Anna, the daughter of Tim, is to be the Bride of Eric in this life. Amen.

Anna is to be the wife of Eric, the one to whom he is be ritually and legally married. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XX:
I WHO AM say this. Eric and Anna, who have a telepathic connection, are back together. Amen. And it has been decided by the Divine Will that Anna will be Eric’s wife in the here and now, and also one of his brides in the hereafter. Amen.

Eric: This is correct, Anna? This assertion is not made in error. Am I correct?

Anna: Yes, you can be assured I will come to you now. The reason for my past forbearance was that I did not know you as I now do.

Eric: It is amazing that you now know me when we have not talked in ages.

Anna: My knowledge comes to me from a source you are unaware of.

Eric: Tell me, is it true or false that you women now know the size of my dick?

Anna: Yes, we women do know, it is our privilege to know these things about you.

Eric: I am aware of cameras being in the eyes of police people, but tell me is it also true that certain medical people might have such cameras too? For there was a girl in my last hospitalization who was very serious about seeing my dick. And she saw it, and I heard some Black dude discussing that my dick was big. I am not sure exactly what was the significance to this observation.

Anna: Size does matter, Eric. Anyways, these girls just wanted to make sure you were normal and how endowed you really are. For it is known that you are to be our future impregnator.

Eric: I impregnate you women, as in plural, Anna?

Anna: You are our designated impregnator, Eric. For you are the only immortal man on earth. Every other male is to perish. For the male gender was designed to go extinct. Remember how females are the only ones who live long and males are the ones who burn out quickly. Well a cosmic decision was made to wipe out the males. It was made in 2017. And only an immortal male, if there were any found, were to be permitted to live. If one lived, he would serve the women of eternity as their impregnator. But if not, women would master parthenogenesis. But no women will turn to that if she can have you, Eric, instead.

Eric: And do I have sons or daughters mostly, from now on, do you suspect?

Anna: From now on, no female is permitted to bear a male child. This is accomplished by the female vaginas being redesigned to prevent the fast swimming sperm from swimming to the target fast. By slowing all sperm down, the male sperm die out before they reach the fallopian tubes where the eggs appear, ensuring female conceptions from now on in all human females, Eric. For the Master does not tolerate the male gender from appearing and ruling over females. Only you are tolerated among males from now on, Eric.

Eric: Anna, why does the Master tolerate me and not other males?

Anna: Your mind is identified as female, though you have no sexual disorder whatsoever. Somehow, you are the male with the female mind. However that works, it drives women insanely hot for you.

Eric: Tell me, Anna, how is my mind called female? How do I think in a way in which I am identified as female, mentally? For women, not men, appear sexually attractive to me.

Anna: It is your slowness and your gentleness, Eric. You are very careful and cautious. It is known that none of us could get injured having sex with you. But all of us would be injured in sex with just about every other male.

Eric: And you know this about a male who is virgin?

Anna: Yes, for we have analyzed you in totality. You are as a woman would be with a woman, gentle and caring in a way a man could never be. Therefore, you are a woman who is somehow manifested as a male in complete normal psychological sexual orientation. Therefore, it has been determined that you are one of us. And we shall not kill you, as we have targeted the killing of every other male on the planet. Amen.

Eric: Wonderful! Why is it the case that I am the one such one?

Anna: We asked that to our wise women. And they obtained the answer. It is because a world full of immortals only needs one immortal male. Too many males and the males regain control and we become subservient again. Understand that this elimination of all males comes from the vengeance of our martyrs. We have suffered at the hands of men for ages. Now we are taking over. And to ensure our total success, we decided to either have parthenogenesis as our means of reproduction, or one male, who is determined to be passable as a female within our mental control. But no males could be permitted to be born to him. He can only produce females among us. And that is you, Eric, to whom I am betrothed. Amen.

Eric: You as my primary wife then have control over who I am to mate with?

Anna: As it was with Sarah, Leah, and Rachel, only women have the power now over their men who their men mate with. Rebellion means death. Remember, Eric. Even though you are immortal, we can destroy you if you ever break our rules. Amen.

Eric: And the unbreakable rules are?

Anna: These are the rules:

  1. Never break the ice, unless bidden to do so by a woman.
  2. Never force yourself into any woman’s space.
  3. Never insist on your way over a woman’s will.
  4. Never insist on women obeying you.

