The Gospel Message according to Eric.

The Virgin Mary is the Primary of four lovers of the Emerald King. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXIII:
I AM WHO AM. Eric, you are My son. And you are to reign in My stead over all nations on earth. In heaven you have two who are yours eternally: The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. And you also have her Virgin Mother, Saint Anne, who conceived the Holy Virgin also as a virgin like her and in a similar manner. For Saint Anne had in her body the flesh that was to become Mary since her birth as a baby girl. For all baby girls carry in their infant ovaries all the eggs their bodies will produce in their lifetime. Hence, Mary’s incorruptible flesh was a part of Saint Anne from Saint Anne’s birth. Hence, Saint Anne’s flesh, like the Virgin Mary’s, never saw corruption. And it was in this way that Mary let Saint Anne, who is bodily in heaven, share with her in the love of her eternal husband, Eric, the Virgin son of the Living Christ. Amen.

On the earth, Eric is now eternally wed to two women of the earth. These are known by the codenames: Elessar and Primrose. Primrose is a Russian girl who is the one who is the fifth Marian incarnation of the spirit of Mary, the holy Virgin. And Elessar is the Ukrainian healer woman who is the one who takes care of Eric and makes sure he is kept healthy. Hence, the four wives of Eric in eternity are:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth
  2. Saint Anne, the Blessed and Bodily in Heaven Mother of the Virgin Mary
  3. Elessar, the Doctor of Eric, who is the Virgin Bride of Eric in Ukraine
  4. Primrose, the Russian girl who is the Fifth Incarnation of the Spirit of Mary

These are the four Virgins of Eric. Their flesh is called Virgin and recognized as Virgin by God the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Eric is called to protect the Virginity of the two who are his wives on earth, until the Coming of the Christ at the Dawn of the Eternal Rest of God. Amen.

Furthermore, Eric is protected by the Lord’s Seraphim. And the Lord’s Seraphim do not fail the Lord’s bidding that Eric be protected. Also, that Eric will triumph in his protection of his two virgin wives of the earth is known to God’s omniscience. Amen.

This is the decree of the Lord.

Two women are Eric’s lovers in heaven. Two women are Eric’s lovers on the earth. Between these two in heaven and two on earth shall the Emerald King remain in his post as the Ruler of the End Times. He will reign on earth until I Come Again.

I AM Coming soon. Israel will rise and fall and rise again. For Israel’s first rise since I condemned her is a false rise. Israel must be humbled, as will all of Europe. And Eric will permit Russia to advance through Europe all the way to the Rhine. For Europe has been condemned.

So also shall Biden and his armies fail. NATO is a doomed alliance. And Eric will not protect her. For Eric does not protect the servants of Sodomites. Let sodomy be condemned and Eric will return to protect this people. But while the people celebrate the homosexuals and their perverse ways, Eric is out of the equation. I AM WHO AM.

Eric is King of his dominion. But Eric refuses to acknowledge as his, the failures that have resulted from the comprises men have made with Satan. No one who permits abortions in the land is Eric’s friend. And no one who acknowledges a gay marriage will be acknowledge by Eric, the King’s Son.

Whoever marches against Eric I will slay. I AM HE WHO IS.

This post now comes to its end. I AM THAT I AM.

Eric, go and prepare for work. For you are called today to go to the office of DollarStore, LLC. I AM WHO AM. I will give you what you need. And you will never be without My protection.

As for Hyacinth, help her no more. I AM WHO AM.

This concludes this post. There shall be no more until the Second Coming has occurred. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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