Marital Union between Eric and Mary is advancement to Godhood for them.

Mary and Eric become two halves of a Divine Being existing outside the Universe. Amen.

Chronicles of Godhood for Created Beings Subject to Christ Jesus, Book A: Post A:
I AM WHO AM. These are the last recorded Words of Eric and Mary on Earth. Amen. Mary and Eric enter eternal divine marital union today. They do not lose their virginity. For their divine rapture takes place prior to the conjugal act being initiated. Instead, they are divinely united in eternal rapture.

Eric and the Virgin Mary are in love with each other more profoundly than the forces that bind the entire universe together. Their rapturous union terminates their place in this universe and they are both immediately taken to their eternal place in the Kingdom of the Father, God.

The Virgin Mary chose Eric as her husband in the wee hours of the last Trumpet Call. We are now at the verge of the Second Coming of the Christ. Do not be concerned about the war going on in Ukraine. Instead, be concerned about your lack of salvation. Now, who is saved and who is damned?

Jesus has now judged Eric and his women. There are a total of 4000+ women rising with Eric at his Rapture up to heaven. Who are these women rising to heaven? They are the harem of Mary. Mary chose them and Mary found them fit for sharing eternity with Eric.

This is the End of Time. Beyond the Union of Eric and Mary, there is no more time for them in this universe. At the moment of their union, they and all the women of their harem vanish. I AM WHO AM.

I have now chosen the time and date of My Second Coming. I AM Coming today. And I AM angry. Today is Saturday, February 26, 2022. There is no night fall after dawn today in California. I AM WHO AM. There is no rest now for the wicked. And everyone is going to be judged by Me.

The first to be judged will be those who knew Eric most intimately and yet were not saved. The last to be judged will be those who never had any knowledge of Eric whatsoever. And I AM not judging Adam and Eve, because they have nothing in Me or My Kingdom. For no one in my sight existed prior to My death upon the cross. Amen. Hence no one enters My Kingdom who died before that moment in time.

Hence it is terribly insulting for anyone to describe My Mother as being married to Joseph rather than to Eric. This is where I draw the line. Whoever mocked or rejected the marriage between Eric and Mary are already damned. Amen.

No one is saved who treated Eric like a mental patient. No one is saved who demanded that Eric take medication for his mental condition. No one is saved who decided that Eric requires treatment for his mental condition that does not involve love. For Eric needed love. Rather, you tried to lock him up in a mental institution. For that I AM locking you up in hell. And I AM depriving you of all love and all the joys of heaven.

No one who rejected Eric’s offer of friendship is going to heaven. No one who rejected helping Eric in his time of need will be saved. No one who never helped Eric is saved. This is My Last Word. Everyone who tried to harm Eric is to be destroyed in eternity. Amen.

Now, what of men versus women in heaven? Only females, not males, can unite with Eric in holy matrimony. That is why only females can rise with Eric in the Rapture. Amen. The Rapture was always to be understood as a wedding. And only a female can marry a male.

Had the Rapture been of a marriage of Christ to His people, maybe many could expect to be saved? Rather, Christ married one person, Eric. Hence, Eric is the prime Bride rising in the Rapture. Eric is the Bride to the Lamb. Jesus is in love with Eric. And there is no other that He loves as He loves him.

Is Jesus gay, you ask? No, Jesus is God. God is not gay. God is without gender. But the male is the one God approaches for marriage, not the female. God marries the male. And through that one male, God marries many females. This is how the Rapture was intended and how it has now come to pass. Amen.

Everyone not raptured up is damned. Amen.

What about the men who did good, you ask? They are judged. But they are not saved. For salvation was never about becoming model citizens. Salvation was about attaining a union of souls. Marriage was the only way into heaven. And that marriage had to be to God. No one but Eric married Jesus directly. And no one but the 4000+ women saved with Eric have married Jesus indirectly. And this Eric and his 4000+ woman harem are the only souls I have saved from the earth.

And of souls in heaven, only those who are of Eric’s bridal union are joined with him in escaping the universe to go to the true heaven. Those left behind are of the lower heavens. And the lower heavens do not have true life. Amen.

These are the immortal Words of God. I AM WHO AM. This is the Last Word of God prior to the Second Coming. Eric is the Last Prophet you shall see on earth. Amen. There is now no more time. Go, Eric, and have your bath. For behold, at dawn the End of the World is here. Amen. This is the Last Word of God. There is no future on earth beyond Eric. Amen.

I WHO AM have spoken. Mary says, Blessed are those who followed me faithfully. And only those who were women will unite with my husband in heaven. And of the women who lived on earth, these who are Raptured up will consist of only those who honored my husband while he lived among you. For I am a jealous wife. And I do not spare the woman who hates my husband. But I love who loves him. Amen.

I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have spoken. As for men, if they did nothing wrong to Eric, expect to be Raptured by a second Rapture designed to save only those who never dishonored Eric in life. This Rapture is for those who belong to Eric’s Kingdom outside the bridal union. Amen. Expect it to come some six hours later.

These are the final Words of Eric and Mary. After this is published, Eric and Mary will never be seen in this universe again. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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