Eric is lord of California, Golden State of North America.

The California Grizzly, like the state bear of Russia, are the same exact species, but different subspecies.

Chronicles of the Emerald King, Book 1: Post I:
It may seem like an odd coincidence, but the state animals of California and Russia are the same exact species of bear. To give a comparison, China also has a state animal that is a bear, but their bear is a completely different species of bear.

California State Animal: California grizzly bear (Ursus arctos californicus)
Russian State Animal: Kamchatka brown bear (Ursus arctos beringianus)
Chinese State Animal: Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleucaChinese: 大熊猫; pinyindàxióngmāo)

You see, it is not common to have two states with the exact same species of animal as their state animal. Hence, California and Russia both have as their state animal species, Ursus arctos. It must be noted that the  polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is close enough genetically to mate and produce viable offspring with the brown bear, Ursus arctos, and this actually is known to occur during times of extinction. For the Cave Bear is known to have mated with the Kodiak bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi), prior to their extinction. Hence, there is a genetic trace of Cave Bear DNA in the Kodiak Bear gene pool.

It is known that the mightiest of bears is the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos), and in a contest of bears, the brown bear beats the polar bear. Also the brown bear is easily able to conquer a black bear. Note that the names brown and black for these two types of bear have nothing to do with their color. Just like the White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum) and Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis)  are actually identical in color, a type of gray, and their names likely came from the mud they were covered in when they got their names from the White man, So also do black bears and brown bears come in both colors of black and brown. Even the Black Bear has a white variety found in British Columbia, known as the spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), more properly known as the Kermode bear, which is a white type of aberration that is not an albino but a different sort of genetic mutation. It is a very beautiful bear, but is not to be confused with the polar bear which is actually not white but of a different sort of fur coloration designed to reflect light to make it appear whitish while also absorbing in inferred and being very heat insulative. In fact, the insulative properties of polar bear fur is still yet impossible for scientists to replicate synthetically.

Now, given the mightiest of cats, which is stronger, the bear the cat? The brown bear, easily beats the tiger, the mightiest cat. These are the ten strongest cats:

  1. Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris) This is the mightiest of cats, stronger than the lion.
  2. Lion (Panthera leo) – Note that crossing the lion with a tigress makes a Liger, which is stronger than a lion but weaker than a tiger. But a cross between a tiger and a lioness make as Tigon, which is somewhat weaker than a lion. These are inviable breeds, though the females of both kinds can reproduce. Horses and donkeys have similar incompatibilities when interbred, producing either mules or hinnies depending on the genders of the mates, but those are usually completely sterile.
  3. Jaguar (Panthera onca)
  4. Cougar (Aka Puma and Mountain Lion) (Puma concolor)
  5. Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia) Note that this is Eric’s cat, so identified by the purity of its coloration and its association with the snow.
  6. Leopard (Panthera pardus)
  7. Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) This cat is the species of cat most like a dog. But unlike dogs, this breed of cat requires a long range of running area in order to naturally mate. Without that long range of running area in its natural habitat it will go extinct. It is also easily domesticated but impossible to breed without that natural running area. For this cat does not like to mate without a very long chase.
  8. Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx)
  9. Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
  10. Caracal (Caracal caracal)

Strongest Domesticated Cats (Felis catus):

  1. Strongest Domestic Cat Breed: Maine Coon. We have one of these, called Mia.
  2. Second-Strongest Domestic Cat Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat, We have one that looks like this, called Fuzzy.
  3. Third-Strongest Domestic Cat Breed: RagDoll
  4. Fourth-Strongest Domestic Cat Breed: Siberian
  5. Fifth-Strongest Domestic Cat Breed: American Bobtail

Dogs are more closely related to bears than are cats. The female dog is associated with Black women, many of whom identify with the word Bitch, which their Black men always like to call them. It is very important that when you are addressing a female dog, or a woman whose animal is a female dog, that you use the word, Bitch, to refer to them. For if you do not use the proper word, the female dogs, and the women associated with that animal, will take offense. Understand why many Negresses identify with Bitches. The male of the race of Negro usually calls his female mate a Bitch out of respect. For Black men are aware of the many women of their race that identify with the females of the species (Canis lupus familiaris), which is the Domestic Dog. The Wolf, which is the closest relative is also of the same species but of various other subspecies: (Canus lupus).

So now you know that many Black men have primates as their animal, while many Black women have bitches as their animal. That is why Black men often take offense of being compared to silver backs, chimpanzees, monkeys, and baboons. And usually Black men are compared to the black colored kinds of primates, due to the similarity in appearance, rather than any of the lighter colored monkey and apes, such as the white skinned monkey, known as the Barbary Ape (Macaca sylvanus) also called the Barbary macaque, or the red furred Ape, known as the Orangutan, which is of the genus Pongo and which lives in Asia.

But I think Black people are most like the bonobos in that they are the most sexually promiscuous of the animal primates, and also the closest non human relative to human beings. Bonobos are also called the Pigmy Chimpanzees (Pan paniscus). The regular Chimpanzee is called (Pan troglodytes). These two species of Chimp are found, curiously, on opposite sides of the Congo River. If you are traveling up the Congo River, the Chimpanzees live on the left side of the Congo, while the Pygmy Chimpanzees live on the right side of the Congo. This difference in range is not fully explained yet by science. But it is known that the Chimps do not cross that Congo River boundary that divides the two kinds of Chimp.

