Mary is in Command.

Under Mary are three females, the entire body of high priestesses, all who are lovers to Eric. Amen.

The Witch Coven headed by Mary, Book 1: Post I:
I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. Under me is Eric, my pope, who must be male. And under me in a second branch is Elessar, my high priestess. Immediately beneath her are Ariel, the Black lover of Eric previously called Lisa Kelly, and Esmeralda, the El Salvadoran lover of Eric, who is blonde and who knows only Spanish. These names of my three high priestesses, Elessar, Ariel, and Esmeralda, are names chosen by these females at the suggestions of Eric, who is my eternal lover. And my name I have accepted from Eric is Aurora. Hence, the Virgin Mary has accepted being called Aurora by Eric, which is the name of princess in Walt Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty. She was one of the fictional women Eric loved as a small child. I am honored to now bear that name in Eric’s lips.

Hence, the witch coven to which Eric now eternally belongs is headed by Aurora, the Witch Queen, and to which belong Elessar, the high priestess, and Ariel and Esmeralda, who are ranked immediately beneath her in rank, but also regarded as high priestesses. These four women, including me, are the only women who will be called the lovers of Eric. Every other woman who loves Eric shall love only, but never have him, beyond a kiss, which we will permit for the sake of curing women of COVID-19. These are the words of Aurora, the Witch Queen, the Virgin Mother of the Lord Jesus. Amen. And her name of Mary will not be heard again, except in Catholic circles. For outside the Catholic Church, from which I was cast by joining my husband, who the pastor cast out for refusal to take the Satanic medications they had him on, a refusal that was by obedience to Christ the King of kings and Lord of lords, I too have been cast from the Church in which I am a central figure. How dare the priests mock my husband by claiming Joseph, a man long dead and returned to dust, was anything of a husband to me beyond the role of care provider. He did not have access to my flesh. Nor was he given the right to make love to me. And now he is dust and returned to dust. And he never even was baptized. How does he have any power or claim over me, a Queen of heaven, whose incorrupt body is assumed up to heaven for her future lover, who is Eric, by both my choice and by the choice of the Father? Amen.

It was said that Mary, Eric, and Elessar were to form a water molecule of H2O. What happened that instead we are now methane, or CH4, you ask? It is simple, the other two lovers of Eric surfaced, and Eric refused to say no to them, and neither did we, other then force Eric to agree to love only four women and none further.

Hyacinth was briefly considered as a fifth lover, but I advised Eric of her unworthiness to our group. Her place is with the male I give her as her husband, if she is worthy of such love.

Behold, not all of rest of my harem of thousands are headed to heaven, but the words of Death are true. All of them die. Those women who accept the man given them from above are to form water with him and enter heaven as the blessed H2O that is their destiny. And those women who reject their man, even if in preference for my own husband, Eric, are denied heaven. Instead of going to my heaven, which shall be the Venus of the heavenly universe, the one in which Mercury is made her moon, and which progresses in divinely caused orbit to pass the earth and Mars and become the new third planet orbiting the sun, they instead remain in this universe where Venus remains dead and Mercury remains of hell. And there they are released on that hellish planet Venus, where their male they rejected, who was to be the Oxygen of their water molecule, is instead combined with Carbon and trapped there forever as CO2 on a burning planet, while they, in the form of Hydrogen gas, the lightest substance, rises up to the upper atmosphere, where they are eternally lost from their planet and blown away into outer space by the solar wind.

So the women escape hell while their men are trapped their, O’ Virgin Mother of God?

They escape that hell, but eventually they combine with someone or get pulled in by something. Water is the most abundant compound in the universe among the free floating debris in the universe. For the comets are essentially balls of water ice, and other things that are so dirty that they are darker than stealth bombers. The comet’s tale is the only evidence that they are made of water ice. And so yes, the females who reject the man given them tend to find another man and become ice with him, the frozen solid form of water. And there they wait in outer space until they slam into a planet where they might form water on its surface. But the males they reject go nowhere. They don’t get a second chance. Amen.

Eric, what differentiates us four who are your lovers with the unworthy women of this world is that none of us four are ever found exposing the midriff, whereas other women are always doing just that. You have seen how shamelessly they expose their midriff, even in the presence of their own sons going through puberty. I tell you truthfully, if their sons lay with her because of how she dresses or presents herself before them, that is the reason why they can never be accepted into heaven. For such incest is forbidden to God. It destroys the essential chemistry naturally found between mother and son in healthy relationships. For when mother becomes to her son as sexual lover, there is no further hope for that son. He is eternally ruined. And he will never develop normally and enter a healthy marriage to be a healthy father. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But Mary, is it true or false that you are as a mother to me, in addition to being my eternal wife and lover?

