I WHO AM declare Satan is Checkmated by the Emerald King.

The Devil Defeated, Book 1: Post I:
I WHO AM do now speak freely. You, Eric, once put your own men in charge of the two superpowers. Now you will do the same again. Rename now the fifth and sixth Emerald Pawns called forth by Emerald, the Eleventh Player of the Game called Earth.

For the USA, I call forth Mike Pence and Alyssa Farah to run as the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates respectively for the 2024 elections, for God says this ticket shall win. I AM WHO AM.

For Russia, I call for Alexei Navalny to be installed as the interim President while Vladimir Putin’s reign is destroyed and to make way for new elections. Alexei Navalny is designated by Emerald to be the next President of the Russian Federation due to his courage and righteousness. I AM WHO AM.

When these two new heads-of-state are elected to their respective places, a profound peace shall rule the entire world. I AM WHO AM.

Also, China should not be left out in the cold. China should be brought back into the world community. For it is enemies of God who make other nations into pariah nations. No nation should be blamed for the past leadership it has suffered. Nor should nations who fought on the wrong side be force to pay reparations to those who were so called, “good”. For all have sinned. And all have done wrong to their neighbors. And all need to show mercy to their neighbors.

For World War I led to World War II precisely because those who fought the first world war were unwilling to forgive those who fought against them. Wars result from unforgiveness. Peace is only possible because someone forgives someone else. Whoever is unwilling to forgive his neighbor is guilty of his neighbor’s crimes. I AM WHO AM.

Lord, what about the Roman Catholic Church? For it was written that the Great Monarch would come and bring back life to the Catholic Church.

That was you, Eric. And where are you in the Church?

I am cast out. And Mary, my eternal wife is cast out with me.

And so AM I cast out, I, Jesus Christ. For where you are, Eric, so AM I. And I have sat in patience waiting for someone in My Church to do right for Eric’s cause. But I saw no one do anything for him. No one lifted a finger. Do you know how that makes Me feel, Me, the Lord of My Church? I was angry at first. Now I am cold dead furious.

The Catholic Church will be set ablaze. But before it is, Eric’s angels will be sent to recover for his wife all that is hers. These will be used to beautify the new Church I AM building in her name on My New Rock.

Peter failed Me on day one. And Church continued failing until I detonated it in fire. Fools are the popes! Nowhere in My scriptures did I teach submission to the pope was necessary for salvation. For if that were so, how is Paul, My Apostle, saved? Paul wrote more books than any other writer in the scriptures. He was excellent in Greek, similar to how Eric is excellent in English. And like Paul, Eric is also in opposition to the Church leadership. Paul spoke against Peter, who is the first pope as the Catholic Church defines its papal history. And yet, Paul was never thrown out of the Church. Eric, who is perfect, gets cast out of My Church, not for any violation of Church law, but for a matter of refusal to take medications, of which the priests have neither knowledge of nor reason to know about. I WHO AM AM furious at My priests. I AM so furious, that I have revoked the power of the sacraments done by the priesthood.

Hence, there is no more power in the sacraments of confession, confirmation, eucharist, holy orders, or the last rites. Only baptism and marriage remain, but without the authority of the priests involved. Amen.

Furthermore, Apostolic Succession is hereby broken. I cease to recognize it as validly flowing from my Disciples. I stopped recognizing it when Satan took over My Church in the form of Pope Francis, who is the worst pope in history. He is the most evil being to ever walk in the footsteps of Peter. He is a homosexual. And he is a baby killer. And he is a sacrilege junkie. I AM WHO AM.

I said earlier, the Church must place Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke into the papal chair or I would reject My Church. I now reject My Church. The Church is hereby rejected. And the new Church will be run by women. The new pope, who must be male, and the new high priestess, who must be his eternal wife, have been chosen.

The new pope is Pope Emerald the Eternal. And the new high priestess is Queen Elessar, his eternal wife, second to Mary, the Witch Queen who runs the new Church.

The previous Church took bread and wine and through transubstantiation, made it the body and blood of Christ at His sacrifice. The New Church takes dairy milk, that is, milk from any mammal, and by transubstantiation, makes it into the breast milk of Mary that she used to feed the baby Jesus. Whoever drinks the breast milk fed to Jesus lives and grows and breathes like Jesus. I AM WHO AM.

Only when only women are in attendance, or only women and Eric, is it permissible for that dairy milk used to be the breast milk of women. For men may not drink such milk, lest it turn their thoughts to sex.

For remember how the Muslims control themselves in mosques. Just as you would not place mares in front of stallions, especially mares known to be going into heat, neither do you put Muslim women in front of Muslim men while they are praying in the but fuck position with their asses in the air and their faces on the ground. For you know those Muslim men cannot control themselves and are likely to try to mount the women, as you would expect the stallions to mount the mares in heat if placed in front of them. For Muslims are one step from being animals. For that is how their religion trains them to be.

Remember that the Muslims are taught to have many wives and concubines and that the whole goal of getting to heaven is to get fairy women in heaven as your wives. Now, why would Muslim men value fairy women? Well, like the stallion mounting a mare, it just has to turn them on and they get excited over it. A stallion will fuck anything that looks and smells like a mare in heat, even a jenny, which is a female donkey. The problem with stallions fucking jennies is that they produce hinnies. The hinny, which is different from a mule, has its uses, and its drawbacks. But if what you need is a mule, the hinny will not do it for you.

