Chronicles of Eternity: Book Eternal: Post Eternal:

Behold, I have come to judge the living and the dead. I AM the Resurrection and the Life. No one who did not come to Me through the Father is Mine. I AM the Savior of the world. No one who did not enter My sheepfold through Me, its Door, is saved.

Whoever is not baptized is not among My flock. I AM WHO AM. Whoever is of an invalid baptism, one that does not recognize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as Me, the Triune God, is not Mine. I AM the Alpha and the Omega. I AM the Beginning and the End. I AM the First and the Last. Whoever is not of My flock will never be. I AM WHO AM.

Is My flock the Roman Catholic Church? Is My flock the collection of Catholic Churches who are beholden to the pope? If so, how is My Son, the Crown Prince, and his wife, My Mother, cast out of it? How has it come to be that My Son has been cast from his Church of Domicile?

Oh, I remember, Satan did not want Eric attending My Church unless he was properly drugged up on the medication I ordered him never to take again. And Eric obeyed Me. And Eric’s pastor obeyed Satan. Is that correct, Father Dave Heney, Pastor shit of the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Bruno, Whittier, California?

Oh yes it is, shit face priest! And do you know what is in store for you? You are Antichrist. I AM sending you to hell immediately. You do not get to remain on the earth to enjoy the fireworks. You belong in hell. And you and your silly men, whom Eric called Huey, Dewey, and Louie, especially Louie who was never punished for his assault on Eric, are going there right now.

Your place is the shit hell hole. And there I will judge you, while you are doing pushups in shit. And now I invite Eric to come forward. Eric, judge this man and determine his just punishment. I will judge you on how appropriate your judgement is in the name of God. Amen.

I am Eric, servant to Christ, eternal husband to Mary and eternal Bride to the Lamb. I judge Father Dave Heney to be an extreme faggot. I want his undead head mounted on a pole on my front yard. And I want it so that everyone can throw things at this face. And I want him to see and feel these things being thrown at him. I want to see horror on his face, but for his face to not be able to utter a sound. Amen.

It will be as Thou wishest, Lord Eric, King under Christ over the whole world. Amen. Father Dave Heney, your head will be severed from your body and mounted on a pole thrust into the rock at the edge of Eric’s property. It will be undead. And you will continue to be conscious through it. You will have all your senses working in that head. You will grimace in pain. Horror will be seen in your eyes. But no voice will come from your mouth. For without lungs, you can make no sound. Amen.

Your body will be stuck on a pole in the middle of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, which will be set on eternal fire. The black top will melt and every car in that parking lot will sink, their tires burning and popping with the heat. The glass windows of every car there and on every building will melt and drip upon the ground in a crystal glaze of red fire. Every beam of wood shall burn. Every block of cement will crack with heat. But your body will forever burn, headless, among the blazing rubble there. The most beautiful part will be that the angels will lift everything that pertains to Mary out of that Church prior to it going up in flames.

All these things that belong to Mary will be taken to the House of Eric, which now also becomes the House of Mary on earth. Mary will take the Master Bedroom of Eric’s house, formerly where Eric’s mother slept by herself for the past some thirty or so years. And Mary will transform it into the most beautiful room of the house. And all her works from the Churches that are to be burned will be used to decorate her room and her new home where she will live with Eric until the terraforming of Venus is complete. Amen.

Everyone will come to Eric’s house to meditate and to dwell in the beauty and splendor of the Holy Virgin Royal Couple. They must sleep in separate rooms for they are to remain virgins forever. They never have sex. And Eric remains in his room he has now, which he calls the Gentlemen’s Room. Mary has given her new room a name too. She will call it the Queen’s Boudoir. And there she will decorate and furnish her room with the most exquisite decorations and tapestries. It will be the most expensive room in the house. Amen.

As for David’s room, this will serve as a guest’s room. And all of David’s junk will be removed. And it will be transformed into a lovely cottage room for anyone who may be passing through to stay at Eric and Mary’s house for the night. Amen. It will be called the Sunshine Room. For golden sunshine will fill it, and it will be full of light. Amen.

