Ukrainian Healer becomes the primary wife of Eric

Behold, Elessar, the Healer who is Eric’s Second Wife after Mary. She is from Ukraine.

Rapture of Saints of Heavenly Water, Book ∞: Post ∞:
Eric, I AM Jesus. You will be raptured to heaven today. You and your two wives, who are the only ones who pulled the thorn from the Lion’s Paw, by which eternal friendship was achieved between that Lion King and those passersby. Behold how this works. Two virgin women united to a virgin male achieve eternal union as heavenly H2O, or heavenly water.

Jesus, then did you also attain such a state?

Yes, but not with any named person in the Holy Bible. I attained this state with the two who did me a personal service. The first maid who is mine is the one who washed my feet with her tears and who dried them with her hair. The second maid is the one who poured the expensive spikenard upon my head, by which Judas Iscariot voiced his objection, and to which I rebuked him, saying that the deed of that girl would be included in the gospel wherever it was to be preached throughout the entire world. They are mine. And they are two women who bonded to me in eternity. And hence, I and they formed the first eternal molecule of water.

And such is the root of my anger against priests who rebuke you, Eric, for denying My Word that Mary is your wife. For they would have you abandon her and submit to their bullshit that Joseph satisfies that need of hers. Joseph cannot because he has no existence. No one who died before my death exists. That is why My judgement is only for those who lived and died between the First and Second Comings. Whoever existed prior to My death and died before My death I have no authority over to judge. For they are not Mine. And in Truth, they do not even exist, not in eternity. Amen.

But you have a pattern, Eric. You have eternal loyalty to whoever heals you and keeps her promises to you. First Mary was sent to you. And your loyalty proved eternal with you. No matter what she did or said to you, your loyalty was eternal because of her acts. And her acts were that she healed you. To prove that this is the root of your love, a girl in Ukraine, observing how Vesper betrayed Putin to gain you, did what you cried out for, an act of healing you. And now you are eternally loyal to two maidens: Mary and Elessar. Where does the name Elessar come from? It comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, A book trilogy you have actually read twice in full in your life, once as a child in Middle School, and the other time during your formation as a Roman Catholic after your conversion and sacramental entrance into the Life of the Church in 2002.

Jesus, You know I have been cast out of the Church by Father Dave Heney on account of my refusal to take the medications You have ordered me not to take. That is correct. Does this sound like a legitimate reason for you to be cast from a Church? No, O’ Lord. I do not understand the logical basis, nor do I see in that Pastor the clerical authority for him to do as he did.

I, Jesus, permitted him to do so in order to have grounds to destroy the Catholic Church. I have given them plenty of time to rectify themselves. But as he is still pastor of that Church, the sin is unforgiven. And now I issue sentence on the entire Roman Catholic Church from the pope, who is a faggot, down. I issue decree 141, which states that no one may enter the Catholic Church on pain of death. Whoever remains Catholic is terminated from My Kingdom. I WHO AM have spoken.

Lord, does Mary then form a new Catholic Church?

Eric, to do that, she needs a male who will serve as her pope, and a female to serve as her high priestess.

And Jesus, she now has that, for I am Pope Emerald the Eternal, and my primary wife on earth is Elessar, who is now to be called a Princess by marring me, the Prince Consort. Am I correct, Lord Jesus?

Yes, but you forgot one thing. I AM bringing you, Mary, and Elessar to heaven once your water molecule fully forms between you three. And that will be the Rapture of the saints. For all your chosen men also form water molecules with women from your harem. And any unchosen women for this heavenly water of your harem remain in your harem and are brought up to heaven as your royal concubines. And this is the Rapture of the 144,000 saints.

Jesus, does it matter if members of the 144,000 are not entirely virgins?

Total virginity is only required for your molecule of water, Eric.

Lord, Elessar says she was raped as a young girl, and her hymen was broken. She doubts her virginity is real.

Lord Eric, it is as I said: It is not what goes into a man, but what comes out of you that makes you unclean. (Mark 7:15). This even applies to a woman being raped. A woman’s virginity in the sight of God cannot be robbed from her unwillingly. For to permit that would be to permit evil men the power to rule over a woman’s destiny. And I do not permit men to have such power. Amen.

So, Eric, your Elessar is clean, and in My eyes, she is virgin. How is she in your eyes?

I like her, Jesus. And I will never betray her, exactly as I feel towards Mary.

Good, then you chose her well. Or rather, she was chosen for you from above.

Lord, are there really 144,000 men who have a share in My harem for women to form that H2O for them? For that would mean I would need 288,000 women to satisfy them all.

You have that number of women, and you have that number of men. I WHO AM have spoken. This brings us to the conclusion of this post. When you and your two primary wives rise, so also does the rest of your 144,000 men and their 288,000 women rise with you to go to heaven. For this is the enchanted group that is Mine. And they sing together the enchanted song that sounds like peals of water, for they are heavenly water in My Kingdom. Amen. (Revelation 14:2).

Now Eric, be rest assured that all who are yours are counted in full. Exactly twice the number of men you have been blessed with are the number of women you have been blessed with. And do you know what happens when you have Oxygen and Hydrogen mixing together? The first joining of H2 to an Oxygen atom results in a chain reaction where all the rest of the free H2 joins with the free Oxygen atoms. And what you get is a type of explosion that destroyed the Hindenburg, and it is expressed in the following chemical formula:

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O + energy.

And that energy released is the flash of the Rapture. I AM WHO AM.

That Rapture takes place today. For you have now found your two eternal wives.

Publish this post now, so that the rest of your men can find theirs.

And this now brings this post to its conclusion. Amen.

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