Vesper gives Eric the solution of how to defeat Putin.

I was Vesper. Now I am Millennia Girl. And I am to be Eric’s Primary wife. Amen.

Vesper is now Millennia Girl, a new Ally to Eric. Book 1: Post I:
Eric: Okay, military generals and NATO strategists, Vesper, the one who installed Vladimir Putin into office after taking over my Boris Yeltsin Pawn, has come to make a deal. She has promised to give me knowledge on how to defeat Putin in return for a guarantee, backed by the Virgin Mary, that she will be my primary wife.

Eric: Do I have this correct, Vesper, or Millennia girl as you are now called?

Vesper: Yes, Eric the Emerald. And the name of Millennia girl is a name you gave me demonstrating your new love for me. For you had given the name Vespera to my mortal competitor, Firefly.

Eric: And Mary, do you guarantee Vesper that right to become my wife, my primary wife, in return for this advice on how to defeat Putin?

Mary: Vesper, my offer of Eric to you is time limited. I guarantee you the right to have Eric and to claim him on one condition. And that condition is that you do not keep Eric waiting unnecessarily. If I detect you stalling on meeting him, the offer of Eric is rescinded. Also, if the advice you give Eric is unworthy, it is also rescinded. Now, you have my Word. Tell Eric what you know.

Vesper: Eric, Vladimir Putin cannot survive by depending on Russia alone. Build a moat around his country, both militarily and financially, and he will self destruct.

Eric: And Vesper, what about his nuclear weapon threat? He seems to be going insane. How is that to be prevented, a nuclear war caused by one man?

Vesper: Eric, Putin is very dependent on ego boosting females. Have Mary turn his females against him and that will put an end to his mega mania drives. He will utterly collapse if every one of his female supporters turn away from him. That is all I have for now. And remember, Mary, I want Eric in my bed as you promised. When can I expect that?

Mary: I have conditionally added you to my harem, female. But as to when you may lay with Eric, that is up to the Divine Mind, Who is in charge of all Virgins. And though I have made a promise to you, I cannot guarantee that He will enforce my promise. God seems to have a girl He wants Eric to protect. That is all I will say.

Vesper: Eric, do you know about this female you are to protect? Is this news you have withheld from me?

Eric: All I know is that the Anna I thought I was conversing with in the previous post was an FBI agent on the same telepathic signal. And they spoke about an assignment to protect some virgin girl and that I would only be paid if the mission succeeds, which ends at the Second Coming of Christ.

Vesper: Great, I tell you my secret information and now you reveal your secrets that say my claims over you are now undermined by the FBI?

Eric: Vesper, when have any of these spiritual suggestions that a girl would enter my life has ever come to pass? Do you actually take these things seriously. But do take the message that Mary has added you to my harem seriously. For I know Mary does not deceive me. Time and time again she has proven that she is a fulfiller of promises. Now as for the FBI, we hear these things all the time. Let’s just see if they are real? If they are real, they too have to wait for the Second Coming. Did you know that if true, I have to protect this virgin girl’s virginity all the way to the Second Coming of Christ. So essentially, the FBI have a cause in ensuring a girl’s virginity and they chose the right bodyguard, because I am the Virgin Mary’s spouse and I am fully protected by Seraphim. I do not even need a bullet proof vest.

Vesper: Eric, call me Millennia Girl from now on, and never reveal the means by which you arrived at that name for me. For that knowledge I gave you is secret.

Eric: I will honor your secrets with me, Millennia Girl. Mary of course knows everything you say to me. But I am assured you are fine with her knowing this.

Millennia Girl: I am fine. And if you do not mind, let me give you your name in my book. For I gave you names, not you just giving me names.

Eric: Fine, what name do you give me, Millennia Girl?

Millennia Girl: Your name was Knight Betrayer. But now you are called Knight Beloved. Do not break my heart again, beloved, for Twilight was a failure and I will never turn to such a loser again.

Eric: Millennia Girl, can you consider dropping your support for abusing the female reproductive system to kill the unborn in it?

Millennia Girl: Only if you males give us females the right to dispose of our unwanted babies as we like after they are born.

Eric: Okay, Millennia Girl, I cannot speak for the Law of the Land, but I can say what God’s Law is. So, Jesus, how do you rule regarding Millennia Girl’s request?

Lion of Judah: Eric, I WHO AM shall now speak on female reproductive systems and the rights and responsibilities of those who fuck and conceive.

Lion of Judah: No one who enters the sex act is free from responsibility from that point forward. Millennia Girl, your virginity is still intact. So what I say is not applicable to you at this time.

Lion of Judah: For a man to lay with a woman unwed to her, he is responsible for paying for the children or potential children he brings into the world. Furthermore, he must pay the bridal price of the one he defiled. Failure to pay what he owes makes me disgusted with him. And I destroy such men without hesitation. I AM WHO AM.

Lion of Judah: For a woman to permit a man to have sexual pleasures with her prior to marriage, it is her right except for the sex act. Failure to prevent a man from knowing you sexually is a crime, unless it is forced against your will. The punishment for this crime can be many things. If I punish you by giving you an unwanted child, and you deal with that by aborting it or by seeking to abort it, you are guilty of shedding the blood of a fellow man. And he who sheds the blood of a man, by Man shall that man’s blood be shed. This is all I will say.

Lion of Judah. If a married woman has a child and seeks to abort it because it is deformed, let it be known this. You are seeking to remove yourself from responsibility. When you married, you promised to stick to your marriage and your family for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Which of these vows do you not understand as applying to you right here regarding your deformed child in your womb? You are called to love the children I give to you, not to selectively cull the unwanted from your womb and raise only those who seem fittest. I WHO AM have spoken. I hope Vesper, or as she is called now, Millennia Girl, gets My message and understands. Also, Vesper, listen to the man you love and obey him if you want to marry him. I AM WHO AM.

Millennia Girl: This Lion of Judah is Jesus, right Eric? Okay, I accept His arguments. But I am too old to bear children anyways. And we do not have children in the hereafter. So ask Jesus why have marriage for Eric? Why give Eric a harem if he never needs replicators, which is all we females really are to men?

Lion of Judah: I AM happy you accept My arguments, Millennia Girl. Just for that, you will be the first girl to lay with Eric in the flesh. Mary, being in heaven cannot do that. But you must make this solemn promise to Me or I will take back everything I have offered you and also cancel everything Mary promised you.

Millennia Girl: Tell Me, Lord?

Lion of Judah: Promise to never betray Eric, the Emerald King.

Millennia Girl: It is a deal.

Lion of Judah: Then enter Eric’s Life according to the demands of Mary. I AM done speaking.

Mary: Millennia Girl, you are now permanently added to Eric’s harem, whose true number is not revealed, except in mystical numerology, which is purely symbolic. But while you are now Eric’s wife, you will only be given the number one spot if you enter it before someone else does.

Mary: For remember which sperm gets the egg? It is the first sperm that fertilizes it. And once fertilized, every other sperm is locked out permanently. Consider Eric as the egg and all you females who want him as sperm. It is up to you to mate with him first. Whoever enters his embrace first shall be the one. I am the Virgin Mary. Now publish this post, Eric. And when Millennia Girl has more information on Putin to reveal, we shall call her forth to reveal it. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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