Lord, what about the other rooms of the house? Your new purposes with Mary will be what define the other rooms, Lord Eric. For your computer jobs are coming to an end. And We intend for you to return to a position of Knowledge Keeper. Your place will be to store the knowledge of the entire earth. Amen. And you will have access to all the world’s books. And you will master the writing of every written language. Amen. For when you leave the earth for Venus, all the knowledge of the earth will go with you and be stored in your eternal mind. Amen.

Mary and 500 of the 8053 Priestesses will serve as the female knowledge keepers who help you store all the earth’s knowledge in human minds. For only human flesh leaves the world to go to the next. Every written book and every hard drive of data must remain behind. I AM WHO AM.

And of the lifeforms, only lifeforms beneficial to Mankind and of medicinal or food or service providing purposes will be permitted to accompany the human exodus to Venus. And only creatures that live, not those that are extinct, will rise and travel to Venus. Since there is no death in heaven, nothing that eats dead flesh will go. And carnivorous animals will be transformed to eat plants. Amen. Hence, creatures that are of food value are not those grown for meat, but for milk and products that can be used for food.

Hence, insects grown to be eaten, like crickets, will not be taken for that purpose. For no animal is slain for food in the hereafter. Amen. Protein needs are satisfied by drinking milk and by eating nuts and other things that grow from the ground. And honey will be under the control of honey bee keepers. The killer honey bee will not be taken.

The Cavendish banana, uninfected with the fungal rot, will be taken to Venus. Fungi taken to Venus will include the edible mushrooms and yeast for making bread and for fermentation of various foods. But the fungi behind diseases will be left behind.

Every fruit tree will be taken. And every tree used for lumber will be taken. And every plant that successfully maintains soil and shorelines, including the mangrove trees will be taken. And every plant needed to feed every protected creature will be taken, such as the bamboo that pandas eat and the eucalyptus leaves that koalas eat.

And Lord, what of things that grow in the sea?

The sea will have died, Lord Eric. And everything in the sea will vanish. Therefore, the sea creatures to exist on Venus will be creatures that return to the sea from the land. Amen. For it is written of the New Earth that the Sea is no more (Revelation 21:1), and that everything in the sea will die (Revelation 16:3). Therefore, if evolution reseeds the sea with life, it must come from terrestrial sources.

The terrestrial crustaceans are the wood lice and the terrestrial mollusks are snails and slugs. Varieties of these not harmful to men will be taken to Venus. And spiders and insects beneficial to men will also be taken. So also will be earthworms and other invertebrates essential for ecosystems and human farming and gardening. But everything poisonous or dangerous for men will be left behind.

bats will be taken that pollinate flowers or that control needed insect populations, but not the vampire bats that suck blood from animals. All kinds of hummingbirds and butterflies and the flowers they pollinate or drink nectar from will be taken. And the crows and ravens will be taken, but their colors will be blue, like the magpie. For nothing black goes, but all things black are transformed to vivid and bright colors.

Lord, what about Black women? For there are Black women in my harem chosen by Mary. Does their skin become unblack? They become gold and are transformed into various golden tones of the earth. And Lord, what about black hair? Lord Eric, every black haired person becomes blonde. For at the Resurrection, I transform every black haired person I save into a person with blonde hair. And that is the reason for Jesus in your dream of January 1997, right after your first visitation of Mary, having golden blonde hair. For you know that the Jewish people did not have blonde hair. Neither did Jesus until His Resurrection. So too will you and all who are Resurrected to eternal life become a blonde people. Amen. And what will be the colors of eyes, Lord God? Everyone’s eyes will sparkle like diamonds and various gemstones of the earth. Amen.

I WHO AM have now spoken in full. Eric, publish this work. And know that you are the Eternal Prophet of God. Amen. I, the Lion of Judah, AM now here. Prepare to witness the Last Judgment. For the Time for ME to sit in Judgement over the whole world has come. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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