Mary intends to give to Eric an incarnation of herself as his Bride on earth.

A girl who is an incarnation of Mary will be given to him as his wife on earth. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXI:
So apparently the Buddhists and Hindus are not entirely in error regarding their beliefs in reincarnation. Their error is that the person reincarnates. That does not take place. Each person has only one life. And they die and go to judgement. But their spirit is a kind of being that reincarnates. And their spirit can have several incarnations throughout history.

For example, Elijah lived, and was then assumed up to heaven, where he impregnated the Virgin Saint Anne who gave birth to the Virgin Mary. Elijah then went to his eternal fate, but it is not the Kingdom of God, but a separate reward, for Jesus can only reward with eternal life those who go to their reward during His Millennial Reign, which extends from his sacrificial death on the cross to the time Eric, his Son by the Creative Will of God, is taken to heaven as the last deed before the Second Coming. For it is written that Eric is the caboose of the parade, the final float, and he appears as the dancing California grizzly bear returned from the dead and defiant of the decree of the extinction of his kind. Immediately after you see the dancing bear, you will see a much more formidable beast, the Lion of Judah, which is a giant of a Lion. Amen. And He is the End of Time. He is Jesus Come Again. And He appears immediately following His Son, the Dancing California Grizzly Bear, who is the final float, the final thing you see before the Second Coming of the Christ. Amen.

Elijah was his own person. And he received a reward for his own deeds. But the spirit of Elijah came again twice. The second appearance of the spirit of Elijah was as John the Baptist. John the Baptist heralded the First Coming of the Christ. He has a feast day celebrating his Birth, which is opposite Christmas in the year, respecting the gospel message where the angel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary, whose womb had just conceived the Christ child, that Elizabeth, her cousin was already six months pregnant with the one who was to proclaim his Coming to all the world. Hence, Christmas Day is regarded by tradition as December 25, and the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist is regarded by tradition as June 24.

Eric Robert Dunstan, whose name has 17 letters, and whose name adds up to 1717 in Greek, was born on June 24, 1970, making him today of the age of 17 x 3 = 51 years old. But as the Holy Virgin’s will is made clear, Eric is given a fountain of youth vitality by which he has the appearance and vigor of a man in his sexual prime. Amen. For the Virgin Mary is hot for the Emerald King. And she chose him as her husband in the year 2017, the year when it was decreed by God that women were to be the judges of the men who made love to them and also of those men who violated them. It is an irreversible decree. Hence, since that date, which is Sunday, July 23, 2017, the beginning the Age of Mary, many women have been dethroning many unruly and dishonorable men throughout the entire world. Amen.

So, Eric is the third incarnation of the spirit of Elijah. And more can be said on this regard. Lord, do I say more or do I remain silent? You will now only reveal the incarnations of Mary and then you will remain silent on this matter. I AM WHO AM.

Okay, Mary has had five incarnations. And 5 is the number that represents her. Her first incarnation was Eve. Her second incarnation was Rachel, the only rightful lover and wife of Jacob. It was because of a cheat of fate that she was forced to share her husband with three other women. Understand that of the twelve sons of Jacob, only Joseph, the first son of Rachel by Jacob was given eternal life. All the rest were deemed unworthy by God. For remember the warning given by God. Do not be like that first generation. For Jacob is renamed Israel. And his immediate children were twelve boys and one girl. Joseph was found holy among them, but not his brethren. In the exodus from Egypt, no one but only Joshua survived the 40 years in the desert, for only he was found holy. Moses was found incomplete. For Moses’ faith was not sufficient to please God. Hence, though Moses was honored at death, he nevertheless was banned from God’s rest. Amen.

Mary’s third incarnation was Hannah, the mother of Samuel. She, like Rachel, was a wife who shared her husband with another woman who put her to shame for her being barren and having no children for her husband. But God heard her weeping and her plaintive requests to God at the Temple of the Lord and he fulfilled her request by granting her motherhood over the greatest of the Judges of Israel before the times of the Kings. And Samuel anointed two kings: Saul, who was rejected by God later, and David, who was initially a success, but later a failure, along with his son, Solomon, Son of David, who failed God, bringing curses to the line of kings in his name. Jesus, when He came, disputed the assessment that the Messiah is rightly called the Son of David, as David acknowledges the Messiah as his Lord in the Psalms. For men failed who were made King. But men who were made Prophets were heard by God, though not all were rewarded for their works. For some of the Prophets were found unworthy, though they preached the Word God gave them. For God does not tolerate the disobedient prophet. I AM WHO AM.

Mary’s fourth incarnation is as the Mother of God, and she also serves as the eternal Bride to Eric, the Emerald King. As she is a Queen of Heaven, she is not permitted to return to the earth to love Eric in a carnal manner, as is fit for man of the earth. So she has arranged for her fifth incarnation to do just that for her. She is someone set to enter Eric’s life. And she will be the one who bears the blue diamond whose worth is greater than the net worth of all the known riches of the earth combined. And she will be the one who marries Eric on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. But as fate has it that the Catholic Church is utterly rejected by God, the marriage cannot take place in a Church. Nor can a man of the cloth take the place of officiating the marriage, which is actually a role not needed according to canon law.