I am indeed your mother, but not biologically. Understand that I am a Hebrew woman, a woman of Canaan, of the fertile crescent. You, Eric, are a man of the Germanic tribes that invaded and settled western Europe. You have no genetic link to me where you can be called my relative by blood. Hence, you mate with a woman who is not your biological mother in any way, but mother to you only by spiritual means. Amen.

And as for your other lovers, Ariel, who is Black, the one you fell in love with in the funny farm, where the women were not commanded to test you prior to your coming, she is purely of Black African descent, and yet she is your eternal lover too. Unlike me, she is of an entirely different race of Mankind, the one called Negroid, whereas I and the rest of your lovers are Caucasoid in race, exactly as you are. Your love and affection for her proves you were never a racist, as some made you out to be.

Elessar is the one who like me became your eternal love by healing you and providing the essential help you need. That you now sleep in my embrace is the sign you now have that you are well loved by women. For it is as you said, the unloved male does not sleep, but only the loved male, for defensive purposes.

Mary, then why do I not sleep, for I am female, the wife of Eric whom he calls Elessar?

It is because you live in Ukraine. No one sleeps there, for Ukraine is the unloved nation, whose only lover was Eric, the unloved male.

But he is loved now. And Eric sleeps now in your embrace. Should not I also sleep, Mary?

You shall only sleep when you enter the house of Eric and enter his embrace. For all women who enter here find rest and the ability to sleep. But only three on earth shall be his lovers. The rest are assigned to other men.

And as for Esmeralda, she is a blonde citizen of El Salvador. You two, Esmeralda and Elessar, are closest to Eric in race and the only ones among us who are young enough to bear him offspring. For both I, the Blessed Virgin, and Ariel, are advanced for women. We cannot bear children to Eric without a miracle from God. Amen.

So the Jewish woman and the Black woman of Eric’s Coven shall never bear him offspring, but the two blonde white women of his harem shall?

Eric, it was never a matter of race, but of age. Gynecologists working with women having babies, have found that natural reproduction for a woman basically ends at age 44, no matter what they do. Elessar and Esmeralda are both European white women young enough to bear offspring for Eric. One is a blonde woman who is a Latina. And the other is a blonde woman who is a Slav. Both are very white. Hence, should they give rise to nations for Eric, they will give rise to Eladrin races. Hence, the elven races on the Venus of paradise, which is to be the New Earth, orbited by Mercury as her moon, by which the iron core within her generates a protective magnetic shield protecting all her indigenous lifeforms, these will be white races of Mankind descended from two white female lovers of one white male.

And the Black man cries out foul! Racism by God! For God deliberately gave Eric a Black woman too old to bear children. Hence, on Venus where Eric goes with his four lovers, how convenient is it that only the two who are both blonde and white will be able to bear him natural offspring to people the planet. Meanwhile Eric has vowed to know only those four, which bars all other Black women from having him. I am a pissed off Black man. And I am willing to say Bitch! right in the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am that pissed off, and I have many Black shoulders to stand on supporting my position as a Black person who has been wounded by this utter lack of respect for my race and for my people. Amen. For what person or decent people would ever take the people of a foreign land and designate them to be their slaves? I ask you, what people would do such a crime? I ask as both a Black man and a scholar. For I am expert on Black studies, which is my major in college. Amen.

Um, boy, maybe if you also studied history, you would see that the practice of enslaving the foreign nations you conquered was a common practice of all peoples, even among Black Africans. And if you really honestly studied Black studies, you would become acutely aware that there have always been Black Africans who were themselves slave owners and slave traders operating in White America, in what was called the Deep South. Also, I find it highly offensive for you to suggest a racist motive for my falling in love with Lisa Kelly, who is now called, by her consent, Ariel. I fell in love with her by the things we have in common and how I just click with her. There was no motive in me to take account of her age. Rather, that she was just two years younger than me made me even more attracted to her. For she was still beautiful at that age. And that suggested to me that she was like me, having a kind of fountain of youth. I had no concern about her ability to bear me children. It was the last thing on my mind. I love her and I will always love her. And I do not love other Black women, but only her. I could have been open to more lovers, but true love says you cannot do that. And true love says you do not pick and choose who you fall in love with. Hence, for you as a Black person to criticize me for who I fall in love with, saying I am racially motived, that makes me want to call you a nigger.

