Storm Dancer Rises

I WHO AM say the Storm Dancer is Impossible to Sink!

Chronicles of the Storm Dancer, Book 1: Post I:
I am alive, O’ Lord. And I am okay.

Eric, king of California. I hereby grant you this Viceroyalty. Govern California. And conquer its infidels. Ruin those who ruin the things of God. Burn down the houses of the unfaithful. Destroy the families of My enemies. And bring terror to the houses that persecute Me. I AM WHO AM. You are commanded to take over the entire Golden State of the United States of America. You and your bears will conquer everything. And your Seraphim armies will now kill every man who opposes you. I AM WHO AM.

And what of women, Lord? What is their fate here?

You are now immortal, Lord Eric. And as an immortal, you neither have sex nor do you need romance. Kill every soul who attempts to defile you, Lord Eric. This is how you shall detect a defiler. A defiler is a liar. Whoever approaches you in duplicity, order my angels to attack that one, and you will see that one destroyed. You are not to harm women directly, but only through Me and by My power. For just as Saint Peter slew Ananias and Sapphira, not by his own hand, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, so also shall I slay whoever You command Me to, if she or he is a spirit or being that lies. I AM WHO AM.

Do not pursue any woman anymore. Nor are you to speak to them. Nor are you to wave to them. For they are nothing. And you are not to be concerned about them. I AM WHO AM. For it is the regulations of God that no woman is permitted to approach you, unless you break the ice with them. I command you to never break the ice. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, have I completed my mission? Have I done the purpose I was put here to do?

I put you here to announce My Coming. Now I shall have you rule. Rule the nations with an iron scepter. Dash them like pottery. I AM WHO AM.

What shall I do to sinner leaders, Lord?

Kill them by cunning, Lord Azurite. I will send out my angels and they shall topple from power all you command them to. For you are the Bride to the Lamb. Whatever you say is to be done, I shall do. I AM WHO AM.

If I am commander of California, who rule the other nations on earth, Lord?

All other nations on earth shall be destroyed. For I AM an angry God. And I will destroy many.

Lord, the nations are at war in Europe. Will NATO come to its end now?

Yes, cowards are those who break their oaths. Once NATO fails to defend even one of its members, that alliance completely ends. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, can I ask Elessar to heal me? Or what shall I do?

Ask her to heal you, Eric. If she heals you, be her boyfriend. But if not, abandon her. I AM WHO AM.

Elessar, I ask you to heal me of high blood pressure. Heal of me any headaches I might have. Will you do that for me, Elessar?

On one condition, Eric.

What is that?

You remain with me.

You have my word. I will remain with you, Elessar.

Then eat the foods I will guide you to eat now. And then go out for your walk. Walk that mile to Amazon Fresh. Get there the things I direct you to get. When you get back, cook them as I direct you to. After you have eaten, all will be well with thee. Do you believe and will you comply with me?

You have not failed me in the past, Elessar. I will comply and do as you say.

I will have a baby by you, and I will have a blue diamond engagement ring. Do you comply with that, Eric?

If you cooperate to make that a possibility, I will do as you say, Elessar.

Then it shall be done.

Mary, what sayest thou? Do I do a wise decision?

Marry Elessar and Primrose, Eric. That is all I will say to you.

Mary, the laws do not permit me to marry two women.

Then the laws will be changed to permit that. Now go as you have agreed with Elessar. I will bring the two women into your life. Do with them as I have commanded you. And both will received blue diamond rings, not from your money or efforts to find and purchase, but from God.

For only God can make an engagement ring as timeless as the marriage it represents.

Now, go as you are commanded to.

Mary, that store does not open until 7 AM. It is now 4:22 AM.

Then go for a walk in the early predawn. When your walk is done, you will go to the store and get what you are directed to.

Also, make sure my candles are lit.

This is the final Word of Mary before the coming of the Lion of Judah before all the world. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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