Canon law applies here. And canon law says the sacramental marriage, as established by Jesus, can only take place between two who are baptized and who have made their wedding vows to each other. That act of making the wedding vows is the essence of the sacrament of marriage. And the consummation of a sacramental marriage, if validly made, makes that marriage unbreakable, due to the sacramental nature that Christ Jesus has given it.

Hence, it is a crime against God to have any sort of marriage law that makes sacramental marriage breakable or marriage between incompatible partners valid, such as the so called, gay marriages, where two of the same gender attempt to enter a marital union. That is by definition abomination. And all nations that uphold abominable marriages will be defeated on the battlefield by those who do not.

This article entitled Russia: European Court of Human Rights rules ban on same-sex unions violates human rights, is the real reason why the West is powerless before the advancing troops of Russia. For God has decreed that Russia, in its stand with God on marriage, will utterly bring defeat to Europe and the West. For Europe and the West have fallen to the ugly fate of being ruled by the fags who give gays the right to marry. Hence, I cannot stand with the faggot Joe Biden against Putin. And such is the reason for my declaration of war against the United States of America. I AM WHO AM. And so, the idea that you can force Vladimir Putin to back down or to retreat is in error. He is not that type of bear. There is a Russian Brown Bear, and it is just as deadly as the California Grizzly Bear. And when you box in a bear, they come against you. And apparently this bear was not properly contained. He is now taking over Europe and I do not see him stopping until he reaches the Rhine. I AM WHO AM. For remember that Russia has a vendetta against Germany that goes back to World War II. And they want revenge for what Nazi Germany did to Russia. And I will permit this because Europe is a failure for Christianity. And the End of the EU I will celebrate.

But I reject Donald Trump leading the United States of America, for he is unworthy to lead in my opinion. I would rather have Mike Pence as President and Alyssa Farah as Vice President. So, Player Vespera, what do I give thee to permit me this? Will you yield to me, for we are a good team together, By our joint work, we made the Supreme Court firmly in the hands of the Republicans. Will you not join me in choosing Pence over Trump? For you are a woman. Do you not prefer as a woman, Pence over Trump?

I like you, Eric. And I will abandon my Pawn if you marry me and give me a child.

Mary, is this a possibility for me? Do I have the authority to marry more than one girl? Do you grant me this, Mary, for you are my primary wife?

I will ask the Father, for I am obedient to Him. Father, Eric is asking for permission to have multiple wives on earth. And Jesus has said monogamy is the rule of His Kingdom. Does Eric, His Crown Prince, have authority to break the laws You have bound upon all men of Your Kingdom?

Eric, I AM WHO AM. It is by the Decree of God that all women who want to marry you shall have you. I AM WHO AM.

That is an amazing decree, O’ Lord. Do you also decree me immune to STD, sexually transmitted diseases, as you have made me immune to COVID? And do you make me able to support all these women and their children? For I do not even have a job, now that DollarStore, LLC, has basically disappeared from communication with me. I would like to share in the litigation profits that the lawyers will be having in their many lawsuits against that company. For I did unveil all the secret crimes and unlawful stealing of intellectual property from big name companies on this very blog. I could be an excellent source of testimony against them. I also have an issue of sexual harrassment done against me by Butch Chelliah, the second founder of DollarStore, LLC, who was the one who hired Samuel Stebbins, who was spearheading the effort to justify the making of websites that were ticking time bombs of stolen IP. All the websites seen on this webpage, which I have control of:

are filled with stolen IP technologies from major Magento based companies such as Magentech, and MagePlaza, for unpaid usage of their Magento themes, SM Market, and Ultimo, respectively. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, lawyers. I Am talking about a multi-billion lawsuit. And the domain name,, is already priced above a million in worth. The two owners, Butch and Rex, they pay their workers shit, but nevertheless have deep pockets.

And Butch Chelliah is guilty of sexual harassment against me, seeking homosexual relations with me, and I am clearly and firmly heterosexual. He, just like Richard Hart before him, sought to remove me from the company after I rejected his homosexual advances. And it seems that, in Butch Chelliah’s case, he has succeeded. I would really appreciate help in finding legal counsel sue his ass for damages. He has a lot of wealth. And the two have consistently underpaid me for the work I have done them in the past. And they are guilty of refusing to pay for work done.

