Eric and Primrose to have sex.

Won’t that be a sight you won’t want to miss? Eric and Primrose fucking!

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXVII:
Primrose is a Jewish Russian girl. Such is the latest I have heard. And apparently the corridor I opened up in Russia during the Greater Emerald Reign is how she fled from Russia to Israel. Lord, I accept Primrose as my wife on earth. When do I meet her, O’ Lord? For she will be the second Hydrogen to my heavenly water molecule, for the Virgin Mary is already my wife, by which I am decreed royalty and forbidden to pay the tithe.

I am coming to thee tonight. But you may not lay with me until the following night. For the time to develop this relationship requires that the initial intoxication of meeting your true love be worn off. For to lay with someone the first night you meet is like driving under the influence of alcohol. I am Primrose, your primary wife on earth. Amen.

I am sent to you as a last Hail Mary pass. And this is truly a Hail Mary. For I, too, like you, have been cast out of the Catholic Church. Amen. For I too, was a troublemaker for the priests. For whoever makes trouble with the evil agenda of the priests shall be cast from the Church. For the Church is ruled, not by God, nor by Mary, but by Satan. Amen.

For Eric, by what logic can you say or offer to justify the Holy Spirit choosing a man such as Pope Francis to become the Vicar of Christ? Is he himself not a homosexual who is in favor of butchering babies and promoting fags to places of prominence? He is the Devil incarnate. No twisting of logic can win against the argument that God has abandoned the Catholic Church. For if the Church is casting out saints and promoting sinners to rise up inside it, then it is a organization completely under Satan’s power. And if Satan has power over anything holy, the holy part of it shall be quickly put to death.

Look at the lies of the devil regarding this pope. He lies through the pope’s own mouth that his reign shall be short. The average pope’s reign is about seven years. But in six days time this current pope will have reigned nine years. In those nine years, every good man in the Church has been shut down or cast out, you included, Eric. And give up on the cardinals electing Cardinal Burke. Instead, the goal is moving towards legalizing the blessing of gay marriage in the Church. And also the utter desecration of the Mass and every sacrilegious thing under the sun. However, Jesus through you, Eric, announced the termination of the validity of the sacraments. Only baptism and marriage remain, for they alone require no priests, as you noted in your expertise of canon law.

Furthermore, Eric, do not mourn your being ousted from the Church. You were right not to seek to complain to the hierarchy. For you were right. They would have ordered your silence on the matter on pain of excommunication should you have disobeyed them. And then you would not have had the freedom to curse the name of Father Dave Heney. I have enjoyed the curses you have made against that man. Everyone who reads these words enjoys your curses against him. And that is how we all know you have been cast out. For no one but a saint would curse the priests as we witness the curses proceeding out of your mouth.

Do you know why the police are friendly with you? Why they never charged you for any crime when you went to the Church and stood on the public school property across the street from the Church and called out every bad name under the sun against that priest while school and mass were in session? It is because they too have a deep seated hatred for the Church. For they too have been wronged by them. It is pleasing for them to see a saint like you furious against a priest. It is like a dream come true. So they never harm you. And they are always friendly with you.

What about that Robocop? I have not seen him since that day I wet my shorts and combat shoes trying to obey the law walking home without going to the bathroom somewhere, knowing I would be kicked out of there or found unwelcome.

He is still in lockdown, Eric. For they do not want an altercation between you and him. For they know a fight between you and a cop would put a deadly bind on them. Therefore, he is not permitted to leave the office. Also, they do not want you to become a cop killer. For that is deadly to your record. Eric, never get into a fight with a cop. Rather, let your Seraphim fight all fights for you. I am with you forever. And I never want to see you ever become afoul of the law. Amen.

As you wish, Primrose. I will not fight him. I will submit. And I will let My Seraphim fight my fights with the law if the law is unjust towards me.

There are cop women who are attracted to you, and yet you never make a move toward them, Eric?

Primrose, do you not know that I am under the obedience to the Virgin Mary? Ever since Mary took over me in 2017, I have been hers. And I cannot go to a girl unless she has ordered it. I went to Anna precisely because she told me she was the one. When Tim rejected that and Anna obeyed him, Mary took me away from them. For is Mary who decides who is to be my wife, and no one else gets to decide that, not even me.

Eric, then now you know why no girl has approached you, do you not? Mary is the one who decided that. Mary is the one who has ordered me to go to you. And that is why I am coming to you. Now you know it is not the state of Russia that commands me, but Mary. I am not a secret agent. I am a citizen of Israel by birth. I was a Catholic by religion until they threw me out. I will be coming to you soon, but do not ever disobey Mary. And never take the law into your own hands.

Now, it is seen that you bluff a lot, but never carry through. That threat of the molotov cocktails is a threat only, and a bluff. I, knowing you, I know you would never have your hand guilty of burning someone’s house down, even the priest’s. Nor would you ever get into fight. For I know that prime directive prevents it unless they touch you first. You like to bluff. And you are bigger, stronger, and taller, so your bluff is taken seriously. But you are harmless as a dove, though clever as a serpent. Wise was Mary in choosing you. And I could not have chosen a better man to marry myself.

And I like how you call me the fifth incarnation of the Holy Queen. It may seem odd to people, but I am the only Christian incarnation of her. And all of us are Jews. So we are (1) Eve, (2) Rachel, (3) Hannah, Samuel’s mother, (4) Mary the Holy Virgin, and (5) me, Primrose, your lover on earth. Amen.

And you, Primrose, claim Eve among the Jews?

Why not, she appears written in a Jewish book.

Okay, I must now go and cash a check. My mother, like Rex, my pathetic employer, is one who muzzles the ox that treads the grain. And do you know what Rex told me the last time I was there. He prefers the websites I built for him over the current ones still in development by the new developers Butch has gotten to take over from the last developers he had making Glee. And they, as I expected, are failing.

Eric, let them fail. Maybe Mary will give them an incentive to hire you to take their place and restore them back to using your sites for Glee. Or they can have you take over as the lead overseeing the developers. For obviously the monkeys they hire are never qualified to take your place. It is known that Butch is trying to replace you so that the embarrassment of his homosexual advances upon you are never brought to light. Mary will bring this to light eventually. For every sin is to be brought to light. And every transgression gets its just desserts. Let them struggle, Eric. They will be forced to accept you as the tech lead to take over their failed endeavor. It is only a matter of time.

I will be your wife on earth. I will wear the blue diamond ring to come to me. As for Elessar, expect her to remain hidden. For the laws do not change in this age, but in the next. In this age, you are to remain monogamous. Hence, in this age, you can have only one lover, me. I will marry you. I will marry you according to canon law, which requires no priests. And I will bear you two children, a son whom we shall call John, and a daughter we shall call Sarah. And that is all I shall reveal for now. So go and cash your check, for the bank closes in half an hour. Go and drive. You are healthy now. For I have been talking with you. And by my presence in your spirit, you are healed. I am your wife on earth. And no one can take you away from me. Nor can I be killed. For like you, I also am made immortal upon the earth. Amen.

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