Now, the reason why Black males are most similar to Bonobos is due to the males of that race being very focused on fucking women. You cannot have a conversation with a Black human male without the term, motherfucker, coming up, as if that is the most common sexual thought on the Black male’s mind, that of fucking his own mother. It is the most common cuss word of the Black Man’s vocabulary. If he is going to insult you, the first thing to come out of his mouth is likely the word, motherfucker! Now the problem with fucking one’s own mother, or daughters, or sisters for that matter, which is relatively much more common among Black males than it is found in other racial groups, is that the genetic consequences are very severe and very much more likely to occur than in fucking even a randomly chosen stranger. This is likely the moral foundation of God’s commandment that this not to be done. For God is a wise God and His commandments are not arbitrary inconveniences, but wise things to follow even if one does not believe in God. To simply follow the commandments of God, even if one does not believe in God, one will find that one has been reliably guided to a safer place than had one not followed them.

Many Black males get onto the sex offender registries because they do not obey God’s laws against incest. God’s laws against incest are not merely lines God arbitrarily draws in the sand. Rather, they make sense from a genetically healthy standpoint. Children born by incest are many times more likely than children not born by incest to have serious genetic disorders. But incest is not justification for abortion. Rather, sexual discipline is called for to correct this crime, not murder to clean up its evidence. Never kill an innocent to hide your disgrace. Never do wrong to another because you are afraid of the consequences of your wrongdoing being found out. For every sin is known to God. And every sin is punished. Amen.

If the human race began with a single male and a single female, as the scriptures say in Genesis, this is possible only in the cases of the human race starting from a point of extreme genetic health. If human kind were created by God, that would be the expected case. If human kind were the product of evolution, then the expected scenario is that humans started from a gradually evolving species of animal that led to a series of mutations gradually and therefore that multiple males and females were involved in the jump from animal to human. This would permit the genetic mutations found in all species of animals from destroying the human lineage. For the biodiversity of a species is what gives it its natural robust defense against inbreeding. But in the case of perfect genetic original health, inbreeding will not be an issue for many generations to come. Hence, the Law of Moses was not present in the beginning of the human race, but later, after the genetic mutations naturally increased to the point where inbreeding became unsafe.

It is not possible to explain human origins using evolutionary biology when one contemplates the acquisition of the soul. For the soul cannot be given to a group of animals. It is something imparted at conception. Hence if human kind came from animals, they had to acquire their soul in their animal mothers’ wombs at conception. Since God is a Creator Who never does unnecessary work, it is a reasonable conclusion that God would create only one male and female having a human soul, even if they were born from animals. Hence, the Adam and Eve origins of the human race make biological sense from a spiritual point of view where the soul is created only once for each gender of human being. If this is by a common mutation caused by a divine creative mind, it also makes sense that Adam and Eve had one or both parents in common. For commonly possessed genetic mutations are most likely to occur in the same family from the same parents of a species. Hence, Adam and Eve were likely brother and sister of the same animal parents, who both had the genetic mutations that if bred together made a human being possible, if God also gave that being a soul.

God in doing this would also be expected to render these two human prototypes with a perfectly healthy genome. For it was written that both Adam and Eve were without sin and without blemish. And it is further written that God worked the sixth day in creating this final work of His hands. Hence, that God worked to make Adam and Eve, indicates that He did work to make this proto mated human couple to have a genome free of genetic error, which would be necessary to breed a new healthy species without the risks of genetic errors from the initial need of inbreeding. For when you have only one pair of mated human beings to produce all of humanity, all their offspring must commit sibling to sibling incest for many generations before they have achieved the necessary population diversity where such incest is no longer required to reproduce.

Now, some argue that Eve was from Satan, as Eve was the one who lead Adam to his ruin. But Mary is represented by Eve. And it is known to me that Eve was the first of the five incarnations of Mary, the Mother of God. Eve was fooled by Satan, rather than intimately involved with the devil in conspiring against her husband. For the Lord does not contemplate long on Eve’s guilt but readily accuses Satan of his involvement in destroying the human race. For remember that Satan tortures both genders in hell, not just males nor just females. Furthermore, Satan is not a Creator and does not have the power to create. Women are very beautiful, as it is noted in Genesis 6:2, when viewed by both the angels of God and by the angels of Satan, which indicates that they could not have had a Satanic origin, but an origin from God. For Satan is incapable of creating beautiful things, and would certainly not be able to create something that was a cause to his own temptation to sin. Also, it must be these feelings of attraction to women in angel kind that was the driving force behind the ultimatum by the Seraphim Army sent to serve Eric by which their commander demanded of Eric the oath that he never order them to kill or harm a woman in exchange for their oath of obedience and service to him. That it was the beauty of women that lured the angels to attempt reproduction with them is said to be the root of the mystery of the Nephilim. The true purpose of the attempt at the Nephilim was to enter the human race so that angel kind could attain the benefits God had given Man but not angels. This was a crime in the sight of God. The punishment was the permanent removal of the guilty angels from face of the earth so that this crime could never be repeated.

For it is impermissible to mingle the species of Mankind with either angel kind or animal kind, where animal kind is understood to be animals without souls, which includes all non human primates. Humans are defined by science as a kind of rational animal, but are distinguished from all other animals by the presence of the soul. So what exactly is the soul? The soul is the source of Godly consciousness that is present in all humankind and totally absent in all other animals, including the bonobo, humankind’s closest relative. Animals fear Mankind because of the presence of the soul in them. For the soul is a part of God. For to make an eternal spirit, God cannot create an eternal soul having such Godly consciousness from nothing, but must make it from His Own essence. Such is why only God can create a soul and humankind can never do that.