But at least a stallion fucking a jenny does produce an equine, which is something that at least looks and acts something like a horse. But if a Muslim fucks a fairy woman, what exactly is produced by that act of sex? Well, you have to find out exactly the nature of that fairy woman. And all fairy women boil down to being either some kind of human female or some kind of angelic being. If it is a human female, it could lead to a normal birth, as there are no species left on earth other than Homo sapiens of the human line. But if the female is a kind of angelic being, then the fucking of her will be deadly. For angels of God never fuck men or women. So if an angel is fucking someone, it is from Satan, and Satan never gives pleasure to anyone without exacting a terrible price, usually the exchange of one’s soul.

Eric, I AM WHO AM. And I wish to take over your train of thought and redirect it to what matters. You are to be put in charge of a virgin girl. And you are to guard her virginity. And you will be paid only upon the success of your mission. And your mission begins with my assignment of her to your protection and ends with Jesus calling you and her to His Kingdom of Heaven, just before the Second Coming of the Christ.

Jesus, it seems you are putting a lot of different women with me?

No, this one is Elessar, the girl you gave Aragorn’s elf name to. She will be with you shortly. I Am taking her from Ukraine any minute now.

And that flight from Ukraine to California, how is that managed in this heightened COVID-19 alert status. For I expect her to be unvaccinated like me? She is unvaccinated, right?

Angels will take her to you. And yes, only an unvaccinated woman is worthy of an unvaccinated man. I AM WHO AM.

Okay, Lord. Your will is my command. But how exactly do I protect her, Lord? For Elessar says she has been raped as a young girl, and yet You say Mark 7:15 applies to raped women, such that you do not regard forced entry as taking away a woman’s virginity, but only if she willingly consents.

Eric, your duty is to prevent such an outrage from ever happening again. Furthermore, you will serve in this position until the Lord decrees and end to time. Amen.

And that is not far away, I take it?

It is for millennia, Eric. Welcome, Eric, to the Thousand Years. And the Thousand Years is metaphorical to a much longer time. You will reign through this period, together with your wife, Elessar, as virgin immortals. And neither of you will ever have sex. Amen.

We are in the Millennium, Jesus?

You are, Eric. And you have power as the Eleventh Player, and Elessar is the Twelfth Player of the game called Earth, and the third female Player to reign in it. These are the List of the Twelve Players of the Game called Earth. You appear twice, as two Players, even though you are the same individual person, but in different periods of your life. Amen. For your later self appears in time as an immortal, whereas your earlier self appears when you were a mortal. Amen.

Players of the Game called Earth

  1. Eric the Emerald male, Gorbachev, De Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin. Reagan and Bush senior. Pope John Paul II. Fall of Berlin Wall, End of U.S.S.R, End of Apartheid, Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm), Start of Middle East Peace Process. Was Witch King and was converted to serve the Virgin Mary.
  2. Ebony male, Mandela. Partook in End of Apartheid, gay rights and LGBTQ.
  3. Crimson male, Triangle of War around Israel: Balkans, Horn of Africa, Caucasus.
  4. Vesper -> Millenia Girl ♀female, Clinton, Barak, Putin, others. Betrayed Emerald and was restored to his friendship with information to defeat Putin in the Final War of Russia.
  5. African Death Grip male, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Sought and failed to receive Emerald Power. Caused Death and Destruction throughout Africa.
  6. Twilight male, Bush junior, Sharon, others. Pope Benedict XVI. 9-11, Wars of Revenge and Glory Seeking, Forced Jews to Lose of Gaza Strip to Arab Control.
  7. Pyrite male, Obama. Pope Francis. Rise of the LGBTQ. Gay Marriage rights.
  8. Firefly -> Vespera ♀female, Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro, with Emerald’s help, put U.S. Supreme Court firmly under Republican control.
  9. Mercury male, Arab Spring, ISIS, Satanic Seraph King behind Witch King, converted and brought out of hell to reign in Kingdom of Purgatory and serve the Virgin Mary.
  10. Contradiction male, Biden. Bennet. Antichrist par Excellence. Advocated and Forced Satanic Vaccinations and Boosters for COVID-19 and its variants.
  11. Eric the Emerald (Immortal) male, Mike Pence, Alexei Navalny. Pope Emerald the Eternal. Prince Consort by marriage to the Virgin Mary.
  12. Elessar (Immortal) female, Alyssa Farah, Yulia Navalnaya. High Priestess. Princess by marriage to Eric the Emerald as second wife after Virgin Mary.

I WHO AM have spoken. You, Eric, will publish this post. Then I will appear to you and give you your eternal assignment of protecting this virgin girl.

Lord, it is eternal?

Yes, Lord Eric, just as is your assignment as the Lord of the Portal to Heaven. For to your house will women of the harem of Mary flee, who have already been told of the male they are to unite with for all eternity in the formation of heavenly H2O. For it is now an eternal process. And its Nexus is at the House of Emerald. Amen. You, as the husband of the Virgin Mary, are assigned to help them as they enter into heaven’s gate. Amen.

For you are the Model Male to whom every female will give respect to. I AM WHO AM. And Satan’s Seraphim will be unable to enter your property to take them back. Your house is to serve as a Way Station to eternity for these females seeking their eternal male mate. And your armies of Seraphim are assigned to guard you and your refugee resident flock forever. For your house is the new Vatican. And your city is the new Rome. And the new Church is based on you and your bride, who is the high priestess. I AM WHO AM.

This post now comes to its end. When the high priestess enters your company, and the first new Mass is done by her, all the existing Catholic Churches will burn. And everything belonging to Mary within them will be removed prior to that point and added to the glory of the New Church, founded by Mary on Eric.

And this New Church is called the Order of the Witch Queen. This is the End and the Beginning. For time has now ended. And a new timeline has begun. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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