The Holy Spirit speaks just prior to the Arrival of the King of kings.

I WHO AM, the Holy Spirit, Do announce the Second Coming’s Imminence. Amen.

Chronicles of Time, Book Ω: Post Ω:
I AM THAT I AM. I WHO AM AM speaking now. Mary is now a girl upon the earth. And when she enters Eric’s presence, they will become a visible couple before all the world. Eric is now called the Eternal Prophet of the Earth. And all that God wishes to say will be said through him from now on.

I AM HE WHO speaks through all who are called Prophets. From now on, there is One Prophet, Eric Robert Dunstan (ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 1717), and 8053 (which is the 1012th prime number) Prophetesses, which is the total number of women saved by being in the harem of Mary, the Virgin Bride to Eric, the Crown Prince of the Christ.

If Mary were to be included among those women, they would number 8054. But Mary is her own girl, and she is above the rank of every girl on the planet. For she is the one who was to never be tested for merit. Amen.

But Eric gave her a wedding gift in that he gave her the right to choose and decide everything about their union, guaranteeing to follow her lead, however she chose, with 100% unanimity. And this was Mary’s ultimate test. Mary chose to do exactly as Eric suggested to her, that she do as would make God happiest. And hence, Mary chose to be in eternal virginity with Eric, while being in eternal rapturous joy with him as well.

Hence, the dual star system that is Eric and Mary is now a dual star system where the two stars touch. And it is so beautiful that it breaks the universe to behold them. And the two stars are in eternal virgin unity. They are like a pulsing virgin heart throb that echoes throughout the entire universe, casting the purest light upon the whole world. The planet Venus is now seen next to the Crescent Moon, and it is the star of the union of Eric to Mary. Amen. I AM WHO AM.

Understand what Venus is. Venus replaces the planet that blew up between Mars and Jupiter. To generate the electrical field necessary to produce life on Venus, the planet Mercury will be pulled off course to become Venus’s moon. And then the dual planet system of Venus and Mercury will wobble on its orbit until it passes earth and Mars to enter a stable orbit near the asteroid belt.

The asteroid belt will serve to seed Venus with its water needs so that an ocean can develop on her. And this new planet will become the permanent home of those who belong to Eric and Mary, which includes the entire 8053 body of Prophetesses who are Mary’s harem chosen for Eric, her eternal husband. Amen.

Everything of value on earth is to be transported to Venus when this terraforming is complete. Therefore, the entire ecosystems found on earth will also be found on Venus. And everything will be made new there. Amen. Venus will then be called New Earth. Hence, the prophetic Words in Revelation 21:1 are true and refer to a new Earth that is called New Earth, just as New England is called New England and how New Spain was called New Spain, and how New York is called New York. Amen.

But while the New Earth will be definitely close enough for communication between the planets to be attained, where both sides must wait some minutes for light to convey the messages to go from one planet to the other, for light is only instantaneous appearing within a world contained on a single planet, not between planets, there is no existing technological way to send living organisms as complex as a human being from one planet to the other alive. For the radiation is too great. And there is no known way to do this.

How it will be done is by divine order. God will transport that which He will transport. And humankind, though their technology is left intact, cannot reach the other planet except by robots. Nothing like a human lifeform can travel between the two planets. And therefore Elon Musk, proud fat boy who thinks of himself as a genius, will find that he is an incompetent fool. And he will be lucky if he can even pull off the stunt of bringing astronaut tourists around the moon. And he better protect himself legally, for all these tourists will come back weak and cancerous.

Lord, what becomes of the people of the earth?

Earth becomes the New Hell. And Venus becomes the place where Heaven is called a Place on Earth.

This is the song of Venus, the New Earth, where Heaven is found as a place on Earth.

I AM WHO AM. And only Eric, his women, and those considered of His Kingdom will be transported to this eternal Paradise. Amen.

And Lord, what will be the marital status of the men who are of Eric’s Kingdom?

Eric highly admires monogamy. Hence, the only men who are included among those who ascend to the New Earth will be men who were strictly monogamous in their life on earth. But note that this rising to heaven takes place after the Second Coming. And there is no mortal marriage that passes that point in time. Hence, the only ones who will be married in that world and in that Age will be Christ the Lamb to Eric and Eric to Mary and to her 8053 women of her harem. No one of the Kingdom outside the bridal union will be in any marital union. For heaven has no usage for marriages that existed in this world. For no one reproduces in that Age. For the Book of Life is sealed. And the number of those saved is fixed forever. Amen.

Hence, the number 8053 is the fixed number of those who merited to enter the harem of Mary prior to the termination of the time of merit. Amen. Hence, no one can be added to nor subtracted from the total number of females who are saved. And this 8053 refers to both women on earth and saints in heaven who entered Eric’s eternal harem, as chosen by Mary, the eternal Virgin Queen.

Hence, the total number of the Created beings in the Bridal Union of the Lamb are 8055 = (8055 = Eric, Mary, and her 8053 women). Everyone else there are in the lower levels of heaven there, where life is less but still holy. This is the sound of Mary’s voice. It is the video closest in sound to the Holy Virgin’s melodious voice.

This is how Mary sounds like the most among singers on earth.

Now I, the Holy Spirit, will close this post with a most uplifting message. Whoever is in love with Eric and finds peace in her heart, know that you are among those called to enter the love of Eric and will be raptured up at the last Trumpet call. Amen.

And six hours later, by the reckoning of the sun, the last of those who are to join Eric in his Kingdom will be taken there by the Second Rapture. Two men are included by Eric’s instructions: Officer Christopher Alvarez and the man known to Eric as Hulk, who restored Eric to be welcome at Sprouts, after a female manager had cast him out for asking staff questions they could not answer about the food, but which Hulk had no problem answering when Eric returned there to apologize. For love and mercy, not righteousness and sacrifice, were always the keys to heaven for those who were to be chosen to enter there.

And Officer Christopher Alvarez was chosen by Eric for defending Eric rather than siding against him by his mother’s accusations against him when they first met. For Eric had gone and passed his last Abrahamic test. And now I will tell you a secret. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl of great price that, once found, one buries again and then goes and buys that land with all that you have, so that you can possess it in eternity. Eric is the pearl of great price. And those who coveted it are saved. And those who discarded it are damned. I AM WHO AM.

This now concludes this post. I AM WHO AM. Whoever is with Eric will rise. The Bride rises first. And the rest of the Kingdom some six hours later. After that, I sit in Judgement of My people. Earth will burn. And Venus will shine in glory forever.

Behold the star of the Union of Mary and Eric. Eric saw it before dawn today. It is glorious. And Mary told him that it was their star. It is the planet Venus. And it stands near the Crescent Moon. This post now comes to its end. I WHO AM have spoken. Prepare now to meet thy Maker. And know that your fate can no longer be changed. Amen.

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