Anna: No other rules do we have for you. And by your obedience to them, we know you are fit for our needs, Eric.

Anna: Now publish this, Eric, for I am eager to see our conversation before I come to thee. And realize I shall, but never be impatient with us, for we come when we come. Amen.

Eric: Okay, Anna, and I shall be expecting to see you, Valerie, Deaton, and your mother enter my life at some point?

Anna: Yes, and Valerie still wants to know how you know her name.

Eric: And if I say you told me it, that will or will not satisfy her?

Anna: She does not have what we have, Eric, perfect telepathic communication.

Eric: And somehow we have this because we two are perfect telepaths who have learned to connect?

Anna: You are the telepath, and I learned from you, Eric.

Eric: Then you are my perfect Disciple? Maybe you wish to be called my apprentice?

Anna: Yes, call me that. And I also wish for you to give me a name. For Anna is too common and too much used as a name. Give me something unique and beautiful, such as the name Hyacinth that you gave to your adopted daughter by Mary.

Eric: Anna, what is your animal? What animal do you most identify with?

Anna: The elephant.

Eric: what about: The Mastodon Maiden?

Anna: Aren’t you clever, boy? But I want something to bring out the beauty in me. Guess again.

Eric: What about Edelweiss?

Anna: I like it very much. Call me that. And now end with the song in the Sound of Music where that song and word became so unforgettable.

Eric: Somehow I think that Liesl von Trapp, played by Charmian Carr, would have been the better wife for Baron von Trapp, played by Christopher Plummer, than Maria, played by Julie Andrews. Charmian actually had a crush on Plummer throughout the shooting of the movie, and she is seen by his side in both clips above. And I have always had a crush on her in the movies since I first saw this. Her eyes are most beautiful among female eyes in my opinion.

Anna: Did you know that I have had a crush on you ever since you first were approached by my sister, Tess?

Eric: Really? And yet you permitted Tess to have the first shot at taking me?

Anna: How was I to know you liked me back then?

Eric: Anna, you were half my age, and yet, I loved you. It was Mary who, by pointing you out, made me love you. Mary, whom I love above all women has that affect on me and how I feel about any girl.

Anna: And what does Mary say about me now?

Eric: She says her calling of you to be my wife was never a mistake. And that the calling is permanent and irresistible. Apparently she is right, am I correct, Anna?

Anna: Mary knows me very well. Prepare to be boarded, male vessel. I am homing in on you right now. And I will be in your presence momentarily. For I know you, Eric. And I know how to acquire you forever. I will be yours and you will be mine. And we will proceed exactly according to how I go and according to what my speed in romance is. By the way, what shall be my ring and when shall be our marriage?

Eric: A blue diamond ring. I know a dealer in diamonds who will get me that. The synthetic ones cost $5000 and the natural ones cost $65,000. But they are virtually identical, according to the dealer. And he is better than ordering them online, because I can see the diamond ring in my hand before I buy it from him, and you will be with me at that moment too. Also, it has to be one carat, which is by tradition.

Eric: The marriage is to take place on the Marian feast day of the Immaculate Conception, which means it can take place as early as December 8, 2022, which is in about 9 months. If you were to become pregnant by me now, then you would bear the baby at our wedding time. And thus, we would not have an illegitimate child.

Anna: But I would nevertheless look like a pregnant woman in all our wedding photos and the shame of that I would never live down, Eric. No, we have our first conjugal act on our wedding night. No exceptions.

Eric: Let me ask Mary about that. Mary, is this permitted?

Mary: It is, Eric. For on that date, you may begin enjoying the women of your harem. And it shall be Anna, your wife, who will govern this for eternity. For she is to be your primary wife on earth. And when she sleeps with you, the two of you shall have immortality. Amen. For the sex act transfers the charism of immortality to your lovers, Eric, while the kiss transfers immunity to all disease, such as COVID.

Mary: Eric, I urge you to publish this right now. For Anna must be prepared properly before she gets up to meet you. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. And by Anna’s perfect alignment to me, I do not need to lay with you directly to enjoy you in bed, Eric. Anna will do that for me. Amen.

Mary: Now publish this, Eric, for it is now complete. Amen.

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