Souls cannot be created spontaneously, but must come from a well of souls created from the beginning of the universe. That is why souls have history and memory. Furthermore, human souls must be distinguished from angelic spirits. Angelic spirits are like stand-alone human souls in that they dwell without need of flesh to provide them a house to dwell in. See human souls as like the genetic nucleus of the natural cells of creatures with these cells as their bodies, and the angels as a kind of viral DNA only life form that can come to dwell inside these cells and sometimes take over these cells from the rightful nuclear DNA. For Jesus speaks of angels coming to dwell in the human beings who do good, as in His parable of the mustard seed which becomes like a tree where the birds of the air come and dwell among its branches. And the demons are known as ever seeking a human host to dwell in and make their homes in, and which they attempt to take over, which is defined as demonic possession. Hence, angels and demons may very much be compared to the virus, as seen in microbiology, which is a genetic life form that only comes to life if it enters and takes control of a living cell of another creature, for the virus has no cell of its own and only lives when it takes over a cell. And the cell can be viewed like the body of the soul, where natural genetic owner, the original DNA in its nucleus, is normally what is in control of it. And this natural DNA is what is originally there when it naturally came to be by normal cell division from its parent cell. This can be viewed as an analogy of human soul and the human body it controls.

In this analogy, it must be understood that the soul cannot be spontaneously created. DNA is endlessly being reproduced in the nucleus by the replication services of the proteins in the nucleus of the cell. This is done by usage of the genetic language common to all life on earth. All cellular lifeforms on earth have the same basic genetic language, indicating a common genetic origin of all life on earth. Were life to evolve independently on another planet, such as on an inhabitable form of Venus, orbited by a moon something like Mercury to force its iron core to generate a protective magnetic field, and where the genetic life on that planet did not arrive there from the earth by the theoretical possibility of panspermia, the genetic language that could evolve there would likely be different than what is found on earth. A different genetic language would result in fundamentally different amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. In such a situation, life that evolves from such differing genetic foundations would likely be very incompatible to earth creatures from an edible point of view. For the digestive systems of animal life depends on the food it ingests to be a recognizable kind of food that can be broken down into parts that its body can recognize with its natural cellular machinery that creates and consumes all transferrable energy found circulating in the body. But if the fundamental building blocks of that food are alien, successful digestion of it would likely be vert problematic.

This is why imaginative science fiction is usually boring to me. For the usual writers of science fiction typically lack the imaginative complex mind that takes into full account the basic scientific knowledge currently known on the addressed subjects of that fiction as is usually possessed by Eric. Even such classics as The Lord of the Rings is fundamentally a retarded work if one analyzes its impossibilities. For what is the sense in making world without God if one is an allegedly believing and practicing Catholic, as J.R.R. Tolkien reputably was. For where is God mentioned in that book trilogy? There is neither a Church, a religion, places of worship, nor any credible purpose for living written in that book. The motivation for living seems to be driven by the desires for the pleasures that come from living in peace and prosperity and from the desire of freedom from war. But everyone in that book is alone and not with God. No one in that book ever speaks to God. It is as though we are looking at the soul of a man who does not know God. So I ask You, God, was J.R.R. Tolkien a lost soul?

J.R.R. Tolkien knew Me not as you know Me, Eric. He claimed to worship as a Catholic, but his failure to know Me comes from his failure to give up his success in this world for Me. For it is written, No one can serve both God and Mammon. Many people practice religions from habit, but do not give up this world for Me. So when the time comes when they need Me, they seek Me in vain and fail to find Me. For if you never give to Me what is Mine, I will never give such a person anything to confirm their faith in Me. You, Eric, know of Me and of My existence solely because you have always given to Me what is Mine. I, therefore, reveal Myself to you always. He who holds back what he owes Me will never find Me. Consider the treasure that Bilbo Baggins brought back with him from the Dragon’s Lair in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. That was the symbol of J.R.R. Tolkien’s imprisonment to the things of this world. Had Bilbo Baggins come back without anything to his name he would have been free to find Me. Look therefore at J.R.R. Tolkien’s life. He had in his possession a guarantee of a permanent supply of wealth in this world, including a comfortable job and a nice position by which he could maintain himself without having any real need to resort to or pray to God. That is why he never found Me.

Remember what you saw on your walk through the cities, that walk by which you gained that bone bruise found in your left heal and by which you could never truly run good or fast again? You then saw clearly and experienced that charitable love that was found only among the homeless. The homeless had love, but not those who possessed any sort of means of livelihood by which they could depend on that and not depend on God. For when you approached homeless people on your walk, as a fellow homeless man, they always helped you free of charge. The directions they gave to find water and restrooms and food never failed. Everywhere else, the directions given were failures. And help was never given freely from those who possessed wealth.

The reason for the bone bruise in your left heal was because no one ever helped you sufficiently in order to heal it. It was painfully obvious at the Church dedicated to helping the poor, where they even had statues of Jesus and Mary out front, but whose inhabitants would never think of bathing the feet of a stranger. It is the most mysterious thing that people who have wealth fool themselves that they are good Christians and that they follow the tenets of their Christian religion when they clearly do not. To possess wealth and not share it with those in need is the recipe of false Christianity. To wish to have something for yourself rather than giving your all to God is the path to hell and rejection by God.