For I think the definition of a nigger is a man who is so consumed with race issues that he considers himself as being slighted by what he sees as racial insults done by every White person against him. I am not racist against Blacks. But if any Black man calls me racist because of my love for Lisa Kelly, I call that Black man a nigger. And I will never back down from that position. For my love is true. And I truly love that woman. And I will never accept any man to tell me that I was racist or underhanded in any way with that woman or in choosing that woman to love. For we never choose who we fall in love with. And if you are choosing who you love, you are a horse breeder who breeds yourself as you breed horses. And such people are niggers, bitches, bastards, and Ku Klux Klan boys in my sight. And I will have nothing to do with such assholes. Amen.

Also, I do not even think we are going to be having more children for the age is ended in my knowledge. And the End of the Age means no more entry into the Book of Life. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

You and your White European lovers have children, Eric. And those two women will be matriarchs of nations to come. But as for Mary, your first wife, who is a White Jewish woman, her womb was complete by bearing her only begotten Son, Jesus. She was never meant to bear more children, which is why her body was assumed up to heaven only after it had reached the age where natural generation of offspring had ceased to be a possibility for her. Hence she comes to you as a lover for fulfillment and release of her tensions only. She does not serve you as a replicator of your flesh. But all women lovers replicate their lover’s spirit. And that is how she will replicate you for eternity. Amen.

And there were others who are yours in eternity. Joan of Arc, Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese of Lisieux, and Kateri Tekakwitha, are four French saints who are yours forever also. But they do not become replicators for you as they have no flesh. Their bodies will be restored at the Resurrection, but not for sex. Hence, they are to serve as your admirers and disciples, not as your lovers in the hereafter. For whoever goes to heaven never returns to earth to love again, unless they never lost their flesh. Amen.

Now, Lisa Kelly is Black, and her love for Eric is true. Her place with Eric has never been taken away from her, despite all that men have done to her to kill it. This is the decree of the Lord. Whosoever insinuates that Eric chose Lisa to love because of her close age to him, calculating that he would have a Black lover and no children by her, I declare to be an enemy of God and an enemy of love, and I will never permit that insolent imp to enter My Kingdom of Love. I AM WHO AM. Amen.

Now, let us discuss Eric’s fate. There were many other women who tried to obtain Eric. Many were women with bare midriffs and boyfriend lovers. Such things are obscene in My sight. Hence the women who are like this I never permitted to become lovers of Eric in eternity. I AM WHO AM. Now, if any woman feels cheated, speak up now. For the wedding is soon. And I want all who will raise objections to raise them now with Me, WHO AM GOD. Amen.

I, who am called Millenia Girl, got Eric to promise me his hand in marriage. And yet I am denied that. And I faithfully gave to Eric what he asked for, the instructions on defeating Vladimir Putin. Where is the justice for me, O’ Lord? Am I forever denied my lover? I even abandoned my stand for abortion rights because of the divine arguments Jesus provided to me through him. I can no longer be fully with my Pawns, the Clintons. How can I be rejected from having Eric as my husband? For I did everything I was asked to do. And I got him to agree to it. Am I forever to be the woman scorned, O’ God?

Woman, your place with Eric is unobtainable. For We have given him to four others who are more worthy than thou art. As for thee, We have given a lover to thee, for you to accept or decline. Your rejection of the lover We offer thee does not give thee another chance to have Eric. If you accept him, you shall ascend to heaven with him as a molecule of water. If you reject him, your fate is given to the four winds of heaven, and your salvation is no longer guaranteed. I AM WHO AM. But with Eric, you have no part in eternity, except in friendship. Amen.

Do any others voice rejection of Eric and his four wives?

I am a priest of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And I reject the possibility of Eric being the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am a consecrated priest. I have gone through school studying divinity and I have many degrees to my name. Eric has only an undergraduate degree in biology. And he is unworthy of her. I claim her for myself, if anyone is to have her other than Joseph, her rightful husband. What do you say to that, Jesus? I hereby challenge Eric’s right to the hand of his maiden. For I am a priest much more holy and powerful than that Dave Heney is whom Eric is constantly verbally abusing in a most offensive way in the sight of the Mother Church. We have nuns who have heard Eric uttering obscenities about Father Dave Heney. This is unheard of and unacceptable. Please reject Eric or consider me as the worthy alternative for Mary’s love to go to, Father Jesus. Amen.