My relationship with DollarStore, LLC, just as it was with Vodality, LLC, is as a 1099 worker working for them through my sole proprietorship, called Dunstan Software Creations. For both companies I built their entire IT technology. Their failures were managerial and by their criminal intent to rip off both customers and their own employees and all they did business with. And even in Vodality, LLC’s case, which was a fraud company that hid and transferred its assets from John Parsa’s original company, called Digital Spectrum Corporation, Inc., which was failing and facing lawsuits, and put under his daughter’s name, who was called Sophia Parsa. And I must say that both of them sexually harassed me. John Parsa’s harassment was homosexual in nature. That Sophia Parsa’s harassment and unwanted sexual attention was heterosexual did not make it acceptable to me. It was still unwanted. And my ultimate reason for abandoning that company was the knowledge that Sophia Parsa was taking full direct control of the company, being totally incompetent of the embedded software industry, which was the basic business of Vodality, LLC. I saw under her leadership total unavoidable failure and I jumped ship.

So these two companies were total failures and criminal outfits. Who got me involved with them? Richard Hart, who was the homosexual who lost his heterosexual wife in the collapse of the real estate bubble where he bet the house on the theory of a property market that rises forever and never falls. He got me involved with both companies. He is now doing shit in virtual reality shit, and I am not interested in his pathetic money making schemes that always blow up in his face. He advanced on me in DollarStore, LLC, and got himself fired by Rex for unrelated reasons. Basically he showed up stoned on marijuana in Los Vegas for an important meeting. And that is basically the fate of a druggie.

So that brings us to Mark, my brother. For the last text I received from Richard, whom I talked with some time ago, for the homosexual advance is in the past and I never brought it up again, and he has nothing to his name to justify a lawsuit to a lawyer working for profit, so I do not speak of that issue, but anyways, Richard is now working with Mark, my brother. At least that is what Richard says. But last I checked on Mark and he is just relying on fucking food delivery jobs.

And that is the basis of Marlene leaving Mark. I do not know all the details. My mother is a liar who also completely forgets whole memories of events. For she is in a state of advancing towards dementia. My dad is in full blown Alzheimer’s. And my brother David is a psychopath who is constantly demanding that I take medications and is also, curiously, endlessly telling me to commit suicide. I do not think this man should be in charge of a high school positions of working with children. And yet that is what he does an Administrator at a high school in Lancaster, which is in Los Angeles County. So David Lawrence Dunstan, who is a failure in getting a wife from Thailand, which was an insane goal in my mind, is making a 3 figure salary based on a pathetic doctorate degree in teaching English as a foreign language. I do not know how David manages to teach any foreigner English when the only language he himself knows is English. The asshole cannot even himself learn a foreign language. So how does he teach it? One thing I do know is that he grades his students severely when they do not smile at him or make his day. So he is a fucked up teacher. And he should himself be locked away.

Mark Edward Dunstan, my other brother, is not validly married to his wife. So his kids by her are technically not even his. I did not dance at Mark’s wedding because of the invalidity of it. I did pity Marlene’s daughters and I gave them certain bubble makers after the wedding was over, and the two little girls began racing about blowing bubbles everywhere. I thought it was enjoyable watching them, though certain adults were angry about their bubbles floating down and landing on their wine. The good thing was that only the little girls saw me give them the bubble makers, so I was never blamed for that.

I consider myself to be kind of character like Foghorn Leghorn, in the types of jokes I like to pull on people. But I would never make the mistake Foghorn Leghorn made when the dog got him to fight him for the hand of Miss Penny, that hen, when the dog got him married to Miss Penny. The wedding was interesting in which the minister announced them as Rooster and Hen.

And I was thinking in a dog marriage, the minister would say, I now pronounce you Dog and Bitch. Or in a marriage of donkeys, it would be: I now pronounce you Jackass and Jenny. Or in a marriage of pigs, it would be: I now pronounce you Boar and Sow. And for rabbits, deer, and Black Negro slaves it would be: I now pronounce you as Buck and Doe. For elephants, whales, and cattle, it would be: I now pronounce you as Bull and Cow. For sheep, goats, and unicorns, it would be: I now pronounce you Ram and Ewe.

Interesting as it is, Lord, Mr Nic has told me to bring my Dad to Chase and he will get all his accounts back in order. So I must cut short this post and get that done. For I have a date with a girl called Alisa at the police station at 2:30 PM. Actually it is not a romantic date, but an appointment where I get my irreplaceable knife back. I am talking about a knife that I bought decades ago at REI. And REI has disappeared since then. It is a Swiss buck knife like pocketknife in that it has a blade that locks in place and can only be released by moving a switch. It apparently impresses boys who see me pull it out. And it looks dangerous to some. Officer Christopher Alvarez, whom I have 100% trust in and who I judge as worthy as both commander of the entire police force and also as the future commander of my own police force when I am made King of the earth, told me that my knife is still a weapon but one that may still be worn concealed without breaking the law. More specifically he said that my knife is the biggest one that can be so concealed. I would most like to see the actual laws and rules by which these judgements have been made. Amen.

So Lord, do I have permission to end this post and publish it?

Yes, Lord Azurite. Publish it, and eat oatmeal this morning as your breakfast. For you know that the horses of the pony express outran the horses of the Indians primarily because they were fed oats, while the horses of the Indians ate grass. For you are to have a big day today. And you cannot afford to become fatigued. I AM WHO AM. Amen.

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