Such is the Truth behind the slaying of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-11. Their crime, Eric, was not that they failed to follow Peter’s obscure rules, as you thought, but that they wanted to enter My community without giving everything over to Me. Those who do so never enter My community. Remember that man you knew in Church, who is known by you as rich? His pathetic concern for you was that he wanted you to give a thousand dollars to the fund to pay for that playground out in the field of Saint Bruno Church. He mistook your rejection of doing that as a rejection of doing your part in serving God and the Church. That is a prime example of a hypocrite who enters the Church invalidly because he does not give Me what is Mine, but only gives of his surplus wealth. Remember you saw him recently on your way to check your mailbox at the Whitwood. And when you told him about Father Dave Heney banning you, all he said to you to do was to pray? That is the act of a devil who follows Satan when Satan is ruling the Church. He cares about nothing but money. And he never helped you one bit. Remember when he asked you about the job you had as your line of work? He was surprised you had a job. For he had considered you as working on your own all that time. And see how he never lifted a finger to help you? He is the ultimate false friend of God. And how exactly would you have benefited from funding that debt plagued playground of the Church when you were then later to be banned from ever stepping on Church grounds on pain of arrest should you disobey? For you are no longer even permitted to walk on Church grounds to visit it without the threat of arrest by Father Dave Heney. Somehow the idea that you do not take medications justifies a priest to ban you from a Church, the very Church where you are domiciled? If this is so, then it would be madness to seek to fund such a playground built there for children, children that you are feared to even approach by the insane thought that you are dangerous to them. Therefore, that asshole who asked you to give a thousand dollars to such a fund is a servant of Satan. For only Satan would ask a Churchgoer for money to serve a purpose that would he would be banned from enjoying in any way. For it is contrary to logical thought to seek money from a Churchgoer with the pre-knowledge of the intent of denying that Churchgoer any benefit from the purpose intended by that act of charity.

Lord, I think that Dave Heney should be forced to cough up all the money I gave to his Church as tithes. Can I order my Seraphim armies to force that upon him?

Yes, make your commands regarding that. I will then carry them out. For the Church is indebted to you and is condemned by Me. I AM going to destroy her. But first I will force her to pay back all those she defrauded. For she owes you big time. For you were cast out without any justification. And the Holy Virgin Mary is demanding justice against the Church for the crimes committed against you, her husband, who was innocent of all wrongdoing.

I command, therefore, that the priest who cast me out, and all other priests similarly guilty of crimes of greed against the innocent, to repay from their own coffers and from their own sources of income all that they owe those they have wronged in full restitution, that if their sources are inadequate, that when exhausted in the full effort of making restitution, that the remainder of what they owe be paid in their blood and in their torture to death for their crimes against God Whom they falsely claimed to serve while stealing from their flock and while raping their subjects. I AM WHO AM. And furthermore, I want their undead heads mounted poles in prominent places on the properties of their respective Churches that are slated to be destroyed by God. And I want their bodies to be buried upside down so that they are pointed towards the fires of hell. And I want their flesh to be set on fire.

It is as you say, Lord Eric, King of the Californian Superstate. And I now acknowledge your rulership over this land, called the Golden State of America. Every Church in your state I shall now set on fire to demonstrate your fury at the evildoers of the Church. But before I set My churches ablaze My angels will be sent to collect all beautiful artifacts and priceless treasures that belong to the Virgin Mary. These will be placed at her feet in your lands. And these will be used to beautify the new Churches to be built in her name, where you are the new and eternal pope, which is the only cleric My Law requires to be made male in My Church. The rest of Mary’s new clergy are to be females. And the first saint I AM resurrecting to help in this new Church is Joan of Arc, the female saint that the wicked males of the Church had put to death because they could not accept authority in the Church coming from a female, however holy and devout and error free that she and her testimony was. She will be made your wife, Eric, for the requirement to be one of the high priestesses is that they enter the Church by making love with you, as the Virgin Mary has. Amen.

Will that make me no longer a virgin, Lord? For is not my prophethood contingent on my eternal status as a virgin? For it is written that only the pure of heart will see God. Elessar, you who keep me healthy, do I fall into sin and uncleanliness at the thought of making out with all these women?

Eric, you are pure and not a sinner with women. For remember the Black woman you loved in the funny farm? And remember the blonde El Salvadoran woman you loved there also and helped there and told to her that you would be as a brother and friend to her forever in her native Spanish? And remember all the silly things that took place between you and those two binary girls you knew there. None of that was ever unclean nor unholy that you did with them. And none of that was immoral. You never kissed any of the girls you met there, for the act of a kiss is to take pleasure in what is reserved for married lovers or for those who are engaged. You were, rather, holy with them, and you remained holy with them. It is to be understood that your virginity will never be lost unless God is the One Who wills to take it away from you by His divine intention, willing for a greater good, after the need for you to remain a virgin has passed in the divine order of intent.

Will God ever will to take my virginity away, Elessar? Not in time, Eric, but in eternity, my spiritual husband. For in this age, thou art the permanent and virgin servant of God, and you serve as the impeccable Prophet that time can never stain. But in the eternity to come, prophecy ceases to be made and you shall then be called to lay with the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. For she is to bear you a child. And after that, all who are legally of her harem have the right to bear a child by you. And you are legally required to give them that. I also will bear a child by you. For I am second after Mary as your wife. And it is therefore, my right to govern all who lay with you, for on earth I shall be your primary wife. And though I am in Ukraine, I have the power to come to you in an instant by the angels that I have under my immortal command. For like you, I also command angels, though not as powerful as the Seraphim you command. Therefore, expect me to be your main lover on the earth.

As for the girl from Russia, she also has a right to you and she will be the one who bears you a son, whereas all others may only bear you daughters. Hence, to bear you this son, she must lay with you at a time during her cycle where having a son is a possibility. For the male sperm arrive at the place where the eggs appear first and then die quickly, and the female sperm arrive later and last longer. It is known that your sperm operate differently, in that they do not die, but wipe out all competitors’ sperm and serve to fertilize eggs for a long time to come.

