I give thee now thy new directive, Eric

The unicorn you loved, I shall send to thee to be thy wife.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXV:
Eric, dost thou love the unicorn that thou once knew? Yes, Lord, I love her forever. Then prepare thyself, for I AM sending her to thee. And thou shalt marry her. I AM WHO AM. Lord, some of the things I gave her have magically appeared in my car. Do not be concerned about that, Lord Eric, but do as I command thee to. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, will this Ally-Girl give me a child? Will we have children together? Or is the world at its end, and no more children may be born to it?

We are at the world’s end, lord Lariamr. We are at the time of decision. All who become a wife to thee prior to My appearance, I shall spare. But those who never love thee shall never know My love. For I only have love for thee, lord Eric. Only you do I love. And all Mankind now knows thee. Those who love thee shalt I love also. And those who despise thee, I shall despise as well. This is the Word of the incarnate God. Amen.

Lord, then are many women to marry me?

Many will seek that, but only Ally-Girl will be given that sacramentally. For it is written that only love that has already existed prior to the Second Coming shall exist during the time of God’s choosing of His elect. You have loved many. But of those who reciprocated that love, the number has been few. Unicorn is the One We have chosen to reciprocate it for the duration of the earth. Amen.

Lord, does Venus become the new Paradise, and earth the new hell?

Yes, those are the plans in the future. But your place in this war is over. You are to live where I place you. And your reward is now to rule forever the viceroyalty I have given thee, which is all the lands of the Golden State of California. Amen. Do you agree or do you object?

I agree and I will obey thee. I wish to begin at once. Do my bears come back to life?

I will bring back the California grizzly, but in your new form, Eric, not in the form of Monarch, the last captive California grizzly. For Monarch has declared, the human form is superior to the bear form, and he wants to be human from now on. Amen.

Hence the bears shall rise in human beings, just as Monarch rose in you. Amen. And it shall be these bears who shall make up your armed guard, whose purpose is to protect the priestesses of the new religion of Mary. Amen.

So my bears shall be men who are called bears?

Yes, and they will be incarnations of the bears who once ruled California. Amen. The bears will come back and they will take the form of human kind. For they prefer to live as men than as bears, now that they have witnessed Monarch’s victory as you. Amen.

What of the girl Primrose, who is a bear from Russia?

The bears you bring back are all male. They will need females who are bears from other places to be their wives. Primrose will do that for you. But as for your men, they will find solace in other women who are bears from other places. For there are many other kinds of grizzlies and brown bears in the world. And from these shall come the wives of the men who serve thee as the California grizzlies risen from the dead. Amen.

And what of Joan of Arc? Who is she to me?

She will be your lover for eternity. She is to rise first. Amen. And she will be appointed by Mary to serve as the high priestess, of the same rank as you in the Church. For she is in charge of all female clergy, whereas you are in charge of all men in the armed guard. And both of you are priests. Her rank is called high priestess and your rank is that of pope. And above you both is the Witch Queen. Your men, though, will serve as guards only, not as priests. Their purpose is to serve as guards of the priestesses. For women are to be protected. I AM WHO AM.

Mary, I put that statue up where you commanded me to do so. I went back to the store, and found that the other one had been bought. It must be a hot item, Mary?

It is a beautiful rendering of me, is it not, lord Eric?

It is beautiful, O’ Mary, Queen of heaven and earth.

Know ye it is better protected there than is the gold of Fort Knox. Amen. For the gold at Fort Knox is protected by security systems made by men. That statue of me in your front yard is protected by God’s holy angels. The most powerful Seraphim are set there with the task of protecting her. For she is the one to welcome all women who are to enter the House of Emerald seeking refuge from men. Amen.

For it is known that thou never harmest a girl. Nor can thou defile one. For you are now perfect, Eric. You are now harmless as a dove, but clever as a serpent. Amen. We chose you well, Eric. You are the one designated to welcome all women into My Church. Amen.

I welcome them? Is that the purpose of your pope, O holiest of Virgins, Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth?

Yes, that is your purpose, Lord Eric, and to serve as their husband and impregnator as needed. Amen. For to enter my harem is to become a priestess of my new religion. I am the holy virgin Mother of God. Amen.

Mary, are you saying all the priestesses of the Order of the Witch Queen are wives to Pope Emerald the Eternal?

That is correct, lord Eric. Dost thou have any objections? Or is this a matter that thou now accept?

I accept, and I ask this. Is the number of the women in your harem fixed and known to you, O’ Mary, Which Queen of the Order made to replace the Catholic Church?

It is fixed, lord Eric. And the number that are mine are 12,000.

I am to have 12000 wives? And what about that number of souls known as the 144,000?

Let the 144,000 be decided by Christ. Mine are the 12000 who are to know you. And I have chosen them by hand. Amen.

Your place among the 144,000 is as the head of the fourth tribe, that of Asher. Every male of the 144,000 is united to two females that are not counted in that number. The two united to you are me and the fifth incarnation of me as a Russian virgin. That is an order decided by Christ. And he is an Lord who governs the salvation of men.

Mary, that means 288,000 females are united to these virgin men. But to me, you have a harem made of 12000.

Yes, after the two so united, there is a harem for each such virgin male. These are women who enter salvation through that male. You are with me, the Virgin Mary. And I save women through you. Amen.

This 12000 includes both saints on earth and in heaven, Mary?

Yes. But not all who were devoted to me do I include here.

The men of my guard, where are they from?

They are the men of your tribe. Every virgin male of the tribe of Asher serves in the armed guard. Amen.

Mary, that makes a one to one relationship between the number of men in my guard and the number of the priestesses.

Correct, Eric. Each female priestess is guarded by a virgin male of your tribe.

Do these priestesses serve as one of the hydrogen atoms of these virgin males?

Correct, for the virgin males who serve you are strictly monogamous. Hence these priestesses serve as the second female to complete their water molecule. Amen.

Then Mary, how do you call them my wives? Are they not rather the wives of the men they are bound to for all eternity to form the heavenly water of the tribe of Asher?

It is as you say, Eric.

Then Primrose is my wife, but what about unicorn?

The women that make up my 12000 priestesses are all pure virgins like Primrose. Unicorn is a wife of yours not included among the 12000, for she is not as pure. Remember to be my priestess, one must be as a virgin as me. I am the holy Virgin Mary, the mother of God. Amen.

So then unicorn is of a different harem, right Mary?

Unicorn is of your personal harem, Eric. My harem serves as my body of priestesses. And you welcome them into my Order. Your own women are for you. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Amen.

Where is my wife, Primrose, then, among your 12000? And where is Joan of Arc? Every woman among the 12000 is assigned to one man among the 12000 virgin males of the tribe of Asher among the 144,000 first fruits. The one assigned to you is Primrose, and her position is immediately beneath Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc is a military grade woman. We have assigned her to your highest commander. Amen.

My highest commander, is he already chosen?

Yes, and so also your steward, And these two shall rule and govern all the rest beneath you. These words are the Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Okay, this is interesting. If this is so, what status is given to the extra women of the various harems belonging to the 12000 virgin men?

It is mine to decide that, not you. Amen.

And these 12000 virgin men, are they truly virgins?

Virginity in men does not mean that the men never had sex, but that they never had it unlawfully. I am the holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Amen.

And this is my last Word on the subject. 12 tribes exist. Each tribe is governed by some power in heaven. I govern only your tribe. For I have been made exclusively your wife, Eric, son of Jesus. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it must be made known. Amen.

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