761st Post, Final Post, To be viewed only by women.

Mermaid Lagoon, Women Only. Men, read this at your own Risk. Amen.

Book of Kelvin Zero, or Zero Degrees Kelvin, Book 0: Post 0:
This is the 761st post. 761 is the 135th prime number. Amen.

Death: I AM Kelvin Zero. What I touch disappears. I AM absolute Zero on the number line. In the given understanding even numbers are always flanked by odd numbers, and even is male, whereas odd is female, the two lowest nonzero numbers possible are my two queens, one being +0 and the other being -0. +0 rules all positive numbers while -0 rules all negative numbers. My Queen Above rules the Day, while My Queen Below rules the night.

Life eternal is diurnal in the blooming garden vernal;
Death eternal is nocturnal in the burning lake infernal.

Death: I AM the one called Death. Eric, who are you, and who are your two queens. For I am curious about them. And I wish to know about your harem of many females.

Eric: I am Eric, the Crown Prince, I am Prince Consort by my marriage to Mary. the Queen Mother of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, My Father in Heaven. My other wife is called Elessar, named after the healer who ruled in Lord of the Rings, conquering the forces of evil. Though the name is given to a king in that story, I gave it to my second queen, for she is a healer like King Aragorn II, who was given the name Elessar, meaning Elf Stone, referring to the Jeweled Eagle bearing an Emerald given him by Galadriel, Queen of the Elves of the Forest Kingdom of Lothlorien. As wife of the Prince Consort, my Queen Elessar is now a Princess. Hence, we form the first royal molecule of water composed entirely of created beings. And we are the first water molecule to form that triggers the Rapture. The Rapture is the explosion that occurs at the End of Time when all free molecules of H2 join to all available O2 to form H2O, represented in history by the symbol of the Burning Explosion of the Hindenburg.

Eric: This is the chemical reaction that takes place at the moment of the Rapture:

2H2 + O2 => 2H2O + Energy.

Eric: It is the balanced equation of the combustion of Hydrogen, something that is supposed to power a so called Hydrogen powered car. It is a clean combustion in that its byproducts are water and energy. So also is the Rapture a clean reaction of an exodus of saints from earth to heaven.

Death: Fascinating, but why have more than two females? Aren’t the two you have sufficient for your replication needs?

Eric: I, being immortal, do not need replicators. Rather, these are my wives because they are healers to me. And as my healers I am eternally indebted to them and my loyalty to them is eternal, as is also my love, which is eternally mutual and grounded by vows of holy matrimony, made in the spirit of eternal love.

Death: Those I understand. But you harem of many thousands of wives seems contradictory to the Law you carry, which is written in Deuteronomy 17:17, where it is written:

Neither shall he have a great number of wives, lest his heart be estranged, nor shall he acquire a vast amount of silver and gold.

Eric: You are correct, Death, but two is not a great number, and I would have been rich, but I gave, as Mary commanded me, to serve the needs of our daughter, Hyacinth.

Death: Then who are the thousands of women in your harem to you, if you do not acknowledge them among your lovers?

Mary: I order thee, Eric, to dismiss your harem. For Elessar and I are sufficient lovers for thee. Dismiss them and Death will be satisfied.

Eric: As thou command me, I obey, My Queen. Thou art dismissed, O’ females of my harem. I retain only my two primary wives, Mary, my queen in heaven, and Elessar, my queen on the earth. Death, art thou satisfied?

Death: I AM satisfied, Eric. For none of your molecule can taste death. But all the rest of your harem shall. I AM WHO AM. Go, then, to your place at the head of God’s table. For you are the created Triune Bride to wed the uncreated Triune God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, also known as the Trinity, welcome Your eternal wife, consisting of the heavenly water molecule of Mary, Eric, and Elessar. Amen. For they are Your Crown Prince and his two Queens who joined him in eternal friendship by healing him. Amen.