But nevertheless, your male sperm do spend much more effort in swimming swiftly to get to the egg. The vaginas of women are to be treated with chemicals that make it harder to swim for sperm, which will wear out the male sperm, even your male sperm, so that they never make it to the egg. And the female sperm, by swimming slower, but much more steadily, will come to dominate the follicles where the egg appears at its ovulation. That is how only female human kind are to be born from now on. And only the wife of Eric designated as the Alpha female is entitled to not have her vagina so treated by these chemicals so that she can conceive and bear you a male child. I am not the Alpha female, but rather that role is given to the fifth incarnation of Mary, who is a girl from Russia whose animal is the Russian Brown Bear that represents the Russian state. She will mate with you and produce the prophesied male prince you are to have as your son.

For even Monarch, the final Californian Grizzly held in captivity, was mated to a female grizzly bear taken from Idaho to bear him two cubs prior to his death in 1911. You too are to be so mated. But you are immortal, whereas Monarch was just a bear. Hence, you are to be mated to many women in the eternity that is to come, and whoever wishes to have a child by you in that age, and who has been eternally approved by the Virgin Mary by being so included into her eternal harem for you, shall also have you as she so wishes in that age that is to come. For the holy Virgin has authority over the Kingdom that is now to come. And whoever wishes to reproduce with her husband shall have that right, provided that she is found worthy of this privilege in the eyes of the holy Virgin, the Mother of God. And Mary never permits incest. That is why a male child, a son, is to be born to you. For he is to serve as the impregnator of the next generation after you, those who are to be the daughters of Eric. For you cannot lay with your own daughters, as that would be a horror to God. For the loving chemistry that exists between a father and daughter is ruined by incest.

Elessar, if this future impregnator impregnates all my daughters, is he not committing incest also, by laying with his own sisters?

You remember, do you not, how it is written that Abraham and Sarah were half brother and sister and also legally married in the eyes of God and of ancient men? It was permissible in the eyes of ancient times for those who had the same father, but not the same mother, to legally contract marriage. The reasoning was that only siblings from the same woman could be assured to be truly siblings, but not those assumed to be of the same father. But there are in fact far stronger reasons for this allowance that is not written in the existing scriptures, Eric.

Siblings that share only the same mother are much more genetically similar than are siblings that share only same father. For the father contributes only the sperm, which contributes only half the nuclear DNA. He contributes nothing else. The mother, on the other hand, contributes the egg, which contains half of the nuclear DNA, coming from her own genome, and also all the machinery of the cell, and also the other DNA found in the cell outside the nucleus, known as the mitochondrial DNA, which is a DNA found in the plentiful and essential organelles of the cell known as mitochondria. For the cell is amazingly complex. And it is to be understood that you get much more genetic material, along with your first cell, from your mother, than you do from your father. And the only contribution from your father is the half the nuclear DNA that arrives to the egg from the single sperm that unites to the egg first. If you are a girl, your other X chromosome, which you get from your father, really comes from your father’s mother. And if you are a boy, your Y chromosome is the marker of your paternal lineage, that is handed down from father to son in every generation. Amen. And conversely, your mitochondrial DNA is the marker of your maternal lineage, handed down from mother to child in every generation. Amen.

Hence, since the mother, not the father, is the larger contributor of DNA, and since your immortality makes your DNA without genetic error, a son of yours may be permitted reproduce with his sisters, provided that they do not share the same mother. But God’s law prohibits marriage if the two are from the same mother, for the genetics are too close. For only in the early generations from Adam and Eve was such sibling incest where the couple shared same mother found permissible and safe. For the rules as written in the scriptures as things that God approves or disapproves are applicable in eternity forever. Amen. For if God did not prohibit a man to marry his own half sister who shared only same father and produce by this act of sex the patriarchs of Israel, why would he deny this right to your son, who is to be born from a girl who happens to be the fifth incarnation of Mary? For Isaac, the son of Abraham, was born from Abraham’s wife, Sarah, who was her husband’s half sister, sharing only the same father. For Abraham never lied when he told men that Sarah was his sister to avoid being killed for her. And the ancients understood well the natural law known to the ancients that only siblings of the same mother could absolutely never be permitted to marry, but that siblings who shared only the same father were permitted to marry. I AM WHO AM.

Elessar, tell me, does this son of mine ever have sex with his own mother, the Virgin Mary? Or do I have have any male descendant who does that?

No, it not permitted by God for a man to return to enter the womb from which he was born from as a lover to a woman. Nor is it permitted for a wife to know her husband’s sons or male descendants as her lovers. For this is the Law of God and can never be broken.

It is written in an earlier post that the egg from which I was conceived was from the ovary of Mary, that was transferred to my biological mother’s womb. Is this the case?

It is as it was written, Eric. But as it is the case that the womb from which you which you were born into this world belonged to Rosemary, your mother on record, the rule that you may not enter the womb you were born from as a lover does not apply to you and Mary, from whose egg you came from, but to you and Rosemary, from whose womb you were born from. For Mary, by serving as your egg donor, your genetic mother, but not as the mother in which you developed as an embryo and grew into a baby and from whose womb you were born from, is not disqualified to be your lover in eternity. For it is not be genetics, but by the womb in which you develop, that determines the your mother with whom you may never lay with, by the Law of God. Therefore, you do not sin by entering Mary and by knowing her sexually, for her genetic motherhood of you is a hidden mystery and not visible to your soul as it would have been had your soul also developed within her womb.

