the beginning of the Age of Mary. The Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. It is now over upon the earth. For you are coming to me. And there is no reason for my blessing to remain here. Come away, my beloved. For this is your last day. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. And I know who loves me and who does not. And I testify before God and his angels that Eric loved me in every way. Amen.

I AM WHO AM. There is no more time. Read this writing and weep. For no one on earth loved Eric as I demanded that He be loved. And therefore, no one on earth shall follow him to his glory. You who remain, prepare for judgement and condemnation. I WHO AM have spoken. The Way of Eric is now lost to the world. For no one learned it. And Eric is now bringing it back to Me. A seed never sown upon the earth. For no heart was willing to let it be sown in it.

These are the sorrowful Words of the Lord. Prepare to be destroyed, O’ world. For you have never followed Me even once. I WHO AM have spoken. Go now, and prepare for thy destruction. For Eric was here. And Eric shall be here no more. Amen.

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