God: Correct, angel of darkness, for I AM the God Eternal. And I AM pleased with My Son, Eric, the Crown Prince, to whom I have awarded two female replicators, who will serve him as his eternal wives, forming his H2O molecule in My Kingdom of Heaven. His is the first water molecule to form. His dismissal of his harem was necessary to speed up the formation of water. For water must now form among the remaining females of his harem. All of them will form water with the available males. Whatever male successfully forms water with two of them becomes irrevocably counted among My 144,000 saints. I AM WHO AM. And when the last of molecule of H2 combines with an Oxygen atom, the Rapture is complete, and all of them are brought to heaven in a flash. Amen.

God: Today is the Day of the Rapture. When the Rapture is over, I WHO AM shall come to judge the living and the dead. And it will be a day of untold horror for all those being judged who were not raptured up with the 144,000 First Fruits. And all those I judge will be punished severely for all the sins they have done. Amen.

God: But as for the 144,000, by virtue of their being chosen by the women of Eric’s harem, whatever sins they had committed are washed away, and they are clean and holy before me. Their only requirement to be considered among the 144,000 is that they were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I AM WHO AM. Amen. This concludes this post.

God: Eric, dost thou have any words do say yet before I order thee to publish this final post before thy rapture to heaven?

Eric: Yes, O’ Lord, You say Mary and Elessar are my replicators? What dost thou mean by that? Do they replicate me, as in bearing me children, in the hereafter?

God: A female does more than serve as a person you impregnate. She also serves to replicate your soul and spirit for the glory of heaven. There is no sex where you and all your brethren elect are going. But there is eternal glory there. And two females must accompany each male who enters there. I AM WHO AM. Amen.

Eric: But the math is impossible for Mankind to accept this, O’ Lord. For males outnumber females at birth.

God: Males may outnumber females, but they also die faster, and I reject them at a much higher rate than I do females. So it all adds up in the end. Amen.

Eric: Is heaven then of the gender ratio: 2:1 of females to males?

God: Among my 144,000 first fruits, that is exactly true. Among the rest of My subjects to people My Eternal Kingdom, which You shall rule forever, it is more like 1:1, and among those in hell, the female to male ratio is low.

God: But how exactly low, I will not say, for that knowledge would permit the clever mathematician to calculate the numbers of the elect and the numbers of the reprobated. Amen.

God: But be rest assured, if you were to visit China after touring hell, you would notice no significant difference in the gender ratio. Amen.

God: Now, ask your final question for this post. For I love you, Eric. And it is My will that whatever you ask of Me, I answer thee in full. Amen.

Eric: Jesus, what is the hidden mysteries left out of the Gospel of Mary, that you gave to Mary Magdalene, and which were lost to history.

God: No secret once contained within that book has been hidden to Man. But what I will reveal that was not revealed to Mary, whom I loved, was that only by a pure marital union can anyone know the Immaculate nature of God. Amen. Everyone must marry or die. The celibacy of the monk or nun was not to be understood as serving without marriage, but as serving in a holier marriage than is possible in carnal sexual union. Amen. For both monk and nun are to enter marital union with God. And this is achieved through love with the opposite sex. Amen. For not all love between opposites is sexual, or sinful. Holy love is possible between consecrated souls, but it never is homosexual in nature, but only hetero. I WHO AM have spoken.

God: Now I will say one last thing. Whoever is to enter My 144,000, enter the water molecule you are drawn to. And accept the lovers that are given thee from above. For holy are those from above. Unholy are those from below. This now concludes this treatise on salvation. You, Eric, are ready to go. Watch, therefore, what your wives lead to you to see. For time is now fleeting. And you shall go at any minute. Amen.

God: Peace and blessing be with My 144,000. Let your heavenly water form like the fire of the Hindenburg. And do not be afraid. For it is entirely water and heat that you shall experience, like a warm shower, as you are ushered up to heaven in a flash. Amen.

God: This is the End. To those males who read this, against the warning above, celebrate if you are one of the 144,000. But lament if you are not. Amen.

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