Correction: It was Dipshit Trump who said he would not defend Lithuania, Not Biden.

Donald Jerkoff Trump was the one who would have betrayed Lithuania!

Chronicles of Eternal Betrayal, Book 1: Post I:
I have to make a correction, people. I saw Donald Fuckshit Trump say when he was President that he would not defend NATO states if attacked by Russia. And I assumed that Biden would do the same based on the myth that Trump was better than Biden in every way. No, that is not the Truth. Donald Rapist Trump gets an F on his face for failing to stand for all NATO states, whereas Biden gets a higher grade, for Biden says he will defend every inch of NATO. Let’s see if he does.

Explanation for the picture of the girl? I, by chance, talked to a Russian girl who was a resident of Lithuania back in my college days while leaving a biology class taught by Dr. Clifton Morris. Anyways, the girl was concerned about the nationalism going on in Lithuania. And she said that Lithuania was demanding that Russian residents take history tests to validate their citizenship in Lithuania. And I asked her if she thought there would be a problem for her to pass the tests. And she said no. So I advised her to just take the tests and comply with the Lithuanian requirements. And she seemed to be comforted by that thought. She was a student in my class. I noticed her once. I had this one conversation with her. I never noticed or saw her again. Such was my journey through college. My major was biology. I graduated in 1993. And I went into IT instead, some few years after college graduation, and after paying all my student debt down. This picture of this girl could indicate what she has been going through.

I like to think of myself as someone who would help a woman if she wanted help. The problem is they seem to be God damned afraid of me. So I let them be. The last thing I would want to do is to come to the aid of a girl only to be shot dead by her or her family as though I were some sort of grizzly bear attacking them. Anyways, I am not required to help anyone who does not want my help. I never encountered such hostility to me back in those days when I was going to college. But somehow everything changed sometime around 2017. And women seemed to have gone into hyper alertness of dangerous people. Even guys are now super suspicious. I just ring a bell walking through the neighborhood and I get a car following me like a cloak and dagger movie. And it is just a bell, but somehow it is like a dangerous threat that could bring down the Eiffel Tower. Fortunately the police got to me just before I got to my house. And everything was set Okay. Apparently the police do not fear a bell like the pathetic men civilians who think they are men, but are really cowards.

Something changed some years ago. I sense it everywhere. People are hyper scared of me. It seems like they have had some dream of me in the future walking into the police station and saying I am looking for someone and being told to go wait, and I say, I’ll be back, and I come back as the Terminator. I mean, what else could it be?

The only saving grace is the the police do not seem to fear me except for Robo Cop. That Robo Cop I have not seen since I failed to make it home in time and pissed in my combat pants and on my combat boots onto the fucking sidewalk. I was drinking Orange Juice at the time and I just threw it down and tipped it over in protest and walked away. Later, I realized that doing just that could have been key to removing the odor of the piss from that sidewalk. Orange Juice, or Citrus Juice in general, seems to be able to take away such odors of piss in concrete. That is what I read later.

Anyways, I was fucking angry at that cop. But now I do not care a shit. Let the cops deal with the mounting crime problems that the fucked up laws are making possible. Yeah, who needs cops when the law makes them powerless to do anything? Yeah, the laws now make it possible to shatter store windows and grab loot and if you are caught to get out the next day and shoplift again.

Funny thing is, I obey laws and people fear me. These dipshit bozos break laws and they have all sorts of friends and family to keep them company. It is not that I need a social network. But I always understood that people are sort of social animals and that they work best if in a team. But I am like a lone wolf. And I am finding myself on a lonelier and lonelier path. As I walk through life, I find that I am increasingly finding myself as having no relationships whatsoever with anyone on the earth.

God told me that such a person is dangerous in that they become like a loose bullet that begins to destroy everything in its path as it is attached to no one and to nothing. I was wondering about that. I can see that becoming a danger only if the authorities decided to do to me what was done to the California grizzly bears. For it may become a decision by some asshole, like Father Dave Heney of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, who told me that I was seen as a threat in the Church, not because I did anything wrong, but simply because I am bigger, stronger, and taller than most other men. And that is basically why I am supposed to take my medications so that other men can feel safe. I don’t give fuck about other men feeling safe. And if Dave Heney got in my way outside the Church and I got angry. I would shoot a molotov cocktail through his fucking window of his rectory and watch his fucking home burn.

I was fucking angry at the fat man across the street for telling me to never step on his property again, even if his fucking house is on fire. Rather, I am now fine with that. Instead, I am going to watch for his house to be set on fire, and when I see it kindled, I am going to set up my beach chair on my front yard and sit down and watch his house burn. And when I see him call for help, I will yell out to him, Scream Louder, Fat Boy! Mayby your gods shall hear you and help you! But I am just watching the show. So don’t disappoint me! The more deaths I see, the higher ratings I give it.

I would help people, but they are so hostile to me, what can I do but watch them when they fail and enjoy their destruction?