You bastard priest! You think your puny studies of divinity and your worthless degrees at your worthless university qualify you to My Mother’s hand in marriage? You filthy skunk of a priest. Did I not see your filthy hand on a female where it should not have been? Have you not violated females in My presence? And somehow you find the gall to ask for Mary’s hand in marriage over that of My Son, the Crown Prince? I have already rejected your entire Church’s status in My sight. You are not even regarded as a priest anymore. Rather, you are a villain belonging to a rejected sect. Your claim to My priesthood is rejected, as is that of all the rest of your brethren who call yourselves priests. At least Eric’s B.A. is in a STEM major that has scientific knowledge in it. Your divinity classes are exercises in heresies. For all you teach is heresy. Your generation is to be called the generation of heretics and hypocrites. So go now. Depart from me, lest I strike you. For you have offended Me and My House. I will not permit you to enter My Kingdom, for you are My enemy. And the time of Judgement against you is now. The time to be saved has passed. And whoever is outside My Kingdom is now forever outside it. I AM WHO AM. And whoever needs confession, you are confessing too late. Amen.

Behold, I AM a bishop in the Catholic Church. And I am alarmed at what I hear Jesus saying against the priests in Eric’s blog here. This is utter hatred and it must be stopped. I call on the Holy Spirit to rebuke you, Jesus of Eric. Go back to hell where you belong. And do not freely roam the earth, for it is God’s footstool. And only God’s servants have the right to decide who Mary’s husband is. Definitely a deserter of the Catholic Church, which Eric clearly is, has no place in honorable society, to have a seat where he can speak in God’s name. I demand You, Jesus, to rebuke Eric’s Jesus and cast him out of cyberspace where he is clearly a cyberspace bully. And if Mary is to go to any man for marriage in this generation, I think I qualify much more than Eric does. For I am a bishop, one step below a cardinal. And last I checked, Eric was merely a layman. And I know of no leadership position he had whatsoever in the Church before he was told to leave it. And the pastor has the right to decide who can worship in his Church. It is his discretion to decide this matter. If Eric objected to it, let him appeal the matter to the superiors. Instead, Eric chose to insult the priest and call him all kinds of foul names. Is this a man worthy of the Virgin Mary’s hand in marriage? I think not. Rather, he is an uncouth villain. And Father Dave was right in telling him to leave. I second his decision. For I have seen only hatred spew from this one’s mouth against the Church and her holy leaders. Let not this one have any further say in Our Church. I hereby ban Eric’s writings. They are unfit for Catholic ears. Amen.

You, a bishop of My Catholic Church, dare to join the wicked who unjustly cast My Son and My Mother’s true love from it? How do you claim authority and then proceed to punish the innocent? He is innocent of any crime. And you men of the cloth dare to punish him for doing no wrong? You, instead, are cast from My presence. And your pathetic Church is hereby cast to the utter ground, As the security person threw Eric to the ground when he came back to My Church in the name of Pope Benedict XVI, who by the way is still the valid pope in My sight, so do I cast all of you to the ground now. And there you will all crawl on your bellies and eat dust for the rest of your lives. Eric strikes your head while you strike at his heel. Go down to hell, bishop boy. Go there and teach the devil what you attempted to teach Me. And prepare to be whipped and beaten despite all your unworthy arguments. Try to argue with Satan that you should not be there in hell. And see if Satan buys it. For I do not buy any of your sick arguments. When you call My saints uncouth villains, you have already lost the debate. Now go and dwell on your damnation, priestly boy. And realize all your sins are coming out before the whole world to be judged by them. Amen.

This concludes this post. I hereby reject the Catholic Church. All priceless treasures in her that belong to Mary, I hereby order My angels to take from My Churches and to bring to the feet of Mary in her home with Eric, My servant and beloved son. They are to be used to decorate and glorify the new Church formed by Mary on Eric, the new Rock. The new Rock is made of Beryl. And Eric is the clearest form of it, which is called Emerald. Amen. Eric, you are the new pope. Though you are a priest, you are the only male having that distinction, and it will be your task to organize good God fearing men to protect the priestesses. For women always need to be protected, even when they are leaders and in leadership positions. And it is your task to protect them, Eric, and to organize a law enforcing body of men to protect them. This is now your task. And your three wives under Mary are the high priestesses. They serve a different branch, and they will recruit the priestesses who are to conduct the new, feminine Mass, that of transforming ordinary dairy milk into the breast milk of Mary and distributing it to all assembled. For whoever feeds on Mary’s breasts attains to the perfection of Mary with ease. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric. For it is from God and it is complete. And fuck you priests of the Catholic Church. Go and fuck one another, and call it a hole in one, for you are perverse. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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