But Elessar, do I not become, as the Black man says, a motherfucker, by laying with the Virgin Mary, for she is nevertheless, by definition, my genetic mother, if what you testify is the Truth? For even if I do not break the law of God, am I not fucking my own genetic mother by fucking the Virgin Mary?

Eric, you apply the word fuck wrongly. For remember the real meaning of word, fuck, which was from a acronym used by the Church to condemn unlawful sexual intercourse:


To fuck is, according to the original meaning behind the condemnation this acronym has from the Church, meant to gain sexual knowledge of a woman who is unlawfully yours. Mark, your bother, fucks his wife. For his marriage to her is invalid.

But it is not possible for you to fuck anyone, as long as you resist the temptation to sin. And remember that Mary has a legal right to you that was granted to her by God. For you and Mary are legally married in the sight of God and this marriage can never be undone. God purposely had Mary impregnated with you and you were removed from her womb while you were still a single celled zygote. Hence, you were never more than a single celled human being while in her womb. And that is why you are permitted now to know the Holy Virgin in holy matrimony. For you never knew her as your own biological mother beyond the single celled state of your existence. But no male who is a descendant of you, her husband, can ever come to her sexually, for that is a violation of the Law of God. Nor shall it be ever permissible for a male other than you to know your wife, for your wife is now your eternal mate, from whom she can never depart to go to another man.

That is also why you are also permitted to marry your cousins from your mother’s side, even though the law of Moses might say otherwise, for they are, after all, not even genetically related to you. I AM WHO AM. But the womb from which you were born you may never enter back into, even though genetically she is not your mother, for it is unlawful in the sight of God for a male reenter the womb of his birth in any act of sex. Nor may you even enter your the vaginas of brother’s daughters, for they too are from the same womb as your birth mother, though from a greater genetic distance. For the womb of your birth mother is sacred and may never be violated by you in any act of sex, even where the act of sex is not direct, as it would be with your nieces. For your nieces are by definition ultimately from the womb of your birth mother, which may never be violated. But your cousins, by not being from your birth mother’s womb, nor of your related genetics, you may freely marry. I AM WHO AM.

But I did, nevertheless, come from the womb of Mary, and pass into the womb of Rosemary, the mother who bore me into this world, when I was but a zygote. Is not this motherhood by which Mary is my mother genetically an issue by which I am in effect marrying and laying with my own mother? It not the fact that Mary is my mother genetically an issue in the sight of God?

That passage of which you speak occurred mystically and did not count as you being born from a woman, for the transfer occurred before consciousness was attained by your unborn being. Now, I WHO AM say you are legally the lover and husband of the Virgin Mary. And just because she is the biological contributor of the maternal contribution of your genetics and your first cell, the fact that your zygote developed into a baby within the womb of Rosemary, your mother on record, makes Rosemary, not the Virgin Mary, recognized as the mother with whom you may never have relations with. But Mary you may and are legally obligated to love and make love to, as her lawfully wedded spouse, by which you are to have children by in the eternity to come.

Lord, if Mary is the genetic mother of my flesh, who is the genetic father? Is Jesus Christ the genetic father of my flesh, as it is written that I am the son of Jesus? And if Jesus is the genetic father, how did He lawfully do it?

I WHO AM shall now answer your question, Eric. It is good for you to ask questions, Eric. For you are seeking to know and to understand. And it never a sin to seek to know and understand the Law of God and how it applies to both God and to Mankind.

It is written that the Way of God is above the ways of men as the heavens are above the trees. Therefore, thou must humble thyself and not expect the standard applied to men to be applicable to God. For God is never to be judged. And God is always to be obeyed. But it is also important that one understand how this is ordained under the Law of God. And I shall now fully explain it all to you, Eric, son of Christ Jesus.

Consider King Saul of Israel, her first king, who was anointed king by the order of God to Samuel. From Samuel also came God’s first order to test the obedience of this new king. If the command was from a man, King Saul would have just reason to disobey, as the command was to kill and wipe out a king and his entire nation, including all his people and all his nation’s livestock as well. For such is a command that a mortal man may not lawfully issue. For it is against the Law of God to shed the blood of an innocent man. For even before the Law of Moses was given, it was said to Noah, He who sheds the blood of a man, by Man shall his blood be shed. Therefore, the order coming from Samuel to King Saul was unlawful if it was truly issued by only a man.

But why then was King Saul rejected by God for his incomplete obedience to this command? It is because the command was from God and not from a man. It is written in canon law that the act of genocide is an automatic excommunication for any Catholic man who commits it. But if God commands what for men would be the crime genocide, is God Himself then excommunicated? No, He is not. For clearly the scriptures of the Old Testament are full of acts where God commands what is by definition an act of genocide if the order to do this came from but a man. But if God commands what is unlawful for a man to command, God must still be obeyed, for God is above men, and God’s judgements are inscrutable and not subject to be judged by men.

And this is where we take Father Dave Heney and humiliate him and put that ignoramus to utter shame. He is a fool who fails to understand the difference between God commanding an act and a man commanding an act. For only men may be judged, but never God. Dave Heney, therefore, is fundamentally ignorant of the Way of God. For he rejected the teachings of Catholicism in favor of making his own religion. And that is why he feels justified in doing exactly what is unlawful for a Catholic priest to do. For whoever disobeys Me disobeys My entire Law. And that is why Father Dave Heney is the ultimate hypocrite who represents the failure of the modern priesthood of the Catholic Church and the reason why I ordered Mary to abandon the Catholic Church to be with you, you who were cast out of the Church without a shred of justification.