It seems also, curiously, that males tend to be more hostile to me than females. That is a statistic, not a rule. For I do see occasionally some women sometimes walking past my house, and I say something friendly to them and one gives me the middle finger. What did I do? I do not think I did anything. Rather, it is probably a false memory in their minds. The solution is to not mess with them. For you do not want to get such women riled up that they go to the law with their false memories. To read more about that, read Picking Cotton. It is a modern book that has been changing court practices. God told Moses to get at least two people to testify to verify any fact. Rejection of the Law of Moses is the root of the collapse of Western Law.

Fucking shit! I would never marry in California under Californian Law. I mean, one gender is a protected people, while the other gender is not. And the marriage laws now so favor the protected females over the males that having sex with your wife will be defined as rape no matter how you do it. The female, by merely feeling a threat, without saying a thing, defines that act of sex as rape. The Virgin Mary did me good by choosing me as her husband. Because that ensured my eternal virginity. And that meant I never became married, and thereby, was never accused of raping my wife.

What was fucking Dave Heney, the masturbating man, thinking? Was I a threat to the Virgin Mary? Was I a threat to that girl, the daughter of Tim? I had a liking for that girl, but I respected her rejection of my advances. I never imposed myself on that family once they made it clear I was not welcome among them. The father gave me a bottle of water and I thanked him for it. But I did not impose myself on them. Anyways, I only saw them in Saint Bruno, sometimes at Saint Mary of the Assumption. That girl, Anna, said her family usually go to Saint John Vianney Church some miles to the northeast. I have never been there. If I was a stalker, I would go there, but I never do. No, Anna has her right to live as she chooses and to associate with whomever she wills. I have done nothing to that family. And I have not taken any offense from them. In fact I do not think about them or care about them. I only bring them up because they are the only possible people I can think of that Father Dave Heney might be thinking of protecting. But I think her six brothers could do that job better. Anyways, I had nothing against that family. I did think that the five daughters were beautiful, but I also thought the six sons were handsome. They are a good looking family. The curious thing was that I never saw them with girlfriends or boyfriends. But maybe that was just because I only saw them in Church and never knew them in any real way. Amen.

Who else was I offending, Father fucker Dave Heney? Anyways a police investigation is underway against that priest and his men for an assault done against me and picked up by their security cameras, which I had a direct hand in getting installed there, back when I was on Father Heney’s good side. You see, I went there, wearing the fucking red hat I had just taken from Target without paying to demonstrate their security holes, and I was curious to see if no cop would ever come to meet me. So I went into that Church. And they demanded on whose authority I had come. And I said to those dimwits that I had come by the authority of Pope Benedict XVI. And the asshole said, No, it’s Pope Francis. And I said, He has been deposed and Pope Benedict XVI is restored to power.

Anyways I told those dip shits that they are fired and that they are to go home. Anyways, one asshole security dumbshit pushed me down to the ground. If I was mortal, I would have broken a bone. But all that broke was my water bottle, which cost about $20. Those dipshits wanted me to go away, but refused to pay me even the cost of my bottle. So I said to those three assholes, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Just then a girl came toward me. And something about her made me ask her if she was a cop. She said no, but she still wanted me to come and walk with her. But I said, If you are not a cop, I have nothing to say to you. I am waiting for a cop. And then I realized I had blown her cover. For she admitted that she was a cop. And I walked with her to the edge of the property and told her everything. I also told her of the Whittier police cop that I had 100% trust in, Officer Christopher Alvarez. She was an under cover cop working for Los Angeles County. And she went back to deal with my case right after Robo Cop from Whittier appeared.

Robo Cop told me to go, pointing in the direction opposite my home. And he did not want the red hat from me. So I walked the slightly longer way home, proclaiming as I went, the reason why the cops do not want my hat was because I had not assumed ownership of it. If I fixed it, that would justify my arrest, because you are not permitted to repair other people’s property.

I nailed that hat to my ceiling in my room directly above the white rabbit. Today I went to Target and asked the security if they wanted the red hat back. They said I can turn it back in. But I have to drive there, not walk. Because I have to give it to them outside Target. For the security alarm would go off if I walked in holding it, and I would look like a thief.

Okay, I am thinking that I will drive to the fucking Target store tomorrow with the fucking red hat I took to demonstrate their fucking weak security while wearing my legally bought and identical red hat. I will do that unless Rex wants me to come to work tomorrow. Otherwise I will return that hat and get rid of that stupid suspicion that I stole when I never steal.

I will do that tomorrow. I would have to get a pliers and put my weight into removing that nail from the wood without damaging it. Then we will see just how strongly did I nail that nail into the wood. The hat is undamaged. The hole the nail goes through is by a metal ring. There is no damage whatsoever done to that hat. It is in pristine condition.

Okay, I have written enough. I am going to publish this post. I would like to do right and not wrong. But people are afraid of me. And it seems that men fear me much more than women do. Anyways, I have finished speaking. I am sorry for judging Biden. Whether Biden would defend Lithuania, I do not know. But I know Trump would not. And that was why I chose Pence over Trump. Amen.

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