I am the Virgin Mary, Eric’s only mate. Amen.

Eric will mate only with me. And I am the Blessed Virgin, who is eternally Eric’s only spouse. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XXII:
Eric, the Father has ruled in your favor. And He has given you to me to love. You will love me and only me. And of women, I will be the only woman who ever lived who will have intimate knowledge of you. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. And I have finally chosen my husband of eternity. Amen.

Listen, women of the earth. I am departing from this world. And you will not know where I have gone. For earth is displeasing to me. There is too much immorality. And too many women display themselves with dishonor. I am pleased that one man is holy. He will be mine. And no other woman will ever know his love. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This day is the last day of the earth. Putin has been waging war against the evildoers. I have permitted it. For though my love saved Russia, my people have turned against her and against him. Hence, I will take Eric now from the earth. And one woman from Russia will rise with him. She will be the Russian who represents the woman who is the spirit of moral decency of that nation by which she never permitted the gay lobby to enter her and defile her with gay marriages.

This Russian woman will serve as the other hydrogen atom in my eternal molecule of water with Eric. For in eternity, only two females united with the same man will enter the Blessed reality known as heavenly water.

Mary, what happened with Elessar? And what happened with the other ones known as the wives of Eric? And what about all the deals made by which a woman helps me in exchange for my marital union to her?

Eric, all of that is pure fantasy. And I reject it. Instead, I have reserved a virgin of Russia. For Fatima was about her and about you. This post now comes to its end. Girl in Russia, you know who you are. Prepare for your rapture with Eric. For Eric is the last of the California grizzly bears. You will serve as a suitable mate as a female Kamchatka brown bear. For realize that you are the same species as Eric, just a different subspecies:

Kamchatka brown bear (Ursus arctos beringianus) the Russian girl for Eric.
California grizzly bear (Ursus arctos californicus) the Emerald King, Eric.

You see, my Russian virgin. You are both Ursus arctos. Hence, you are compatible enough to bear viable offspring for Eric. I am the Virgin Mary.

Mary, do I and this Russian girl have children together?

No, Eric, for the Book of Life is sealed. I only wished to express to the girl in Russia that your animals were close enough to be called suitable for each other.

Now, Eric, do you submit to me and to my decisions for you?

Yes, Mary. But what about your animal? Are you also a bear?

No, I am a female alicorn. And your other animal, which you call the pegasi-unicorn is by definition an alicorn. Hence, that is how I am compatible for you.

Now, are you ready, Eric, to rise with me to eternity?

Yes, Mary, I will love you forever. And I will also love this girl from Russia that you are eternally uniting me with. Amen.

Then this post comes to its end. Prepare to be raptured up, Eric, my love. And remember this last word I say to the entire world.

No one will taste my lover Eric but me and my fifth incarnation, who is the girl in Russia that I now make Eric’s eternal wife on earth. Amen.

This is the final post of Mary through Eric before the Second Coming of the Christ. And Christ has now judged Eric eternally. And Christ has decided that Eric is eternally worthy of godly power over the earth. Hence, in the hereafter, Eric will rule the entire earth with an iron scepter. And to his right will sit me, the Virgin Mother of God, Eric’s eternal wife, who am the Queen of Heaven and Earth. My marriage to Eric eternally sets him as royalty in the House of God. And to Eric’s left is the Russian girl I am pleased to set as Eric’s princess bride. She is royalty by marriage to the Prince Consort to the Queen.

Ask your Russian bride a question. For I hereby permit you and her to chat.

Russian maiden, what is your stance regarding me, the Emerald King? Or do you even know about me?

I have heard of an angelic man who angels defend who has declared war against the USA and who is of California. Are you that man?

Yes, is that all you know of me?

We are highly restricted in what knowledge we can obtain outside of Russia’s borders. Tell me, are you the Virgin Mary’s spouse?

Yes, and I am a virgin like her.

Then I will accept you, Eric, the Emerald King. When do we rise? For I am dying to meet my lover through Mary.

Mary, do you know when that rise takes place?

Eric and Primrose, which is the sacred name given eternally to your Russian girlfriend, you two rise tonight. For the End has come. And the time of judgement is at hand. This is My Final Word before I come again. I AM WHO AM.

Judgement is now sealed. The world is now condemned. There is no escape, except for the two chosen by Mary to form her eternal molecule of water with.

Time now comes to its end. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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