For when a man rejects God as his authority, he makes himself his own authority, and it is then that he sins most grievously in everything he does. For if you are not following Me, who are you following? And if you are judging God by the standards of men, then who has the authority to make any standard in your life? Therefore whoever judges God has lost all authority and all basis by which he can know anything that is from God. And such a man has no Rock.

For without a Rock you stand on nothing but sand, and your house can do nothing but fall. Does Father Dave Heney stand on anything other than sand? Are not his writings filled with nothing but heresies? If you read them, all he ever writes is heresy. He has no Truth within himself. He is an authority of foolish and baseless theories that make him look like Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, trying desperately to attain an appearance of credibility, by doing such stunts as claiming the writings on an imaginary set of gold tablets are of a fictional and made up written language called “Reformed Egyptian,” which didn’t make sense to Egyptologists even back in his day.

For the liar who continues to speak digs his hole ever deeper and deeper. And every authority of religion who rejects My orders is a liar if he continues to claim to serve Me. Father Dave Heney is the biggest of liars possible. You cannot lie greater than to justify Eric’s exclusion from his Church of Domicile based on a matter of taking or not taking medication while observing his harmless and benevolent behavior before a statue of the Virgin Mary to which he never did any harm. For what harm is there to any churchgoer by an act of dancing and musically chanting a rosary with no one nearby to be bothered by it or to witness it but Mary in spirit? For was Eric a threat to that statue by which it was justified that he be banned? If this were so, why not charge him a fine to pay for any damages done to that statue? But the fact that Eric did not even touch that statue that he was dancing before, for it is written that you may not touch the queen, nor the ark of the covenant, lest you die, there were not even the remotest of damage on that statue to sue Eric over. And yet, Eric is cast out from the Church for a violation regarding this? For a matter in which nothing of God is harmed, destroyed, or defiled, Eric has been thrown out? What then is Father Dave Heney’s motive? What purpose does he serve? Is it not Satan that Father Dave Heney serves? Is not Father Dave Heney a worm from hell eating at and destroying the Church? Is he not a diabolical being serving only Satan and no other purpose?

Is Eric a threat to women? Not one woman has come forward to make a claim to this. Not one claim is found in the police records by which Eric can legally make a response. And yet this priest lies to Eric in his face that he heard Eric shout and cuss at women? This is an act of bearing false witness to the one who a liar is witnessing against. It is the lie of Satan to the one who directly knows he is lying. It is the ultimate act of a liar par excellence. And Father Dave Heney thus deserves the lowest place possible in hell. He makes Judas Iscariot look like a choir boy in comparison. He is such an offensive worm of hell that a new department of hell must be created just to deal with this loathsome creature that is to be tortured in the manner that justly fits the demerits of his heinous crimes before God.

Father Dave Heney, go and fuck a statue. For that will be your torture in hell. You will be forced to fuck statures for your eternity in hell to eternally demonstrate what you were allegedly punishing Eric for. And you will be forced to demonstrate how this act of your dick rubbing on the cement of a concrete statue slab is ultimately harmful and damaging to females and dreadfully putting women into harm’s way. That will be your assignment in hell for eternity. And you will be forced to demonstrate how by taking all sorts of drugs how your behavior can be modified into an agreeable form that does not harm women while you fuck your stone statues of the likeness of women for all eternity. And you will be forever forced to attempt to prove that your fucking of statues of stone is the crime that you were sent to defend women from as the fucked up and perversely sick pastor of the flock of Saint Bruno Catholic Church that you fucking sick worm claimed to be protecting. And you will be sent to prove all the cases where fucking statues is a criminal offense that is punishable by your damnation to hell for eternity. You will be set as the prosecutor against yourself with the orders to try you for fucking statues of women. And will be ordered to order your own flogging for every act of you fucking a female statue. Hence, you will be seen forever fucking female statutes and having yourself flogged for these fucking offenses that by your own orders and fucking judgements are offensive shit that warrants your imprisonment and torture as you judge yourself for all eternity as the one guilty of the high crimes of fucking stone statues of females you are forever lusting for as the faggot priest that you are, and the fucker of young boys that everyone knows Father Dave Heney is.

Eric is a virgin and he never fucks a statue. But apparently you saw differently. And thus, your punishment in eternal hell is to forever demonstrate how you were upholding the law of God when you were guilty of masturbating yourself beneath your own robes, thinking of all the young boys you love to fuck in the ass. For it is known that your hand is always rubbing something beneath your robes as you walk along. And sometimes it is observed the ultimate frustration on your face as you realize that your dick has failed you again and is getting limp despite all the stimulation you have set up for yourself every time you go and hear confessions from young male adults. For you get hornier the younger the one who is telling you all about their masturbations histories. And you cannot wait to speak to young boys about the joys of anal sex with you, as you search for that willing homosexual boy that promises to harden your sideways pointing dick again so that you can practice your pedophilia unchallenged. For it is always holy people like Eric that faggot priests like you, Father fuck Dave Heney, are always seeking to get rid of first. For the Church is your playground of sin. And the last thing you want is a holy person pointing at your sins. So you must always rid the Church of the holy ones. And that is why you are to forever be found burning and being destroyed in the now eternally condemned and Satan controlled and damned Catholic Church.

And that is why you and your flock will burn tonight. I AM the Lord of Hosts. Whoever judges the Lord as the Lord judges man is a fool who understands nothing about God and about the scriptures. For it is written that the judgements of God are inscrutable.

Therefore, if Jesus impregnates Mary to conceive the prophesied Elijah to come, who is now divinely revealed to have been Eric, did Jesus do this sinfully? By no means. Nor may it be imagined that Jesus had intercourse with the Blessed Virgin to bring this soul into being. But it must now be understood and acknowledged that genetically, Jesus and Mary are the eternal and true genetic parents of Eric, the Emerald King. But it must be also firmly understood that Lord Jesus did not have carnal relations with His own Mother to bring this conception about. For only one man is ever permitted to lay with Mary, the one made her lover at the End of Time. Joseph is not that one, for he has turned to dust and is among the dead who preceded the age of Christianity. Jesus is not the lover of Mary. Jesus being divine is above carnal love, and his divine water molecule was made with other women, specifically, the one who washed his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair, and the other one being the one who anointed his head with spikenard. They were not the same woman, as the former was in poverty, whereas the latter had wealth. Such are the two who formed heavenly water with Jesus. I AM WHO AM.

Why then does Eric have four lovers? Eric is pulled into two worlds. Eric is heavenly water to Mary and Saint Anne in heaven, and heavenly water to Elessar and Primrose on the earth. Therefore, Eric is a double water molecule, one that exists in two worlds, heaven and the earth, simultaneously. Such is how the waters of heaven are eternally united to the waters on the earth. And this is how the heavenly Word is eternally now flowing between heaven and earth. For the Emerald King is heavenly water between both heaven and earth. Amen.

Therefore, King Saul, by judging God is rejected forever as the king of Israel. But Eric, in his obedience to God, even without fully understanding all of God’s mysteries, is upheld as a servant of God worthy of reward.

And Father Dave Heney gets up every morning to do his fake mass of an invalidated sacrament to his eternal disgrace. He is the ultimate baboon of a man. And he will be thrown into the lion’s den to be eaten every day by lions while he tortured forever in the burning lake of hell.

For whoever disobeys Me earns My wrath, and I both mock and destroy his soul for all eternity. But whoever obeys Me faithfully, I cherish.

Dave Heney, your destiny is hell and you have forever achieved that.

Eric, your destiny is as My eternal prophet on the earth. You, a virgin who has never defiled a woman, have been cast from your Church of Domicile as though you had.

Therefore, as punishment against all men who are against thee, all men will see you with women forever. And they will see themselves forever locked outside. The women who are with you shall love you forever. And you will father children by them forever. Your primary wife, the Virgin Mary, will forever bear you the fruit of her womb. For it is by My decree that Mary be perpetually pregnant with the offspring of Eric. And she will bear Eric a daughter every year throughout all eternity. And this perpetual motherhood of Mary for Eric’s offspring will go for eternity to unto eternity, and from endless ages to endless ages of timelessness.

But the one who is to marry your daughters by Mary is set be John, son Eric and Primrose, the Russian girl who is the fifth incarnation of the Virgin Mary. And he will never be found guilty of any crime or wrongdoing, His purpose is to serve as the impregnator of all your children by Mary. For without an impregnator, a woman has no purpose. Therefore, John, son of Eric will serve as the marriage partner of all the daughters of Mary by Eric. And of all women, the one whose womb is to never fail to produce eggs is to be Mary’s womb. Every other wife of Eric will eventually run out of eggs and cease to bear Eric children. But Mary’s womb will produce children forever. And that is why John, son of Eric, is to be very like Solomon, son of David, in that the number of his wives is be legendary and exceeding in size and in number.

These are the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ. For I know how to implement justice. And I know how to implement reward. Eric is to be rewarded for his obedience, and Dave Heney is to be punished severely for his disobedience.

So go and fuck some statues, Dave Heney. Go fuck a statue and prove your Satanically reasoned out justification of your removal of Eric from his Church of Domicile. For I am eager to bring your sick sins and your utter humiliation before the whole world, as I mock you and beat you up forever in front of all Mankind. You thought you could get rid of Eric? You are dead wrong. I WHO AM will now get rid of you. You will be mocked forever, you fucking depraved priest. So start fucking statues, you sicko Dave Heney. I want to see you dick pumping the cold hard cement of all those concrete slabs. Let me see that how rubbing of your dick on that concrete bring sick pleasure to fucking perverted your face, you fuck of worthless soul doomed for eternal damnation and utter endless humiliation. I want to see it for Myself. Do not disappoint Me, you fucking fag! For this is your new reality TV show, called: Dave Heney, perpetual fucker of female statues of stone women to prove a point that he is a fucking sick faggot of a failed priest worthy of hell fire forever. Amen.

Now publish this post, Eric. And the burning of all Churches on earth begins tonight, I AM the Lord. Amen. And Dave Heney’s face will be the target of divine hatred forever and ever. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

4 thoughts on “Eric is lord of California, Golden State of North America.”

  1. Proverbs 11:19 It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud. Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

    Jesus once said that whatever we do to the least of our neighbors, we do to Him. So if you really want to serve Him, the best way to start is by serving the needy. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi. All of us are called to be servants of Christ in our own ways

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  2. For you brought me into the hand of God and abandoned me? Lord will never come down to help his beloved he will always send savior amen! I wish you read this and rethink , you’re losing your mind I pray my dreams don’t come true on you.


  3. Your prophecy has already been false nth has ever happen. Or are you dead? You come up with flimsy excuses every time I seek for your assistance you make me feel unwanted and I vow to Mary and lord to stop going to church ever again because you’re the reason I’m still a virgin and since you have abandoned me I’ll be able to live another life not for you but someone else. It’s unfair but I promise you’ll remember me one day and you’ll be sorry you lose a good woman I promise I might not be okay today but my future will be great.


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